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Now, JUST to clarify, there is no underage sexual activity. Merrick is of legal age when they have sex.


Chapter 50: Heavy Night

“Wooooooooo!” Adam howled as a chubby guy danced around naked around the fire. Everyone whistled and cheered as a very playful dancer pranced around the circle of men under the night sky. Merrick reaches out, and gives the man’s ass a quick slap!

Tonight is the third and last night on the island, before everyone boards back on the cruise, and make the voyage for home.

Adam laughed as he took another drink from his 8th bottle of beer – a strange Russian drink that he thought was a colorful soda. No one bothered to correct him, and it’s not like he can read Russian text, “Mmmmmpphh!” Adam polished off the bottle, feeling dizzy, but very randy, “GOD, nnthis isa weird drinnk” He slurred. Incidentally, Adam has only had a few drinks in his life, and on top of that, never got drunk, “Iss et hawt in here, orsit juss me?”

“C’mere, you~” Adam said as the dancing male was near his face.

“Uh- Hey!” He said as Adam grabbed his hips, and buried his face into the man’s groin.

“WOOOOOOOOOO!!” The other guys hooted and hollered as Adam dug his face in right there. He wasn’t sucking on it, more like licking and slobbering all over the guy’s soft dick.

“Ooh, stop!” The naked dancer said, “That’s starting to feel good~!”

“Adam! Hehehe!” Adam turned away from the male’s semi-hard, and laughed goofily.

“Ohhaaaiii, babeh~!” Adam said as Merrick came up, “Hey wait.” His hand sloppily padded on Merrick’s blonde head, making him laugh, “Iff yur right here… Then…” He looked, and laughed as he pushed the dancer away, “Oh jeebus Christmas, guy, I am so sorry *hic* Surry, ma’am- ER sir!”

“Don’t stop now~” The guy said.

“Shudda known you ain’t my fishyboy,” Adam slurred as he padded and fluffed at the guy’s short pelvic patch, “He doesn’t habb all this uh… Uh… Fluff and stuff.” Adam said as he rubbed the guy’s pudgy belly.

“Aw man, you turnin me on~” The guy said as his cock was perking up little by little.

“NOPE!” Adam slumped back, and threw an arm around Merrick, “I’mma taken by this here haaaawt babe~”

“Heh, you’re acting kinda funny, Adam.” Merrick said as he felt at Adam’s torso.

“God, I’m so horny babe~” Adam slurred, while Merrick subtly pushed him back up.

“Come on Adam, you can’t leave him hanging here!” He noted as the bear chub stroked his cock.

“Ieehhh” Adam grumbled before he felt a few slaps by the dancer’s penis. His absent mind let his tongue lull out, just as the guy’s member placed onto it.

“Ennh, yeah~” The guy slapped Adam’s tongue about with his cock, before Adam’s drunken head pushed down, and started pushing his face into the guy’s soft, fuzzy lap, “H-HOH!”

“Yungh, nnngh, ngghh~” Adam murred and moaned pleasantly as he closed his eyes, and nursed on the stranger’s dick like a calf.

“AWWWWyeah!!” One of the on-lookers said as Adam stayed in a deep-throat while his hands clapped onto the dancer’s butt.

“Wow, that’s hot…” Merrick admired as he stroked his own member. Something about watching Adam blowing someone is just extremely arousing.

“Oh man, dude, oh man!” The guy said as Adam’s hot, wet mouth smothered his raging boner, while Adam’s lap sported a tent of its own.

“Yeah!” A black twink said as he watched Adam push his face in while grabbing those cheeks tightly, “Suck! Suck! Suck! Suck!”

Adam started to bob his head back and forth in front of everybody around the campfire, while Merrick masturbated openly as he watched Adam bob and swerve his head around the man’s cock, before taking a drink from that same Russian beverage Adam’s been chugging.


“Gaaahh!” The chubby guy grabbed onto Adam’s head as that tongue wrapped around his oozing cock, “Oh God!” His legs weakened from Adam’s skillful mouth taking advantage of his sensitive flesh. Merrick squirmed and moaned as he stroked himself off to the sight of Adam sucking off the male dancer, his hands roaming and groping the guy’s round tummy.


“Hssss!” The guy hissed, and moaned as he hung onto Adam’s head, “Oh fuck,” Adam backed up and suckled on the head of his member, forcing his tongue in and around the foreskin of the bear’s member. He clenched his eyes, and dropped his head back, and moaned out.

“Mmllgh!” Adam sputtered as his mouth was suddenly full of jizz. He growled and huffed as the dancer’s thick spunk poured and dribbled all over his chin.

“Fffffuck, man,” The guy huffed, while the other men whooped and hollered. The chubby dance panted before he went to pick up his speedo, and pull it up between his legs, sat down, and another guy volunteered to yank off his clothes, and dance around the circle of drunk-happy men.

“Sssyo…” Adam slurred, “Where’s,” He looked, and saw Merrick riding another man from behind, “Heeeeeey!” He laughed his mind in a complete dizzy fog, taking no offense to bilecik escort the fact that Merrick is fucking a tan hunk up the ass, “Aww yeah, he sstell love me cause we bonded.” He muttered.

“Oh ya know wha?” He sloppily got up, and went to a buff black guy, wearing a very tight red shirt that only covered his pecs, and very short-shorts, “How’s you like to take 7inches in your hole, eh?” His eyes glanced down, and grins as he sees a bottle of lube sticking halfway out of his pocket.

“Hehe, I was waiting for you to come see me, buster~” He said as his fingertip traces along a sealed condom.

-Moments Later-

“Ahhh! Ohhhh! NNnnh!” A pudgy, smooth male moans with each thrust from Merrick’s hips. The merman moans softly as both of them stood naked against the wall of the campsite. His perfect mounds flexed each time he pushed his rock hard rod up into his anus.

“Oooohhh~!” The dark man moaned as he too took a large shaft up his muscular black ass. Still wearing his red half-blouse, his shorts pooled at his ankles, along with the damp trunks around Adam’s feet.

Adam gruffed and moaned as he reached over, and cupped one of Merrick’s perfect buttcheeks, “Mmmnnhhh~” Merrick moans as he looks next to him with lusty eyes, both of their cocks clad in condoms as each lover fucked their own piece of hot ass.

Merrick leaned in, and kissed Adam’s mouth, while Adam sloppily kissed back, but the aimless tongue brushing only made Merrick’s cock throb hard inside of the other male’s rear-end. The shorter man huffed and whimpered as he jerked off, while the muscular black twink wailed in heat from Adam’s pumps.


“Mmmnnnhhh” Nick moaned as he crawled into the tent, and slumped right next to Jamal. He smirked and rolled over and looked at his whining Latino.

“Was’ wrong witchu?” Jamal asks.

“My ass hurts, man.” Nick complained, “What was that thing about gay dinosaur, man?”

“Heh heh… A Mega-sore-ass?”

“Yeah, that’s it…” Nick groaned as he rolled over on his front so his weight is off of his backside.

“Yo ass hurtin now? Tha’s a first fo you, boo.”

“Been fuckin like a bunny on speed since we got here, Jay-Jay.” Nick said as he squirmed a little, “Can barely walk, man.”

“Shit, man,” Jamal shook his head, “Why don’t you try toppin fo a change?”

“I don’t really like it.” Nick said, “Too much work.”

Jamal laughed out loud, “Man, you lazy. You dance and strip all the time, have more cocks on yo mouth than a chicken farm, and you think toppin’s too much work?”

“Mrrrgggg!” Nick groaned when he raised his head up, but let it drop down again.

“Heh, I think someone needs a lil massage, huh?” Jamal said as he reached over, and groped Nick’s left buttcheek.

“Mmmhhhhh” Nick bit his lower lip as one of those strong hands started to grope his buttocks, “That’d be nice, man…”

Jamal got up, and moved himself to sit on Nick’s backside. Nick moaned and bit his lip as Jamal’s large bulge pressed against his sore bum. Jamal leaned in, and pressed his hands down on Nick’s shoulder. The Latino closed his eyes and groaned as he felt the weight of his tall dark lover bear down on him.


Syrinx looks over the dusk of the island from the railing of the ship. All the campsites are ablaze with their little fires and lights, she can hear all the hootin and hollerin from the nearest campsite, and clanking of the guys getting wild. Everyone seems to be more wild and horny than ever now that it’s the last day before they head back to Hawaii.

Kevin walks up behind her, and hugs around his mermaid, before going next to her, and leaning right next, “How you doin, babe?”

“… Kinda bored… A little depressed.” She answered.

“Aww, what’s wrong, sweetie?” Kevin asked.

“It’s just… I’m tired of having to be extremely careful about beaches and all that. I keep wanting to go splashing around on the shore, but you know how that’ll turn out.”

“Babe, I told you, just say you’re wearing a costume, no one will ever guess.”

“Oh sure, and what’ll I tell them while I’m drying off? The costume is expiring?” Kevin smirked and chuckled.

“Heheh, yeah.”

“Ugh,” She turned around, smacking his arm, “Idiot.” She sighed as he turned her head, over to one of the campsites – where she’s SURE that strange merman might be in, “… I don’t know how that merman is able to prevent transformation… But I doubt it’s anything natural…”

“You’re jealous of that, aren’t you?”

“NOO!” Syrinx denied immediately, “Just… Ugh, it bothers me that he’s able to do that…”

“Well, ask him how he does it then.”

“I thought about that, but he still scares me. What if he got like that because of a Black Sun?”

“What do you mean?”

“Merfolk mutate when a Black Sun happens, remember?” She said, “And if that’s true, what else did it do to him? And every time I see him somewhere on the ship, he looks like he’s about to go berserk.”

“Babe, just talk to him, maybe he’s not as bad as you think.”

“I escort bilecik can’t risk that, Kevin.”

“Ugh.” Kevin slumped and walked lazily around, “And why the heck not?”

“He’s borderline mad with anger, I can see it. One wrong word can set him off…” Syrinx said, “One word… One thing that tips his balance… And that’s all it takes…”

“Is this a merfolk thing, Syrinx?”

“No. Humans have that problem too. Of course, YOU wouldn’t know that,” She twacked her finger at Kevin’s eyebrow.


“If you weren’t so busy with your stupid Fallout game.”

“It’s not stupid, babe! It’s a way of life!”

“Oh my God.” She put her hands up, “I need a Pixie.” Syrinx walked off.

“Wait for me!” Kevin said before running up to catch up with her.


The camp parties through the night – even past 3 in the morning, the men, women, those in between, just going wild as if it was the night of Burning Man.

Merrick holds Adam as they sloppily made their way through the uninhabited forest area of the island – of course, there’s still a small lamppost planted along the ground, for tourists who wish to just wander around.

“Are you sure we should be here, Adam?” Merrick asks with concern – as amusing as Adam’s behavior is right now, he seems to be very aimless and dizzy.

“Ohhh, oh sure, honey,” Adam slurred, “I wanna show ya this nice lil pondy I used to go to when I was a ba- *Rgghh* baby, toddler, thing…”

“Y-You’re- Hey!” Merrick caught Adam before he could topple over, “You’re not making any sense.”

“Nether are the ssstupid trees.” Adam chuckled, “Whoa…” He stabilized himself for a moment, “All the trees are spinning.”

“Um…” Merrick looked around as they continued, “No they’re not, Adam…” He said. Adam has up to 13 of that weird, Russian alcoholic soda, while Merrick has only had 5. Obviously, the drink doesn’t have enough booze in it to be dangerous, but it’s strangely addicting, as shown in the half full bottle of orange liquid in Adam’s hand, and another unopened bottle of blue soda in his left cargo pocket.

The two made it to this pond Adam wanted to visit. A quaint little spring with a small waterfall pouring into it, that drifts and flows into a small river along the wood.

“Wow this pond wuzz smaller than I thought…” Adam said before downing the last of the pineapple orange soda.

“Er, Adam?” Merrick said, “How many of those did you drink?” Adam huffed loudly before shaking his head.

“WOO!” He whipped his head back and forth, “Good stuff…” Adam then pulled pulled out the bottle in his pocket. He twisted off the cap, and took a drink, “This’s the lass one, I swear,” He blinked as he suddenly saw that Merrick was right in front of him. The merman took the bottle, and took a drink himself.

“I think I better help you with this one.” He said, almost completely sober as opposed to his boyfriend.

“Mmmhhh, yoouuu aaarrree” Adam said as his lips inched closer to the lip of the bottle and the lips of his lover, “Sooo fuckin hot…” He pushed his lips onto the glass rim, and push against Merrick’s lips. They kissed with that bottle right between them. Adam snickered harshly for a few seconds bowing his head, and moving the bottle to the side, before properly frenching Merrick.

“Mllmm!” Merrick eeped at the sudden swoop in Adam’s motion, his tongue shoving himself into his mouth, before pulling back almost as soon as it went in.

“Gahhooh yeah~” Adam rubbed his forehead against Merrick’s. He smiles as he feels those hands start to untie the white loop of his trunks. “Hehehe, bad fishyfishy~” He wiggled his hips as Merrick pushed his shorts down to his ankles, springing his boner up. Merrick giggled as he removed his own speedo, Adam carelessly dropped the bottle of Russian beverage to hold his lover, in the dark spring, illuminated only by a couple of small electric lamps here and there.

Moments later, Adam hovers over Merrick, kidding him passionately, straddled on his aquatic lover, with Merrick’s upper body dry and smooth, while Adam’s legs rubbed against the slick, somewhat slimy fish tail. The pond is a lot smaller than Adam remembers, as it has been almost 18 years since he last set foot in it, but it is big enough to have a few people swimming in it.

“Mmm… You know what this reminds me of?” Merrick asked. Adam nuzzled his cute blonde love affectionately.

“What, baby?”

“… The first time we made love…” He muttered. Adam smiled as he kissed Merrick’s lips.

-7 Years Ago-

Adam’s face feels hot as he fumbles with the small square item between his fingers. He and Merrick’s face are pink from the aspect of what they’re about to attempt. Merrick seems old enough now… He looks roughly 18 years old. Though merfolk don’t keep track of how many years have occurred since they were born, Adam has a feeling that Merrick is of age to…

“A-Adam…” Merrick said shyly, sitting idly by in his human form, “I… If you’re not ready to… To mate with bilecik escort bayan me, I…”

“No, I am, it’s just…” Adam gulped as he pressed on the circular outline of the wrapper, his heart pounding with anticipation, “… This is my first time, you know…”

“I thought you had two other mates… Boyfriends, I mean… Before me…”

“I have, but… I never mated… In that aspect.” He said, “I fooled around, but I never had sex…” Adam looked at the blonde, and then at his penis. Merrick’s member is half-baked between his legs. He gulped before he adjusted, and crawled towards the blonde, feeling his own manhood pressing against his swimming trunks. Merrick blushed as the human came closer and closer to him, like always before.

“Merrick, I hah…” Adam’s voice shook as he could barely hold himself up. “Hoh gawd…” He sat down on his rear.

“Wh-What’s wrong?”

“I’m just… I’m just so freakin nervous.” Adam said as his voice trembled.

“I-I am too…” Merrick has wanted to mate Adam for a long time – about a year or so after they have met. Merfolk usually do find it appropriate to fully mate when they are a little older, but every time Merrick is in human form, he feels these… Strange urges. He and Adam have kissed before, even made out. And Merrick is always left wanting more. Yet Adam always insists on doing nothing more than making out and fondling for a couple of more years. It’s irritating, but Adam says it has something to do with age.

But there’s one thing he still doesn’t understand.

Merrick kissed along Adam’s chin as his submerged tail waves slowly in the small spring. Adam sighs and moans quietly in a state of bliss as his half dry merman all but kiss and worships his drunken lover.

He moaned and squirmed as Merrick’s webbed hand softly rubs and fondles Adam’s raging boner.

“U-Um, Adam?”

“Yeah! I-I mean, yeah?”

“How… How are we going to mate anyway?” Merrick asked.

“Um…” Adam blushed harshly.

“As I understand it… I-I mean…” Merrick stammered with his words, “It’s like we… I know how a male and female are able to mate, but… I-I can’t see…” Merrick squirmed in embarrassment, “I can’t imagine how two males can mate, or two females…”

“I hahh…” The first notion in Adam’s head is to explain the entire plot of the last porno he watched – Around the Men In 80 Minutes, starring Bobby Blake – VERY hot. Except he cane barely managed, “I… KINDA know how to… Ha-Have sex with a guy… I-I never did it, but I saw it…” Merrick’s face turned pink from the statement.

“Y-You watched other males…”

“I-I, wait, I,” Adam stuttered, “I wasn’t there in person, it’s… Fuck, it’s kind of complicated…”

“But…” Merrick said, “You do know how… Right?”


“Alright, so… How?”

“Um, well…” Adam’s face feels extremely hot, “C-C-Can we uh… H-How about you… I…”

“… What?” Merrick asked.

“Let’s… Lets turn you over…” Adam said, his heartbeat almost distorting his voice.


“G-Go and lay on your belly.”

“You…” Merrick blushed coyly, “You wanna feel my ass again?”

“I-In a way…” Adam said, “J-Just trust me…”

Merrick hesitantly turned himself around on the rocky floor. Adam’s dick felt a hot tingle as he glanced at that bubble butt presented to him. He shuddered as his heart pounded as he reached a trembling hand onto one of those round, golden buns. He breathed deeply just as that hand pressed onto that flawless rump.

“Mmmmm…” Merrick moaned lightly as he felt Adam’s hand push down on his very smooth buttcheek. “Ohhhhhhhh…” That merman moaned as if he is unwinding from a long day as Adam began to rub his other mound. He can already feel is 6-inch dick rock hard from the heightening anticipation, and just from Adam’s touch, and tenderly rubbing and stroking his soft bottom.

“… Nnnh.” Merrick rose his butt up a little as Adam dug his thumbs into his crack. Adam’s cock stood rigged between his thighs. He looks over as he massages Merrick’s rump, he grows more horny as he watches Merrick slowly cringe and squirm, very subtly pushing his luscious butt back against Adam’s hands.

“A-Ah~!” Merrick gasped as a thumb pushed over a hidden spot in his crevice that he’s never felt before, “A-Adam…”

Adam didn’t answer, as he is sucking on two of his fingers – it just occurred to him that he forgot to bring the lube. With his fingers soaked in saliva, Adam carefully placed his two digits right onto Merrick’s pink button.

“Aaa-Aaahh!” Merrick gasped and moaned as Adam pressed his fingertips onto his tight, virgin sphincter. Just rubbing on the small, tight muscle drove Merrick crazy as his dick spurted a glob of pre under him, “A-Adam, ohhhh~!

“L-Like that?” Adam asked in a flimsy attempt at talking dirty.

“Nh-mmm…” Merrick nodded. Adam’s chest heaved as he gently started to push a finger into that unused hole. Merrick’s mouth gapped as he felt Adam slowly fingers his very soft ass, slowly moving it back, and back in. Merrick feels so weird right now – those he’s been in human form many times since he and Adam started meeting up, and only a few times before he and Adam first saw each other under the red moon, and not once has he ever known this strange hole in his rear end. He’s not entirely sure, but…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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