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This isn’t my story, however I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it.
It has 24 chapters and you can find it on storiesonline. The next section is long to conclude the story. If you don’t like any of the themes, you don’t have to read it. I hope you enjoy the story.


by Pariahsolo

Chapter 14: My Loving Wife

My day was fairly normal for me, I went to work and completed three small moving jobs, in between I stopped by Dr. Cole’s but only gave her one load for her to make some more lip balm with; I did let her suck what seed remained in my penis afterwards, then I went home and the kids and I had the chili I had made that morning and was in the computer room playing Madden with Chad when Ann arrived home.

When Chad quit sports, Ann complained that he and I never did anything together, which was a true statement at the time but a few years later when Chad and I had our reconciliation; Ann changed her tune and constantly screamed at us when we played Madden. Yes, we were very boisterous while we played, who cared if we were screaming, we were having fun together.

When Chad saw his mother walk into the computer room, I heard him moan, “Oh great” under his breath, sure that his mother was about to go off about our game.

“Move over boys, I want to sit between the two of you.”

I smiled at her request, it wasn’t something I had asked her to do; I hadn’t left any ‘suggestions’ with Ann about tonight or any other night.

Chad was obviously surprised by his mother’s request as he jumped to the far side of the couch so she could have all of the room in the middle.

Ann was very upset with me when I brought home the Xbox for Chad’s big Xmas present a few years ago and insisted I take it back but Chad had over heard Ann screaming at me and that night begged his mother to let him have it and Ann relented for her baby. Not so for the leather jacket I had bought for Barbara that year; that she would not yield to, insisting that a thirteen year old girl did not need a leather jacket.

That Xbox was what really bridged the gap that had grown between Chad and I. He didn’t care to play sports in real life but he loved playing electronic versions of them with me. This actually led to us shooting hoops outside. Most games Chad was able to wipe the floor with me but I didn’t care because we were doing it together.

Ann had started in the middle of the couch and slowly crept her tush closer and closer to me. Ten minutes after she joined us she was plastered to my side and her close proximity started affecting my control of the console game.

Ann didn’t kiss me and she wasn’t hugging me as much as she was mimicking she was a second skin, the entire time sniffing the air.

“Smell good?”

“No, but I can’t help myself.” I laughed and went back to losing to Chad. After the quarter ended Ann spoke to Chad.

“Chad, honey, do you mind if I take your father away from your game so we can talk?”

Chad was excited about ‘pwning’ his old man and was reluctant to let me go because he feared that our ‘talk’ would end they way the usually did; with Ann screaming at me and giving me a list of chores that took me away from our game time.

“But mom!” He whined.

“It is okay baby. Daddy and I are just going to talk. Promise, you can have him back in a bit.”

“Alright. I will save the game dad. Come get me when you are ready to finish getting spanked by me!”

“Will do Chad.” And I let Ann drag me away for our ‘talk’.

Once we were in the master bedroom, Ann slammed the door behind us and dropped to her knees. Smiling, I didn’t say anything as I was curious to what my puri-tyrannical wife would do next. She guided me to sit at her make-up bench but only after she had my pants and skivvies to my ankles.

She didn’t hesitate before moving in on my limp dick and I watched her start to lick it. The licking was nice but nothing to cause my dick to fill. Flipping my dick so it laid against my abdomen, she zeroed in on the tip with the grayish mucous was still leaking slowly.

She didn’t say anything as she licked; up and down the shaft and swirling her tongue in and around the hole that was leaking. I sat there enjoying her ministrations just watching my wife do what she used to hate.

After a while, blood was starting to flow but I still wasn’t hard. And then the light went off in my head. She was still being selfish. She wasn’t doing what I wanted her to be doing to me, blowing me; she was licking me while purring like a content cat.

“Ann, did you want to talk about something?”

Not bothering to look up from her treat, “Nope. I got want I wanted right here.”

“You just want to lick it? You don’t want to have sex or even suck it?”


I felt my anger rise but moved to ebb the flow by changing subjects.

“Ann, why did you schedule a breast reduction appointment for Barbara without talking with either her or me?”

When I had talked to Ann previously about the appointment she walked away from the conversation and did not refute me after I told her to cancel it until the three of us talked about it further.

“Because I was jealous,” she replied not looking away from her treat.

“Jealous? Of what? You constantly complain about how your breasts are too big and you are only a C-cup. A small C-cup at that.”

“Her abnormal monstrosities garner her way too much attention. She is a freak of nature.”

“And you’re jealous of that? You don’t like to stand out in a crowd!”

“I know, I don’t like to stand out at all and yet I am jealous of her and her body.”

“But when you were her age, your body was equally hot! You had to beat the boys off of you. Guys drooled every time you walked by flaunting your incredible ass.”

“I hated that attention. And yet I loved it. It made me special.”

“And you are jealous of Barbara because of a physical attribute that makes her special?”


I really wanted to slap Ann at this point, not just because she was being incredibly petty but she was doing so while she licked my dick like she didn’t have a care in the world.

“ANN, you are the parent here!”

“I never wanted to be a parent. I never wanted to have kids! I wish they were never born!”

I couldn’t control myself and violently yanked her off of my dick by her hair. I didn’t say anything but I am sure the air sizzled around my head. Letting go of her hair, I took deep breathes to even out my breathing and cool my temperature. From what I understood of the effect of my controlling seed, Ann could not help but tell me the truth. I couldn’t believe that she meant that, I just couldn’t.

“Ann, do you mean that? That you wish the kids, our children, were never born?”



“I am a selfish greedy person. As soon as they were born they took money and time and my freedom away.”

I sat there dumbfounded. Ann didn’t budge, I am sure the urge to go back to lapping me was driving her but she did not touch me.

“And that is why you scream at us, at your kids so much?”

“Partially, yes.”

“Partially? What is the other reason or is it reasons?”

“To get back at you. I enjoy making your life miserable.”

Over the years I had made jokes about Ann acting just that way, but they were jokes and never did I believe that could be the truth.

“Do you love me?”

“Yes, but I hate you too.”

“WHY?!? I gave you everything you asked that I could?”

“You did, but I wanted more. On a good year, you will make maybe forty grand and no matter how many times I talk to you about getting a better job, you stubbornly stick with your stupid moving job. And I hated the fact that you made me pregnant.”

“But you were the one who decided to quit taking your birth control pills!”

“My parents had just died within two months of each other. I wasn’t thinking straight and by the time I was thinking straight, you had already knocked me up. You took advantage of me and because of those pregnancies, I got the cancer!”

“The pregnancies didn’t cause the cancer, Ann.”

“Maybe but I really think that was God’s way of punishing me for having kids when He knew I didn’t want kids and knew I wouldn’t be a good parent.”

That comment made me roll my eyes wondering how such a smart woman could be so stupid with religion.

“And you can still say you love me?”

“Yes, I tried leaving you twice but each time I would think about how great you were to me and how great you looked and how to please me you would do practically what ever I asked.”

“TWICE? You were going to leave me twice? When?”

“Once in our senior year, when I was serious about going to William and Mary and I didn’t want to be tied to some jock a thousand miles away; second time was right before I got the cancer.”

I thought about those two times; both of those times were rocky times but I knew our love would be able to survive and it did. Except…

“Is that why you weren’t really upset with me about the Phoenix trip?”

“Yes. I set that trip up.”


“I worked with Sandra and she was whining about how she needed to go to Phoenix to be with her ‘one true love’. There was a guy we worked with who I had become close to.” When I gave her a questioning look of disbelief, Ann added another, “Real close. We hadn’t gone all the way but we had messed around a bit. He invited me on a weekend get-a-way and after debating it, I decided I would take him up on his offer and if it was a success, I would leave you for him.”

I just sat there, mouth gaping as she told her tale.

“I needed a good excuse to get away and then I came up with the plan of getting you out of town and having Teresa watch the kids while I was ‘called away because of work’. I paid Sandra two thousands dollars to hire you at the last minute and I told her to keep you preoccupied so you weren’t calling home all the time. Sandra was a slut around the office, so I knew there was a chance that you would have sex with her, but I didn’t care, I was only thinking about my own happiness.”

“You didn’t leave me, what happened.”

“The things that I liked about Ralph, that was his name, Ralph Abbrogieger, was how suave he carried himself. He always looked impeccable and money was important to him. He also had a dick that was smaller than yours and I liked that too.”

“You had sex?”

“Oh yes. It was good sex too. Not great. His penis fitted me much better than yours and I had no issue felating him.”

“You willingly went down on him?”

“Yes, twice.”

“But you never did it willingly for me! I always had to beg you to do it.”

“I liked it when you begged me for it. I liked that I had control over you in the bed room. This is what went wrong with Ralph. I had a new start with him but I missed being in control in the bedroom and he was equally as selfish as I was and I knew I would really miss all the things that you do for me; things that he wouldn’t think about doing. I knew it wasn’t going to work and I knew that you loved me unquestionably, so at the end of the get-a-way, I called it of with Ralph.”

Betrayal is an ugly feeling. While my mind understood that I had betrayed Ann during that same time period and that I was equally in the wrong, the pain from my gut to my heart screamed Ann had done me a great injustice.

“Who was it in high school?”

“Marky Pressler.”

“Marky Pressler was a prick!”

“I know he was but we shared study hall together and he talked a lot about how great William & Mary was and how you were guaranteed a great job upon graduation and that is why I went with him and the others to visit the school.”

“William & Mary can’t make that guarantee any more then the local community college can.”

“I know that now, I was just caught up in the moment. Marky was full of it and I liked what he was saying at the time. But that is why I didn’t stick with him. And he had no clue what he was doing in the bedroom. I found out later that I took his virginity.”

I pondered what she was saying, trying to add two plus two but coming up with five as the answer. She set me up with Sandra when she hooked up with Ralphie. I hooked up with Leticia when she was hooking up with Marky. Did she?!?

“Did you know that Leticia called me to help her pack when you were gone to William & Mary?”

“Yes, I told her too. Everyone knew that she was carrying a torch for you something bad. I almost got in a fight with her once because she wouldn’t stop talking about you.”

“So why did you tell her to call me?”

“So she could take your mind off of me with the plan being I would break up with you when I got back from the William & Mary trip. At least I got that right, the part about being cautious in breaking up with you. I couldn’t wait to get back into your arms from that trip.”

“You were kind of happy to see me. But you went to William & Mary your freshman year while I went to IU, why did you join me in IU?”

“What I told you at the time; the school was massive and I didn’t make their volleyball team and I was a nobody there, but mostly I couldn’t see spending that much on an education when a degree from Indiana University was just as good as one from William & Mary.”

“And you never gave me grief about Leticia, never asked about her?”

“No, I asked other girls to put the move on you and you always rebuffed them.”

“How did you know I wasn’t going to rebuff Leticia?”

“Two reasons, first, she was leaving the state the next day and would not be around to give you grief and secondly because she was Leticia ‘Built like a brick shithouse’ Gladfelter. What guy didn’t want a piece of her?”

“But I was happy with you.”

“I know, which is one of the reasons why I love you; no matter how I looked, you only have eyes for me.”

The smile she gave me went a long way from soothing my aching heart, but it also cleared out some of the cobwebs in my brain.

“What else have you lied to me about? Have you been with someone else?”

“No one else, I don’t care for sex much and even when I wouldn’t let you have sex, your wonderful mouth and fingers kept me satisfied.”

That made me feel good until I realized she had a ‘but’ attached to the end of that statement.

“But you have lied to me about something else?”

“Yes, our finances. Years ago, when I took over the finances from you, I started a savings account that I kept hidden from you. Over the years I constantly funnelled money into it.”


“Because sex is important to you; money is important to me.”

“Even when times were tough and we were barely making it?”


“How much is in this secret account of yours?”

“Not much these days, I have been spending more than I have been saving lately. There is thirty six thousand, seven hundred forty three dollars and twelve cents.”


“I make more money at my job then I have told you. I make a good eight thousand more than the thirty four grand I have told you and when I do your books, I charge you for my services.”

“How much do you charge me? Why do you charge me?”

“Because I can, because I think my services to helping you with your books are worth you paying me. The amount just depends on how well you did that quarter. The most I charged you was ten grand.”

Ten grand? Ten fucking grand? Why do I love this selfish, greedy bitch?

“So all of those clothes that you said you bought at the second hand store?”

“I don’t ever go to a second hand store. Nothing but the best for me.”

“And the cousins?”

“Yes, I spend a lot on the cousins. I was the one who paid for both of them to move out here from Suffolk County. I also paid for Ashley to move out here.”


Ashley? Oh, that is right, Ashley. Ashley was another childhood friend of hers but one I really couldn’t stand. She was an okay enough girl and nice enough to look at, both face and body, but she was raised as part of an offshoot religious group that to me defined the definition of a cult. Ashley had gotten in trouble three times with her religion and each time had to go in front of the Board of Elders, who passed judgment on her. Each time the judgment was the same; excommunication.

Ashley gave a boy who was part of their religion, a blow job. A blow job that he had begged and begged Ashley to give him but then felt guilty about it afterwards and told his mother. The mother told the elders and Ashley, not the boy, was excommunicated for a year. She wasn’t exiled from her whacked out nut job of a community, no she just wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone in that community for a year. She couldn’t talk to her parents whom she lived with and she couldn’t talk to any other person of her religion all because she had premarital sex and sex to them was strictly for procreation.

Her second and third offence was linked together; her first husband Skip. Her marriage with Skip was an arranged affair and Skip was more than happy to marry the ‘harlot’ Ashley. Things didn’t go as either of them planned as Skip asked for a divorce, a real no-no in their religion because Ashley, he claimed preferred oral sex to procreation sex.

The Board of Elders approved the divorce and excommunicated Ashley again for another year. Except as soon as the divorce was finalize, it came to light that Skip and Ashley were not very good with their money and debt collectors were calling. Skip, got smart and left the flaky religion and moved to Florida where he opened a strip club. That left Ashley with all of the bills and she had no recourse to file bankruptcy. After her second year of excommunication passed she was called in front of the Board of Elders where they excommunicated her a third time for the bankruptcy. The crazy thing to me was that Ashley STAYED with the silly cult.

A month after her third excommunication Ashley Monroe quickly married Devon Squire, a union the Board of Elders approved of. A few years ago, Ashley, Devon and their son Drew arrived in Indy. I met them a few times; Devon was like Ashley, nice enough except for his faith in a seriously whacky cult. Because their cult doesn’t celebrate anything, except I think money, I never have to see them during the holidays which I am thankful for.


“Is there anything else you are keeping from me?”

Ann paused, the first real pause to any of my questions before she answered.

“I think Trish is your daughter.”

“Daughter? I have another daughter? Trish? You mean Dish?!? How? Who?”

“Who does see share a name with? Her last name.”

Gladfelter? Gladfelter…”Leticia?”

I didn’t believe her when she nodded her head.

“But you said that Dish was from Chicago! I had noticed the same last name, but didn’t think anything of it. I met a Gladfelter on the road to Arizona.”

“She went to North-Western in Chicago for a year but she is from West Virginia.”

“Then how did you meet her?”

“I didn’t. I got a phone call from Leticia who asked me as a favor to suggest you hire her.”

“Leticia knows what my business is?”

“Yes, she does. And after fretting over it for a bit, I think it is because you are Trish’s father. Her age is about right.”

“But I was in high school!”

“You were man enough and we know you don’t shoot blanks. Did you use protection?”

“No, I didn’t think about it and it started very quickly.”

“There you go, that is why I think she is yours.”

“But Leticia’s dad…”

“That is the reason why I was upset that Trish wants to sleep with you; something very obvious to me. There was a rumor around school that Leticia was a bit too friendly with her dad. Jaime Hancock said that she saw him paw Leticia’s tit and ass once. Also there was a rumor that Leticia was moving back to West Virginia to marry her uncle.”

“I never heard any of those rumours.”

“That is because everyone knew you didn’t like rumors; remember you beat up Billy Wilkins who had started that rumor that you were gay.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot all about that.”

I sat there with my pants around my ankle trying to absorb everything that Ann had just shared with me while Ann continued to look on, waiting for permission to lick me some more. That pounding of betrayal in my heart twisted the more I looked at Ann and realized how much she had lied to me over the years. We weren’t the partners and friends I thought we were. I was a play-thing to her. Someone she could manipulate to her pleasure and like a chump, I took everything she threw my way and hugged her goodnight at the end of the day.

I looked around the master bedroom. The walk in closet was full of her expensive clothes and shoes, my god the shoes; what should have been enough space for the two of us wasn’t, my clothes were hanging on poles down stairs in the basement. The artwork on the walls, even the paint on the walls was all her decision. Next to nothing in this house, except maybe the computer room was like that because that was my choice.


Chapter 15: Daughter Loves Daddy

The anger built up in me and I pulled my pants up and stormed out of the house. I drove the family van around for a long time trying to screw my head on straight. After two hours of just driving, I realized I was in the neighborhood of the bar that Dish was hanging out at. I turned around and pulled into the mostly full parking lot.

I sat there wondering; still not knowing what my future held. Prior to my world being turned upside down I was happy in life. I was able to pay the bills and put food on the table and I thanked everyday that my wonderful, healthy kids were a part of it. What better definition of the meaning of life was there?

Now that definition fell short. I, with the help of my stinky seed, held sway over those that tasted me. I apparently had a second daughter, whom unbeknownst to me, had been working for me for the last eight or so months. Both times I cheated on my wife; I was set up by my wife to cheat because she was considering leaving me.

I exited the van. If Dish was in there, then I wanted to see her, if she wasn’t then I knew where she lived. The bar was a sports bar with an indoor sand volleyball court in the back. I didn’t find Dish there, I found her hustling pool. She was wearing a man’s shirt, tied at the waist and only buttoned to be even with the middle of her very full breast. She didn’t have a lot of makeup on, she never did, but her hair was done up differently, to make her look more feminine. The do’ did wonders on her. With her tight jeans and collared shirt, she looked very good; pretty enough for a father to be proud of his daughter.

I stepped up just as the acne ridden boy, maybe a year or two older than her lined up his shot and she bent over opposite of him, purely to get a closer view of his shot I am sure but it also showed him her very deep cleavage and his shot went wide and his cue ball didn’t even hit a single ball. I had to laugh and let Dish know I was behind her.

“Boy, I hope you are enjoying being suckered.”

Dish turned around and squealed like a little girl, “EDDIE! You came!” And she wrapped me up in a bear hug. As she hugged me, I smelled her essence to see if she smelled similar to Barbara or Leticia. I thought she did, but my olfactory senses weren’t that good.

“Hey Dish, I really need to talk to you, can you blow off all of your potential suitors?”

Dish looked around the pool table to all the guys who were either waiting their turn to play her or just ogle her body.

“Sure. I am done guys. Thanks for the games.”

As we walked out, she grabbed her leather jacket and finished what I thought was a coke.

“So how do you keep the heathens from inundating you with marriage proposals?” I laughed.

She raised her left hand and showed me that her ring finger had a gold band on it. “Because I tell them that I am married.” That made me stop in my tracks.

“Are you?”

“No silly, simple parlor trick. This is my high school ring, see.” And she spun her ring so the little fake ruby gem and the school emblem could be seen.

“And that works?”

“Fooled you. Besides, I tell them that my husband is this big honking ex-football player and that is enough to keep them at bay.”

“Football player? Me?” I dreaded asking.

“Yeap.” She said with a toothy grin

“Uhmm, that is sort of what I wanted to talk to you about.”

She grabbed my bicep and squealed again, “Do you want to marry me?!”

“No, but my wife seems to think that I am your father. Do you know anything about that?”

“Oh.” Was her reply, her mood immediately subdued. “Mom said that Ann would keep that quiet.”

“Is your mother Leticia Gladfelter of West Virginia?”

Smiling, very proud of her mother, “That’s her.”

“And I am your father?”

“You aren’t the man whom I grew up calling daddy, but yeah, I come from your loins.”

“Why didn’t your mother ever contact me and tell me about you? Hell, for child support at least?”

“Child support wasn’t needed. Our family, my mom’s family takes care of each other. And mom said that she had me with you because you were all sorts of dreamy and my daddy couldn’t have kids.”

“She knew she was going to get married when she left Suffolk County?”

“No, she didn’t marry daddy, that would be illegal. They just lived together as husband and wife.”

That is what I was afraid of hearing. I never wanted to cheat on Ann, but I did find myself remembering those two times that I did. I played that scene in Leticia’s parent’s sitting room over and over and again; the fact that she had no panties on and jumped on her daddy like that, showing him and the world her nakedness down there indicated an intimacy that society said was wrong.

A view that I agreed with but my own duality also recognized that taboo was not without its own form of enticement.

“Dish, you want to have sex with me, don’t you.” A statement, not a question.

“That is all I dream about these days.”

“Are you a virgin?”

“Of course not.”

“Did your ‘daddy’…”

“No, he was too old and takes nitrates so Viagra isn’t an option; one of my cousins took my cherry.”

My mind was a swirl again as we sat in my minivan.

“Are you okay Eddie? You don’t look well.”

“Just a lot to take in is all. Ann let loose a few other bombs as well.”

“So are you and I going to fuck?”

I squinted at her question. “I … I don’t know yet.”

“So you have been thinking about it?” Leaning over the center console she put her hands back on my arm while pushing her not so small chest forward for my viewing pleasure, eager.

“Honestly, no, when I hired you, I never looked at you as a sexual object.” That had her looking dejected. “I am sorry, but even with your huge tits, I didn’t look at you that way.”

“Why not? You didn’t know me from Adam. Am I ugly? I know I am not as good looking as mom and even now mom has a killer body, I am just a big girl. I…”

“Dish, stop. I didn’t look at you sexually because I like you too much. I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable around me and I was being true to Ann. I did check you out when I walked in to the bar earlier and you are a beauty, someone a father would be proud to call his daughter, but prior tonight, you had been my employee who I valued immensely and didn’t want to lose.”

“So if I quit working for you, will you fuck me?”


“Will you?”

“I don’t know. This isn’t the craziest thing going on in my life right now and I need to work some of the wackier stuff out before I can tackle the thought of sleeping with a woman I just found out is my daughter.”

“Well, what is going on in your life? Let me help!”

“Actually, I think I need to talk to my doctor first.”

After I said it that way, I wasn’t surprised with Dish gasped and covered her mouth. “You mean… ?”

“No, I am not dying or anything like that. I am doing great, but I still need to talk to my doctor.”

“Well, let me know if there is anything else I can help with; in or out of bed.”

I talked to Dish until two in the morning, just finding out about her childhood and life in general. I was especially looking to see if her upbringing damaged her in any way but other then being raised in a very unorthodox family, she had a happy childhood and was taught that violence was bad and sex was good; when she had reached the mature age to be able to make her own proper decisions.

When I got home, Ann was still awake, crying on the living room sofa. I still did not know what to do about her, so I sent her to bed alone to go to sleep. I crashed on the larger overstuffed couch in the TV room shortly and I don’t think I slept well at all.

A wet sucking sensation all around my body woke me up and I saw that Ann kneeling next to the couch with the light blanket that Ann kept on the back of the couch for décor mostly covering her head as she felated me. She wasn’t licking, she wasn’t teasing, she was gingerly sucking while moving her head up and down.


She stopped sucking and when she looked at me I saw her bloodshot red eyes were still crying. “Eddie, I am sorry. I am so sorry.”

And I believed her, but the damage was done. She had lied, manipulated and denied me all for her selfish goals. I wasn’t in a forgiving mood.

“Get off of me.”

“Eddie?” Her lips quivered as she was totally unsure about where her life was taking her.

“Did you sleep any?”

“No, I couldn’t.”

“Why? Because of what you did or because you got caught at it?” Caught only because I had control over her now, if the grey mucous hadn’t of showed up, I still would have been her puppet.

“Because I hurt you. And I don’t want to lose you.”

“Now you don’t want to lose me? That is rich.”


Looking at the clock I saw it was about thirty minutes before her scheduled time to wake up. Unfortunately, I had a job early this morning as well, which is the whole reason why Dish and I quit talking last night.

“Go get ready for work or call in, I don’t care but don’t make one drastic decision all day. I will talk to you when I get home this afternoon. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Eddie.”


Chapter 16: What to Do, What to Do?

I had two jobs that were going to keep me busy and I really didn’t want to do either of them, but until I won the lottery, I had a business to run.

Dish didn’t seem fazed by staying up talking until two AM and when she noticed me dragging a bit, she started to do more so we would get the jobs done properly and on time. I had called Shannon at Dr. Cole’s and told her that I needed to see Dr. Cole at eleven thirty. I didn’t really think that I could execute my control over the phone and I wasn’t trying to; when I arrived at the Cole’s family business Elizabeth was waiting for me but she wasn’t alone.

“You must be Eddie; Lizzie has told me all about you.”

The bespectacled man in front of me was in his fifty’s, balding and short, maybe five nine but over all was in decent looking shape.

“Hello, Dr. Cole nice to meet you.”

“Please, call me Stephen.”

Elizabeth was annotating a medical record and paying us no heed.

“Ok, Stephen, is there something I can do for you?”

“Well, I was wondering how often you were going to be stealing my lunch date? We have been going to lunch together for years and it is something I really enjoy.”

“I called to talk to your wife because I need something answered, now and not later.”

“Ahh, so you aren’t here for her to suck you off?” Looking at the man’s posture, I could see that he wasn’t intimidated by me and he wasn’t jealous of what his wife had been doing with me; he was just making sure I knew where he stood about me and his wife.

“No, I actually need to talk to Elizabeth about something that affects just me not her or you. However, I also plan on cutting back my visits to your wife to maybe once a week.”

Elizabeth had been listening to our conversation and that one made her jerk her head up to look at me.

“Once a week? Is there a reason for that? Lizzie has really enjoyed your visits.”

I wasn’t sure if Elizabeth told her husband about the control or the lip balm, something I would find out soon enough, but I had to get back to my second job, I had left Dish by herself to do the boxing and packaging.

“I have been busy; work is demanding more of my attention.”

“Ahh, yes, work, I think I will go back to my work myself. Nice to finally meet you Eddie and enjoy yourself. Seriously.”

When he left I looked at Elizabeth wondering what his issue was and I got my answer when she dropped her doctor’s coat and lifted off the black turtle neck sweater she had worn under it. Her big matronly boobies bounced nicely unimpeded by a bra and I saw both boobies were marked by numerous sucker marks.

“Sex has been good lately with Stevie and as you can see, I really like my titties sucked.”

“So he was telling us to go at it when he left.”

“Yeah, he wants to hear all about it later as we fuck.”

“Does he know about the lip balm and my ability to control you through my seed?”

“Sort of. I told him I was addicted to the taste of your seed and that I like it so much that I have been making a lip balm out of it. But he didn’t catch on and thinks I just crave its taste and finds the whole lip balm thing kinky.”

“Good, let him think you are kinky but don’t tell anyone about my secret.”

“Okay, but why are you going to cut back on your visits? Finally going to start you own harem?”

“Maybe, I am not sure, that is what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Can I listen while I suck on you?”

Exasperated, I said yes and sat down, letting her do all the work.

“I found out last night that Ann had been keeping quite a few secrets from me. Mostly monetary secrets.”

“You okay?”

“Other than feeling betrayed by someone who I thought was my best friend and life long companion, I feel like I was made a chump and she was laughing at me all those years.”

“So are you going to divorce her? If she has tasted your seed then you can get her to sign anything.”

“I know that but I don’t think I want to divorce her.”

“So then are you going to turn her into the perfect wife?”

“No, I am too angry to do something like that.”

“But you have something planned?”

“Yeah, but I think it is crazy which is why I wanted to use you as a sounding board.”

“Thank you, I am happy you think so much of me. What is your plan?”

“A commune.”

“A commune, like a sixties commune?”

“Yeah, just like that.”

“But with the exception that you will be the man in charge and all of the women will be your sex slaves?”

“That is what I am not sure about. I keep asking, how much longer am I going to be excreting the gray mucous crap out of my dick? How lasting of an effect is my control. Does it wear off in three days or less?”

“You need a control; a test that will tell us how long your influence lasts.”


“Well, we could use Shannon, when she uses up all of her lip balm I won’t give her another one.”

“I had thought about that but Shannon doesn’t know she is under my sway.”

“That shouldn’t matter.”

“But how will we know if her responses are accurate? How do we know that she isn’t lying to us?”

“If we knew specific details about her, things that you can have her tell us that should help.”

“I don’t like that idea.”

“Do you have an alternative?”

“Yes, I was thinking about you.”

Elizabeth never really got started on sucking me once we started talking, she had fished my flaccid penis out of my pants and was fondling while we conversed; once I told her she was the one who I wanted to be my control, to quit smoking my cock, she grabbed her chest like I had punched it.

“ME? But I like spending my time with you! Not because I am under your control but because I am having a blast sucking you off, fucking you and then fucking my husband. I haven’t had this much fun since before my kids were born!”

“This is why you would be ideal as the control.”

“Do I have a choice in the matter?”

“No, this talk has convinced me you are the one to test how long my control lasts.”

“But … but…” I felt for her, she really looked distraught at my decision. “But how will you, we do it?”

“Simple, I am commanding you to quit eating my sperm and using the lip balm made out of my sperm. You will still make the lip balm but you will make sure none gets near your mouth and no matter how strong the urge to use my sperm is, you will resist it. I want you to keep a diary, a journal about how you think you are doing. I will still come by here to drop off my sperm for you to make into the lip balm but they will be loads that I will have deposited into a container and kept under ice. Do you understand me?”

The single tear running down her left cheek told me she did.

“Now, I am not done with you. You will still maintain your sexual desires and urges but you will take them out on your husband and if he wants you will get back into swinging.”

“So I am never going to be with you again?”

“Not necessarily. If my dick ever quits with the control gunk, then I will gladly met up with you for some swinging.”

“And what if your penis never stops producing the controlling seed?”

“After we have validated all the pertinent information and there is no end in sight of my producing of the controlling substance then yes, you can have some more fun with me because then we can see if there is any change with you the second time you are under my seed’s domination.”

“Thank you.” Elizabeth let go of my dick and gave me a nice hug. “You know, I think I might be able to help you with your commune idea.”

“You do? How?”

“We have this property that we haven’t been able to sell or rent for two years now. We have been using it as a tax write-off, but it just may be ideal for you.”

“What is wrong with it?”

“Nothing, it is located just south of Sunshine Garden. It is a block apartment complex with eight units, four on the top and four on the ground floor, the basement has storage and utilities.”

“Why can’t you move it?”

“When the city rezoned, the bus line was moved a quarter of a mile away and its previous tenants were all elderly type and that walk turned out to be too much for them and so the owner sold it to us and retired.”

“Is it in a built up neighbourhood?”

“No, it sits a small hill by itself, the developer who originally built it went bankrupt and that was the only building he completed. No other developers have seriously looked at adding to it since there really isn’t much over there. Other areas were picked to be developed instead. The worst thing about the building is that it is ugly. It is a square brick building.”

“Sounds perfect. And you think I can afford this? Or was you planning on giving it too me? Heh.”

“If you asked you know I have no choice but to give it to you.”

“I am not asking.”

“Thank you. Yes, I checked out your house when I started playing with your seed and would be willing to trade you this apartment complex for your house. I will be able to get you a nice loan and everything because I will be taking a loss on the building and the surrounding land but that can be turned into another tax write-off.”

“My wife has been hiding thirty grand from me, part of which she had stolen from me. Would that help?”

“Thirty grand? Wow, she must have been a busy little woman. Yes, thirty would be nice but my suggestion would be to only put ten down and use the other twenty to renovate the place.”

“Okay, I feel much better now. I came in here not knowing what I was going to do but everything is falling in place. Thank you Elizabeth.”

“No, thank you.” My dick throbbed at the look she gave me and when she saw it jump, she licked her lips but resisted her obvious craving.

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

That got her to laugh. “Like you need to ask permission of me right now. Your seed hasn’t worn off yet. If you told me to go run down the street naked I would.”

“Okay, how would you feel about talking about a taboo subject?”

“Ohh, taboo subjects, my favorite.”


“Yes, you and I have barely scratched the surface on what I like sexually.”

My dick bounced again.

“What are your thoughts on incest?”

“Oh.” I don’t think she was ready for that question. “You and your daughter?”

“Not Barbara, she is only sixteen. I just found out that I have another daughter from a girl I was with once in high school.”

“And your first thought was to fuck her?”

“God, no. I have known her for almost nine months now and just found out last night she was my daughter.”

“And you had been thinking about fucking her since you met her nine months ago?”

“No, not really, I mean she is really stacked up top but she has been a really valuable assist with my job.”

“So why do you want to fuck her?”

“I didn’t, it wasn’t me.”

“Ha, that is what all daddies’ who fuck their little girls say!”

I knew she was teasing me and I wasn’t comfortable with where my dick was leading me but I didn’t snap at Elizabeth to be nice to me, I needed her assistance here.

“When I asked her last night why she didn’t tell me she was my daughter to begin with she told me that the whole reason she came to Indy was so she could fuck me and she wasn’t sure if I knew she was her daughter if I would still fuck her.”

“And you haven’t already fucked her before finding out she was related to you?”

“No, I thought I was being faithful in kind to Ann.”

“And your new daughter still wants you to fuck her and with Ann screwing you over you are feeling like screwing your daughter, is that it?”

“No, I don’t want to hurt my daughter.”

“How did she get her obsession to move to another state to fuck you?”

“I think her mother and her mother’s family in West Virginia. Uhmm, incest with them is not a taboo subject.”

“Ahhh. How is she mentally? Healthy? Any odd quirks?”

“Other than flirting with boys while telling them she is married to me, no. She has a great work ethic and a great sense of humor. I have really enjoyed working with her; on the job she is definitely someone I can trust.”

“And is she a virgin? Or is she naïve in the bedroom?”

“No, she lost it to a cousin and apparently before she left home the family made sure she was given proper instructions in the bedroom.”

“Lucky her.”

“You have a bad experience?”

“Sort of. Nothing incestuous in my background, but my best friend did fuck her daddy and for my eighteenth birthday she let him take my virginity. He was nice enough but with me was basically a wham-bam kind of guy. When he was done, he rolled off of me and walked away and I cried because how sore I was. It took a few more relationships before I got my head on straight about sex and then I met Stephen and sex really took off for me.”

“So, Dish, do I fuck her or not?”

“Well, you are both over the age of eighteen, you have been snipped so you won’t be running the risk of producing a backwards little Eddie. You appreciate her for who she is and not as just a set of big boobies and she has been around the block and has been craving you for probably a long time. Sure, I would do it.”

“And what do I do about the whole taboo; society says it is evil to do that with my daughter?”

“Shit, something taboo is great to get the juices running. As for society; you already do something that society says is not normal. Because of the invention of date rape drugs, I could see society bringing you up on charges because of your controlling ability. The date rape drugs give similar ‘control’ over their subject matter, yours is just complete control.”

“So I am a walking violation of the law?”

“That is right, unless you become a hermit living in the mountains away from everyone or completely give up sex your existence is against the law.”

“So there is no reason to hold back?”

“Well there is that saying, ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“So where do I stop? How far do I go?”

“That casino şirketleri is the fine line you have to figure out for yourself. Hopefully, you won’t tell someone to do something heinous, like kill themselves or someone else.”

“But taking control over complete strangers and making them do my bidding. What if I make a girl who can’t stand the thought of homosexuality become a lesbian? Or simply make girls who don’t know me fuck me?”

“Have you? Since your seed granted you control over other females, have you made any of them fuck you?”

“No. Well, yes, you. But outside of you I haven’t. I have planted my seed so to speak. I have given the lip balm to two other women outside of my wife and Shannon.”

“Well, I know I am not normal so you can fuck me all you want.”

“But I am worried about the girls who are normal, who don’t get off on the idea of my commanding them to debauchery.”

“Power. That is power. That is what you have and it is up to you how you use it.”

“You are not helping Elizabeth.”

“I know that, I can’t tell you how to act. I know how I would act; I would have a sex slave for every day of the week and I am a woman who is happy with sex only twice a week. But I would have one for every day because I could.”

“So … so you are saying that this ability, this control I have is strictly for my own pleasure?”

“Ultimately, yes, because even if you tell a girl to get off of drugs and go straight.”

“Or tell a girl to take a bath everyday?”

“Exactly, even though they are benefiting from your control over them, you are making them do whatever because you want them to.”

“What if I get bored and make females do whimsical things?”

“For someone to do the littlest thing, you first have to make the effort of telling them to do it. Whether it is a silly, sexual or atrocious act, you have to make that decision and all those decisions are based on the principle of pleasing you. If you tell me to beat you over the back with a strap, not because you like pain but because you feel you need to be punished, you are still getting pleasure out of my doing your bidding, even one that causes you pain.”

I didn’t respond to her and I am sure she didn’t think I was convinced, didn’t stop.

“Do you break the law right now? Do you speed?”

“Not in my work truck but yeah, when I am in my van I speed all the time.”


“Why do I speed? I don’t know, to get where I am going faster I guess.”

“I speed because I like the rush it gives me. I park my car where ever I want. I get parking tickets which I pay for and continue to park where I want. Why? Because I think some rules, some laws are stupid and don’t apply to me. I don’t commit murder and I haven’t cheated on my taxes in years because I am not willing to accept the possible punishment of said acts.”

“You want to murder someone?”

“All the time, I am a prime candidate for road rage because I let other drivers piss me off. Stephen insists he drives when we go places together because I have let my anger build up at another driver and do stupid shit.”

“Wow. You look like a sweet woman.”

“No one is perfect. But the point is you have to decide what you are willing to do, what consequences you are willing to accept and live your life that way.”

I sat there nodding me head, finally coming to terms with what I could do and what I was going to do when I felt my dick go hard. Dr. Cole saw this and smiled, licking her lips asked if she could help me.

“No mouth, hands only. Make sure you get everything into the specimen container and wash yourself real good afterwards.”

She sprung around her desk like a spry eighteen year old.

In many ways I walked out of her office with more than one burden off of my shoulders. She was going to do all of the legwork for me to buy the block apartment building and continue to make the Ocean Breeze Lip Balm for me. She said the paper work should be done in a two or three weeks but suggested we hold off on moving in until most of the refurbishing of the complex was done. She had some plans for where most of the individual apartment walls were knocked out and larger rooms were built up. I was to meet with her in two night’s time to go over the plans and paperwork. I told her to hold off on a contractor because I had an idea of who I wanted to use.

Dish had done a good job and we almost were done at the time I had told the client; I dropped her off at home and told her to come over to my place in two hours for dinner and to officially meet her siblings.


Chapter 17: Free Man’s Rebellion

When I arrived at my home, I saw that Teresa’s jalopy of a van was parked on the curb which probably meant both Thing 1 and Thing 2 was inside. I heard the noise from the garage; someone was playing really loud music, something Ann had never allowed previously.

I found the culprits of the noise in TV room; which was full of people and all of the furniture was pushed to the side to make room for the exercises everyone present, including all of the kids were doing as Thing 1 led the room in a loud but simple aerobics exercise. I had to chuckle when I saw Chad awkwardly trying to follow along while watching all of the bouncing boobies.

When I got out of my shower, a sweaty Ann was sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me. She didn’t say anything as I dried off but I saw her lick her lips more than once when she would glance at my crotch. When I was done drying I didn’t bother dressing before addressing her.

“Ann, our marriage was based on trust. I trusted you; never in my wildest dreams did I think you could do something so hurtful and selfish behind my back the way you did.”

The tears started coming as she started apologizing. “I am so sorry Eddie, I really am. Please don’t leave me, please!”

“I am going to give you a choice, so listen carefully.” I knew wasn’t giving her a choice but I phrased it that way for when, if, my control of her faded.

“You can either leave this house, with the kids staying here with me or you can accept the following changes.”

“Anything! I will agree to anything, please don’t leave me!”

I felt real sad, why couldn’t she feel this way to me without my having her over a barrel? Why did she have to act so selfishly? Yes, I spoiled her. I gave her everything that she wanted that I could give. Yes, I knew sometimes that wasn’t enough but why couldn’t she give me what I wanted as well?

“First, I am in control of all of our financial assets from this point on. All bank accounts and anything else that is worth any value will be signed over to me. You cheated me financially.” I would have been happy with everything staying jointly in both of our names but I did it this way to hurt her and her greed.

“Secondly, if we do end up splitting, the kids will stay with me. Period. You will have no claim to them.

“Third; no more screaming; not at me and especially not at the kids. You may not love them but they love you and you will treat that love from them with respect.

“Fourth; we are moving. I have sold our house and we will be buying a much larger property. You have no say in this matter. When it comes time for the paper work, you will sign off on this house and your name will not be on the new property.”

Ann just sat there with tears coming down her cheeks and listened, showing no other reaction.

“Fifth; because you did not uphold your end of our marriage vows, I will no longer uphold mine. From this point on you can consider our marriage to be an open one. That means I will have sex with whomever, wherever and whenever I want. You say you don’t like sex, fine, I will get sex elsewhere.”

That got a reaction as she looked like a pitiful puppy, biting her lip while sniffling.


“Will I be able to … to lick you? Down there?” As she looked at my crotch.

“Lick? No.”

She welled up at my answer getting ready to start bawling I am sure before I finished my retort.

“No more licking. If you want your mouth near my dick you will be naked and you will suck, not lick. You will suck for my pleasure not yours and never again do I want to hear about how your jaw is sore from sucking my dick!”

Her face actually brightened at my admonishment.

“Sixth, Trish is my daughter and she is now part of the family and you will treat her accordingly.

“Finally, by agreeing to this, you are relinquishing all authority to make any decisions unless I grant you that limited authority. Do you understand me?”


“So what is your decision? Are you leaving or staying?”

She did not hesitate and dropped down to her knees in front of me.

“May I suck you, please?”

“I need you to say what your decision is.”

“I wronged you and now I want to make amends. I will do whatever you want, whenever you want. I agree to all seven of your stipulations. Gladly.”

“Then you can start sucking.”

She still sucked at sucking but she put a lot of eagerness to please behind it and I am sure my being drunk on power helped her get my seed. She gagged when I shot but recovered good enough when I told her that she was to always swallow my seed. When she was done swallowing my ejaculate, she licked up without being told the globules that had dropped out when she was gagging.


Chapter 18: The Commune

Thing 2 had dinner ready when Ann and I joined everyone in the dining room. Dish couldn’t contain herself and showed thirty minutes earlier than I had told her to, anxious to take down the facade she disguised herself with as I was revealing her blood relationship to Barbara and Chad. Chad was excited that Dish was his older sister, Barbara less so but neither had any real issue with the sudden change brought on to my family.

At the dinner table, I told everyone about the new place we were going to move to. When Dish asked just how big it was, I told her that there was plenty of room there for her and she gave me an evil smile with a twinkle in her eyes.

I then looked at Thing 1 and Thing 2 and told them if they could abide by my rules, then there was room for them and their kids but they would have to go off of welfare to help pay the bills and they would have to do their share around the house. Of course both eagerly agreed to my offer.

As we were breaking from dinner, I put two more tins of the Ocean Breeze Lip Balm in Ann’s possession, one was for her to give to Ashley and the second was for if she knew or met an unattached female whom I might like. I didn’t specifically say as a sex partner.

Life got hectic real quick. Dish and I were busy with work but used that time to bond as father and daughter while at the same time we discussed the possibility of our having sex. She also shared quite a few tales with me about her other family in West Virginia.

Three days after Ann gave Ashley the lip balm, we invited Ashley and Devon over for dinner. I was quickly able to confirm that Ashley was susceptible to my whims and fed her the desire to nag Devon to take the contracting job I was going to offer him of doing most of the work remodeling the apartment block. He started working on it three days later.

Elizabeth was able to get most of the paperwork done on her own. The only issue I had to deal with personally was with the zoning of the building which had been zoned as a commercial property and it took two days but felt like forever to convince them that the building was not going to be used commercially.

Working with Elizabeth’s existing plans to remodel the building, we were able to come up with a rudimentary set that converted the eight, one bedroom apartments to a home with sitting room, living room, dining room, kitchen, den for me, a small auditorium style TV room and a great room/entertainment room on the ground floor. Upstairs would hold six bedroom suites and two large rooms for the kids that could easily be partitioned off for individual bedrooms when they got older like Barbara and Chad were. The basement was more of a cellar but the utilities area was already set up which included hookups for the two sets of washer and dryers we were going to install.

The sides of the back yard were going to be fenced for privacy while a patio was added with a hot tub attached. For the kids an above ground pool, slightly buried, was to be implemented after Thing 1 and Thing 2 got a job to help pay for that and a volleyball court. Sixty or so feet behind the back of the building was the beginning of a small copse of woods where the kids could play or make a bike trail.

Not everything went as planned though; Ann had left the spare tin of lip balm I gave her on her dresser since she had yet to decide on who to give it to and when Barbara had a cold sore forming she went looking for some ointment, finding the tin on Ann’s dresser she used the lip balm on herself. I was riding high by this time because nothing had gone wrong and when Ann told me what Barbara had done, I crashed back to earth, feeling incredibly sick to my stomach.

There was no reason for me to give Dish any of the lip balm; she willingly did whatever I asked of her, which meant being patient with me since I was not ready to sleep with her.

While Barbara certainly considered me special, I certainly wasn’t going to abuse that relationship which is why the fact that she was now under my control bothered me. Not only did I inadvertently take my daughter’s freedom away, I would have to be very careful about what I said when I was around her.

From Elizabeth’s experience of withdrawing from the addiction of my seed, she suggested that I did not take the tin of Ocean Breeze Lip Balm away from Barbara because Elizabeth had suffered sexual urges that she didn’t think a sixteen year old girl would be able to handle. I tried to argue that was probably due to the fact that Elizabeth had imbued so much of my seed, but she countered that with the question of whether I was willing to chance Barbara going through the withdrawal that she had gone through. Who wants to cause pain to their own children? Not I.

Three months and a day after I had signed the paperwork to buy the Commune, we were able to move in. Dish and I had been moving stuff piecemeal during that time, so the two of us were able to move the four families in two days. We were exhausted when we were done but I was quite proud of our new residence.

Ashley was not only able to convince Devon to take the contract remodeling the Commune but also to actually move in with us. From my talks with Ashley I found out that she did indeed have an oral fetish because it was taboo to their religion and that Devon over the years was not able to resist her wants, to the point that he was very much pussy whipped but by Ashley’s mouth.

Ashley and Devon was also in financial dire straits because of Ashley’s spending habits which had matched Ann’s. Just as I had cured Ann of her outrageous need to shop, so too did I diminish Ashley’s. Devon thought I was up to no-good trying to convince Ashley to spread her legs for me when I offered to help them with their finances, I could have had her whenever I wanted and I had thought about it a few times because she wasn’t bad looking, but during this time I was content with Ann sucking me daily.

Since we only had one mortgage that was almost equal to what Ann and I had been paying for our previous house but we had six incomes pooled together the Commune was making money hand over fist and I was, with Elizabeth’s guidance, investing what we didn’t need while paying off existing bills.

Ann quickly became adept at sucking me to completion so she could swallow my load, but she continued to suck me whenever I would allow her, just to be sucking me; normally in my den while I relaxed watching TV or reading something, Ann would spend the time leisurely sucking me gently. When it came time for my weekly deposit at Dr. Cole’s I would pick her up for lunch and have her suck me off in Dr. Cole’s parking lot before having her walk the freshly filled specimen container inside. With all of the oral sex I was getting from Ann, I really didn’t have a desire to fuck anyone. But that changed.


After we were living in the Commune for over a year, I examined our lifestyle and how we were doing. Financially, we were doing great. The building had no issues that Devon couldn’t fix or replace. What made me proud though was the fact that everyone in the Commune was happy; all of the girls lost weight and were actually looking very hot. Teresa and Terry had the ugly moles removed from their faces and were no longer in the ‘fugly’ category.

Terry did need surgery to remove the excess skin that hung on her from when she was one hundred and fifty pounds heavier. And she was not happy that her tits had lost so much weight while Teresa’s boobs maintained most of their original size.

I would call all of the adults to a ‘Round Table’ session were we talked about any issues within the Commune and ask everyone if they were happy and if not, what would make them happier. All of the females, including Ann said the same thing. They were happy but they wanted more sex, specifically with me.

I did have sex with Dish eventually, about four months after we moved into the Commune. It was really good sex, but not as good as it had been with her mother. We still had sex periodically, but more often than not, she joined in with the Cousins who had taken their sexual frustration out on themselves and Ann.

For a while, after the kids were put to bed on Sunday nights, the vibrators and strap on dildos would come out and Devon and I would watch the mostly Sapphic love in front of us. Devon of course didn’t have a say in the matter, Ashley would tie him to a chair and he could only watch as she and the other women went at it. The fact that his big dick was hard the entire time convinced me that he wouldn’t have complained even if there wasn’t a ball gag in his mouth. Sometimes Ashley would suck him off in front of us, sometimes she would take him back to their suite to fuck and other times she would not give him satisfaction until the next morning.

Dish liked to fuck the girls with a large black strap-on and she loved to make the girls munch her box after she was done plowing them. She definitely had more fun with the girls than she ever did with me.

Ann still wasn’t keen on the sex with the girls but her resistance always breaks down. The first time anything happened with Ann and one of the other girls was a month before I slept with Dish the first time; Ann was giving me a blow job on the patio late one Saturday night and Teresa walked out on us. The obvious look of jealousy on Teresa’s face was soon replaced by lust as she watched Ann give her best at satisfying my dick. Without me saying anything Teresa stripped naked and started rubbing her pussy while pulling on her distended nipples.

Against the outside wall of the house was a couple of baseball bats and gloves one of the boys had not put away and seeing the bat, she grabbed the bigger of the two and started rubbing her pussy with it. When she saw me smile at her, she shoved the handle end up her pussy and went to town. Quicker than I thought she would she exploded in orgasm and fell against the side of the house.

And she still wasn’t sated. Slowly she edged towards Ann and I and I was curious what she wanted so I beckoned her to us. When Teresa was standing behind Ann, she dropped to her knees and after looking up at me for approval, which I gave, she tentatively started licking my wife’s ass. I had fucked Ann a few times in her ass, each time I had to take my time and be careful because it was such a tight fit and I did not want to hurt her. With Ann unable to resist me, she was able to relax enough to where it would be a very enjoyable experience for both of us but she still insisted that was not something she liked to do.

Teresa’s mouth on her anus made her moan on my dick. Looking up to me, I told her to continue. What had started as my relaxing to her orally sucking me gentle escalated to my wanting to orgasm after I saw Teresa impale herself with a number thirty three baseball bat. Soon Teresa turned over and with her head between Ann’s newly spread thighs, started to lap at her pussy. This was too much for Ann who had to pull her mouth off of my rod as she gasped for air through her orgasm.

Ann was still very much a one and done person in the bedroom so normally, if I gave her an orgasm, it was after she was done servicing me. This time was no different as she came down from her peak, she laid her head on my left thigh and she lackadaisically started to jerk me off. I was about to get upset with her, after years of masturbating, that was my least favorite way of being relieved. As I was about to order Ann, Teresa sat up and joined Ann on the cushion she had been using to protect her knees from the brick surface.

The look in Teresa’s eyes showed that she still wasn’t sated and so I gave her a nod and she eagerly took over sucking me for Ann. Ann sat there caressing me as she watched her best friend slobber on my dick, anxious to get my load. But after ten minutes I still hadn’t shot my load and Teresa’s mouth was getting sore; a real slobbery hummer like Teresa was giving was a bit of a turn off for me, but I didn’t tell her that.

Teresa took the initiative to give me a tit fuck between her voluminous glams but that just made me go limper. As much of a tit man that I am, I don’t care for tit fucks. Never have, not even when Leticia gave me one back in high school. Teresa sensed this and went back to sucking me. Once I was firm again, she looked up at me and begging, asked if she could ride me. I hadn’t had my dick in a pussy since that time that I went a little overboard on Ann, when I first claimed my dominance over her.

Teresa had already had her mole removed and while nothing could be done about her fish lips, within reason, she wasn’t hard on the eyes, big tits and all; and the fact that she was not so bitter about her life helped how I looked at her and my resistance towards her and Terry having sex with me lessened every day that we lived together.

I may not have liked how Teresa slobbered on my dick but I certainly liked watching her big titties bouncing as she rode me like a bronco. Teresa, I found, was similar to Ann in that both of them had a hair trigger, if she was suitably aroused. Not three minutes after she started riding and she was mashing her glorious tit flesh into my chest as she screamed her release. Unlike Ann, Teresa wasn’t a one trick pony and wanted more.

I said nothing as she lifted herself off of me to turn around for some reverse cow-girl action. One other thing that Teresa had in common with Ann was an ass that begged to be spanked. I gave her three good swats and each time my hand landed on her white ass her pussy would jerk my dick and a ‘yesss’ would intercede her moans.

Leaning forward, I grabbed a bouncing tit with my right hand while my left hand sought out her honey pot. My strumming her clit raised her excitement tenfold, so much that she had to rise up off of me which also pulled my hand away from her pussy.

Looking back at me she growled as she latched on to my dick and speared her ass with my penis. I knew how much of an anal-whore Teresa was but I still did not expect that. Not for her to just slam her ass on to my dick with no preparation. But I quickly understood why she liked anal sex because her ass was able to milk me in ways her pussy couldn’t. I was able to only last a couple of minutes in her pulsating ass before I grunted my release. That in conjunction of her rubbing the crap out of her clit was enough for her to cum a minute later.

The next night, Teresa must have talked with Terry because Terry showed up in my den before Ann did. When I asked Terry what see needed, she said that she was hoping to catch Ann with me and that maybe she could join in. Because Terry was still in the process of losing her weight, that same weight loss that would prompt us to pay for her to have her excess sagging skin removed, she wasn’t as nice to look at as Teresa; I worried about my being able to maintain an erection with her. I should have remembered the reputation that preceded her.

Ann showed up soon enough and as per my previous instruction, stripped out of her clothes; an instruction that I had to modify to comply with the nine o’clock threshold rule of under eighteens year olds up stairs and in bed and so the adults were free to be adults. Terry followed suit and mimicked Ann as she was caressing and kissing me, kissed and caressed Ann from behind. Ann for her part, paid Terry no attention, instead she zeroed in on my flaccid cock and went to town.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation my penis was feeding me and let the two girls go to town. Eventually a whimpering noise made me open my eyes and I saw Terry’s head right next to Ann’s begging for my meat. Ann could still be selfish and I could tell that she didn’t want to share but when she looked at me, I told her to be a good girl and share. As she pulled her head back, Terry’s moved in.

The difference between each of the four current females who sucked my dick was similar and yet very unique. Terry by far was the best of the four at oral sex. She really does live for oral sex.

As soon as her mouth started sucking on me, I jerked slightly and looked at her bobbing head wide eyed. The tongue, the deep throating, the suction, the use of her hands told me I was in for a treat. I sat there moaning lightly at the pleasure she was giving me. She was in no hurry but she also wasn’t trying to prolong the buildup. Once she had me going, she kept me there and I was soon moaning for my discharge of pleasure, my little death as the French calls the orgasm.

I happen to look at Ann while in a daze and the tears running down her face surprised me. She was fidgeting, jealousy building, both in the fact that Terry was the one sucking my dick and because Terry was obviously, at least by my reactions I am sure, better than her at giving a blow job.

I felt sad for her and was going to tell Terry to switch when Terry took me to my threshold, only to cut it off with her hands squeezing the base of my cock, twisting my testicles and her teeth nipping the crown of my penis. Pain in so much pleasure. I growled at her. I didn’t want her to stop. Looking at Ann in my frustration, I remembered how she had frustrated me for all those years and ordered her to get her head between Terry’s legs and start eating her out.

The disgusted look on Ann’s face wasn’t enough for her to resist my control over her and she reluctantly complied. Once she was there I told her that if she didn’t get Terry off, she would not be allowed to suck me the next night. Terry’s moaning on my dick told me she took my instructions to heart.

Getting sucked off by Terry was a very intense and very pleasurable experience. She teased me forever and by the time she finally swallowed my load her pussy had flashed three times into Ann’s licking mouth. After she was done and left us Ann cuddled with me in my lap, tears flowing freely. When she asked, I had to explain to her that a blow job that intense was not something my dick could take every night; it would drive me bat-shit crazy.

I also decided to take Ann down another notch. I told her that she had to satisfy the cousins or be satisfied by the cousins before she could suck on my dick for her nightly ritual. It took only one time for Ashley to catch Ann between Teresa’s legs for her to want to join in and the Sunday Sapphic orgy began in earnest.

Chapter 19: Comes Great Responsibility

On a turbulent Saturday, when I didn’t have a moving job, I was walking home from driving Shannon home in her car and thought a six or seven mile walk back to the Commune would be good for me, to give me a chance to think about the uniqueness of my situation and where I wanted to take it.

The grey mucous had slowed but was still being produced. Elizabeth’s journal showed that her urge to obey me actually lasted close to three months and not the weeks she had predicted and without extensive testing, which I would not allow, she wouldn’t know why. She also reported that even when the urge to submit to me left her, whenever she was in my presence, the urge would flare up, each time that urge would subside, she found her libido dramatically increased for a few days.

Stephen at first very much enjoyed her sexual aggression but after a day or two he would have to ‘cry uncle’ and take her to a swinging party so she could sexually abuse more willing men and women.

When Shannon’s tin of Ocean Breeze ran out, I told Elizabeth not to refill it so we could use her as a test subject to see if it was okay to take Barbara’s tin away. Shannon wasn’t a pretty sight during her withdrawal period. She did not realize that we had taken what she was secretly addicted to away from her and started acting strange. She was would get very emotional with her mood swings ranging from yelling at Dr. Cole and her patients to crying and when someone would try to console her she would start to hug them and dry hump them before breaking down and bawling.

She must of subconsciously made a connection between me and her tin of lip balm because she showed up at the Commune looking for me, she didn’t find me but she was willing to use Chad as a substitute. Something he was more than willing to do for her. Luckily Ashley, who only worked part time to be home with the kids in the afternoon, walked in on them while Chad was struggling to get his pants unbuckled. Chad was easily cowed into his room while Shannon alternated between crying, yelling at Ashley and trying to make out with her while they were waiting for my arrival home.

Once Shannon was in my presence she was able to smell my musk and pheromones and she actually acted more like herself, only her body’s acting out for the drug that I produced made her more frantic as she cried on my shoulder because she just knew she was going insane. I held her and told her everything would be alright and that she wasn’t insane.

I thought about telling her why her body was acting the way it was but I deferred to wait until I had talked it over with Elizabeth who was also on the way to my house. Shannon was quietly sobbing in my arms until she saw Dr. Cole, when she started wailing that she was going to get fired and get sent to an insane asylum. Between the two of us we were able to get Shannon to calm down and I suggested that Shannon spend the night in one of the spare beds at the Commune. Elizabeth agreed and we were able to convince Shannon to stay.

“Why is she acting so strangely? Other than giving her the lip balm and talking to her very infrequently, I haven’t done a thing with her. I haven’t touched her until just now when I was holding her. I don’t understand this.”

Elizabeth looked in on Shannon who was covered up and shaking slightly before returning my whisper.

“I don’t know. I really don’t. I can speculate but that is just me grasping at straws.”

“Well then speculate already.” The tone of my whispered command made Dr. Cole smile at me. She wasn’t currently a thrall but her body remembered being one and her conscious liked that feeling.

“First, she may have an addictive personality. She doesn’t smoke, that I know of but she has commented that she doesn’t like the affect of alcohol on her.”

I could see that possibility albeit a small one.

“We may have underestimated the strength of your potency. For close to six months we have been letting her intake a very small dose of a chemical so strong, you can literally command women to do your bidding. We have done some simple tests to see what the effects of your chemicals are but obviously we need to do more.”

“That sample you sent out to the outside lab; what were the results from their tests?”

“Inconclusive. Sperm laced with additional compounds that they could not recognize or breakdown into base chemicals. They asked for additional samples but by that time you had told me no more testing because we were afraid that it would draw attention towards us. Someone over at that lab had their curiosity elevated because I have received two more requests for more samples.”

“And what did you tell them?”

“I ignored the first request and answered their second request stating that my patient was no longer producing any more symptoms.”

“Is that enough of an answer to keep them from prying further?”

“It should be. I have quit using that lab since then.”

“Okay. Any more guesses about my guest?”

“There is the chemical imbalance one.”


“Research has been able to break down the root of some mental illnesses due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.”

“So you are saying that Shannon could be mentally ill?”


“Did you inquire about any past mental illnesses when you hired her?”

“Yes, but it is common for people to lie about that sort of thing on applications.”

“Can you double check?”

“I can but I think the easiest thing would be for you to just go ask her. She went bonkers when she saw me and specifically mentioned being sent to an insane asylum, like it was something she had thought about before.”

“Right, it was on her mind because she made a similar comment to me as well.”

“So why don’t you go ask her.”

I didn’t ask Shannon right away; when I went into her room, I sat on the side of the bed and started petting her hair. This was enough to calm her down and she went to sleep.

While she slept I went to have a man to man talk with my fifteen year old boy. Chad was not thrilled to see me.

“Chad, I think we need to talk about what almost happened this afternoon.”

Chad was sullen, but he was a smart boy.

“You don’t sound like you are angry with me.”

“That is because I am not, but I do need to hear what happened.”

Chad looked away, embarrassed.


Shrugging his shoulders, he started. “I answered the door and she was standing there real agitated like and was asking for you. I told her that you weren’t in and she barged right in stopping in the main hallway she just stood there and started sobbing.”


“Well, I touched her shoulder and asked if she was alright and she grabbed me and started hugging me. I didn’t know what to do so I hugged her back. I don’t think she has had a bath in a while because her hair didn’t smell very good.”

“So you were hugging?”

“Right, hugging.” Chad went red in the face, “she was the first girl I had every hugged like that, outside of you know, family and family friends. I … I liked it and she must of known I liked it because she was pushing me into the sitting room and she started kissing me like crazy.”

“Speaking of crazy, did she mention anything about feeling crazy?”

“Uhmm, she may have but I don’t remember.”

“What do you remember she said?” I prompted.

Chad really went red and wouldn’t look at me. “Chad?”

“That she wanted to rob the cradle.” Robbing the cradle, only Chad was less than five years her junior.


“That is what she kept repeating and I, well I liked her saying that.”

Chad did not date or associate with any females that I knew of which told me my son, who was already over six feet tall, was painfully shy. Without understanding, Shannon had him eating out of her hand.

“And that is when Ashley found the two of you?”

“Yeah, all we did was kiss some and then I started to undress and Ashley walked in and yelled at me for doing it. Was what we were doing that wrong?”

I had already had the ‘birds and the bees’ talk with Chad and gave him a pack of condoms, minus the one that I showed him how to use on a cucumber. But when I ended the talk with him I had told him that sex was something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, that it held with its act, much responsibility and should only be done when he was sure that is what he and his partner wanted.

“Well other than doing it in the sitting room where anyone could see you, do you think you were ready to do something like having sex?”

“I…” He went back to looking down. I sat next to him and put my hand on his shoulder, waiting.

“I don’t know how to talk to a girl, dad. I have tried a few times and either I say something stupid or I get tongue tied.”

“You talk to the girls here all the time.” One fear that Ann had was that Chad would do something rash with Terry’s two girls but mostly Chad kept to himself.

“But they aren’t girls I look at that way.” I was relieved to hear that.

“Right, but they are still girls, which makes them no different than the girls you do want to talk to.”

“I don’t understand…”

“Just be yourself Chad. Talk to the girls you are interested in the way you talk to Barbara, Jenny and Jacki. Then when you are comfortable around them, that is when you see about going further. And remember, it ‘takes two to tango’, if they are not interested, don’t try to push them.”

We talked for a bit more and then he asked how long he had to stay in his room. I told him to think on what we had talked about, he could leave his room after dinner. With this materialistic society, the one thing I said no to was the kids having a phone, TV or computer in their room.

Shannon didn’t wake until morning which was Saturday, so she didn’t have to worry about work. As I drove her home in her car, I asked her about her background and why she was so fearful about being sent to the funny bin, because it could have been a worry exasperated by the withdrawal of the lip balm. It turns out that mental illness did run in her family with her mother and both aunts spending time locked up. She had not been tested for their illness because she was afraid of the answer being positive.

When we got to her apartment, I told her she was welcomed at the Commune but that she might look to see about getting tested because if she did have a chemical imbalance, they might have medicine that could help her. The last thing I told her was that if she felt urges, the best thing to do was to utilize her battery powered friend, that it would help her a lot.

I said it that way because our experiments with Elizabeth showed that there was a good chance that she would be incredibly horny after I left, but also the possibility of some part of my control is still in her system. So by telling her that her vibrator could help her might be enough to soothe the sexual urges like wanting to fuck multiple partners that Elizabeth suffers.

After talking with Dr. Cole, we decided not to give her another tin of lip balm and to try to help get her as much help as Shannon was willing to receive because that is the thing about helping someone, you can only help them as much as they are willing to let you. Yes, I could have ordered her to but that wasn’t a route that I was comfortable with and didn’t want to be comfortable with.

Shannon’s ordeal really bothered me, as well as the fact that we were still giving Barbara the lip balm simply because I was too chicken to chance her going crazy on us. Elizabeth did come up with a lower dosage specifically for Barbara who complained that she liked the better smelling one.


Chapter 20: Helen of Troy

Fate happened when I was walking home from Shannon’s. I walked past a strip mall and as I was looking inside, like I had been doing to most of the stores I passed, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye and stopped to look back for a closer look. There before me through a booking agent’s window sat an angel of beauty like I had never seen before.

Shaking my head and squeezing my eyes shut, I looked at upon her again to make sure I saw what I saw. I did. She was the most beautiful thing I had had ever thought I could see with my own eyes. In high school, I hated reading poetry as I found the supposed descriptions of beauty and love frivolous and I never understood how the imaginary beauty of Helen of Troy could cause a war; until I saw her.

I must have made a spectacle of myself, standing there looking in at her, not blinking, but I simply could not take my eyes off of her. The spell of her beauty had me bewitched like I never thought I could be. She noticed me and looked at me twice while doing her paperwork. After she finished a phone call she made my heart leap out of my throat when she walked to the front door and inquired if there was something she could help me with.

Up close her beauty raised me up only to knock me back down. Light headed, I could only shake my head as I studied every detail of her that her brief time in front of me would allow.

She wore a gold silk top buttoned whose collar was designed to show the skin of her chest immediately under her neck, a fine, slender neck that I wanted to worship. She stood maybe five foot five, and her black slacks flowed down her slender legs, hiding their true shape with only one of the black pumps showing through the door; I had never been a ‘foot’ guy, but I would have gladly dropped to my knees to kiss hers.

I was drawn to the left hand as is peaked out of the safety of her place of employ; they were flawless, like the rest of her, manicured to perfection without fake nails. The color of her nails was a simple gloss and I wanted to suck them. I was elated to see that her ring finger was gloriously bare.

I dared to look in this goddess’s eyes and the grey blue eyes looking back turned me to stone from the force of their splendor. She was the definition of beauty.

“So are you just going to stare in the window all day?”

That is exactly what I wanted to do, but her admonishment allowed some small part of my brain to reinforce the rest of the brain that I was making a fool of myself.

“I am sorry, I will be leaving now.” As I turned away from my goddess of beauty, I couldn’t let my audience with her end so poorly. Turning, embracing her glowing radiance, I found the courage to speak my heart’s desire.

“I … I just wanted to tell you that I have never met a more beautiful woman in my life and I couldn’t help but look intently upon you. I will leave you now.”

My heart leapt when she didn’t scoff at my confession and responded.

“That is all? You just wanted to look at me and then leave? No chatting me up or feeding me some line of bull shit?”

She had a slight smile to her face as she spoke to me and I felt my knees threaten to buckle, worse than the hit that did buckle my right knee in college. I weakly smile back to her and said that is all I wanted. I thanked her again and walked away in a daze, not tempting fortune by looking back.

I only walked a block and stopped in a diner because my mind was too busy replaying her beauty to concentrate on walking. I ordered an iced tea to get the waitress to leave me alone as my mind tried to reconcile the fact that gods did walk the earth.

Sipping slowly, I wasn’t even half way done with my drink when my angel rocked me to my core.

“You are sitting in my seat.”

Looking up the sight of my goddess stole the breath from me and I gasped which made her smile demurely.

“I said you are sitting in my seat.”

“Your seat?” I was in awe but at least I wasn’t that tongue tied.

“Yes, my seat. I have been coming here every Saturday for the last three months. You can ask Glory and this is where I have sat every time.”

“Glory?” I didn’t care who Glory was, I didn’t want the vision of beauty in front of me to stop talking to me.

“Your waitress. That is why they wear a name tag, so you know who is serving you.”

I looked at the silver haired waitress who had her hair up in a beehive as she served another patron pie from behind the counter. I was not going to second guess the magnificent creature in front of me who surely was going to haunt my dreams, sleeping or not.

“Do you want me to get up?”

Taking off her long brown rain coat and gold and orange gossamer scarf which see folded in half before lying on the bench across from me, she sat down.

“No, I will just join you.”

“With me? A stranger you only just met because he couldn’t stop staring at you?”

“Yep. Do you mind?” Of course she knew I wouldn’t mind. But her actions did not make sense to me.

“Aren’t you afraid I am some sort of stalker?”

“Nah. Besides, I am armed and know how to use casino firmaları it.” With a smile she dropped her key ring on the table with a metal clatter and I saw the thin container of mace attached.

“Why did you join me?”

“Like I said, you are in my seat.”

“And my staring didn’t freak you out?”

“No, and you are staring again.” Yes, I was and she was still the most beautiful female I had ever seen; in person or pictures.

“Then you are used to guys staring at you?”

“Actually, no. You are the first guy to ever act like I wasn’t like most of the other girls around.”

“I am?”

“Yep. I guess this is an example of ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.”

“But you are flawless!”

“Nah, I have been told that my nose and mouth are too small. And I have ugly feet and ears. And my chest”, she looked down briefly and her small chest, “let’s just say I don’t have much in that department.”

“Well, from what I have been able to see of you, I think those persons were wrong.”

She smile again before changing the subject and pointed at my gold wedding band. “So you are married? Happily?”

I pulled off my band and examined it before looking back at her, “Yes, I am married. Happily? Not in the traditional sort of way.”

“Not in the traditional? Does that mean you have an open marriage or something?” Beauty and brains, yum.

“Sort of.”

“Sort of? Let me guess, it is complicated.”

“Yes and no.”

“And even though you find me beautiful, you weren’t and still aren’t trying to pick me up?”

Now it was my turn to smile. “Please don’t take offense at that, I would want nothing more than to intimate with you, but honestly, I get all the action I could dream for and you … your beauty is enough to just look at.”

“So you are some stud, to satisfy all of your women?”

“Actually, they satisfy me, I have gotten quite adept at sitting back and enjoying whatever they wanted to do with me.”

“Ahhh, and what has that laziness done to your bedroom skills?”

“Heh, good point, I hadn’t thought of it that way. If I had to guess, probably lacking.” We chuckled at that self-scrutiny.

Glory had come and went and came again, getting the gorgeous lady sitting across from me order of soup and a half sandwich, chicken salad on rye with French onion. The fact that she didn’t seem at all phased by my staring prompted me to ask her.

“If I may, how come my staring isn’t freaking you out?” She hadn’t offered up her name and though I told her mine, I did not ask hers.

“Because I haven’t had company with a meal in a long time and I am enjoying your company. Yes, you are staring, but I take that as a compliment and you haven’t given me any bad vibes.”

Bad vibes, if only she knew what I was capable of. One question I had repeatedly asked myself even before she sat down with me was if I wanted to addict her to my seed. I knew I would be able to get her under my control, one way or another but I wasn’t sure if that was the route I wanted to take, would I become immune to her beauty? The thought that I could become immune to her beauty is what scared me the most and mostly convinced me not to want to try that route.

“Well, I will take that as a compliment but I must warn you, I am mostly human.”

She liked that answer. “Mostly human? Did you have something replaced down below or maybe a limb?”

“I just meant that I am not perfect and that I have made decisions that others might find questionable.”

“Who hasn’t, who hasn’t…” Her smile was replaced with a frown as she looked away and out the window. Quick enough she shook her dull drums off gave me a smile that I cherished. “So, how come I have never seen you around her before?”

“I was just passing through.”

“On foot?”

“Yes, I dropped off a friend at her apartment and decided to walk home.”


“Yes, walk.”


“About five or so miles.”

“Wow, I am impressed. Why didn’t you have one of your harem come pick you up?”

I had to smile at that because Teresa and Terry referred to themselves as my harem whores and while Ann didn’t say she belonged with them neither did she refute what the cousins said.

“Because I needed to think about my situation with them honestly, not everything was going the way I had hoped.”

“Oh you poor sultan, your harem doesn’t let you get enough sleep, do they.”

I had to laugh at her teasing. “If it was only that.”

I watched her finish most of her lunch before she pushed her sandwich plate away from her and dabbed her crumb-less lips.

“Well, lunch time is over I have to go back to the shop. Thank you for the company.”

I stood as she rose to put her light coat and scarf on. “Thank you, the pleasure was all mine.”

Of course I watched her go, standing there wishing I knew her name when she paused and after debating something to herself, she turned and walked back to where I still stood. The look of need was all over her face, not sexual need or even need of me.

“Uhmm, in your walking, did you see any apartments with vacancy signs out?”

“I honestly didn’t pay attention. Is there something I can help with?”

She answered flippantly not expecting that I could. “Well, unless you have a room for rent or know someone that does, no, I am fine.”

“What if I did? Have a room for rent?”



“How far away?”

“About two or three miles.”

She looked at me skeptical. “Is it on a bus line?” And when I gave her a questioning look, “I don’t drive. My roommate is kicking me out of our apartment because her fiancé moved in and all of the other apartments nearby are full or too far away. The city rezoning the bus line did not help.”

“No, I was able to buy my place as a bargain because of the bus line rezoning.”

“Ahh, too bad.” And turned away from me again.



“What if transportation wasn’t an issue? Would you be interested?”

“How would transportation not be an issue?”

“Just answer the question first. If transportation was not an issue, would you be willing to move into my house?”

She looked down and then around the diner before looking me in the eye. “Yeah, I am in a jam. I was supposed to be out of my apartment three days ago and my roomie is making things very uncomfortable for me. But if I took up your offer, don’t expect any favors.”

I knew she meant the bedroom and I was fine with that. The thought that I could look at her daily made me giddy. I wasn’t in love with her, at least I didn’t think this was love at first sight, something I didn’t believe in and I didn’t lust after her, I just wanted to look at her.

“When can you see the place?”

“Uhmm, about the transportation?”

“Let’s do it this way, you have to go back to work right?” She nodded. “Well, I will come by after your work is done and take you to my place. From there you can decide if you want to move in after you see everything and I tell you about the arrangements.”

“Serious? You have a spare room?”

“No, a small suite.”

“A suite? What you live in a hotel?”

I gave her my best smile to seal the deal. “Something like that. You have to see it in person.”

She wanted to talk money and I told her that was premature until she saw the place.

“Okay, how about this. You give me your address and I will take a cab there. The cab will stay running out front waiting for me and if he doesn’t hear from me, will call the cops.”


“Serious, you are on the level with me.”

There were kinks to my offer but for the most part I was. “Yes.”

“Okay, let’s do it.”

I watched her walk out of the diner with my address and I was suddenly very excited about life, excited in a way that I never had realized my life was missing. I called the house and Teresa came to pick me up. I purposely didn’t tell anyone about Hannah’s, that was my goddess’s name, visit. The house was kept clean mostly due to Ashley who was a clean freak and dinner was in the stove cooking. Ashley and Terry both seemed to cook whole turkeys a lot. Less fat than beef and a twenty pound turkey was plenty to feed everyone at the Commune. The time that Hannah had said that she was going to arrive coincided to be just before our regular dinner time, so of course, if she liked what I and the Commune had to offer, she would be invited to stay for dinner.

I hadn’t planned on it, but when Hannah did arrive, I was helping my nephew Tyler with his spelling, so Ann was the one who answered the door to let a very confused Hannah in.

“What is this place? It looks like an apartment building from the front, a drab boring apartment building but…” and her words failed her as she looked around the front of the house from the hallway. I was with Tyler in the sitting room and we could see the older kids across the hall playing foosball, laughing a carrying on as they waited for dinner in the great room, which Ashley and Terry was finishing prepping.

Devon was in the sitting room, repairing a chair that the kids broke chasing each other around in the house. That left Teresa and my sister Eileen, somewhere about in the house, probably with Dish.

“Welcome to the Commune.”

“Commune? Commune? As in a sixty’s commune?”

“Something like that, yeah.”

“How many of you live here?”

“Fifteen was the last count.”

“Fifteen? And you still have room?”

“Yes, one more suite. It was originally going to be set aside for guests but it is available.”

“How many kids? How many couples?” I could tell that she wasn’t used to being around kids and I hoped that would not be a detriment to her staying here.

“Seven kids, mostly teenagers, Taylor here is the youngest.”

“Hullo dere, Im Tawer.” Taylor was a cutie but had a slight speech impediment which carried over to his school work.

“Hello, Taylor. I am Hannah.”

“There are officially, two couples here, but it is more like one and a half.”

“A half? That means all of the other females make up your harem.” Hannah flinched when she realized what she said in front of Taylor, but he had gone back to trying to read his words, he was a good kid.

“That is enough for now Taylor; we can practice some more after dinner. So go get washed up.”


“Gosh is he cute.”

“Yes, very. So will having kids around be an issue for you?”

“No, actually, I love kids. I just…” And then she looked away. I was fine with that; we each had our own secrets.

“I need to go get the rest of the heathens going, so Ann can show you around the place.”

Hannah turned around to find my diminutive wife still standing behind her. “Oh, I thought you left.”

“Nope, let me give you the nickel tour.”

By the time Ann and Hannah made it back to the dinner table everyone had filled their plates from the food set out on the dual hutch’s and was sitting down to dig in. Ann and Hannah were talking like long lost friends which really encouraged me. I still loved my wife, but the damage she did to our marriage meant I could never look at her the same. Since she was addicted to my seed, she really didn’t care what I thought, so long as she got to suck on my dick daily, which she did. When I wanted sex, Ann was more than happy to offer up someone else’s pussy or ass.

The only brainwashing that I twisted her mind around, outside of the fact that she could no longer betray me, was to accept her life as it was and be happy with it. That alone took away her need to scream at me or the kids and her need for my allowing her access to my seed meant she accepted any other bump that came her way. Like Hannah, she did not question what she was doing at the Commune that day and from the tail end of the conversation I heard as they entered the dining room, did not hide the fact that she did not care whom I had sex with.

It was a lot for Hannah to take in, so I waited a second or two as she stood before me. While I waited I glanced at the other males to see what effect Hannah’s beauty had on them. Devon looked her over once or twice but he was cuckolded to Ashley and his wife’s beauty was enough for him. Taylor’s face lit up when Hannah entered the room and he said ‘hullo’ to her before digging in to his dinner. Drew and Teresa’s son Kerry didn’t even look her way. Chad on the other hand definitely took after his old man because he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

“So, two questions. Would you care to move in to the spare suite and would you like to join us for dinner?”

I could see the answer was yes, but she still had one pressing question; “But the travel…”

“There are ten people at this table who have a driver’s license and there are seven cars and a moving truck in the driveway to get you to and from work.”

“Moving truck? Were you that confident that I was going to accept your offer?”

“No, the moving truck is for my business.”

“Wow. Uhmm, yeah, I think I want to give it a shot here, but I meant it, don’t expect any ‘favors’ with me.”

“Perish the thought. Now, don’t you think you ought to pay your taxi fare and come to dinner? If you want we can go get your stuff tonight or if you can wait, tomorrow.”

After dinner, Dish, Devon and I took Hannah to her apartment to retrieve her personal belongings. She had no furniture to speak of and outside of her wardrobe, all of her stuff fit in four plastic tubs with lids that she had and which she had packed days earlier.


Chapter 21: And Sister Too!

All of the adults at the Commune knew of my special relationship with Dish and Eileen, which meant that they also knew not to talk about it in front of strangers, which included Hannah until I told them otherwise. It helped that those adult females were all under my thrall and Devon was under his wife’s. No matter how often I thought of myself as a sick fuck, because I was fucking my daughter and sister; looking at Devon gave me a better outlook.

Devon literally liked having his nuts ruled by Ashley. She still had her oral fixation, but what she enjoyed more was cuckolding her husband which made them a perfect match because that is what he wanted her to do to him. Oh, she made sure that he got his jollies off, but never right away. With my undue influence, Ashley gave up on her cult religion and Devon, with his testes in his wife’s hand, followed.

Living with Devon, I was able to get to know him better and I think he trusts me when I told him that I was not going to screw around with his wife, though I sometimes think he wanted me too. He was there both times Ashley blew me and neither time afterwards did he act like it was something that bothered him.

As for my sister Eileen, seven weeks earlier, I was woken in the middle of the night by the phone ringing, on the other end was Eileen crying her head off. Her husband had been drinking and smashed his truck into a car on a back road, killing both occupants of the second car and himself. I immediately flew to Virginia to be with my sister in her time of need.

It had been a couple of years since I had last seen her because Ann did not like her and was very much the bitch to her the last time she visited Indy, and Eileen swore she would never go back. This really bothered me since I had been close to my younger sister growing up, though I was not happy when she became a pothead when I was in college. She married a guy from the right side of the tracks who turned out to be a not so nice of a guy.

Thomas Cash came from some money but after his second bust for drug possession; his family cut all ties with him, which they maintained a few years later when Eileen and he had Taylor. The funeral was not a nice time; I left the kids back in Indy with Ann and was glad I did so when it got ugly. I didn’t care about his family but when a couple of them started yelling at Eileen and blaming her for his straying and being a drug dealer, I had to step in to make sure that they understood that they could yell all they want, I would not let them touch Eileen or Taylor.

Thankful Eileen insisted that both of them were properly insured, a much better company than I used, so her insurance would be able to handle all of the impending lawsuits filed by the families of the victims her husband had killed. I was scheduled to stay two more days but after seeing how devastated Eileen was and how she really didn’t have much of a life outside of her deceased husband, I told her that there was no way I was going to leave her desolate like that, and insisted she move to Indy with me.

When she resisted, mainly I think because of her drug problem, I had Dr. Cole FedEx me a couple of tins of the Ocean Breeze Lip Balm. With all of the crying she had been doing, her lips were plenty chapped and she didn’t think twice about the lip balm I offered her. From that point on convincing her that her moving Taylor to Indy was the best option. I also traded her drug addictions for what I saw was a lesser addiction.

It took most of a day to load up the truck I rented to drive them to the Mid-West. Most of that time was going through her stuff and throwing out or donating the shit she no longer needed. Taylor wasn’t too happy when he realized most of his toys weren’t going and but once we were on the road, all he worried about was his hand held game system that his daddy had given him.

The drive took two days, I could of easily made it in one but I was using that extra time to work Eileen over good, making sure that drugs, including her nasty cigarettes were no longer in her future.

At the same time I had her tell me everything that she had done in her life, not because I wanted to know all of the dirt on my little sis, but because I had quickly learned to hate secrets and I didn’t want one of hers coming back to bite me in the ass; such has Thomas Cash owing some other drug dealer a ton of money.

Thomas didn’t, he was good about paying his bills because he used Eileen as collateral on more than one occasion. Yes, there were videos of my little sis on the internet being gang-banged to pay off her loser of a husband’s debts. I wasn’t happy about that, but I didn’t let their existence rule me or my sister.

What I wasn’t wanting to hear was that after the second or third time, Eileen started to like the gang-bangs and when she was feeling kinky, would watch those movies of her getting serviced by numerous guys while she masturbated. Masturbating was something she did a lot because her husband had a limp dick most of the time because of the drugs he was on.

What brought a tear to my eye was when Eileen told me that she had genital herpes from one of those gang bangs. She said at first the outbreaks were painful but she had the virus long enough to where unless she was under a lot of stress, she had a breakout about once a year. She then explained that her fidgeting on the drive was because she was in the middle of an outbreak.

She admitted that having Taylor, who thankfully was asleep when she said it, was a mistake because she knew she wasn’t the best of mom’s but she did love him and so did Tom. I told her how I was worried about his growth, especially his schooling because he had missed a lot of school over the years and had been held back twice. I told her that I was going to do everything that I could to give Taylor the chance to succeed without feeling like he had to be a thug like his father. Eileen didn’t like me calling her husband a thug and I let her quietly cry while she looked out the window as we passed through Charleston, WV.

When she was ready to talk, I wanted to lighten up the mood and ask her to tell me something good about her moving to Indy or something that excited her. I should have expected it but I didn’t, why I don’t know but I didn’t expect her to get all gushy about living with me and how much she missed me. She then asked me if Ann was still mad at her. I told her that her smoking and drinking was no longer an issue but she surprised me by explaining that Ann got upset with her when she had confessed to Ann years earlier that she had always wanted to fuck me and would sneak around to watch Ann and I go at it our senior year. She said that from that point on Ann outright hated her.

When we stopped for the night, I seriously thought about requesting a second room in lieu of the double I had reserved but didn’t think it would be necessary since Taylor would be sleeping with his mom.

Normally, I am a very heavy sleeper but that night I woke as soon as I felt her between my legs under the covers and was able to tell her stop before her mouth had found its mark. After she joined me at the head of the bed because of the control the lip balm gave me over her she asked if I didn’t find her sexy?

Did I find my little sister sexy? Yes, I did, but I was glad I she didn’t ask if I found her beautiful because she was the epitome of a plain Jane. Not ugly and not gorgeous. She had an impish nose and a cute smile but they just didn’t mesh well to give a gorgeous look. Her life of drugs and debacle didn’t do much for her looks either, though she had been able to keep excess weight off, except for her big ole’ fat titties, in high school she tits were the size of small catalopes and now they had to be approaching watermelon size category. But she also admitted that her youthful vigor had long since passed and their extreme weight made them hang quite a bit.

Sexy though, she was. I had known that she had been sexy for years, and not just because she was loaded up top, in school she oozed sex and I had to strong arm a few guys from taking too much of an advantage of her. I don’t know if it was good that she was a freshman when I was a senior or not. I do remember leaving her and dreading that she was going to wind up pregnant by some snot nosed punk. Thankfully she was careful enough so she didn’t end up pregnant until she was twenty-one.

“Yes, Eye, you are sexy.”

“Then why won’t your let me do what I have dreamed about doing for years? Please? I left my panties on so you don’t have to worry about that, I just want to suck you.”

I couldn’t feel her panties, but I could feel her massive tits pushed up against my naked chest. I kissed her on her forehead.

“It isn’t that,” meaning what was going on between her legs. I was going to do some research on genital herpes when we got home. My knowledge of genital herpes came from two jokes, well a joke and a saying; the Sand Paper Sally joke that tormented sailors and the phrase, ‘the gift that keeps on giving’. With modern advances in medicine, I wanted to know how close to a cure there was. However, her outbreak wasn’t why I was holding her at bay.

“Eye, a lot has changed and I want both of us to be comfortable with everything. You’re moving to my house in Indy. The fact that my house already has thirteen bodies in it and I want you and Taylor to be comfortable in it and your new surroundings.”

“Okay, I understand that, why can’t I blow you?”

“Because I am not ready for that, how about that answer?”

“But you were never shy around me before?”

“And I never thought of having sex with you either.”

That wasn’t what she wanted to hear. “Never? But I knew you like to look at me, at my boobies.”

“And that is all I ever did. You were constantly flashing those huge titties of yours and I enjoyed looking, I did, but it never made me want to have sex with you, it just made me appreciate how sexy you were and how happy you were going to make some guy later on in life.”

“Never? So that means you will never want to sleep with me?”

“I didn’t say that Eye.”


“Eye, you have been telling me your secrets, do you want to hear one of mine?”


“I have two daughters and a son.”

“Two? But Ann can’t conceive anymore.”

“It wasn’t Ann and she was conceived years ago.”


“Yes, years. I never knew about her until a short time ago.”

“So she is a teenager?”

“Actually she is an adult.”

“Wow! How did you meet her?”

“She tracked me down.”

“Aww, that sounds so sweet. She wanted to meet daddy.”

I chuckled at that exaggeration.

“She didn’t want to meet daddy, she wanted to fuck daddy.”

“She…” confusion on her face before she lit up like the Fourth of July, “SHE DID!?!”

“Yes, she did.”

“DID YOU?!?”

“Yes, I did.” I wasn’t done when she, squealed in my ear and squeezed me tight, mashing her tit flesh so it bulged toward my face.

“Yes, I did, Eye, but not right away. It was something I had to be comfortable with. Same with you.”

“Same with? So you-we will fuck later? Promise? PROMISE!”

“I promise Eye, now get your night shirt back on and go back to bed with Taylor.”

“But…” Her whimpering while she did as she told was too much for me.

“But what, Eye?”

“Can’t I please sleep with you? Please, I … please…”

I wasn’t sure if she was going to bring in the fact that she hadn’t sleep with a man since Tom killed himself but I really didn’t care about Tom.

“Okay, but no funny business. Sleep.” She squealed again as she jumped back under the covers and her fat titties put a death grip on my arm. It wasn’t that bad and I was soon back asleep.

Everyone welcomed Eileen, especially Ann while Ashley gave Taylor even more attention than I did, while also working Taylor harder than me academically. Within a month Ashley was certain that Taylor was going to outgrow his speech impediment and she was going to help him.

After finding out all that needed to be found out about herpes, I enlightened everyone else in the household, including Ashley and Devon and armed with that knowledge, we have helped Eileen live a most spontaneous life where she was able to maintain a vigilance on her outbreaks so she didn’t spread it to anyone else.

Yes, I couldn’t resist her pleas and she officially joined Dish, and the two cousins in my harem. Between the four of them, regular weekly visit with Dr. Cole where she continues to receive my seed to make into the lip balm and Ann’s daily slurping, my dick needs were more than met which is why I was so sure that I would not need to have my way with my Helen of Troy.


Chapter 22: Trouble in Paradise

Hannah was not as comfortable at the Commune as I had hoped she would be, mainly because of the nine o’clock watershed I had implemented a few months after we moved into the Commune. The kids until they turned eighteen had to be upstairs and in bed by nine pm. After nine pm the adults could do whatever they wanted. Yes, we had a few orgies in the game room but more often than not, it meant the downstairs was clothing optional.

I don’t know where or why, but as the years passed I became a nudist. Not an exhibitionist, but more of a ‘if it was warm, then why do I need to wear clothes’ outlook. Naturally all of the girls followed suite, even without my encouraging them. I like to think it was because they were comfortable with their bodies since they lost a lot of the extra weight they had been carrying for so many years. Terry cried because she didn’t stop losing the weight, but after a while most of the weight loss came in the form of her mountainous tits shrinking. Teresa lost a cup size but was still much bigger than average. Ann lost a cup size as well taking her down so they were about the size of small apples.

Hannah never said it. but gave me the impression she was ashamed of her body and would always be dressed elegantly; when the clothes would start coming off, she would go up to her suite for the night. I hoped that insecurity wasn’t because of her chest size because she was practically flat chested which made her the smallest in the Commune, including the teenage girls.

She was a bit of a prude as well, Terry and Teresa protested to me about her complaining of their raunchy speak; the cousins always had foul mouths, it was part of who they were.

After Hannah had lived with us for three weeks, I decided that when I picked her up after she was done with work that I would take her out to a nice dinner so we could have a talk. I had noticed that while Hannah joined in the less bawdy conversations, she never talked about her background.

As she jumped in the sedan, she asked where the moving truck was.

“I was done early today and thought I would take you for a treat.”

“A treat? What have I done to deserve a treat? Why not take your wife out for a treat?”

“Because I wanted to use this time for the two of us to talk, outside of the Commune.”

“I told you that I was not going to grant you any favors!”

That made me chuckle. She had walked in and immediately walked out on Ann or one of the other girls, but mainly Ann sucking on my dick more than a handful of times. Twice she saw Dish bouncing on me in the hot tub. I was still enthralled by her beauty, but the urge to ‘take her’ just was not that strong.

“Have I even hinted at wanting ‘favors’ or sex from you?” She didn’t like to talk about sex and especially didn’t like to get specific.

“No, but I constantly see you with someone else, doing the doing.”

“And your first night, I had explained to you the fact that the adults could be adults after nine PM.”

“But do you have to do it in the TV room or the hot tub? Why can’t you do it in your bed?”

“Because I don’t start it most of the time.”

“I notice that, your entire ‘harem’ seems to be real fond of putting their mouth down there.”

“Are you upset that I have an actual harem or that after nine PM we do things that most wait to do in the privacy of their bedroom?”

“All of it, I really didn’t believe that you had a harem when I teased you about it that first day we met and even after your wife, your wife for God’s sake told me about how she didn’t care who you laid with so long as she got her portion, I still didn’t comprehend what went on there. But seeing it every day, smacking me in the face is a bit too much.”

“So you are thinking about moving out?”

“Yes. No. I just wish the sex wasn’t so blatant. Take away the sex and I love it here. I love the kids and the family community atmosphere; this is a great home you have; until nine PM and then I want to get away from there.”

I sat and listened to her talk while driving to the restaurant. The restaurant was actually on the top floor of a hotel chain; very pretentious, but the chef there served a Halibut smothered in a cherry sauce that was out of this world, so I would treat myself and one of my ladies to his restaurant about once a month. When we were seated and orders taken, Hannah continued.

“I don’t think you understand how you are corrupting the kids there; you are fooling yourself if you don’t think they know what is going on downstairs after nine o’clock.”

“Actually, the older ones do know what sort of stuff happens they are just not allowed to partake until they turn eighteen.”

“You told them?”

“I or one of the girls, yes. Part of the birds and the bees. Sex is not evil.”

“But you are corrupting them.”

“No, I don’t think so. They have been told that before they should think about sex that they have to think of the responsibilities toward sex. Unwanted pregnancies, sexual transmitted disease as well as peer pressure and how their peers would judge them.”

Hannah didn’t like my answer and took too strong of a drink of her wine.

“Hannah, can I ask you a few questions? Personal ones?”

“Why? Because you want to understand why I can’t accept your freak of a lifestyle?”

“Possibly, but also because you haven’t opened up with anyone at the Commune about yourself. Everyone has something to hide; I am just curious what you are hiding.”

“Hiding? Like how you hide you are lying with your sister?”

I wasn’t surprised that she knew that. All the kids called me Uncle, Taylor more so, but there are also pictures of Eileen and me when we were in our teens.

“We can talk about that too, but I would like to talk about you first.”

“We don’t need to talk about me; I am not the one committing incest.” She kept her voice low but that just added to the displeasure coming out of her mouth, making it sound like she was hissing at me.

“What are you hiding Hannah? Why do I get the feeling that you are hiding from someone?”

“So you admit it? You admit you are … with your sister? Is that why Taylor is slow? Because of the two of your genetics?”

I felt the heat rise in my neck as her voice got louder and louder, repeatedly I was glancing around the restaurant to see if anyone close was listening in but everyone seemed to be engrossed in their own conversations.

With my arms crossed over my chest, I felt very uncomfortable and I knew why; I was not in control. With all of the women in my life, I was the one in control. All I had to do is ask and they would do my bidding. That lack of control over Hannah was really bothering me and yet I still did not want her enthralled to my seed.

“Hannah, will you please answer my questions?”

Hannah drained her wine glass and the waiter immediately sprang towards our table to refill it. Hannah held the full glass in front of her face, focusing on the clear white liquid inside before looking at me. Snarling, a look which did not belong on her beautiful face, she gulped down most of her second glass and practically slammed it to the table. I thought she was going to stand up and leave the way she looked at me. But she took a deep breath, wiped the liquid glistening her lips and answered.

“Yes, I am running from someone; my husband.”

Closing her eyes, she continued.

“He actually courted me and after gaining my parents favor, married me. It was a fairy tale come true. But it only lasted as long as we lived in the same town as my parents. He took a promotion to another city and when we moved into our new house, he was very demanding. I had to do things his way. I quickly learned that if I didn’t then he would punish me. He didn’t hit me, he never hit me but he would lock me up in the attic bedroom. He would leave me there until I begged to get out because I had to … go.”

Her face went red as she just hinted about relieving her body of its waste.

“Numerous times he would find fault in me or my actions and keep me penned up there. He would only let me out after I acknowledged my errors. I prayed a lot but the praying was never answered and so I decided that I would save money until I could go home to my parents and that they would help me. I did not have access to the checking account and any time I would need or want something, I would have to tell him exactly I needed and he would give me just that, if he gave it to me at all.”

The bitterness in her voice was compounded by the hurting look on her face.

“It took almost two years of saving loose change or whatever amount I could hide from my husband before I had enough for the bus trip home. I called the bus terminal to verify the cost and the departure times and walked the fifteen miles to freedom. The bus ride was long and uncomfortable and dirty and by the time we arrived at my parent’s town, very crowded. I walked home to my parent’s house just knowing that they would take my troubles away. As I sat there telling them my ordeal, the both of them just sat and shook their head with a sour look on their faces. When I was done I told them that I wanted a divorce from my husband and asked them to help me.”

“They didn’t, did they?”

A tear which was painful to me ran down her cheek.

“They were outraged, not with my husband and his actions but with me, their embarrassment of a daughter and they absolutely forbade me to divorce. That was simply not allowed.”

“Religious thing, right?”


“And your husband?”

“Oh, he had beat me there by a few hours and was in the parlor waiting until called so he could take me home. I was devastated.”

“How was sex with him?”

“That … that is…”

“None of my business. I know but why do I get the feeling that you didn’t enjoy it?”

That got her to snarl at me, not a beautiful look but I still found it endearing.

“Sex is simply for procreation and that is all.”

Color me surprised. “And you had no kids with him?”

Her snarl remained but she eventually answered.

“No, I was blamed and punished time and time again for his infertility.”

“So you left again on your own and have been running every since.”


“And no one has helped you?”


“Then you must be commended for your actions and what you have accomplished. What can I do to help?”

“Help? You have already done a lot for me.”

“I know but with your background, I really don’t think you living at the Commune is ideal.”

“Are you kicking me out?”

“No, just acknowledging that you will never be happy there and I want you to be happy. What will make you happy? Divorce? We can help with that, pay for the lawyer so you never have to see the man. No guarantee he will sign it though.”

“He won’t. One of the first things I did was hiring a lawyer who filed my divorce papers for me and they have never been returned.”

“So what are your options?”

“Not much. The lawyer I had told me that unless I had deep pockets for all of the legal expenses, his lawyers would be able to neutralize any course of action she could recommend for me.”

I suddenly had an idea of how much money she was talking, money that the Commune didn’t have. She understood that I understood when I nodded my head.

“So what else can we do?”

“How soon do I have?”

“Have? You aren’t being kicked out; I just think that you would be happier elsewhere away from my shadiness.”

“How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“You command, no you just ask and all of the women just jump to do your bidding?”

I still had thoughts about making her one of my own, just as I thought about confessing everything to her. I just didn’t know how she would react.

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes. I do.”

“Even though it will make you despise me even more than you do now?”

That got her to stop and think. For a long time she looked at me in my eyes and after steeling herself with a sip of wine, nodded.

“I have drugged them.”

Her eyes lit up, mouth open to speak as she raised her left index finger at me but stopped halfway. Closing her mouth, she tilted her head to the side and eyed me closely.

“The tins. The lip balm. I asked to borrow some and none of them would let me.”

“That’s right, they were told to not share; a couple did share and now they are under my control as well.”

“Barbara! She has one too.”

“And Jenny. Yes. Barbara should not have one but she does.”

“Why didn’t you take the drug away?”

“Complicated. Not so simple as to just take it away.”

“Is it permanent?”

“Don’t know, honestly, I don’t know half of what I would like to know. All I do know is that when they use the lip balm, they willingly do my bidding. When the lip balm is taken away they go through withdrawal symptoms and act very irrational. The lip balm by the way is my sperm diluted. The same affect happens if you taste my seed from the root.”

I could see the thought processing in her mind as she looked at me quietly for a long time, and as much as I wished, I could not read those thoughts.

“Why not me?”

“Why? Because I didn’t want you as a slave. I didn’t want anyone as a slave but that is how is came out.”

“So you don’t have hordes of slaves stashed away somewhere?”

“Just two outside of the Commune, one who I wished wasn’t a slave at all.”

“She is ugly, eh?”

“No, not at all. Quite pretty but she never asked to be enthralled by me and I hate the fact that I have messed with her life in some way.”

“What about the women at the Commune? Do you feel the same way?”

“I get sick to my stomach when I think about Barbara enslaved to my seed but that is about it.”

“What about Jenny, your sister or Dish? Is Dish your daughter too?”

“You would have needed to have known Jenny and her mom and aunt before to understand why I don’t have an issue controlling them. My sister and Dish, well that is a bit more uncomfortable. Let me just say that I did not want to enthrall them and that I did not make the first move but when they did, there was no looking back.”

“You are that addictive?”

“Yes, it is.”

“You sound as if it is a curse with benefits?”

“You know that is a good description on how I feel about it.”

“Do you ever wish it never happened?”

“Sometimes but then I think about how if it hadn’t, Ann would still be cheating me, making a fool of me.”

“You still care for your wife.”

“Which is one reason why I don’t want to divorce her, but she really damaged our relationship.”

“And now she doesn’t care about who you are with.”


“So why not me? You tell me you think I am the most gorgeous woman in the world and not only do you not want to be with me you don’t want to make me your slave even though you could easily. I don’t get that.”

“Because while I could make you my slave, you would be a slave for a long time. Do you want that?”

“What if I do?”

“WHAT?!?” My uncontrolled outburst made me look around embarrassed as the other diners briefly looked at us.

“Would you want to be my…” I couldn’t ask her that. I don’t think I wanted to know the answer.

Her face didn’t look away but her eyes did. They were very sad when they returned to my visage.

“Maybe. I … I am not a happy person. I think of myself as some freak who doesn’t know what she wants or what I am supposed to be doing here.”

“You are very religious, have you thought about missionary work or working with the poor?”

“I have, but I am more of a clean freak than Ashley. I can’t stand to be dirty. And I do like my creature comforts; a warm bed is a necessity. I have volunteered here and there, especially at a couple of the places that helped me when I left my husband.”

“Why would you want to give me complete control over you?”

“How do you treat those women? You treat them with respect. You care for them. You protect them. Why wouldn’t a woman want that?”

“Because they lose self guidance. Because they can’t say no to me, no matter what I ask. And to make matters worse, if I ask them to do something that they don’t like or want to, they will be racked with guilt after they do what I tell them to.”

“So you couldn’t … I thought Ashley told me that she and Devon belonged to some religion and you freed them from it.”

“I did but part of them wanted to be freed, parts of them were actively rebelling against their religious elders. Are you ready to give up your faith? What if I want to have sex with you and share our fluids?”

I expected her to cringe at my explicit remark but she countered it.

“Did you ever thought that maybe I would like to know what it was like to enjoy sex? To orgasm? That I want to be liberated?”

I am sure my draw dropped to her confession and my stunned tongue didn’t fare much better. “Ya … you … did?…”

I took a couple of deep breaths to get my bearing while Hannah looked away, that tear had made another return.

“All the time you were telling me, ‘no favors’, was that you saying no but meaning yes?”

She didn’t answer, her lips crinkled and her head rocked slightly to the side as she covered her face to hide her sobs and tears.

“But … but … why? Why would you want to be with someone like me who controls all of the females in his life? From what you told me of your relationship with your husband, I figure that a relationship with me would be anathema for you.”

When her tears did not stop, she weakly asked if we could leave. Tossing what I thought the bill would be with a nice bit of gratuity added; I guided her out of the restaurant and hotel and drove. I didn’t drive home; I jumped on I-465 and started circling Indy.


Chapter 23: Falling Off Of A Pedestal

For a long time she wouldn’t look at me and I don’t know how long she cried, but I am sure I heard a few sniffles.

I let her in peace because that gave me time to wrap my head around the fact that she may indeed want to be enslaved by my seed. Why?, was the question güvenilir casino I constantly asked myself Why would she want to be enslaved by me, made to do things that she has been upfront with, that she doesn’t like? Made to be part of a lifestyle she doesn’t agree with. It still made no sense to me. Part of me wanted to attribute that desire to Hannah being a stereo-typical girl who constantly pines after the wrong guy.

But her husband was that wrong guy and he did enslave her. Why would she want me to enslave? Why?

How would I treat her if she was my slave? Would I put her above all of the other girls? Would I keep her on a pedestal so that I could admire her beauty every day but it wouldn’t be spoiled by my or anyone else’s touch? Would I have sex with her? Do I want to have sex with her? Does she want to have sex with me?

I thought I knew the sex answer for me; I was completely honest with her when I said that I didn’t need to have sex with her because that role was filled by the rest of the girls. But that is need. Did I want to have sex with her? A strange feeling told me I did not want to. She was my Aphrodite; my Venus. But she was more than that to me. She wasn’t someone hounding me to suck my dick; for me to fuck them.

When I need a break, some peace to be by myself, I have told Ann and the others ‘No’ and each time the look they gave me broke my heart. I would maintain my stance and tell them to keep their distance but only for so long. Hell, the only reason why I still work is to be away from it all. On the days that I don’t have a job in the morning, one or two of the girls have been known to call in tardy so they could spend that extra time with me; between my legs if I let them.

We drove for two hours, circling Indy and still Hannah said nothing to me. I took the exit that would take us to the Commune and soon enough I pulled into the driveway. When I stopped the engine, Hannah quietly exited the sedan and went inside. I did not follow.

I stayed outside, looking at the stars when Eileen joined me.

“Hey Big Bro, why so gloomy?” she asked while hugging my back. “Your date with Hannah didn’t go well?”

I looked at Eileen in the eye and saw someone who not only loved me; she loved being enthralled to me. I made her the happiest girl the day that we made love. She understood that the lip balm I gave her in Suffolk County made her obey me and that excited her. She loved the fact that the Commune could turn into a mostly lesbian orgy all at the whim of my voice. She belonged in the Commune; Hannah did not.

I wasn’t sure what Hannah was thinking but she did not answer her door when I knocked to tell her my decision. I went to bed not knowing what tomorrow would bring. Maybe Hannah would be able to explain to me why she wanted to be my slave or maybe Hannah would steal away in the middle of the night. I hoped she didn’t try the latter, but I would not begrudge her if she did.

Eileen joined Ann in trying to cheer me up but neither my mind nor my body was willing.

No one had seen or heard from Hannah all the next day and when I arrived home from work I used the master key to unlock her room. I didn’t see her at first. She was hiding on the floor behind her dresser in the corner, arms wrapped around her folded knees, rocking slightly back and forth with a catatonic look on her face.

I grabbed her phone to call 9-1-1 but I ended up dialing Elizabeth’s number instead.

Shannon’s fall into her mental abyss left a sour note in my mouth, one that I didn’t, couldn’t stand to bear with my Helen of Troy.

Hannah sat there as Elizabeth and I watched her; ignoring all attempts by Ashley and Ann to talk to her. She had changed from the clothes she wore into a pair of her purple silk pajamas with the buttoned top.

As I constantly find myself doing, I utilized Elizabeth as a sounding board, even though I had already made up my mind; I made all of the other girls at the Commune happy by their addiction to my seed, the two girls that were miserably were Shannon and Elizabeth when I took away my seed.

“We could call for an ambulance where I am sure she would be committed. Maybe they can help her and maybe they can’t. There is a chance that, if they find out where she came from that they could contact her husband and parents for them to take her. I won’t allow that. She has suffered through so much.”

“So you are a god now?” Elizabeth never holds back.

“No, but I can help her. I can make her happy.”

“How do you know she wants to be happy?”

“She told me as much.”

“But you also told me that she didn’t like all the sex and what not that went around here after dark.”

“That is the one thing that I don’t understand. She told me she ached to be satisfied the way the girls here are satisfied, but how much more different of being my slave would it be from living with her husband who caged her in their attic?”

“Well, the obvious would be that she would not be able to run away from you.”

“But why would she want to be enthralled to me so similar in a way that she was with her husband?”

“That I don’t know. Mental illness? And if it is mental illness, why not let trained doctors treat her?”

“Because I can make her better and you know that.”

“I do, trust me I do. But what happens if, when you stop producing your controlling seed? If she is mentally imbalanced, what will she do when she goes through her withdrawal?”

Elizabeth didn’t have to tell me what she or Shannon suffered through because I knew, I made sure I knew. I feared for the nine souls addicted to my seed, I feared for the day when the seed dried up and they were left by themselves to conquer whatever demons my addiction will inflict on them as their bodies purged my control from them; uncontrolled nymphomania and more; the mind rending urge to fuck whenever and whoever. For days? For weeks? For months?

Whenever I would think about those souls I commanded, I would think about Dish and feel a small elation in the fact that she wasn’t addicted to me. Before I knew she was my daughter she had confessed to me that she didn’t like oral sex much, she would do it but it wasn’t her favorite thing to do. When it came time for her to share my bed, I gave her one stipulation; no oral sex. Her mouth was to go nowhere near my penis and especially was she not to lick, taste or drink any of my juices.

Dish was all too glad to accommodate me that one request and to this day she is not under my power. She has sex with me strictly because she wants to but as I have said, her carnal preferences tend towards the girls who are enthralled by me. They eat her, she does not eat them; her ‘no oral’ agreement with me was extended nonverbally to the rest of the girls. She uses her strap-on, dildos and her fingers on them and they use their mouths on her.

I sent everyone to bed and Elizabeth home so I could do what I needed with Hannah with just the two of us present. Elizabeth was the last to leave as she continued to argue for Hannah to be seen by the ‘proper’ care, but I was not going to have any of that. I didn’t want my Helen of Troy enthralled, but if it would make her happy, cure her of her apparent insanity then I would do that terrible deed.

When Terry was exiting the room I overheard her ask Ann if I was going to shove my dick down the unresponsive Hannah throat to enchant her with glee, like she was jealous of what I was going to do to Hannah. I had decided to tell the adult girls about how they were under my control, if, when the time came that I wasn’t in control any more, I would face the responsibility of my actions head on. As to her question, I could never do such an act, especially not to my goddess.

I lifted the still rocking Hannah to her bed and laid her next to me, I looked in her eyes as tears rained down my face as I masturbated. I knew I would not be able to ejaculate if I didn’t arouse myself, so I thought happy thoughts; Hannah happy and carefree, walking around the Commune, naked, like the goddess she was. I pictured her cheering me on as one of the other, lesser girls serviced me. But it was seeing her happy that did it, I knew right away that is all that it would take and shortly, with a sob, I shot into my hand.

Looking at Hannah with vapid look into nowhere, I kissed her, my first, gently on her lips and telling her this was for the best, I dabbed my finger into my spunk before coating, liberally her lips. Her lips did not move my smell had no affect on her olfactory senses. Nodding to myself and in time with her, I told her again how it would be alright and wiped the contents of my right hand over her mouth before sliding my fingers in to her lips.

Her jaw was not set and my fingers easily entered her mouth where I was able to coat her teeth and tongue. Her tongue started to spasm against my touch and I kissed her cheek telling her over and over again that it would be alright. When I felt more of her saliva on my hand then my seed, I withdrew my hand and started rocking Hannah as I told her and myself that it would be all right.

When I woke the next morning, my first thought was for Hannah; she was not with me in her bed. As I threw open the door to her bedroom, her private bathroom door opened and there was my goddess, towels around her chest and hair, water dripping from her legs. Seeing me, she weakly smiled and I rushed to her and lifted her in a great big bear hug. Her squeal settled my beating heart.

Lowering her, I looked into angelic eyes, “Are you okay?”

She didn’t answer but nodded her head with that same weak smile before she dropped her head on to my chest. She took a breath and followed it up with two, deeper breaths, taking in my essence. Looking up at me, she unfurled the toweled wrapped around her wet golden locks and then the large bath towel covering her torso was dropped. Standing before me, naked, rivulets of water dying down her legs she looked back up at me and her smile grew stronger.

“I … I brushed my teeth and I still can’t get this taste out of my mouth…”

I couldn’t help myself and kissed her forehead, “Do you know why?”

“I … I think so.”

I could only smirk, what I hoped was a friendly smirk to her timidness, “And how does that thought, make you feel?”

“I … I just know that everything will be alright and that I have a … craving. A craving that I have never had before.”

“What craving?”

“For this.” I sucked in a deep breath as she lowered to her knees in front of me and after extricating my hardening penis, brought it close to her nose and savored its aroma. Looking up at me with her angelic eyes, she kissed its tip, and then licked it before slowly sliding it, just a couple of inches, into her velvet mouth.

“I have never done this before…” She paused to tell me before taking even more into her mouth. She may have been inexperienced but that didn’t cause her to rush what she was doing; she didn’t push too far, she didn’t gag but she did learn all she could about having my manhood in her mouth.

After pausing, she looked at my penis and then back up to my face, “I don’t like the taste of you, but … there is something … something about it that I can’t resist the urge to lick you. Kiss you. Here.”

And she did just that. My hair trigger days from having a woman’s mouth on my penis were long gone, so I let her enjoy herself, savor my essence. She appeared to have no intention of ever stopping, but I was able to recognize the tell-tale signs that her jaw was getting sore soon enough and pulled her up to me.

“But … I wasn’t … I wasn’t done.”

“I know.” I commented as I kissed her forehead. “There will be plenty of time for you to deepen your association with me down there. Lie down and let’s talk for a bit.”

I quickly shed my shirt and stepped out of my shorts to join her naked on her bed. If she was embarrassed about her body or being nude previously, she wasn’t now and I devoured her nudity while I laid next to her, caressing her arms and thighs as she did similar to me.

“Do you remember what happened the night before last? What happened yesterday and last night? What caused you to…” To go crazy I wanted to ask but refrained from doing so.

Hannah circled my left nipple with her index finger, not looking at me as she answered.

“Yes I remember. It was all too much for me. What you told me about your control, the incest, everything. I got back to my room and I wanted to stay but mentally. Morally and religiously, I needed to get away from here. I can remember collapsing to the ground crying and then I was in a dream state. You were there, teasing me. You wouldn’t make me yours and I wanted that so much.”

“But you kept telling me, ‘no favors’?”

“I know, that was because I was scared to give myself over to you. Not because you are a bad man, you aren’t, not like my husband, it was just the thought that I would no longer be in control of me. That scared me. But that thought also excited me.”

“Why? Why did it excite you?” I had more I wanted to ask, to be answered, but I was resisting bombarding her with questions.

“I have lived my life the way my parents and our religion said I was to live it. I was a virgin on my wedding night. Since I left my husband, I have been with only one other man and while I found his touch enjoyable, afterwards I was racked with guilt because I am still married to my husband. I despise the man but I can’t, I haven’t been able to walk away from my marriage vows.”

“Do you want to give up your religion?”

“For sexual freedom? No.” Her blue eyes cowed me as she stood her ground. “But, I want to be able to move on from my former life. I want his claws out of me.”

“Okay, I can help with that.”

I looked at Hannah, lying before me in all her natural glory and the numerous questions I have get pushed farther into the back of my mind, those really aren’t that important now. I have Hannah and so long as the grey mucous continues, she will be mine.

My dick throbs, bouncing up and back against my lower abdomen, for attention. Hannah notices this and smiling, lowers her head back to my manhood. I close my eyes and sigh to her soft, gentle suck. Twice she has to stop for her sore jaw but she does not let that ache derail her desire for my seed.

Finally she looks up at me and with exasperation asks, “What does it take to make this thing shoot?”

“Skill, skill that you will learn over time.” She is not discouraged by my statement. “If you would like, we could fornicate and when I get close, I can pull out so you can suck it down.”

It wasn’t a command and she went back to gently sucking before she gave up and sat on her knees next to me.

“Okay, but I want to do something I have never done before.”

“And what would that be?” I grinned as I looked at her crinkly rose colored nipples.

“I want to be on top, at least for a few minutes to see what it is like. I have only done it with man on top and I have seen Dish and others ride you. They look like they are having fun…”

“And you want to try it for yourself. To see how much fun it is?”

She looked down, embarrassed, so I grabbed her hand and pulled her on top of me. “Here, hold this,” I made her take my hard-on in her hand, “rub it against your opening, make sure you are wet and ready and then go ahead and slide down on it at your convenience.”

She ‘ohh-ed’ and ‘ahh-ed’ as she rubbed my knob at her slit, she was wet, but not exceedingly so. The rubbing helped spread her moisture and when she was ready she slid it home as we both moaned simultaneously. Heaven.

It took a few tries for her to find her rhythm and even longer still before she finally slid all the way down.

“Hold it, hold it there. Now, how does that feel?”

“Tight. Feels like I am shoving a baseball bat up me.” That caused me to chuckle as I thought of Teresa, who had repeated her performance with the Louisville slugger a couple of times, the second time she was screaming to Dish to shove it up her ass; something Dish did with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “Am I going to be walking bow-legged for the next couple of days, or what?”

I ignored her rhetorical question. “Now that I have your attention Hannah, I want to tell you something. Your first command.” That statement caused her pussy to spasm nicely on my dick.

“My first…”

“Yes, your first command. I don’t want you to ever feel guilty about what you and I do in your bedroom. You do not have to join in with the others and if you want our time to be just the two of us, that is fine, but I don’t want you regretting doing this with me. Hell, I don’t even want you thinking about your old life. Ever!”

That went too far, I knew it immediately after I said it but I didn’t care. I didn’t care about her old life and I didn’t want her caring about her old life. Her parents and husband had their chance and they blew it, she was going to move on past them.

The effect on my command on Hannah was instant; she lowered her head to my chest and I saw a tear running down her cheek. I let her lay there until my penis started to soften at which time I started to slowly raise my hips slightly upward, thrusting into her. Part of me, I am sure was hoping that when I gave her my command to free her from her past life that she would of exploded in release on my dick and since she didn’t, that part of me was disappointed.

Lifting her head from my chest I kissed her forehead and then down to her lips; her lips responded immediately followed by her hips. As we kissed, her hips increased in their urgency which fueled my fervor and soon she was riding me as my hips controlled our fucking and brought us both closer.

I pushed her head away to attack her rose tinted nipples on her small breasts; her squeals compounded with her pushing my head back told me they were the ultra sensitive variety. After kissing me wetly, I pushed her back up and snuck my left hand to where our crotches met; something she wasn’t expecting.

As my thumb stroked her clit while my hips continued to pound up at her grabbed my left forearm with both of her hands and groaned her release. It was a small orgasm but that was all it took my own trigger to be flipped and after I thrust up at her snug pussy two more times, I pushed her to her side and scrambled to get my hips near her head.

The befuddled look she gave me as she replaced my left hand with her own on her needy pussy evaporated as soon as my throbbing penis was near her mouth. Her orgasm forgotten, she grabbed my ass with both of her hands and pulled me close. I was too caught up in my pending release but her gagging was enough for me to put my hand on her forehead to extricate my dick from her throat. After coughing twice, she went right back to my and started softly sucking.

“No! Harder, suck harder. SUCK IT!” My frustration was building and as much as both of us wanted this I remembered that she was still a novice. “Swallow it, swallow it all quickly!” She nodded her understanding and I exploded my seed. Sparks screamed through my eyes and my body jerked its release; spasm after spasm, shot after shot.

Sighing deeply, sated, I looked at my goddess who had just received her first of many of my cum shots into her mouth.


Chapter 24: Inevitable

Life settled down again at the Commune, the volleyball court and pool were completed and many a great grill outs were had that summer. I sort of started a precedent that seemed a bit much but nothing that the Commune couldn’t afford.

Jenny, under the sway of the Ocean Breeze Lip Balm had really turned her young life around. The exercise led by her mother’s cousin shed all of her baby fat and Ashley and others showed her how to dress elegantly without having to look like a slut as so many of today’s female youths are want to. Jenny was always a smart girl and with a little bit of suggestion by me took to her studies with a vengeance.

Her graduation was not far off and for her eighteenth birthday I wanted to get her something special. No, I did not screw her. I had no desire to fornicate with any of the young girls at the Commune; again, I didn’t need to because my sexual needs were more than met. No, since Jenny had worked hard and was going to graduate seventh in her class she received a partial scholarship from Purdue University, to go along with the college funds I had set up for all of the kids at the Commune, for her eighteenth birthday I bought her a car. Nothing fancy, a used Honda Accord for her to drive to and from West Lafayette as well as give her a bit of freedom.

Jenny did ask me about having sex and I gave her the same answer I gave the rest of the kids at the Commune; when she felt she was mature enough to handle the responsibilities of sex and all of its myriad complications, which included birth control and protection, then she should feel free to enjoy herself. When she asked if I would be her first, I politely refused and hinted that it would be better for her if she looked for someone closer to her age. A couple of months later, there was a party held at the Commune in celebration of Jenny losing her virginity the weekend before to a fellow class mate.

She didn’t stop there. It seems that Jenny liked the geeky boys and made it her goal to introduce as many of her fellow male science club members into the ranks of manhood before she went off to Purdue. She didn’t say how good the boys with the protractors were and I didn’t ask.

The next wrinkle in our life was Chad. It seemed that he had gotten himself a girlfriend and I was shocked to find out that it was Shannon. Ann and Ashley were both concerned and I wondered if Shannon was using Chad to be close to me instead of just accepting my offer for her to visit whenever she wanted.

It turns out that Shannon played in the same softball league as Dish and Chad and Barbara, to support their new sister, went to all of her games. Shannon approached Chad to apologize for her actions and Chad started a conversation with her. Over the rest of the season, because the league played at the same time at a park with four fields, Chad saw her frequently and for his seventeenth birthday, asked her out. After I talked with both of them separately, both confirmed that they had only gone so far as some heavy petting and that was as far as Shannon was willing to go with Chad until he was eighteen. Chad for his part was love struck and willingly accepted her boundaries.

While Shannon was often over for dinner, I lost my time with Chad who was either with her in the Commune somewhere or out on a date with her, so our Madden time and shooting hoops suffered for his burgeoning love. I made up that time by spending it with the younger kids at the Commune.

I was happy, the Commune was happy. Yes, there were ups and downs, highs and lows, but nothing drastic. The worst of it was for the girls; there simply wasn’t enough of me to go around and my dick was suffering from overuse and I was lucky if I could get a sustained hard on more than once a day and they hated those days were I would decree it was a ‘dick free day’. Elizabeth got the short end here because she was the woman on the outside; her visits/orgies curtailed from once every couple of weeks to once a month to once every five or six months; though she is not happy about going so long without getting her addiction straight from the tap, she is very understanding and was even the one who pointed out that with as much use as my dick has been getting, soon I would be lucky to get it up once a day which I actually found depressing; age is a bitch. Even the grey mucous slowed to a trickle, but it did not stop.

Still, I was happy and the girls were happy too, if a bit frustrated. Ashley decided to share Devon at this time. The girls didn’t track it by a calendar or anything but they all knew when it one girl had missed out on the chance to be with me and sure enough, Devon with a cock ring securely in place would show up at their bedroom suite door and give them a thorough snoggin’. Only when the female was sated was Devon allowed to leave their bed and only then would Ashley remove his cock ring so Devon could get his own release; down his wife’s throat of course.

Barbara’s eighteenth birthday was the next big event at the Commune and I wanted to make her day special. However, she had whined that she didn’t want a car; she wanted something ‘special’ from me instead and she didn’t need a car since she was going to IU like her dad did and Ann worked next to IU so in her eyes, a car wasn’t needed. It was obvious from her actions, rubbing her massive chest against my own chest what her ‘special’ want was, but I wasn’t going to give it to her. She was going to get a car and she was going to like it.

The car I decided to get Barbara was a used Mazda Miata that I had painted pink. It was going to be her very own ‘Barbie Car’. It wasn’t a Corvette but I thought the Mazda worked fine.

On their own the girls worked out a system of who slept with me on the weekends. Ann maintained her position in the marital bed Sunday through Wednesday but had agreed to let the girls rotate in and out of my bed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. She did this to be nice but also because she was still a bit greedy and loved being able to sleep in a queen size bed all by her lonesome.

One girl who didn’t partake much in the sleeping in bed was Dish; she said it was because she worked with me every day but I thought it was more because she liked to have the other girls sleep in her bed with her. I wasn’t too surprised that included Jenny who wanted to know all about Sapphic sex prior to going to Purdue, just in case. So I was a bit surprised when Dish showed up as Ann was finishing getting her nightly lick. We cuddled for a bit and my dick couldn’t help but respond to her massive mammaries mashing against my chest but she really wasn’t interested and soon rolled over to go to sleep.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her actions. Most nights I have to be persuaded to get frisky and there I was ready and raring and Dish wanted to sleep. It didn’t take long for me to see the positive in her action that my dick would be getting a reprieve and after kissing her cheek good night, I spooned behind her and joined her in going to sleep.

I have always been a heavy sleeper and the few times that I have needed to wake up quick, I had been lucky and have. Not so this night. What woke me was when the ball gag was secured behind my head. My eyes flew open just as I realized that there was someone on my chest. Without waiting for my brain to recognize what my newly awakened eyes were seeing, I moved to throw whoever was on my chest off of me. The handcuffs around my wrists and secured to the bed posts prevented that. My legs were secured as well. There I was, tied spread eagle, ball gag in my mouth, naked with someone on my chest.

And that someone was Barbara!

“Morning daddy,” she purred. I looked for Dish but could not see her in the room.

“Do you know what time it is daddy?” That prompted me to look at the alarm clock on the bed stand. Four thirty eight?

My look of confusion made my daughter laugh gleefully. “It looks like someone is not a morning person. And you don’t even drink coffee.” She bent down and kissed my nose, her breath was sweet and clean, she didn’t just wake up.

“Today is my birthday daddy. Happy Birthday to me. And in two minutes, it will be eighteen years to the minute of my birth!” She started caressing my cheeks as much as she could with the ball gag harness in the way. I was starting to get scared and was breathing heavy breaths through my nose while continuing to shake my head back and forth. This wasn’t happening.

“And do you know what I want for my birthday daddy? I want you!”

I screamed and screamed, “NOOO!” over and over again but with the gag in my mouth only moans could be heard. Still Barbara understood me.

“Oh, yes daddy. Yes indeed.” And she wasted no time in pulling off her night shirt. I saw firsthand the harness that she wore every night to bed. Dish had told me about it because she wore one as well. The harness looked like a bra-less bra, just straps to help their oversized breast stay in shape. Dish and Barbara both liked the idea of doing as much as they could to prevent their oversized melons from sagging because with the sizes of their respective chests, once sagging started it wouldn’t stop until their nipples reached below their belly buttons if not as far south as their privates. So they were never without a bra or their harness. They were custom fitted so they were quite comfortable.

I don’t know whose tits were bigger, probably Dish but she was a big girl to begin with, but on Barbara svelte form, her hard E-Cups looked ridiculously out of proportion and yet that still didn’t stop my brain and my dick from enjoying what they saw. Outside of her harness, Barbara was naked as my filling penis felt her naked mons. I screamed more and violently shook trying to dislodge her from my person. It was all for naught. She had secured me too tightly.

Reaching behind her to un-secure her harness she pushed her ass back and forth over my filling penis and I cried for her to stop. I wasn’t sure what effect my tears would have on my daughter who was trying to do something I did not want her to, but my heart didn’t need what she did do. Leaning forward, she licked my tears and looking directly into my eyes told me, “I love you!” I had never doubted that she loved me as her father, but that confession wasn’t one of daughterly implications.

“I have loved you for year’s daddy! You don’t know how happy I was to find out that not only was Dish your daughter but that the two of you were also lovers! Because that told me that my hopes and dreams of being with you could happen!”

NO! I screamed again and again tried to dislodge her, all for naught.

“Look daddy!” I followed her eyes to the alarm clock. It read four forty! I looked back at my daughter just as I felt her grab my hardened penis.

I begged and begged her not to and through my gag induced moans she countered, “The mind is unwilling daddy, but the body is!” And without any more pretenses she lowered herself on to me!

She must have lubed herself because I slid in very easily until my penis ran into an obstruction. Smiling at me she backed up a slight bit before slamming herself down on me breaking her hymen. She screamed in pain and I screamed with her. Barbara didn’t collapse completely on to my chest, only to her forearms but that was enough for her pendulous tits to envelope me. Barbara sat there taking deep breaths as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

When she had gather her wits and breath, “Wow, that hurt more than I thought it would. I had thought about using a dildo or something to bust my cherry but I was I chicken and I wanted you to do it for me. I love you daddy.”

My mind was a swirl. I loved my baby girl. I hated that she was with me. I hated that she was my thrall. I hated that she was in pain. I hated that my dick absolutely loved being in her squeezing pussy. And I really hated having that damn ball gag in my mouth.

Soon enough she started moving her hips, slightly at first but then with more speed and variation and I steeled myself to keep my hips still. I had mastered that skill with Teresa and Terry riding me. But this wasn’t Thing 1 and Thing 2; this was my beautiful and ultra sexy Barbara! It was hard especially when she got a rhythm going that felt really good.

I couldn’t help but wonder where Barbara ranked among the rest of the girls of the Commune. I felt disgusted with myself when I asked that question but I couldn’t stop thinking about it as she rode me. Her mother Ann had a hair trigger but could only come once and if her orgasm was interrupted or teased to prolong it in any way she was done for the night. Teresa came quickly and came often, Terry not so quick and not so often. Dish took longer still. I had not been with Ashley but even with her prolonged excitement torturing her husband, she seemed to take a while to orgasm; they had purchased that cock ring years earlier for just that reason. Elizabeth seemed to be average; not too quick and not too slow. Hannah was the real unlucky one, it was no guarantee that sex with me or a vibrator would take Hannah to that magic land. Where did Barbara fall amongst her peers?

Fifteen minutes of her riding me, I got my answer as she finally came; all of those aerobic exercises put her in good stead physically.

“Oh, oh, oh! Daddy! Daddy! Can you feel it daddy? Can you? I … I … I am going to … ARGH!”

I started shaking my head back and forth trying to stop what was building, trying to ebb the flow but her pulsating pussy walls were just too much and I started thrusting up into my baby; control of my own body was long since gone.

I started sobbing again as Barbara recovered on top of me. The one thought I zeroed in on was that the deed was done and I would soon be released from this nightmare. When my sobs stopped Barbara again kissed my tears away telling me how much she loved me as she did.

I looked up, expectant to be released when Barbara lifted herself off of me, but she did not un-cuff me, instead going to the master bath, she came back with a warm wash cloth and cleaned up our messes. She kissed my eyes again telling me how much she loved me and she had dreamed about this day. She had dreamed about raping me? I got agitated again she still did not release me. When she smiled at me, I knew my ordeal wasn’t over.

“Do you know how long I dreamed about sucking your dick daddy?” I could just shake my head, again wishing and hoping this would end. It did not.

“Other girls at school talked about oral sex and so I decided to talk to the Aunts about oral sex.” By Aunts she meant Thing 1 and Thing 2, Teresa and Terry, the kids referred to all the adults who weren’t related to them as either Aunt or Uncle. I was an Uncle five times over but only Taylor was my actual nephew.

“My Aunts were very adept at explaining all things oral. Especially Aunt Terry. She even let it out of the bag how much she loved going down on you and how she was your favorite cocksucker in the Commune.” Favorite? Maybe. Was she the best at it? Hands down yes, but then she had years and years of practice backed up by a desire to suck dick on a whims notice. With an evil glint in her eye, Barbara showed me just how adept of a student she was.

My dick was used to having a mouth around it twenty four-seven. Even the best at the Commune had to work at getting wood. My mind was not used to seeing my baby girl down there between my legs and my dick sprang with wood even though I had just cum minutes earlier.

“Hmmm, this is so fucking good. I can see why Aunt Terry loves sucking you. I do too!” That isn’t what I wanted to hear.

Barbara must have practice her oral muscles because she did not tire easily. Her enthusiasm was curtailed by her self control in pacing herself and my dick with her oral love. I lost count how many times she would stop with the sucking to kiss my body all over, rubbing that firm pillows all over my body as she did so.

I was in heaven and hell all at the same time. I had quit pleading with her and only small whimpers could be heard through the thrice damned ball gag in my mouth. Just as she got me close for an unknown time she backed up and proclaimed what she was going to do to me, “I need you daddy. I need you now and forever daddy. I need you in my pussy daddy. Will you always be there for my pussy daddy? My pussy in need?”

She ignored my moans and shaking of my head, both of which were weak as she again mounted me. She slid in without pause this time and moaned when her clit hit my pelvic bone, grinding the two together to prolong her pleasure. “Yes, daddy, that is what I need!”

For a long time she said nothing as she rode me. Up and down she moved and I was mesmerized by both her beautiful face and her flailing tits. A couple of years ago Ann sent me an email that was making the rounds at her work. The email had the subject line of ‘How to mesmerize a man’. Inside was a small animated.gif of a very pretty blond taking her top off and shaking her naturally full boobies. I must have watched that damn.gif for twenty minutes. Simple pleasures for a guy I said at the time.

I felt disgusted with myself because I could not look away from my daughters bouncing boobs. Oh, I tried and every time I would succeed, my evil daughter would call my attention back, “Look at me daddy. Look at me loving riding your cock. Look how much my big titties love bouncing on top of you daddy.”

Barbara must have tired but she was not done with me. Leaning forward, she continued to move her hips, alternating between lifting her hips slightly and a pelvis grind that always extracted a louder moan from her. All I could see was her sweating face, intent on her and my pleasure and her tits as they hung down to my chest. Intermittently she would jerk her upper torso and one of her firm young tits would smack me in the face.

When I looked to the clock and saw that it was just past five thirty, Barbara’s growling jerked my attention back to her.

“I … I am close daddy. So damn close!” She ground our pelvis again exciting that louder moan from her. “Please daddy, please! Fuck me daddy, please fuck me!” She had been trying to get me to fuck her back, to start moving my hips most of the time she had been on top of me but I was able to resist her, for how much longer, I wasn’t sure.

Kissing my cheeks some more, “Please daddy, I am begging you, fuck me please!” Each time she pleaded, I was able to keep my hips in control but each time she asked my dick throbbed in her velvet hole. “Fuck me!” I guess that was one throb too many because she screamed extending the ‘me’ until her body started to convulse on top of me and my dick again soon followed suit, joining her in her convulsions as she screamed her release and my hips pounded mine.

When our breathing calmed I realized that she had passed out on top of me, with my shrinking penis still inside her. I tried to nudge her to wake up and free me but only managed to have me penis slide from her overused vagina.

Thankfully, a couple of minutes later Dish stuck her head in and seeing my predicament moved to get the exhausted Barbara off of me and then untie me.

But she paused after she removed the gag, “I know you aren’t happy with me, but when Barbara asked me for help, I couldn’t say no to her. I wasn’t able to fuck my daddy,” she meant the man who raised her because of his age, her mother’s Uncle, “and I couldn’t deny her the way I was denied.”

It took me long moments to get feeling back into my arms and legs, Dish brought me a glass of water to soothe my aching mouth and throat. Dish wasn’t my thrall, so I couldn’t order her around; she was at the Commune of her own free will. I was angry but I was also scared. I had been scared ever since I found out Barbara had accidentally became my slave. And now she was my sex slave and she didn’t want to stop. Dish left us alone after she covered us with a sheet when I lied down to caress Barbara as she slept.

I didn’t call Elizabeth; I wanted to. Instead I went to find Ann and I told her what had happened. She was not happy with either Barbara or Dish but outside of wanting to tan their hides kept her response to some colorful metaphors. When I told her what Barbara had said, that she wanted to continue to be with me and explained to her that I didn’t want that, that she should be with someone her own age, someone who could take care of her and make her happy.

Ann shook her head at me, “But what is the difference between you being with Dish and you being with Barbara, they are both your daughters, you own flesh and blood?”

“Perception. I don’t look at Dish as my daughter the way I do Barbara. I didn’t raise Dish, I did raise Barbara, and so I can’t help but look at them differently.”

“And yet you also sleep with your sister.”

“I didn’t want that either.”

“And yet you still sleep with her.”

“I didn’t, I couldn’t say no to her.”

Still unmoved, “Why not?”

“Because I was already sleeping with Dish and didn’t feel right saying no to Eye.”

“So you are a hypocrite?”

“Ann, she is our daughter, our baby!”

“And you never wanted to fuck her? Never? I have seen you give her the once over when she would walk by. You liked what you saw.”

“Yes, I did, I am man enough to acknowledge a pretty face or a sexy body, even if it is my own mother or daughter.”

That got a laugh out of Ann, “Your mother wasn’t the best looking mom around and she was small up top and big down below.”

“Right, but growing up with Eye, I acknowledged how sexy she was every day, but I didn’t want to have sex with her.”

“And now you have had sex with your daughter.”


Shrugging her shoulder and my outburst off, “It doesn’t matter, it’s done. All that remains is deciding what you are going to do. You have the ability to send Barbara off to IU where her natural assets will get her all kinds of attention or you could send her off to a nunnery.”

“But she wouldn’t be happy in a nunnery.”

Nodding her head, “Exactly. What will make her happy?”

That simple observation made the pit in my stomach tighten. “To be with me.”

Ann gave me a ‘told you so’ smile, “Again, exactly.”

“But where does it end?”

“I don’t know that,” she answered honestly.

“And why, why the incest? Hannah still hates the incest that happens here. Why Dish, why Barbara? What if Chad wants to be with you?”

“I don’t know, Eddie, I just don’t know. Maybe it’s genetic. A lot of it seems happens on your side of the family, to my knowledge, none of it has happened on my side.” Ann stopped and looked at me. She looked me up and down and smiled. “Do you know how lucky I am to have been the one that you wanted to marry? Do you? I do. I was damn lucky. You are a fabulous man and I betrayed you so now we have a unique lifestyle due to my past transgressions. I can live with that. I made a lot of mistakes but marrying you, Eddie Spedman, was not one of them. And I can see why others would want you. The cousins wanted you for ages. Barbara grew up knowing you and couldn’t help not wanting you. What is the chances that she could find a guy half as good and nice as you Eddie?”

“But … but, I am not perfect!”

Ann leaned towards me and kissed me, “It isn’t about finding perfection, it is about finding Mr. Right. YOU are Mr. Right.” I looked at her with hurt in my eyes. “Yes, I know, I fucked it up, Eddie. I do. But you know what? I am happy here in this Commune of yours. I truly am. I have no worries here; I have plenty of friends and family and still have enough space for when I want to be by myself. I am glad you are in control here. I am glad that you are getting all the sex you want and more. I am happy, everyone here is happy except for you! Be happy Eddie. Fuck who you want and enjoy life.”


“Daddy?” I turned and saw Barbara standing in the doorway. She was wearing one of my shirts and my mind flashed back to when Leticia sat on her father’s lap with a similar shirt, where thanks to the enlarged size of their boobs, rode high on their hips and threatened to flash all present. Looking at my baby’s face, I saw it was streaked with tears. “I am sorry daddy. I am so sorry!” And then she ran to me and buried her head in my chest.

“Baby,” was all I could say as I held her. Ann reached across and put a hand on both of us. I looked at my wife and smiled weakly.

“I’m sorry daddy. I am sooo sorry.”

Lifting her chin with the side of my hand, “Are you baby? Are you sorry for what you did?”

Wiping her tear drenched eyes, “I am sorry for tying you up daddy, but not for what we did together. That is all I have ever wanted from you daddy.”

“But you had my love baby!”

“But I needed your love to be as strong as my love is for you daddy! I needed you to hold me and … I needed you to … I just needed you daddy. Please forgive me. Please daddy! Don’t stay away from me please daddy!”

I looked at Ann and she wasn’t making it easy for me, “So, are you going to be hypocrite? Or are you going to enjoy yourself and your life?”

“But the guilt…”

“The guilt is all in your head.”

“No, it isn’t, it is against the law…”

Ann bent in and kissed Barbara on the forehead before doing the same to me. Standing to leave Dish’s room, where she had spent the night, she stopped at the door and looked at me as I held our crying daughter. With a smile, “Aren’t you above the law?”

The End

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