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All characters are older than 21. All comments are welcome. I wish to thank my soulmate for encouraging me to publish this.


It had been that kind of a day. You know, when everything goes wrong for you. I had a flat first thing in the morning, and then I jacked up the car only to find that the spare was also flabby as its friend. It took a long time to get a cab, and then when I had run of of curses in the crawling traffic, he got rammed in the rear by a girl in a yellow chevy. She was cute but my cabby was hopping mad and I couldn’t stay to talk. I took my leave and ran all the way for five blocks to my meeting, but of course my client couldn’t wait any longer.

After that… well, let’s just say it went downhill till the moment the waiter at my table lost his balance and spilt the lemonade all over my pants. As I dried my pants from the hand dryer in the men’s wash room, I looked at myself in the mirror and finally grinned. I mean, sometimes you have to take life’s punches and just grin and bear them.

The day didn’t go any better for that, but as I walked out of my third sales failure bahis firmaları of the day, I found humor enough to stop myself from banging my head against the walls. Instead I looked around, and saw the girl from the yellow chevy waiting for the elevator Yep, she was cute. I walked up and the perfume almost pulled me in too close to her. I followed her in, and stood on the opposite corner just to force my will against the attraction I felt for her.

Obviously she didn’t recognize me from the morning. She must’ve been worried about the car and then the cabby. She caught me looking at her, and we held gaze for a second. Then I broke off. I saw too much in those eyes – attraction is one thing, lust is another. She seemed to lose herself in some private reverie and I took the opportunity to glance down her face.

Her hair curled down from her shoulders to her bosom, and that curled in turn down to her waist, which in turn flared out to complete the figure of a woman in her prime. She must have been a few years younger than me. Against my will, I found myself stripping her down in my mind. Her pert breasts were kaçak iddaa just the right size to fit my palm, and I pictured the nipples growing hard as I breathed over them and teased them with my tongue.

I imagined her hand come up to force my head downwards, and I kissed my way down her creamy skin till I lost myself in her navel. Her moans drew my attention to the heat coming from her loins and I nearly moaned myself as I tasted her sweet musky flavor for the first time. I kissed her nether lips gently and then poked my tongue inside to get her taste all over my mouth. I buzzed her clit and felt her jump a bit, so I laughed to myself which made her jump some more as the vibrations hit home. Quietly I brought up one finger trailing up her leg and circled her rosebud, gently pushing at the tight ring of muscles there. She pulled my hair roughly as the sensations started overwhelming her, but I continued to make love to her with mouth till my jaws were aching as much as my erection.

Her legs were already wobbly so I coaxed her down to a more comfortable position. Her hands worked feverishly at my jeans and pulled kaçak bahis at my erection urgently. Her soft palms felt good on my pulsing cock but her hot and wet vagina was even better. I almost went over the edge as she came on top and inserted me deliberately, staring into my eyes, making it clear that she owned the game now and so she was going to set the pace.

She rode me so hard I almost couldn’t keep up with her. I caressed her breasts and admired them as they jiggled, but most of all I loved the wanton lust on her face. This woman could eat a man without even a single burp! The silly image took my mind off my impending climax slightly, but suddenly she reached around to cup and rub my balls with her silky fingers. The sensation pushed me over the brink and I spurted my cum all inside her. I looked down into those dreamy eyes and knew she wasn’t satisfied yet; it would take a lot more to appease this sex goddess.

I came to the present with a jolt as I saw her look over me. I winked back in hope of a shared dream, and followed her out in the crowd. Soon we were close amid the 6’o clock commuting crowd, and our hands brushed each other, lingered, and locked. We took the next train out to my stop, without saying a word. There would be enough time for words later. Maybe she could even help me practice my sales pitches.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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