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I have been hiking back from the dwarven capital of Mighholdir for the past few days now. It’s been a long hike, especially alone.

Everyone says you should not travel these roads alone, but I am not a helpless old fool. In fact, I am shy of 20 cycles old. They say these parts are ridden with trolls and goblins. I have also heard stories of a wicked witch that lives in the woods beyond. All tales told by old fools to frighten children.

I have seen some truly beautiful things on this journey to and from the dwarven kingdom. Mountains that touch the sky, valleys that go on forever. Sunsets that fill the sky with color. And views that take breaths away.

I have also experienced some hardships. Rain that came down in buckets. Long cold nights. I have even come across some dangerous animals, but at last, my journey will come to an end in a couple of sunrises or so. I’m so close to the end, where the mountains turn into flatlands and the woods become fewer and fewer.

What a journey it has been. It’s too bad I had to go it alone.

But the loneliness is not so bad. I have spent many nights beneath the stars, pondering life and all its wonders. Besides, I have met so many good dwarves down at their capital. I sold plenty of my wares. Now I am on my way back with a nice pouch full of gold.

The mountains themselves have been quite a peaceful haven. Beautiful to look at, to say the least

As the sun sets below the mountain tops, I find a nice spot to set up camp.

Once I set up a fire and get some food in me, I finally lay down to relax.

The night is calm with a few clouds in the sky and the full moon shining brightly. It’s quiet. Only the sound of crickets fills the air.

I’m going to miss this. The peace and quiet the trails bring. It calms the nerves. Life has been so peaceful since King Vandil has reclaimed the throne of Highwater. The roads are a lot safer now that I do not have to worry about the usurper’s men shaking me down for coin.

Still have to watch out for trolls though.

It doesn’t take long before I’m drifting off into the dark.

I wake up to the sound of the breaking of twigs. I shoot up to looking around. It’s dark. Too dark to see anything. The fire is nearly out, just smoldering coals.

The sound of footsteps crashing through the woods set my heart racing. I look around, but it’s too hard to see anything. The woods are too thick.

The footsteps get louder.

They’re coming from the southeast.

I quickly get up and grab my pack.

The sound of the footsteps speed up and get louder.

I take off running in the opposite direction.

I hear the sound of the footsteps behind me. I can make out another set of footsteps.

I run as fast as I can, but it seems like they are gaining on me.

As I look back my foot catches against a root and I smack my head as I fall. The world starts to spin and I feel so…

A chill hits my skin, spreading goosebumps across it as my socks and shorts get tugged off. I hear talking. I go to reach out, but I can’t. My head is pounding. An odor so awful, it makes my stomach curl up on itself hits my nose. It’s like rotting flesh mixed with moldy cheese.

I slowly open my eyes to see two big grey-skinned trolls crouching above me. The world is still spinning as I try to move. “What the hell…” My sock gets stuffed in my mouth. “Mmmhmm.”

“Looks like we found ourselves another one,” A large fat troll in a pair of torn-up breaches says. He’s got some kind of black stain on his lips and his teeth are all rotten. He gives me a wicked toothless grin which makes my stomach curdle. The trolls are hideous. Just looking at them makes me want to vomit. He’s got warts around his mouth. With dark bluish-gray skin, and a stomach as large as two kegs. He is surely the most horrifying thing I have ever seen.

“He doesn’t have much meat on him, Rakash,” a tall, skinny troll with long wiry thin hair says. He shares the other troll’s skin color.

“No, but look at his ass. It’s better than most of those human women we’ve taken,” Rakash says as he reaches down and starts groping my ass. I struggle to get free but to no avail. The fat one smacks me across my face so hard, I’m seeing spots. “Stop your struggling. You’re coming with us.”

I notice blotchy reddish-orange spots on their clothes. Are those bloodstains?

This cannot be happening!

“What should we do with him?” Rakash asks.

“He doesn’t look good for eating,” the other says. Oh god, please don’t tell me they are cannibals?

“Hmm, no, but this ass of his will feel nice around our cocks,” Rakash says as slides his fat finger down the crack of my ass. Just being touched by them makes me feel disgusting. I squirm as I try to get away, but he pins me down with his knee.

“We could keep him as a pet,” the other one says.

“That’s a good idea, I’ve been meaning to stuff my cock in something new,” Rakash says as he pulls me to my feet and throws me over his shoulder.

“If the boy causes us any trouble we could still eat em,” the other one says.

My heart is beating so fast, I’m afraid it’ll break through my chest.

“Well, once we get our share of his hole, let’s eat him anyways,” Rakash says. “We just finished the last two we found. That girl was delicious.”

Tears roll down my eyes as just the mere thought of them eating another person fills me with dread.

It can’t end like this. I can’t let it end this way.

“The night wasn’t a complete loss. At least we got this one,” Rakash says.

“Yes, let’s have some fun with him and eat just one limb at a time. After we get our nut off in his plushy ass of course,” The skinny one says as he eyes me up. He reaches up and grabs my ass, kneading it.

I desperately squirm which only results in a hard slap on my asscheek.

This can’t be happening. This kind of stuff only happens in horror movies. This can’t be real.

Each step Rakash takes, fills me with more dread. Each step brings me closer to being raped and killed by flesh-eating trolls. I never thought in my darkest nightmares the stories I heard about these parts were real. That trolls like this actually existed.

It feels like they’ve been carrying me for miles. The cold chill of the night leaves me shivering. A misty fog takes over the woods as we continue to march through.

“Rakash, don’t tell me you got us lost again,” the other whines.

“Of course not, I know exactly where we are,” Rakash says. “I know these woods like the head of my cock.”

“Rakash, when’s the last time you’ve ever seen your own cock?” The other asks.

“Hey, watch your mouth. I’m not fat, I’m just big-boned.”

“Rakash, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this part of the woods,” the other says.

“I know where I’m going, shut the fuck up and let me think,” Rakash says.

“Sorry, it’s just… Something doesn’t feel right about this.”

“Cyrus, don’t be stupid. There ain’t nothing in these woods we haven’t already come across,” Rakash says.

Suddenly, Cyrus falls to the ground. I watch as he is dragged into the mist. His screams filled the air. Rakash drops me on the ground as he runs after him.

What the hell was that? I struggle to get on my knees. I do not think I want to know but now’s my chance to escape. Just as I struggle to get on my feet, vines wrap around my ankles and I’m dragged to the ground and pulled up into the air.

Dizzy and confused, my head throbbing from smacking against the ground. My vision blurred as I dangle from my ankles. What the hell is going on?

Please don’t tell me I went from the frying pan into the fire? Could this possibly get any worse?

Just as I think it, something big and loud crashes through the forest. Suddenly it breaks through the trees.

Dear god! What the hell is that? It’s huge! It is over three times the size as those trolls. Almost as tall as some of the smaller trees. It stands like a human, on two feet and it has two long arms made out of wood with long fingers that look like branches. It doesn’t even look like an animal. It looks like it is made out of rocks, wood and bones all wrapped tightly with vines. A skull of a deer with a big set of antlers is atop the rock it’s got for a head.

What the hell is this thing? I just escaped the troll to get caught by a monster. It reaches up with its tree-like arm and grabs ahold of my legs. Wrapping its twig fingers tightly around my ankles.

The casino şirketleri vines that held me before, let me go as the thing carries me through the woods by my ankles.

We travel through the fog-filled woods for what seems like an hour before we arrive at a hut dug out of a rather large hill with giant trees growing out of it.

The giant monstrous creature drops me hard on the ground in front of the hut. Two other giants just like the one that grabbed me come out of the woods with the two trolls.

They are both bound and are dropped off next to me. At least if I die here I will know that these trolls will get their just ends as well.

The fog is so thick here. I can barely make out where we are. Even the hut itself, which is no more than 10 feet from where I lie is hardly visible.

What kind of wicked creature would dwell in a place like this? With creatures like these at its beck and call.

The door of the hut opens up. Light pours out from behind the door like water breaking through a broken dam and temporarily blinds me.

I feel as if I am frozen in place-bound by fear.

I squint to make out the figure that emerges from the hut.

My breath catches in my throat at the sight.

I have never seen anyone so…


With skin as dark as the night. Eyes that seem to glow with gold. Hair as black as a raven’s feathers. The woman that stands in front of me is nothing short of a goddess.

Oddly, she is wearing only a tattered white cloth that barely covers her waist and breasts. Her long legs are bare. She has got curves, but not an ounce of fat. Her feet are uncovered. Her arms left unclothed. Her face is beautiful. Filled with lust, possession, and power.

Her lips are lush and supple. “Who dares venture in my woods.”

Her voice is feminine and yet powerful. It strikes fear in my heart and yet…

I want more.

“It’s the wicked witch of the forest!” Cyrus shouts.

“I’ll eat you limb from limb, you hag. Let us go!” Rakash growls. Yeah, she is definitely going to want to let you go after you threatened to eat her.

She only laughs at them. A laugh that can make bones shake.

“I… I am not with them. They took me and they were going to… Please, I’ll do anything just do not kill me,” I plead.

Her eyes pierce into me as if she could see my soul. A devious and possessive smile flickers on her face.

“Hmmm, anything you say?” she says, her voice dripping with seduction.

“Yes, just please do not kill me. Or eat me,” I beg.

She lets out a laugh. “If I were to eat you, I would certainly kill you.”

“Listen, you filthy human whore. If you don’t let me free, I am going to rip your heart out and eat it raw.”

The woman only laughs. She waves her hand and the monstrous creatures pick up the two trolls and take them away.

I look back at her. “What are you going to do with them?”

“Give them what they deserve,” she laughs. “Besides, were they not going to eat you?”

“How did you know about that?” I ask.

“I’m the witch of the woods. There’s nothing that goes on in these lands that I don’t know about,” she laughs once more.

“Now come with me into my hut. It’s time to make good on your words,” she says, waving her hands. The rope tying my wrists loosens and falls off of me.

I look up as she turns her back to me and my eyes fall to an ass that was shaped to perfection, barely hidden behind a tattered cloth.

Those dark chocolate legs seem to have no end. She gives a smirk as she looks at me over her shoulder. “Are you coming or are you going to stay out there in the cold.”

Without another moment of hesitation, I stumble to my feet and rush inside the hut. I cannot resist to see where this leads.

As soon as I enter, the door swings shut behind me. It is strange here. It looks bigger inside than what the outside would have you believe. There are jars filled with strange things. Creatures that I did not know could exist. One is filled with eyeballs. There are even shrunken heads.

Oh god, please do not tell me I just stupidly walked to my death. This is not going to end well. This woman is crazy.

I hear a seductive laugh behind me. “Nervous, aren’t you? Afraid of the wicked witch of the woods?”

I turn to find her lying down on a bed with her head plopped upon her hand as she eyes me with an expression that chills me to the bone. Her eyes contain a possessive and lustful gaze. Hungry like a liger about to pounce on its prey.

I nod my head.

She only laughs. “You have nothing to be afraid of, dear. I don’t bite, hard. Now, where were we?”

She pauses for a second as she rubs her chin. “Aw, yes, you said you would do anything if I let you live, didn’t you?”

I take a big swallow and nod.

“Time to prove your words,” she says as scoots and sits at the edge of the bed. She ushers me over to and points down to the floor. I look up into those big black eyes of hers as I hesitantly sink to my knees.

If this what she wants me to do, it will not be so bad. Actually, I think I’m going to enjoy this. She is drop-dead gorgeous. She scoots closer and starts to pull up her tattered excuse for a dress. I inch closer to her crotch, eager to see her…

A big black dick breaks free from underneath her rags and smacks me right in the face. She lets out a laugh.

She has got a dick? What the fuck?

It’s huge. At least a good 10 inches and thick with veins.

I look up at her in shock. “You did say you’d do anything, didn’t you?”

I gulp down my shock and nod. What the hell have I gotten myself into? Although, it is not like I have a choice. “Now, open that cute fuckable mouth of yours and put it to good use.”

My nerves are filled with trepidation. “I… I have never sucked a cock before.”

“I don’t care what you are, you made a promise. I haven’t killed you and I honestly never intended to. But a promise is a promise.”

Once again I find myself swallowing. I look into those eyes. Those black eyes that are all-consuming. Reluctantly, I part my lips. A smile of pure seduction and lust fills her face. “That’s a good boy.”

She scoots her hips closer and runs her hand through my hair before pulling my head down. The tip of her dick meets my lips before slipping past them. The head of her cock nearly takes up my entire mouth.

It’s not as bad as I thought it’d be. It’s kind of spongy, but the musk really takes over my senses. It’s like fire to the gasoline running through my veins.

“Use your tongue,” She says and I obey, swirling the tongue around the tip of her cock. She purrs in response before pushing more of her dick in my mouth. Another inch and it hits the entrance to my throat.

I gag and drool runs down my chin. She loosens up before she starts to work my head up and down her dick.

Before long, she has got a good rhythm going, bobbing my head up and down her dick as he occasionally hits the back of my throat, causing me to gag every now and then.

Her cock is so big. It is double the size of my own cock. Her hands slide down my back and grab a handful of my ass.

She gives each cheek a firm slap as she starts to thrust her hips, fucking my face.

“Mmmhmm, you sure know how to suck, boy. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten a blow job this nice. Time to see how deep we can go down that throat of yours,” she smirks as she starts to pull my head down farther, her cock meets the back of my throat, but she continues on as I start gagging. “Swallow my big black dick.”

I try to do as she says and take a deep gulp, suddenly her dick pops down my windpipe, clogging my airhole up. I struggle and squirm.

I grab her thighs and try to push off to get some air, but she is surprisingly strong. Finally, she relents and lets go. I fall backward and gasp for air. Drool covers my chin as I stare up into the dark witch’s eyes. Her smile full of fire.

“Hmm, you are a delight,” she says. “I might have to keep you after all.”

My eyes go wide. “But you promised that if I did everything you said, you would…”

“I wouldn’t kill you or eat you. That’s what we agreed on, or do words mean nothing to you?” she asks, raising an eyebrow.

I bow my head in defeat.

“Oh come on, it can’t be all that bad, can it?” she asks. “You did find me beautiful, did you not? Does my cock scare you that much?”

I look up at her. Those black eyes show a hint of sympathy. “Come, casino firmaları take a seat by me.”

I follow her command and climb on top of the bed. “Tell me your name.”

“My name is Josiah.”

“Josiah, what a beautiful name,” she says, placing her arm around my waist. “Listen, Josiah, I do not wish to hurt you. Yes. I do want you as my very own.”

“Like a slave?” I ask as I start to tremble. I do not know if I like the sound of that. I do not know anyone who would.

“Sort of, but not in the way you are thinking of. Not a slave for menial labor or abuse. I want someone to share my bed with. Someone to worship me with love and affection. And of course, someone to satisfy my sexual desires.”

I swallow the lump in my throat. “Your sexual desires?”

“Yes, of course, my cock yearns for a nice hot man like yourself. Her hand slides down my back and slips down the crack of my ass as her finger finds the entrance to my back door. She leans in, bringing her lips to my ear. “I want you like fire wants wood…

Suddenly she pushes her finger into me causing me to jolt up. “You know, that does not end so well for the wood.”

Her other hand gently reaches up to the side of my face and pulls me closer. Her lips lay kisses against the skin of my cheek, making her way down my neck. All the while, her finger pushes deeper inside of me. “That was a poor analogy. Unlike the wood, you will not perish. With me, you’d be an immortal.”

“Immortal? Really?” I ask.

She laughs. “Of course, being immortal myself, I don’t want a lover who’ll just wilt away with time. I want someone who will last. My love slave will become as eternal as I am.”

“What do you mean by love slave?” I ask. She pulls her finger out and gently rubs my back.

“I am a goddess and you’re just a mortal. As much as I desire you, you could never be my equal. But that doesn’t mean you cannot stand beside me. Being my love slave may make you a slave, but not without love. You’d be mine, mind, body, heart, and soul. And you’d worship me like the goddess I am. Of course, just because you are my slave, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love you. And don’t think I would be cruel to you. I would make you a king among mortals. Of course, you’d have to serve my cock.”

“What about my freedom? Will I still have my free will?” I ask. I never thought I would ever be the target of a woman’s desires. With a body like mine, I would have never thought any woman would chase after me. I am not built like a warrior and all the women want warriors.

She laughs. “You will always be free with me. Just not the freedom you’ve come to know. You will find freedom in the chains of my love. I will never force you to do something you don’t want to and nor will I chain your will. To be my love slave, you must choose so willingly.”

What left do I have to fear? My life was not all that great, to begin with. A life with her sounds truly amazing. As her hand continues to caress my back, her other hand falls into my lap and lays upon my thigh.

“I will warn you. I have an insatiable appetite when it comes to my sexual desires. To be mine, you will have a daunting task of satiating my hunger and satisfying my cock.”

Once more there is a lump in my throat and I can’t swallow it out. The thought of that monstrous cock of hers fills me with dread. How can such a beautiful woman carry such a sword between her legs?

Never have I seen such a weapon.

“Don’t be afraid, my love. You will soon grow to love it. I promise. If and when you feel me inside you, you’ll be begging me for more. Now, make your choice. Stay here and give your life to me. Be mine for all eternity. Receive my love and worship my cock. Or you can leave and I will give you safe passage to where you were going. Make this choice wisely because there will be no turning back.”

The hair on the back of my neck is standing tall as I listen to her proposition. It is as if my heart is trying to beat out of my chest. Even the thought of her giant cock makes my own stir awake. How can that be? I have never thought of being with another man and now I cannot stop the thoughts of her big fat cock from consuming my mind.

Did she put a spell on me?

Am I hexed? I heard of the power of witches and their spells.

“I can assure you, you’re not under any spell. The thoughts inside your mind are all your own,” she says with a sadistic smile.

She can see into my mind?

She nods. “But do not fear. I have done nothing to control you. You’re free to make your own decisions.”

“So if I decide to stay with you, does this mean I have to forfeit my own thoughts?” I ask.

“You will always have your own thoughts, is it really that bad to share them with me?” she asks.

“What if they are thoughts you do not like?” I ask.

She gives my thigh a gentle squeeze. “You will always have thoughts I do not like, love. It is a part of being alive. Not all thoughts are ones we control. Trust, I will not punish you for your thoughts. It is your actions that you can control. As long as you serve me with your actions if and when you give me your life, you can have whatever thoughts you desire.”

“What about the world? Will I still be able to explore it?” I ask.

She lays a kiss upon my cheek. “Of course, and I will explore it with you.”

“Then I will be yours. I will surrender my mind, heart, body, and soul to you. Please be gentle with me.”

She leans into me and pushes me against the bed as her lips fall onto mine. Her hand travels up my abs and across my chest. That great sword of a cock of hers slides up my thigh and leans against my own.

I feel the weight of it as it dwarves my small cock.

Her tongue breaks through my lips and explores my mouth. The hand against my chest drifts down behind my back and sinks below my waist, grabbing a handful of my ass.

She breaks her lips away from mine. “Love, I will not hurt you, badly. But I won’t lie to you either. My cock will bring some pain as I enter your untouched ass. Only for a moment though. You’ll soon feel much pleasure from it. I promise you’ll enjoy it almost as much as I will.”

Her lips once again push against mine and that tongue slithers into my mouth. Her fingers journey down into the crack of my ass. My veins fill with fire as she takes my body to own. Trepidation covers my skin as I shake from the emotions overwhelming me. I feel so hot to be overtaken by her as she kisses me so deeply. I have never felt a desire like this. A desire to please this woman. No. This goddess.

But I am still afraid. Afraid of her power over me. Afraid of the magic she wields. Afraid of her intent and at the current moment, afraid of that cock between her legs.

She slides her finger down to the entrance of my ass and she circles the rim of my butthole. I moan into her lips. She’s persistent as she grinds her hips up into me.

Her lips trail down my neck as her hand journeys north, wrapping around my throat. She gently nibbles on my nipple, which makes me yelp out.

I feel her finger of her other hand bury itself inside my ass as her tongue starts to run circles on my chest.

She releases my neck as her lips move further south.

Her tongue slides down my flat tummy, doing a circle around my belly button before moving down.

She twists my nipple between her fingers before she brings her hand down and wraps it around my rock hard cock.

She kisses the tip of my cock while another finger slips into my ass.

Parting her lips, she engulfs the tip of my dick while her hand massages my balls.

Slowly she starts to suck on the head of my cock while her hand starts to fondle my nuts. It feels so good. If this is what it will be like to be her slave, I am glad I made the right choice.

Those supple lips of hers start to move down my cock and slowly she starts to bob up and down on it. She’s easily able to fit all of my dick in her mouth. Fuck it feels so good. Even the fingers she has shoved up my butt are starting to make me shake.

I am not sure how much longer I can go.

She pulls my dick from her lips and smirks at me as I look down at her. “Not yet, my love.’

She pulls her fingers out of my ass and slides off of me towards the foot of the bed. “Why don’t you roll over to your hands and knees for your mama.”

I look into those black eyes that seem to consume me and nod. I do not know why, but I just feel the need to obey her. Slowly, I roll over to my stomach güvenilir casino and climb onto my hands and knees. I can feel her scoot up to me as she places her hands upon the cheeks of my ass, spreading them apart.

Then her warm wet tongue slithers up and down the crack of my ass. It is as if someone poured hot liquid butter down my ass. She brings that tongue to the bud of my ass and laps it up causing me to twitch. The feeling of that wet warmth on such a sensitive spot makes me squirm.

“In all my life, I have never seen such an ass like this. You have been truly blessed, child. I am going to enjoy taking it for the first time.” Her words cause my throat to constrict as I grip the sheets between my fists.

Her tongue slips into me and I buckle at the feeling of being penetrated by something so warm. She places a hand on my back and pushes me to down into an arch as my chest lays flat on the bed with my ass in the air.

Her tongue does not stop as it continues to slide into me. “Urgh.”

How long of a tongue does she have? It seems to continue to slide deep inside me.

I cannot help but moan as the feeling of that hot tongue warms me from the inside.

Slowly, she starts to slither out the same way she came in, leaving me wanting more.

She gets up as she pulls out from me and soon her black snake is dangling in front of my face. “Why don’t you get it nice and wet for mama,” she says. I eagerly open my mouth and accept her cock in. Sucking on it,

I twirl my tongue around the tip like she did to me. Her hand runs through my hair to the back of my head and pulls me down on that dick of hers as it pops down into my throat.

Suddenly, I am chocking and gagging on her fat cock. Panicking as I fight for air, I desperately try to push off of her as I looking to the abyss of her eyes. I see a darkness in there. No. more like a black fire that seeks to burn. Or more like a possessive demon.

She lets go of my head and I fall off her cock, coughing and drooling all over the place.

“Hmm, that’s better. I like seeing you struggle, my pet,” she says as she walks behind me and gives my ass a slap.

Climbing back onto the bed, she grabs my hips and jerks me back. “I’ll try not to be rough for your first time, my oh so sweet love. I really do want you to enjoy this but it has been so long since I have satiated my desires.”

I can feel that rock hard monster slide up between my asscheeks. “I promise dear, you’ll soon want it rough.”

She spreads my open my ass with one hand and I look back to see her guide that big black dick up against my tight little butt. “Make sure you breathe and relax. Don’t struggle, it’ll only make it hurt worse.”

Slowly she starts to press against my ass. I grab hold of the sheets as the pressure starts to build.

“Arrghh!” I gasp out as it begins to hurt. I bite down on the pillow. The pain is too much. “Please, no more! It hurts. I cannot take anymore.’

“Relax and breathe. Push out, my love,” she says, letting go of my ass as she slowly runs her hand down my back, gripping the back of my neck. “This is the worse part of it, child.”

She continues to push in as tears fall down my face. All of a sudden my ass gives in as the head of her cock breaks through and fills me up. God, I all of a sudden feel so full. “There, there. The worse is over.”

She keeps her cock there as she massages the back of my neck. “As I continue to break this ass in, it’ll hurt less and less. I promise.”

She slowly starts to push a little farther. It does not hurt as bad, but it is very uncomfortable.

With every inch, she stops and lets me catch my breath. “Oh, my child. You have no idea how hard it is to resist the temptation to dominate you and conquer this ass. All I want is to fill you up with my seed. Once my seed is inside you, then you’ll be mine forever.”

Gradually, she pushes more of that gigantic snake in me. A loud grunt escapes my mouth as I tear into the pillow. Her cock is spreading my ass open. “Oh baby, you’re taking it so well. I’m almost halfway inside you.”

Little by little, she slides more and more of that huge black basilisk up my ass. She grips the cheek of my ass, digging her nails into my skin. “Ugh, your ass is so soft and supple. Two white milky mounds of flesh. And I love how this ass engulfs my cock.”

With one hard thrust, she pushes a lot more of that dick inside me as I cry out in agony. “Oh look at that, this delicious ass has just swallowed my entire cock. It is plain to see that you were born to be my cock sheath.”

Leaning forward, she presses my body flat against the bed as she places her arms on each side of my head, leaving a trail of kisses up my back. “How does it feel to have all of me inside you, love?”

“It… It hurts! Your dick is just so big!” I paint, desperately trying to breathe, but I feel so full and weak. My entire body is trembling.

“It’ll feel so good once I break this ass in. You’ll be begging for more. Trust me, my pet, soon you’ll love being mine.” She gently pulls out a few inches, pulling my ass with her, but she doesn’t go far before sinking back inside me. She repeats the action and slowly starts to build a gentle rhythm. With each thrust, the tightness in my ass slowly loosens up.

And that’s when I feel it. A tinge of pleasure as she grinds that dick inside me. It was just a few drops, but now it feels like the rain is starting to fall down. The pain has nearly all vanished.

Another thrust and the pleasure turns to a sprinkle. Once more and an almost blissful feeling begins to rain down on my body. Before I know it, I’m moaning as her thrusts become longer and harder. The pleasure begins to pour down on me like a storm and overtakes my body.

I moan and groan each time she sinks that cock inside me as if she lit a fire inside me and her big black dick is the dragon that ignited the flames. “That’s it, my love, you see how delightful it is to have my big black cock inside you?” She asks as she kisses the side of my cheek.

She rests her the weight of her entire body on me. I can feel those soft pillowy breasts against my back and the heat of her breath on my face as she continues to drive that cock deep inside me.

That rain of pleasure is now flooding through my body as I hold onto the bed for dear life. I feel so weak. My own cock is so close to exploding. I grit my teeth as she bits my ear and hilts her cock all the way inside me. “I’m about to plant my seed in you, my love. There’s no going back from this. Is this what you want? To be mine for the rest of time?”

“Yes! Oh please fill me with your seed and make me yours.” I do not even know what I am saying. The words feel as if they are not my own, but the pleasure from her cock is too much.

She starts to thrust hard and fast in my ass. I grunt and groan as she pummels my butt, tearing at the sheets with my teeth. The pleasure explodes within me like a windstorm as my own cock erupts underneath me.

She slams deep inside me and before I know it, her hot seed fills up my bowels. It is unlike anything I have ever felt before. It’s like someone poured hot molten lava inside me, but it feels so good! I never want this feeling to end.

She kisses my neck as she slowly gyrates her hips, unloading her hot spunk deep inside me. “Urgh, it’s been several millennia since I’ve had an ass this good. You are such a keeper. I’m going to cherish you for the rest of your life.”

My limps feel as if they are made of stone. A foggy haze takes over my senses. “Wha. what is. What is happening to me…”

“Hmm, you’re starting to feel the effects of my seed as it seeps into your body. It’s like drinking a barrel of ale all at once. Feels good, does it not?”

“I… I… I cannot move,” I try to say.

“Hmm, eventually it’ll affect you less and less, but you’ve never had it before. So it’ll take some time to get used to it. But consider it the elixir to immortal life. It’ll make you stronger.”

She kisses me on the cheek. “You look so adorable lying there all helpless. As tempting as it is to take advantage of you, I’ll let you rest in my arms before I go at that ass again. It has been far too long since I have had someone so delicious. I can barely resist the urge to continue fucking that nice tight ass of yours, but alas, I don’t want to ruin you.”

She rolls us onto our sides and holds me in her arms. “No rest my love, you’ll need your strength. My cock is always hungry.”

I can barely keep my eyes open as she speaks. Ever so slowly, the darkness takes me.

I hoped you enjoyed it. Please feel free to rate it and comment below your thoughts on it. Also follow me for more.

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