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As Katie sat on her personal veranda outside her hotel suite, she contemplated what she wanted out of life. Once again, she found herself on yet another travel adventure all alone. The day was absolutely beautiful and the sunshine warmed her skin yet her mood was still a little dark from regrets of realizing she was in the midst of starting over. Funny how each new time you try you bring away with you new wants, desires, and requirements to replace and fill your happiness bag that is carried inside of you. She vowed to herself, this time away from friends’ and family’s expectation of her would be pushed out of her mind. Instead she would concentrate on giving herself an overdue needed vacation and doing as she pleases.

Katie sat there smiling as she listened to the girl in the next suite over singing at the top of her lungs. She thought how she envied someone so full of life that didn’t have a care in the world and didn’t sound all that great either. However, apparently the other occupant had no idea that she was a key behind tune. Katie turned to the side just as the person whose voice she was hearing came out onto the balcony. She looked at her face thinking this blond was quite beautiful and becoming aware that the blond noticed her watching her.

Katie smiled and slightly waved a little embarrassed at being caught staring. The blond came to the edge of the rail and casually said, “I love this group; sorry to interrupt your peace and quiet.”

Katie shrugged nonchalantly saying, “Ah, it’s alright, besides you sound as if you were having fun.”

Katie found herself thinking how hot she found this other female also self-aware that she had never gone there before but desired to reach out and stroke the blonde’s skin. Katie closed her eyes wondering what was wrong with her. She felt an intense heat inside her now very wet pussy beginning to think about the videos she had watched with beautiful women doing each other in such ways that seem so natural as they made love to each other. Katie hoped the younger girl could not tell she had affected Katie’s demeanor of being calm. She started to become aware she was flushed and her nipples were hardening from mere thoughts of lust. The blond smiled at Katie and introduced herself stating her name was Angela DeVich and Katie smirked thinking how appropriate her name was for she had a face of an angel and a body of a sex goddess.

As Angela stood in front of her with an outstretched hand to shake, Katie noticed her tank top pulled across her bosoms and showed her erect nipples. Once again, Katie had to turn away and control her breathing wondering why she was so horny all of a sudden. This is not something she had done before so why would she be craving to see this beautiful luscious female naked.

They shook hands smiling at each other and Angela looked right into Katie’s eyes and said, “You must go to dinner with me. I just hate eating alone and I couldn’t help noticing every time I’ve seen you. You are alone.”

Katie chuckled as she admitted, “yes I am by myself,” beginning to feel anxious knowing she was affected by this beautiful very feminine woman couldn’t make herself say no cause she wanted to spend time with her so she agreed to meeting in an hour to go to a local restaurant Angela had heard some locals gushing over.

An hour later, riding in the elevator down to the lobby, there stood Angela and Katie laughing at each other for they each had dressed very similar, each in low-cut blouses, short skirts and high heel sandals. They appeared to be going clubbing instead of dinner but Katie just shrugged it off as each was very much aware of looking seductive with the thought, ‘You never know who you might run into.’

Katie could not help noticing that Angela looked smashing and once again Katie wanted desperately to embrace this woman in such a way that not even she understood why she felt she needed this so bad. Angela touched Katie’s arm and slightly leaned up against her as she whispered to her that she thought she looked sexy and really loved the smell of her perfume. Katie’s heart thumped faster craving to have Angela touch her again.

Almost as if Angela could read her mind, she brushed her tits every so slightly against Katie’s arm and spoke to her of what she had heard of this restaurant and what she thought she would order. Katie was having a hard time concentrating on what she was saying for all she thought of was how her arm was still pressed up against Angela’s tits waiting to see if she would pull away or continue to allow the contact. However, Angela continued to move ever so slightly and pressed harder against Katie’s arms now moving closer to her body with her own.

As Angela started to press her lower body against Katie’s, she found herself wondering if Angela too wanted something or if she was teasing her. Therefore she back up a bit not sure if she was reading the signs right; however, Angela slightly pulled at her arm and started to move in for a kiss just as the izmit escort elevator door started to open. Angela backed up and began talking to Katie about shopping and great sales on accessories she had run across earlier. Katie’s breathing was ragged and she once again felt flushed.

Once they were seated in the restaurant, looking at each other across the table Katie began to calm down again telling herself that Angela was just going to tell her something and when they were interrupted she was not comfortable to continue with their previous conversation. So she became once again alive and talkative enjoying her time with this free spirit she had encountered this time of travel. They sat through dinner talking and laughing as if old friends, each getting many smiles of appreciation of what the other’s company had to offer.

After finishing the excellent meals of this fabulous Italian restaurant, Angela suggested going to the bar across the street and having a few drinks before heading back to the hotel. Katie thought to herself she could really use a stiff one right now, with all the up and down of emotions she felt a little uneasy wondering how many how times did Angela laugh within herself at Katie stumbling over her words and actions.

They headed over to the bar and quickly succumbed to their appetites for liquor. Katie was enjoying her jack and coke, as Angela seem to be enjoying drowning her hurricanes. They had chosen a back table along the wall to have some privacy to continue talking that had taken a turn towards sex and desires with men. After a few drinks, each of them seem to move a little close to each other and once more Katie started to feel Angela’s legs pressed against her own.

She turned to look at Angela and saw a lustful glance gazing back at her. Her clit began to swell wanting to feel that blonde’s mouth on it tugging at it like no other had ever done before. Katie licked her lips almost tasting what it would feel like to kiss a girl. Angela placed her hand on Katie’s leg underneath the table and began to rub her thigh and spoke to her in a low seductive voice saying how sexy she thought she looked. Katie was a bit doubtful wondering how such a beautiful woman could possibly find her attractive yet she herself was struggling with her self-control to maintain from grabbing her head and planting a kiss on those full lips.

She realized here she sat a Hispanic woman lusting after this Caucasian female and she desperately wanted to taste what essence this beauty consisted of. Katie reached over and placed her hand on Angela’s leg and gently squeezed it. Angela reached down and placed Katie’s hand between her legs and pressed her fingers to her wet spot that had begun to throb, opening her legs a bit so Katie could feel her hard clit and the wetness that awaited her tongue. Angela opened Katie’s legs with her other hand and rubbed her lips with her fingertips easing her anxiety with soothing words of desire. Angela leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Let’s go back to my room, I have many things I can teach you. Trust me Katie. I will make you feel good and cum like no man has ever done.” They quickly picked up the check and hastily made their way to the hotel looking forward to the experience that had been building up since first meeting.

Once in the elevator again, they found themselves all alone. Angela pressed her up against the mirrors as she ran her hands down the sides of Katie’s body, her lips pressed up against Katie’s lips and moved in such a way that both of them felt the fullness of their lips and tongue stroke up against each other. Katie was enjoying kissing her female companion. She found the scent of Angela’s skin was enticing and held her attention without falter. Katie reached up behind Angela’s head and gently grabbed the base of her head with her hand and pulled her into her closer so she could feel her body quiver as they kissed.

The bells of the elevator rang out as it warned them that they were be opening for a stop. They pulled away from each other looking a little tousled and heated in the face from the desire each of them felt. They smiled sweetly to the group of men that walked in noticing how flustered they must appear because the men kept looking at the two soon-to-be lovers with sideway glances. Katie couldn’t help wondering if the guys could tell anything abnormal was happening in there. So each of them flirted casually with the boys trying to cover up what had begun to take place for this evening of a new sexual adventure for Katie. Once their stop came, Angela grabbed Katie’s hand and pulled her out with a big smile towards the guys to allow them the freedom to wonder what would be taking place once they reached the room.

Angela opened up her room and as Katie was guided in, she began to get a little nervous again wondering if she would truly satisfy this experienced woman with her hesitant efforts. Angela gently pushed her towards the bed and turned her around to begin to undress her and lace her neck with izmit kendi evi olan escort strokes of her tongue as she kissed her eagerly. Katie pulled Angela in to her own body and began to unbutton the top and ran her hands along to her breasts to cup the perky tits so she could see what it would feel like to suckle on her erect nipples. Katie ran her tongue in a swirl around Angela’s hard bud and flicked her tongue as she remembered men had done to her.

She began to become moist. Katie wanting to experience everything she had heard of and seen on adult films she realized she was eagerly becoming aware of how wet she was and needed to be guided to an orgasm with this beauty. Katie ran one hand down Angela’s taunt stomach and yanked at her panties to fall down so Angela could open her legs and allow Katie to experience more of what she was teased with earlier. Angela stood spread eagle and Katie got down on her knees and began to rub Angela’s lips with her fingertips watching her slightly shake as she became more and more turned on to the innocence of Katie’s experience.

Angela turned around and leaned over the bed allowing Katie to have a full view of her ass and inner pussy as it began to spread ever so slightly while bending over. Katie placed two fingers there and began to press on her wet hole making it juice more from the desire of wanting to feel her fingers scratch the earning she was feeling. Katie stood up and parted Angela’s lips apart and inserted her fingers into her babygirl’s everlasting wetness that began to pulsate around her fingers. Katie’s own tits rubbed up against Angela’s back as she consistently pumped her fingers in and out of Angela’s tight little hole.

Angela began to moan from the intensity of which Katie was providing her with as she kissed her back and rubbed the inside muscles of her pussy. Katie took her fingers out of Angela and was faced with Angela’s big beautiful eyes looking back at her. Angela turned around and reached down for Katie’s hand and brought it up to her own mouth. She sucked on one of Katie’s fingers that was placed inside of her and reached out to take Katie’s head in her palm as she guided her towards the other finger to watch her suck it. Katie sucked on her own finger and could taste the sweetness that Angela had to offer.

Angela wanted to taste Katie so she helped her lay down on the bed and spread her legs open as she led her tongue to Katie’s fat clit and began to suckle it with her lips and tongue from the inside of the grip. Katie reached down and pressed down on Angela’s head to feel all she offered her. Katie started to move her hips up and down as if fucking Angela’s tongue. She loved the way Angela had started to finger fuck her while using her tongue to flick on her clit. Katie wanted to experience what it was like to do that to Angela so she reached down to Angela’s face and asked her to please mount her face so she could eat her out.

Angela smiled and placed her pussy on top of Katie’s face as she went back to working on Katie’s hot pussy and making her moan as she felt the excitement of a woman’s tongue pleasing her lovehole. While Angela was once again finger fucking Katie and licking at her clit, she took to spreading Angela’s lips open and began to lick inside ever so slightly and inserted her tongue as if were a dick, stroking it to the rhythm of Angela’s hips swaying up and down onto Katie’s mouth. Katie took a hand and began to rub at Angela’s asshole wondering what it would be like to lick it and make her giggle from the tickle it would cause.

Angela moved on Katie’s fingers she had inserted inside her to help with the stimulation of orgasm while Katie moved her mouth towards Angela’s ass. Katie hesitantly began to lick very softly and slowly on Angela’s asshole making it moist with her saliva. Once it was moist and naturally spreading for more stimulation, Katie inserted a finger to fuck her ass and make her squirm with delight all the while being stimulated herself by Angela’s beautiful mouth. Katie was enjoying fucking this woman and wanted to feel her hot cum hit her mouth so she sucked harder and more intensely with the effort to make her succumb to her desire to have fulfilled Katie’s desire.

Both woman eagerly played with each other in ways of giving to another that has touched you in such ways of only earning desire can be satisfied. Angela began to squirm in a heated rush as her cum was beginning to spill out onto Katie’s lips and tongue. Katie could feel herself reaching that point of ecstasy and hoping deep inside that she would taste good to the blonde that has given her such a sweet memory. Katie eagerly ate as much of Angela’s wetness as she could take while Angela began to moan loudly and start to let out screams of pleasure. Once Katie heard the deep desire in Angela’s screams, she began to unleash her own orgasm against Angela’s mouth. She felt Angela spread her lips open and lick her fast and deep trying to taste all she had to give her. Both women were truly satisfied and could not believe how hard they had cum from the talent of each other’s sexual appetites.

As she woke up, Katie realized that laying there next to Angela watching her sleep, she was extremely horny again. She wished to experience that sweet tasting snatch of Angela’s once again. She gently reached over to Angela’s legs and parted them so she could insert her face to that wet hot hole and wake Angela up to a very pleasing moment. As Katie began to rub Angela’s lips with her fingers, Angela began to stir and deep from within her she started moaning. Katie took her fingers and made circular motions inside Angela’s tight pussy, she wanted to get that hole nice and wet so she could enjoy sucking on the wetness and taste everything this woman had to give her. She pumped her two fingers inside Angela quickly and stiffly needing this blond to feel the intensity she herself was feeling for having experienced the sweetness of making a woman cum.

Katie slipped down near Angela’s pussy and began to tongue-fuck it making her tongue nice and stiff to poke her opening to delight. All of Angela’s wetness was seeping out towards her lips so she licked some up with her tongue and used it to moisten Angela’s clit, which was becoming hard. Angela was moaning and her body was starting to react to being motivated towards something she enjoyed with a passion and Katie wanted to be the one to take her there again. Angela reached down and took Katie’s head in her soft hands and held it as she flicked her tongue on Angela’s clit. Katie was enjoying making this woman continue to ache for her tongue to satisfy her need for intimacy and she wanted to experience the depth of full-filling her need to explode again.

Angela becoming fully awake opened her eyes told Katie that she wanted to show her real pleasure of fucking a woman. Angela got up from the bed and went over to her suitcase and pulled out a strap-on. Much to Katie’s surprise, she became extremely aroused and wondered what Angela would do with it to her. As Angela began to put it on she told Katie to get up on the bed with her ass up and spread her knees. Katie was so wet and was starting to leak out from excitement, she felt Angela come up behind her and rub the dick along her legs, teasing her and making her desire more. Angela placed one hand on Katie’s lower back to steady her and the other hand was used to guide that stiff toy into Katie’s very wet pussy.

Once inside, Angela began to fuck Katie as if that toy dick was her own. She grabbed Katie’s hips and began to pound her to hear her moan again and again,. Katie could not believe the hotness of her pussy and could feel herself ready to cum. Angela pounded Katie’s sweet pussy to the point of ecstasy; and when Katie exploded on the toy she bent down and ate Katie’s juices from her wet opening and turned Katie around to make her taste herself off the cock. Angela wanted to watch Katie suck a cock so she looked down at her and encouraged her to swallow the dick and suck it dry.

Katie was nervous and timid at first cause this was all new to her. Hesitantly, she started to suck on it like she would a man. She loved giving head so she just concentrated on it being a real cock and Angela being the male. She found herself once again horny and wanting it all. She fingered herself while sucking the cock toy clean, Angela was moaning from watching Katie’s reaction and she begged Katie to give her the cock now. Katie eagerly got up and allowed Angela to assist her with putting it on.

Katie walked over to the sofa in that suite and called Angela over to her. Katie sat down and she told Angela it was her turn to ride the cock. Katie helped Angela to get in position to straddle her and ride as if she were riding a man. Katie wanted to make Angela cum so she could watch her cum from riding a cock as hard and big as her newest body part. Slowly Angela started to move on it and Katie grabbed her hips and guided her to an even pace. Once Angela had the rhythm going, Katie held onto her hips but started to lick her nipples every time she came near her mouth. She took her hands and wrapped them around Angela’s great looking tits and fondled them while being ridden like a horse. She licked Angela’s nipples and suckled them long and hard, gently teasing them with small nibbles.

Angela grabbed Katie’s face and pulled it towards her and forcefully kissed her needing to taste her mouth while she fucked her newest playmate. Katie grabbed Angela, in return, by the neck and held her firmly while glazing into her eyes to let her know it was ok just needed to feel that raw intensity of making her feel that hard cock that needed her. Then she ran her hand to the back of Angela’s head and pulled her closer into her wishing that toy was really her cock and realizing how wonderful it would feel to have Angela’s juice explode on her play dick. Angela rode hard bouncing up and down looking into Katie’s eyes while needing her to touch her and hold her tight. Angela began to quiver and Katie could tell she was about to cum. Katie quickly sucked a nipple and flicked her tongue for Angela to have all the pleasure she could from Katie’s efforts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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