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This is a fictional account of something which could have happened. Don’t waste your time telling me you do not like the story. I would like to hear comments helping me write better.


It was early 2000 when William Archer (Wil) negotiated the sale of his internet company with the help of his childhood friend, Jon Whishman. Jon attended college receiving his law degree, he passed the bar exam his first try. William received 122 billion dollars for his company, plus 5% of any profits the business makes for the next 20 years. The purchasing organization paid Jon for his legal services, so he made a tidy sum of money from the sale of his friends company also.

The two young men not being bad looking, but very shy individuals, were bullied throughout their informative years. The group he hung with were classified as nerds, therefore shunned by the most girls, and terrorized by the jocks. His group had very few dates during high school, although they were not virgins, they had very little experience with women.

William spent his high school years working to design small components to increase memory for compact computers. He patented his design before he graduated high school, He started manufacturing the components with the help of a grant, instead of going to college, as most young men of his intelligence do. He and a few of his nerdy friends started the business, growing it to a multi-billion dollar company. Make all the young people who started with Wil millionaire’s in their own right.

After the sale of the business William decided to start a nonprofit organization to help mature women financially. He contacted another childhood friend Winston Hillman (Winn), who is a physiologist. They worked together to give the organization all the earmarks of a legitimate nonprofit business to help women monetarily and/or psychologically.

With the framework of the organization in place, William bought a building, he refurbished it, furnished it and put his two friends on the payroll. They were ready for the next phase of the plan, so they placed an ad in the regional papers of a medium size city, where the young men grew up. They named the business ‘Soft Touch Employment Consultants’ or STEC for short. The ad in the papers simply read:

Women over 50 years old needed for new organization

Top pay for selected individuals

Contact 000 xxx xxx for appointment

The ad was taken out for 6 months in papers within a 50 mile radius of the men’s home town. It took two days before they started to get inquires, but a month before the young men received their first solid lead. The call came from a timid lady; Winn fielded it from the answering service, using his expertise in dealing with people, he found out she is 53 years old, 17 years his junior. Her name is Silvia, she asked a few questions about the organization, Winn is very evasive in answering her inquires, telling her, she would have to come to a meeting to find out more information about the organization. From the information he received, he believed she would be a prime individual for their program, of all the mature women who inquired about the organization to date. Winn told her to be at their office on the following day at 10 AM for a meeting and interview giving her directions to the site.

The three young men are very excited although nervous; this may be a bust if Winn did not read the woman properly. About 5 minutes to 10, a woman about 5’7″ tall, with greying black hair, dressed the as you would picture an office manager, stepped into the waiting room. Wil came out to greet her, telling her he was one member of the organization. He asked her if she would like beverage, such as coffee or tea, she accepted a cup of coffee.

With coffee in her hand, Wil ushered her to a table. He handed her a brief questionnaire to fill out, consisting of; her name, address, and telephone number. Wil requested some ID from her, as a way to obtain information on her from his sources. Her marriage status, he found out from looking at the document she filled out, showed she is married for 32 years. She has 3 boys from 30 to 25. The type of work she is looking for or has training, was taken from the questionnaire she filled out.

She said she was an office manager as Winn has guessed. She was laid off due to the company moving the business oversea last year. She has been looking for work ever since, but to her dismay she has found employers are looking for employee’s who are under 40 years old, she explained to the three men. They already knew this, as they did the research to comprehend what age group of women would be most likely to participate in their overall scheme. The young men wanted to see how far a mature woman would go to get a job, given a monetary incentive.

After Silvia completed the questionnaire Wil took it from her and handed her a one hundred dollar bill telling her, “He would call her, if someone wanted a person of her caliber to work them.”

She looked at bill saying, “You’re giving me a hundred dollars for filling out an employment application?”

Wil said, “Yes, unless you want to apply for casino şirketleri another opening we know of, we will bring you into the inner offices for a more in-depth interview.”

It was a no brainer for her, she received 100 dollars for 15 minutes; she was a fool not to continue with the interview she naively thought. Wil is standing patiently in front of her, while she made up her mind to continue, as he was almost certain she would, but he waited for her to say she would be interested in continuing, which came a few seconds later. He wanted her to buy into his theory, women are exhibitionists, but society has made them feel guilty and they are sluts, if they want to flaunt their beauty. He wants to put women in a position of having to expose themselves, using a job offer and monetary reward as a justification for their exposure.

“Silvia, since you would like to continue, please follow me”, Wil tells her, as he opens the door for her.

They entered a short hallway with 3 doors on each side, entering the first door on the left, it is an office. Wil had Silvia sit in front of the desk. Leaving telling her, he will have to get Jon their lawyer, so she could fill out more paperwork. The young men kept her sitting in the chair for over 20 minutes, while Winn studied her posture as she is waiting, using images from a hidden camera set up in the office.

The lawyer entered the office greeting the older woman. The interview will be videotaped for protection of all involved, she is informed by the lawyer. Jon had a non-disclosure document, along with other legal paperwork, to make sure they will not be sued by the mature woman for sexual harassment, if their plan went south. The lawyer took his time explaining all the documents to her, including explaining to her everything will be recorded, during her interview. She asked a few questions, after she was satisfied, she signed and initialed every page.

Picking of the signed documents, Jon left telling her, “Wil and Winn will be in to see continue the interview, in a few minutes.”

All three are looking at the monitor as her movements are recorded from the camera. They waited until Silvia was becoming antsy, before Wil and Winn entered the office together, to continue the interview. Wil handed Silvia another 100 dollar bill as he entered the room.

“What is this for?” she asked;

Wil said, “It’s for signing the paperwork.”

He asked her, “Do you want to continue,” reminding her again, “everything is being recorded.” He had not even finished getting the words out of his mouth.

She said, “yes, I want to continue”.

“Great, you are our first candidate for the job, please follow us” ,said Wil.

They walked down the hall to the last room on the right, with Silvia following behind.. Wil opened the door and they entered into a large room, it has a 2 foot high platform in the front of the room, with stairs on the side. Many chairs are on the lower level facing the platform. They usher Silvia up the stairs onto the platform and met by Jon. Four chairs in a semicircle are on the stage, one had arms on it. The 3 other chairs are facing the one with the arms. In back of the chair and to the side is a portable clothes tree with hangers.

The three men sat down and Silvia started for the chair with the arms, but is stopped by Wil. He handed her another 100 dollars, before she sat in front of them. You could see the confused look on her face, when she received more money, but did not say anything, except to smile at all of them.

Silvia, in a suit with a skirt coming to just below the knee, in keeping with this modest woman’s character of an office manager, a vest, a white blouse buttoned all the way up, a suit jacket with center button engaged, and her legs are encased in hose of some type completed her outfit.

Winn took over telling her, “Silvia, uncross your legs and put your feet flat on the floor.” He did this to see what her reaction would be to this command.

To the young men’s complete surprise, she complied with Winn’s request almost immediately.

Wil being close enough to Silvia to give her another hundred dollar bill, with the comment, “We want you to sit with her legs uncrossed and flat on the floor for the rest of the interview.”

Silvia was so excited receiving all the cash, she did not realize, with her legs uncrossed, the young men can see her pubic area, encased in her panties and pantyhose.

Winn continued explaining, “We are looking for a woman to assist us to help other women and working as their girl Friday. You are the first woman we are interviewing. You are in on the ground floor of our organization, if you are willing to comply with our instructions, we will hirer you”.

When asked if she had any questions her only concern, “How much does the job pay”.

Jon took over telling Silvia, “he successful woman will receive a one year, renewable contract, with a salary of high seventies to low eighties a year to start”.

Silvia was overwhelmed as it is twice as much as she was making at the company when she was laid off, and working there for almost 28 years. casino firmaları

Continuing Winn explained to her, “We are looking for a woman who is competent and will follow orders, so the next part of the interview is to see if you can follow orders to our satisfaction”, he told Silvia.

Wil entered the conversation at this time handing Silvia one hundred dollars stating, “I would like you to hang your suit coat on the coat tree, and sit on the chair in front of us telling us a little about your family”.

She did as asked it took her about 15 minutes to give the information to the young men requested.

“For the next part of this interview I would like you to go to the rest room,” pointing to the restrooms direction, “remove your panties and pantyhose, come back here, hand them to Winn, sit in your chair, so we can continue discussing the job opportunity we have for the successful applicant”. Said Wil handing her three one hundred dollar bills.

Looking at the money, this shy middle aged mother of 3 grown men and faithful wife of 32 years standing up on shaky legs, retired to rest room to do as asked. Silvia had all she could do, to muster the courage to reach under her skirt, she hesitantly remove her panties and pantyhose together for these three young men she just met. Balling them up in her hand she walked out of the restroom red faced. Coming back into the room she hesitantly handed them to Winn.

Winn made a show of looking at them, passing the undergarments around to the other young men, who all inspected the gusset of her panties. They informed her, to her utter humiliation, the gusset is very moist, and as Jon ran his finger over the gusset, he put his finger to his nose telling the other two men, she has a very pleasant feminine fragrance. Hearing the last statement embarrassed Silvia, but to her complete humiliation she is becoming more excited, her pussy is emitting pheromone’s, which delighted the three young men, as they could all smell her fragrance, moving close to her chair, while they continued the interview.

Silvia is sitting with her legs tight together, her fingers intertwined together in her lap, pushing her skirt between her legs in an attempt keep her modesty.

Winn wanting to distract her he asked, “Can you to tell us, in detail your duties for the company you worked for, before you were laid off,”

Silvia explained to them, “I started in the typing pool working part time, until my last child entered high school, the reason I only wanted to work part time, so I could be home when my children arrived home from school. I graduated from college with a degree in accounting; I worked my way up to the accounting department, taking care of the books for the company, after the kids were in college or on their own.”

The distraction is working well Silvia is relaxing her legs, so presently, they are over a foot apart causing her skirt to hike up and tightening the material causing the material to rise from between her legs. She is so intent explaining her former job to the young men; she did not realize how much of her womanhood she is exposing to the delight of the three young men. Silvia did not notice they are not paying attention to her, but are admiring the pink slit in the forest of black pubic hair, it looks like she does not trim her pubic area very often as she has a large bush between her legs with a very moist pink slit exposed to their gaze, each young man thought.

Winn was the one stopping Silvia during her narrative, telling her, “We have enough information, we know you will be a good addition to our staff, but we have more testing to do before we make the final decision.”

She looked at the three young men; following their eyes she realizes, they are focused on her pubic area, this humiliated her. She has not let anyone, but her doctor and her husband see her intimate being before this day.

The young men excused themselves to go out of ear shot to discuss their next move. They decided that she would be a good office manager, as she came with a high recommendation from the former company manager.

They all discussed the next step and all agreed they wanted to see how far she would go given enough money. The three men are in agreement the successful applicant will have to strip nude to get the job.

When they came back up on stage it was Winn who started to speak. “We really would like you to work for us.”

He was interrupted by Silvia saying, “Can I go and at least put my panties back on?”

“We have a few more tests the successful applicant will have to complete before we award this position,” continued Winn.

Wil stated, “the testing is not completed yet I am offering you Five Hundred dollars to remove all your clothes, put them in the box placed in the restroom, Another two hundred apiece for the three of us to manually examine you intimately the total is eleven hundred dollars.”

She said, “No, I can’t do that. I am a married woman”.

Wil said, “This interview is concluded.”

Silvia is in tears coming all this way, she removed her panties and pantyhose while inadvertently güvenilir casino showing them her pubic area, as she explained her former job and now she lost the job. Hesitating after a few minutes, rationalizing, this is the only job interview in a year she has not been told, she is overqualified for the job.

She said, “I will do as asked for the eleven hundred dollars offered.” She started to cry as Jon gave her back her panties and pantyhose.

Wil said, “It is six- fifty I am willing to pay you presently, because you refused to strip at first.”

“I want the eleven hundred to strip nude and let the three of you examine me,” the mature older woman said humiliated with tears in her eyes, realizing how absurd it is she is agreeing to this.

Not wanting her to leave, but maybe having more fun at a future date, Jon broke in and said, “OK, we will give you the eleven hundred, if you are willing to take 6 demerits to be dealt with at a later date, if you are hired for the position.”

Not even thinking Silvia agreed, as she is hustled to the restroom to remove her remaining clothes before she had a chance to change her mind. Walking into the women’s room she is focalizing on the money she is making today in the few hours she had been here, to give her the intestinal fortitude to continue, knowing she is going to lose her modesty before the young men will give her the job.

She is thinking of the coming exposure and to her shock she is becoming excited having to expose her body to these young men, who are not bad looking, as she took off her vest, dropping it in the box after she folded it neatly to waste time, followed by her blouse she is having problems unbuttoning, because she is so nervous, finally she removed the garment and dropped it in the box, this soccer mom is stripping nude for three young men she met today, is running through her mind. Realizing her motivation is the large amount of money she is receiving and the chance to work for the young men as she collects a large paycheck.

Silvia felt guilty for doing this behind her husband’s back, but he told her she needed to find a job to help pay off the college loans for the two younger boys, their first son received a full scholarship playing football , but they had to pay for the other two boys who received a small scholarship to play soccer during their college careers. They have a two hundred thousand dollar loan the parents signed for and the two younger boys could only find minimum wage jobs, so the parents are on the hook for the note.”

This gave her the intestinal fortitude to continue removing her clothes dropping the straps to her bra then spinning it around, so she could unhook it, placing the intimate garment with the growing pile of clothes in the box. Rubbing her breasts she turned and noticed a women nude from the waist up in the full length mirror. It stunned her, bringing her back to the realization, within in a few minutes’ three strangers not only will be looking at her most intimate being, but also manually inspecting her womanhood.

The final garment left covering her body is her skirt which she unbuttoned and unzipped, letting it fall to the floor. Here she is in all her naked glory, Silvia the modest, 53 year old soccer mom, nude for three strangers to see and manually examine. It sent chills through her spine, her complexion is chrisom, her nipples are so hard they hurt and her pussy just shot out more liquid, it is running down her legs presently.

The three young men are waiting with bated breath and are not disappointed; when this shy embarrassed soccer mom came back onto the stage, with her arms crossed over her breast, but her pubic mound was in full view. Winn complimented Silvia, telling her to put her hands at her side, which she reluctantly did, figuring it was part of the test they are giving her.

They all marveled at her appearance, for a 53 year old woman Silvia is in good shape, her beasts are a small hand full, but nicely shaped, with just very little sag, with impressive nipples capping her breasts, sticking out a good three quarters of an inche presently, her legs look great and she has a very nice shape, the only detraction from her appearance is a forest of black hair on her pubic mound, to be dealt with at a later date. The young men had her turn around; she had a large butt which went well with her build. Her face is a bright red at the moment; she had all she could do to keep her hands at her sides. They had her come to them and stand in front of each of their chairs with her legs spread, so they could have access to her pussy.

Wil was first he gently massaged her breast, this made Silvia moan as she loves to have her breast massaged, also sending another burst of moisture cascading down her legs, from a small orgasm, while being touched, she is on sensual overload. Wil for his part put his finger in the warm wet swamp, Silvia’s pussy. The inexperience young man moaned and came in his pants, which Silvia noticed. He is now more embarrassed than Silvia. The older woman is very excited she made Wil cum in his pants, just by letting him touch her pussy. Silvia is proud she can still excite a young man her son’s age. The mature woman also felt sorry for the young man, her maternal instinct took over. Silvia wanted to help the young men she could see they have had very little female companionship.

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