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Big Tits

Army Exploits Series

Even those who never served in the military are probably mindful of how unique the life of an enlisted person must be. As a veteran of seven years, I can certainly bear witness. Most could not imagine, though, that finding romance or even occasion for casual sex can, itself, be an exceptional challenge.

Without fail, every time I share any of my sordid tales of intimate congress while in the Army, people are overwhelmingly shocked and enthralled. Hopefully, with this series of short stories that I’m calling “Army Exploits,” I can stir up a little amusement, curiosity and lust or possibly encourage others to write about their time in service.

My goal is to share authentic experiences, warts and all, as best as I can remember them. I’m not wanting to over embellish or try to make myself out to be a hero or gigolo. This won’t be in chronological order, either. My expectation is to submit stories as inspiration dictates. I always welcome comments, criticism, feedback of any kind. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.


This is the second installment, picking up right where first left off. If you haven’t read Barracks Rat, I highly suggest giving it a look. Like I mentioned before, this story seemed much shorter when I first decided to write it. I expect to have another chapter soon which should wrap it up.

Barracks Rat 2

When the alarm went off the next morning, I felt like I was waking from a vivid dream. It took me a good few minutes to convince myself that it wasn’t. Not ready to face the day, I threw my quilt back over my head. The essence of sex and perfume stirred and wafted, filling my nares. Suddenly, every moment of the night before raced through my brain.

My ho-hum existence trudged onward. The day would start with PT (Army for exercise) before we broke for breakfast. After that we’d wash up, put on our BDU’s (camouflage uniform) and meet up at the motor pool.

I belonged to an ambulance platoon in a division support brigade. My title was ambulance medic, but I spent most of my time as an ambulance mechanic. For a bunch that was highly trained to save lives, we sure spent a lot of time turning wrenches.

At morning formation, Brad and one other medic were informed that they would be tasked to cover a mortar range over the next three days. That meant that he would draw an ambulance from the motor pool and meet up with another unit and provide medical coverage should anyone get hurt or fall ill while they qualified shooting their weapons. It was refreshing to be out of the motor pool and able to do your actual job, but that also meant he would be roughing it in the field for most of the week.

That day went by at a crawl and all the while I thought about my scarlet temptress. I wanted so badly to hold her and maybe finish what I started. Daydreaming about what happened and what could have happened the night before consumed my every spare minute.

My doubts began crowding out any hope that she would drop by and give me another chance, but I couldn’t help fantasizing about the things I wanted to do to her. On the bright side, Brad would be in the field. That meant I’d have the room to myself, so I could masturbate with some dignity and not have to sneak off to the bathroom. Maybe I couldn’t have her but, I could, at least, comfortably burn one down in her honor.

Way before daylight, 0400 the following morning, Brad and I were already stirring. He packed the last of his gear and we humped it down to my car. After dropping him off at the motor pool and seeing the crew off safely, I had a couple of hours to kill before formation. Maybe I should have gotten a little more rest before my day started, but I found myself cruising around base scanning for civilians, anybody that even slightly resembled my curvaceous siren and her ungracious amigo.

My search was in vain. All I did was burn up a quarter tank of gas, which I could hardly afford. As the workday dragged on, despair set in knowing that I probably would never see that girl again, or those amazing tits again. Soon I began to realize that pining over her was useless, and she was best left in the rear view.

When I arrived back at the barracks it was about ten minutes to seven. In my platoon, that meant that I was already five minutes late for 0700 formation. Sprinting, heart in my throat, I prayed I wouldn’t catch hell for this. There might be a chance that my platoon sergeant would be distracted, and I could slip in without him noticing.

As it turned out, I wasn’t quite so lucky. I turned the corner around the building and was immediately spotted by Sergeant Garrett. Everybody else was already lined up, ready for First Sergeant to call us to attention, officially starting our day. I took my spot in second squad at the end of the row just in time, but I knew I would still have to pay for my tardiness.

He almanbahis yeni giriş didn’t waste any time. As soon as our platoon sergeants were ordered to take charge of their sections, Sergeant Garrett let me have it.

“Stand at……ease!” He ordered before addressing me. “Shitbag!”

“Yes, Sar’nt,” I hollered back, not daring to venture that his disparaging moniker might be meant for someone else.

“Start beating your face. I’ll let you know when I get tired.” He directed, using a more relaxed tone of voice.

Without hesitation, I dropped down, planted my hands on the pavement and started pushing. Normally, I could bang out thirty or so push-ups before my arms started to waver. I found out in short order, that would not be necessary. My irate boss was impatient to let me know how displeased he was. When he finished, he let me rejoin my coworkers and he gave us the day’s agenda.

A few others and I were tasked to do some odd jobs in the motor pool, so we headed off to our vehicles. Turning the corner, I could have sworn I saw a female figure in an oversized white t-shirt. Before I could make heads or tails, it disappeared like a ghost behind a car in the parking lot. Nobody else seemed to notice as we diverged enroute to our respective rides, so I didn’t pay any mind. It wasn’t until I unlocked my door that it reemerged.

She was a row of cars over and was searching around for someone. Even with the baggy clothing, I could still see the outline of her heaving bosom. Although she was far enough away that I couldn’t possibly make out her face, there was no doubt who it was. I jogged over to her and when she turned my way, I stopped and waved.

“Hey you.” I said, trying to appear flippant. “Are you lost?”

When she recognized me, her face lit up with joy. “N-n-not now.”

“Where’s your battle buddy?” I asked as she closed the gap between us, and we embraced.

A bout of nausea struck at the thought of having to deal with that bitch, but I was relieved to find that she was elsewhere today. We pratted back and forth a while before I went in for a kiss. We went right into making out like the night before. Hopefully this meant there was a good chance we could pick up where we left off.

Looking down at my watch, I was reminded of the short leash I was on with Sergeant Garrett. “I’m on my way to work and I can’t afford to be late. What are you doing later? I’d love to see you.” I urged.

We agreed to meet up at the same spot at nine o’clock tonight. That would be perfect. I didn’t have the funds to feed her dinner and it was near enough to bedtime that she would get the hint that she wasn’t being invited over to play cards. Rendezvous all set, we parted ways and I went to work.

All day, I was so revved up, I could barely concentrate. I had a date. Not even a date, I had an appointment to fuck! I accomplished all the trivial chores assigned to me, but my thoughts were of Ingrid.

When we were dismissed for the day, I hurried to the chow hall for dinner and then back to my room to make sure everything was set for the evening. I made sure the whole place was spotless and addressed an errant odor coming from my wall locker. There was beer and snacks in the fridge and thanks to our troop medical clinic, I had an ample stock of free condoms.

* * * * * *

Sitting in my car, I eagerly scanned the parking lot, waiting for her to come back. It was a little early, but I didn’t want to miss her. Besides, I was desperate and didn’t really care if she knew. She, again, out of nowhere appeared in my side mirror. I waited for her to get in earshot before I made myself known.

“Marco!” I sang out through my open window.

She paused and looked around for where the voice was coming from but couldn’t pinpoint it. Giving up, she resumed her stroll.

“Getting warmer,” I teased.

This time she spotted me and trotted right up to the car. Her fun bags seemed to frolic around in her loose-fitting top. I got out to meet her and in the blink of an eye we were canoodling again, lip locked and squeezing each other tight.

Eager to get on with the fornicating, I invited her inside. Luckily, whoever was on duty had abandoned the desk, so we dodged that obstacle. I was able to walk her right up to my room with little effort.

Once inside, I offered her something to drink, but she refused. We each sat in the chairs in front of the TV and exchanged small talk. It became apparent why when she and Beth were together, it was Beth doing all the talking. She had nothing to talk about and when she did, her speech problem was so incredibly distracting. At one point she brought up her ex-boyfriend and asked if I wanted to see a picture.

“Whatever,” I thought to myself. “So, she isn’t elegant or tactful. That’s not what I was interested in to begin with.”

Feet away from each other, I felt I was losing momentum. The last thing I needed was to mess this up by being too polite. I stood and offered my hand to almanbahis giriş her.

“W-w-what?” she puzzled.

“Nobody puts baby in the corner,” I said.

The look on her face told me that she had no idea what I was referencing. I huffed and just pulled her up by the wrist. Her lips met mine and we kissed deeply. Lifting her by the hips, she sprang up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I spun and carried her around to my bunk and laid her atop the bedspread.

“That’s better,” I quipped as I crawled up over her.

“Ooh, I’m g-going to j-j-j-ump your bones.” She stammered.

“Not if I jump yours first.” I replied, snubbing her stale attempt at pillow talk.

We engaged in some over the clothes play but I was eager to advance my cause. Reaching around her back, I found the clasp on her bra and unhooked it. She offered no resistance, even pulling her shirt over her head without being prompted. Heavily making out and petting we matched each other undressing garment for garment until there wasn’t a thing between our exposed bodies.

Kissing and nuzzling, I worked my way down her neck to her chest. It was then I realized there was no need to rush. We were alone, no prying eyes or ears. Free to fully appreciate her beauty, I slowed down and took her all in. Kneading the doughy flesh of her bosom, I flicked her nipples with my tongue. My hands roamed her body, but soon my fingers found her snatch, which was already weeping.

Beside the point, but I noticed something strange. I’ve always been fascinated to find out how a woman tends to her front lawn. Not that I have a preference. Hell, I’ve been just as at home in the rough as on the green. Maybe it was that I found it interesting to see if a girl’s pubic feng sui matched with her personality or something.

Ingrid had gone with an unconventional coif. It felt unusually bristly as I ran my fingers through, odd enough I had to pause and look. What I saw was pretty much the same haircut they gave me in basic training. It looked like she had taken a pair of clippers with a number one guard and just buzzed the whole area. Like I said, I’ve never had favorite, but now I certainly had a least favorite.

Undeterred, I kept petting that kitty, working the soupy pleats and invading her with my fingers. Remembering the last time that I made her cum, I pressed my hand tight against the hood shrouding her clitoris while I digitally fucked her. Her thighs clinched tight around my hand, letting me know she was feeling every bit of it. Firmly, I took a nipple between my teeth and she let out a squeal along with a deluge of steamy broth into my palm.

As she cooled from the heights of her climax, she tried to articulate her gratitude. I muffled her by locking lips with before her bumbling made me lose my erection. The idea of progressing from hand stuff to oral crossed my mind, but I felt it was time to mount this beauty. She was clearly plenty warmed up, I just needed to go for it.

I was not so immersed in the moment that I forgot to be cautious. The top-drawer nightstand held my stash of condoms. Only breaking for a moment, I plucked one out and rolled it on.

When I made my move, she tacitly consented. Flat on her back, frog legged, she welcomed me to penetrate her. The anticipation was almost intolerable, but I advanced slowly, building suspense. My engorged cock in hand, I guided it into place and delicately situated it near the back of her vagina. Ever gently, I applied the minimum force that I could and instantly plunged in up to my knees.

Kidding aside, I felt practically no resistance. Between how loose she was and how slippery her secretions were, I’m sure she was feeling nothing. What’s worse, I couldn’t feel very much either. I began to worry how I was going to reach finale.

Being a good sport, I did give it to her nice and slow for a while, but not long after, I quickened my pace. My hips slapped against her ass with my balls pinned between. Velocity proved to furnish more friction and the exquisite heat from her insides helped as well.

She displayed all her sexual aptitude by expertly lying still with her legs apart. I mean, aside from her breathing and the occasional moan, I had no idea she was still alive. If I was going to get my money’s worth, I was going to have to spice things up myself.

First, I hovered over her and pushed her knees together against her chest. This offered a slightly cozier fit and she didn’t seem to mind the change up. When that got old, I threw her legs over my shoulders and humped her that way for a spell.

Finally, confident that I would be able to cum, I devised a way to tighten that pussy up for sure. I took both legs over one shoulder and crossed them at the ankles. Then, I pushed both legs back as far as I could. Her knees were practically in her face, but still, she did not object in the least. Satisfied with her tightness and quite impressed by her elasticity, I began hammering rabidly.

This was about the time I noticed almanbahis güvenilirmi the condom had slipped off. I wanted badly to power through. My pull-out game was on point, so I was sure I could escape in time. The problem is I was starting to peter out. Being out of the game for a while, I was getting gassed. Ultimately, I collapsed on top of her and rolled over onto my side, defeated.

While I was catching my breath, she crawled atop me and we kissed. I guess she felt the need to console me for not getting my nut. At that point she looked at my still rigid member and brought something to my attention.

“Oh, it s-s-slipped off,” she remarked. “Where do you think it went?”

I had to roll my eyes at the utter ineptitude. “Well, let’s see, punkin’. Where was the last place you saw it?”

Her face reddened when she realized I was making fun. I told her it was okay and fished it out of her. Then I grabbed another and rejoined her in bed. We cuddled a few minutes while I recovered. By the time I did, I had maneuvered her on top of me. She helped me reapply the raincoat and lined us up for insertion.

Eager to get started again, I began pumping vigorously from beneath. “This, I could get used to,” I thought. Her tits bounced and swayed in my face, while my hips delivered the mail.

“W-w-wait, stop,” she directed. “Le-e-et me do m-my job.”

Curious, I halted. That’s when she got up on the balls of her feet and started pistoning up and down. My girl was finally showing some talent. Now with her doing the work, I was freed up to play with her titties.

She maintained perfect speed and technique for an astoundingly long time. I pushed up giving her my entire shaft and she consumed it repeatedly. Soon, I felt the twinge of impending eruption. I savored her long as I could, until I was dangerously close. Bucking her off me, I was able to get out just as the first jet of spouge escaped me. Good thing, as it turns out, since we had yet another condom failure. We held each other, leaving me just enough room between us so I could rub out the remainder.

We lay there glued together by cum, cuddling. At some point I felt the need to clean up. I moistened a washcloth and wiped us both down. After that, we took turns using the restroom, her first then me and when I returned, she was asleep on my bed.

In all the excitement and anticipation of her returning to me, I had not given heed to whether she would be staying the night. Already past my bedtime, I didn’t bother waking her. Instead, I set my alarm and bedded down next to her on my twin sized bunk.

* * * * * *

As if waking to the obnoxious beeping of my clock radio wasn’t jarring enough, I was greeted by a pair of wide-open green eyes just inches from my face. As hard as I was sleeping, there’s no way I could know how long she had been staring at me. I was visibly spooked, but quickly I composed myself and duly addressed my new bedfellow.

“Well, hey there, hot stuff.” I mellowly tarted.

“Y-y-you sn-n-nore.” She jabbed.

Not bothering to reply, I kissed her on the forehead and trotted off to the can. My AM routine was short and sweet, but any distractions would make me late for PT formation. I could ill afford that. Paying no mind to her, I brushed my teeth and put on my uniform and running shoes.

“Okay, look,” I told her directly. “We’re going on a four-mile run today, so if you wait about thirty minutes everybody will be gone. You should be able to get out without anybody seeing you.”

I gave her another kiss and departed, locking the door behind me. She was trying to mumble out a response or rebuttal, but I ignored it. Hopefully, my cold demeanor communicated that I was not okay with her staying uninvited. Not that I wouldn’t mind shaking the bedsprings some more, but I did need to set some boundaries.

After PT we had an hour and a half to clean up and have breakfast before reporting to work. Returning to my room the door was still locked which meant one thing; Ingrid was still in there. Unhappy with our lack of understanding, I unlocked and flung the door open. With all the commotion, she didn’t even wake up, which further irked me.

I roused her by shaking her shoulder. When I asked why she was still here, she said she must have just dozed off after I left, which I knew was a lie. She was naked when I left, now she had her shirt and panties on.

“Uh, Muffin?” I stated condescendingly. “Maybe I didn’t spell this out for you, but you can’t live here. I’m not even supposed to have visitors. Why didn’t you leave when I told you to? The building is going to be crawling with people all day. That was our shot.”

“B-b-b-but my ex-b-b-boyfriend is in First Cav. H-h-he let me s-s-tay all the ti-i-ime. It’s o-o-okay.” She reposed sheepishly.

“Okay, two things,” I crudely snapped back. “One, I don’t give a shit what is ‘ok’ in First Cav. Second, I don’t want to hear about your ex-fucking-boyfriend. So, if you have any pictures, cute stories or sentimental nick-nacks, you’d like to share……just don’t.”

Sitting up in the bed, she turned beet red. I gathered everything I needed for a shower and slipped out of my shoes and socks. Without even looking back at her, I left her to sulk while I hosed the sweat off me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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