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Singapore girls are generally much more sexually conservative than counterparts from Western countries. This makes the partly true/partly fiction story of Selina in ‘Asian Innocence Manipulated’ a rather ‘slow hand’ stimulating journey into erotic experience.

Her transition from a sheltered innocent virgin under the exotic spell of a masterful artist in a real French ménage a trios is not just about sex, it’s about educating the innocent.

The island nation of Singapore, the smallest country in South-East Asia, has many beautiful young women, and Selina is one of them, living there to this very day only 10 years older as she celebrates her 30th birthday this year.

Her story though, is about her life from age 19 to 23. It is the story of a young woman emerging from a highly sheltered upbringing in one of the world’s most advanced yet sexually conservative parts of the free world.

She’s sweet, poorly educated, naïve and too trusting, but the very attractive, curvaceous 19 year-old soon to turn 20 Singapore girl is naturally captivating by her innocence and sensuous charm. Her shy, compliant persona hides a sexual passion hidden too long by a restrained upbringing.

Selina finished her final school term at the bottom of the class. When it came to thinking for herself she just didn’t cut it. Her teachers just shook their heads and said it’s just as well she has beauty to make up for what’s missing between the ears. But if Selina thought school was a tough learning curve, there were much stranger lessons to learn when she got her most remarkable first fulltime job three months before she turned 20.

Before that it was just part time or casual work as a supermarket checkout girl and at night, attending tables at a restaurant. But one day it all changed suddenly and excitingly. In the times ahead she will encounter manipulated innocence, her sexual naivety exploited yet rewarded in the most erotic way. The real story starts now.

She stands naked in front of her huge bedroom mirror brushing her shiny jet black hair that falls down to the elongated points of her light brown areolas of her well developed 36-inch firm breasts. The nipples stand out as though they have been sucked on long and hard, but they haven’t. They are just naturally prominent. In contrast to her slim frame her breasts are eye-popping and exciting to look at. They fit perfectly and so very upright in her lace bra although her narrow width back makes her breasts seem bigger than they are but certainly not top heavy.

It is early on a Monday morning and she’s answered an advertisement in a local newspaper. Although she flunked most of her exams she thinks she could qualify for this job and is desperate to escape the dead-end future she seems to face after being a major failure at school. Remarkably she is optimistic about her chances considering it’s a job most likely suited to someone who did far better at school than she did. The part that raised her hopes was a line that said no experience necessary as full training provided.

She knows with her poor academic record she will find it very hard to get a well paid respectable job anywhere with so much competition among much brighter girls her age. The job offer sounds almost too good to be true and she knows she could be set for further disappointment but she must at least try. Somehow, the advert seems to be asking for her.

It reads: ‘Wanted — Attractive young local girl aged 18-21 to assist busy respectable international business professional. Must be prepared to travel. Extremely good earnings, up to $980 weekly on commencement plus in-house free accommodation and bonus options on advancement. Successful applicant must be slim. A good figure and facial beauty is more important than academic qualifications as full training provided Successful applicant will have a warm compliant nature, attentive with impeccable manners and pure habits essential.’

Selina is sure this is meant for her. She is compliant, she has impeccable manners, she is trusting, she is a virgin and pure in thoughts, she is slim with an hourglass figure and everyone tells her how beautiful she looks. Restaurant customers even tell her she should be on the cover of a magazine. She is free to travel as she is now her own keeper with no ties to bind her. Yet.

She is determined to prove she is not just a pretty face. Her appointment is set for 3pm and she is the final applicant to be interviewed, lucky to just avoid the cut-off for interviews.

This is what she sees looking into her bedroom mirror undressed: a very pretty face and a figure of near perfect dimensions. She stands five feet seven inches in bare feet. Her teeth are immaculate and brilliantly white. Her mouth is sensuous with full lips. Her big brown eyes sparkle with energy, her skin is unblemished, and her body is shapely. Her shoulders are narrow in typical Asian build, her hands are small with slim arms, but her legs perfectly proportioned with firm shapely thighs ankara türbanlı escort and buttocks that many a man would die for.

Her pointy nipples are like mini monuments. She is buxom by Asian standards, but the balance is just right, allowing her to walk with poise and elegance. She may be utterly naïve and not the smartest kid ever to come out of high school but one look at Selina and she could be top of the class anytime, anywhere.

All this means little to Selina who never put a value on her real beauty and a sexiness that is enhanced greatly by her purity. Incredibly, she has never experienced sex with anyone but her own touching. Being fondled by someone else would be a dramatic experience let alone anything beyond that. Throughout her life she has been cocooned from relationships with the opposite sex in a strictly controlled orphanage upbringing. Growing up this way makes her strangely fearful of sex even though she succumbs to private urges to touch herself and only think what real sex could be like.

She is largely ignorant or simply uninterested of many things that are commonly recognised in today’s more liberated society, such as the high ratio of women who are bisexual. At 20, she has never seen two women kissing passionately, only the friendly greeting kisses. Selina is the epitome of a sexually attractive adult with the experience level of an innocent adolescent. Her hips move to a gentle sway, her body’s size and appearance is cute, curvaceous, smooth, delicious and inviting. She is a treat about to be served.

She leaves her rented apartment in the north-western district of Bukit Batok, half way across the city, and heads for the MRT station close to the West Mall shopping area for the job interview totally unaware at this time at least, that for the past 18 months she lived there she has been closely watched by her Indian landlord. No part of her beautiful young nubile body in its natural state has remained private from him. When Selina took the apartment over from two female students who lived there for two years, like them, she too, was impressed with the wall length mirror in her bedroom. It made her small room seem larger.

She doesn’t care that in the apartment block her quarters abutt the landlord’s quarters because she is a quiet girl and doesn’t play loud music or hold parties. Lying on the bed naked or in her flimsy negligees most nights reading romance novels isn’t noisy fun. Nor is leaning back in the padded easy chair up close to the mirror watching her fingers get wet as she so often did, legs parted and heels touching the base of the mirror, turned on by the sight of herself giving way to the constant urge to feel sexiness and to see it happening right in front of her own eyes. Selina’s ritual was to pretend it was someone else touching her.

It’s as close to real sex she would get, always too afraid to ever invite a boy back to her room because remarkably, the real thing was something she couldn’t contemplate. She only thinks she must please the man and she is not sure how to go about it, so she pushes it from her mind. Someone told her as a developing girl that if you kiss a boy you could end up pregnant and in her mindset, she took that statement too literally. ‘If I kiss a boy I could lose control and end up pregnant’ is how she took it.

Her landlord doesn’t mind either that she has these frequent urges to satisfy herself in sexual positions — sometimes in the daytime and sometimes at night. The very reason he personally installed the specially imported wall length two-way mirror from a shady ‘under the counter’ agent was to rent the apartment always to young, attractive females. They were not to know that while they saw only themselves in the mirror, on the other side of the wall the landlord enjoyed a wall length uninterrupted view into their bedroom as if there were no wall at all. He found Selina, like the others, a very engaging tenant.

She arrives at the Crown Hotel at Orchard in Orchard Road (now called the Park Hotel Orchard) for her interview and is directed to the floor and room where the interviews are being conducted. There she is greeted by a strikingly attractive woman of about 30 years of age looking like a secretary in white blouse, skirt, stockings and high heels. The first thing Selina notices is her immaculate figure and virtually no make-up to improve an already very attractive face.

“Hello Selina, my name is Josette,” she says in a voice that clearly comes from France. “I am the personal secretary for Mr Jacques Pardie, who cannot be here just at this time and I am interviewing all the girls wishing to work for him. Please be seated.

“Mr Pardie is a very successful international photographer who sometimes stays in Singapore for months as his base for this region and sometimes he goes back to Europe. He does work for magazines, websites and private clients on special assignments.

“He does a wide variety of work for clients ankara ukraynalı escort in several different countries because his work so good, but his specialty and where he is most busy are the art forms of erotica.

We are so busy we need to employ an au pair girl to live in-house here and be helpful and who may be in a position to travel with us. Are you interested in that?”

Selina is not quite sure what an au pair girl is supposed to do as it sounds awfully French but the inference sounds like a domestic of some kind so she nods with a big smile without saying a word in case she makes a mistake and ruins her chances. She is lucky that Josette explains the role further.

“I will explain,” she says. “The position is one of great importance to Mr Pardie as it involves living and working very closely with us in a household domestic sense such as preparing meals, general household work or other things he may seek to involve you in.”

“So it is a servant’s job I am applying for,” Selina asks, a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

“No, it’s not a servant we are after it is an au pair girl of the original French intention. When we bring an au pair girl into our household she becomes, like one of the family, not as an outsider. We like to think we are adopting the person as one of our own without taking the person’s free thinking away from them to be as they want to be.

“You can cook, yes?”

“I do well, but I am only used to making my own meals but I do try many recipes,” she replies wanting to stay as their choice. “That’s good because the better your imagination the better it will be,” Josette says but the broader meaning of it goes over the young girl’s head.

“Now Selina, you may be wondering why Jacques himself is not conducting the interview. He relies on me, as I understand his every which way. I do these secretarial jobs to free him up and I know his needs. He is a very masterful man, quite brilliant in his work and so in command of himself, so confident.”

“Have you worked for him long,” the innocent one asks meekly to show she is interested. “Jacques and I met in Barcelona where he was working and I was on a holiday from my home place in Lyons in France. We became lovers and it helped in those early times getting to know him because I was working as a swimsuit model, not those skinny fashion models where they don’t have any tits and look like they need a feed.”

Selina is more relaxed and laughs lightly, but is still nervous inside.

“I must ask you some personal questions to assess whether you would be most suitable for this position. You are my last interview after talking to more than 30 girls and only one other person meets the kind of match Jacques is looking for.”

“I can imagine he would be very particular being such a busy and successful businessman,” says Selina. “Yes, and because of that, I must also have you pass a basic test.”

Selina freezes inside at the very suggestion of even a basic test. This is her greatest weakness, passing tests. Josette has been instructed to try to trick the job aspirants into admitting something he needs to know.

“I realised this is quite personal but it is extremely important as to who gets the job,” the French secretary explains. “What is the last time you had sex with a man?” Josette asks, looking directly into Selina’s eyes to see if she is slightly evasive.

“I’ve never had sex with a man.”

“Never? Never once?”

“No, I’m embarrassed to say at nearly 20 I am still a virgin.”

“That is all right, you should not be ashamed of that. There are bound to be good times ahead in your life. Have you ever kissed another woman on the lips or been approached by another girl for any kind of sex pleasure?”

“No absolutely not.”

“Does the thought offend you?’

“I don’t know what to say. I’ve heard about things but I’ve never been in that kind of situation. Maybe it’s romantic for them to do it I suppose as women are such romantics but I can’t imagine what it would be like.”

“Has anyone ever touched you, fondled you somewhere, and even kissed you passionately?”

“No, never. The closest is my landlord who puts his arm around my waist sometimes and another time around my shoulder when he greets me but that’s all. I am lucky to have a thoughtful fatherly type landlord who says he must keep watch over me being so young and on my own.”

Her complete innocence is what Josette is looking for and raises the secretary’s hopes of finding the perfect attractive young woman somewhat pure as the driven snow so Jacques Pardie, an expert in erotica, can influence her and teach her.

“Oh Josette, please don’t tell Sir I am like a schoolgirl being so inexperienced in adult things. He is such an important man he must meet lots and lots of women who are so experienced in life and he would not know about my very sheltered upbringing. I was raised in an orphanage and only ulus escort released when I turned 18 to go out and support myself. Since then I stay living by myself in a small unit in the Indian quarters and working in lowly paid jobs.

“Luckily, the landlord there was so kind to me by reducing my rent to next to nothing to help me get started in life. He said he didn’t want to lose me as a tenant as I was too cute to be looking around the streets for cheap accommodation, not knowing what sort of people I could run into.”

“Tell me Selina, does this man often stop to talk to you and try to keep you in his company as though he has some special interest in you?”

Selina looks puzzled by the question. “He does ask me sometimes in for a cup of tea as he lives alone, but he is not interested in me as a woman I’m sure, just as a tenant. But he does ask me every time if I have met someone yet. He thinks I do not need a man in a hurry as for my age I should just please myself, whatever he means by that.”

“But I think he looks out for me and wants to make sure I don’t get led astray. He even bought me a vibrating toy he said I could use if I ever wanted to and didn’t even ask me to pay him for it. He just said girls my age use them a lot but I never before saw such a toy before in the shape of a man’s thing.”

“Oh that’s interesting Selina, and did you ever use it?”

“Not at first but one afternoon the landlord came by to deliver a pot plant he thought I could use on the window ledge and he brought me in a glass of goat’s milk and asked me to try it as goat’s milk is supposed to be very good for my complexion. I’ve never tasted goat’s milk and it tasted strange but I drank it so not to offend him. He said it was loaded with lots of nutrients that women often use on their face as well as other things that will boost my energy and make me feel very good.

“I got used to it each time he brought me in another glass most nights. I said he shouldn’t fuss over me like that but he said he once had a daughter my age but she died in an accident and he missed fussy over her. I just let him keep fussing provided he didn’t want anything from me like sex. That would horrify me.”

“Selina that’s very interesting but you didn’t say if you actually used the vibrating toy he gave you.”

“Oh, I’m sorry; I was leading up to that. Yes, I did a week after he gave it to me. It was not that long after the kind landlord came in with the pot plant and he gave me the goat’s milk to drink. That evening I felt so happy and joyous but I don’t know why and I got this intense urge to satisfy myself. That’s when I took out this toy and tried it.

“Josette, you must think I am a very boring sort of girl being a virgin and so inexperienced but I do try to get sexy with myself in front of my bedroom mirror. I started using the vibrating toy watching myself. It was such fun.”

The French secretary laughs but not to mock her. “Selina I think that is so cute. So when was the last time you played with yourself in front of the mirror?”

“Last night sometime after the landlord came around with some food for the pot plant, and more goats’ milk!”

“Let me tell you something Selina, goat’s milk is good for you but not that good that by itself it makes you feel like having sex but I think somehow there is a connection in another sense.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to imply I was having sex, I was only turning myself on as I had a real urge to undress and get nasty with myself being on my own. I told you the truth when I said I have never had sex with a man, and I never have. Josette, I am too shy to bring a man back to my room as he would discover how inexperienced I am and I could not properly please him.

“In a way it rather frightens me the thought of it. Of course, in my room no one can see me and I can do things to get excited about myself. I get by that way.”

Josette is more and more convinced that this pretty young thing is just the kind of au pair girl Jacques is hoping to find. A good looking natural girl of about 20 who is totally inexperienced in sex and still a virgin, pure of mind with a curvaceous figure and a submissive nature.

“I think I am coming to like you for your honesty especially, young lady but getting back on track now, because everything I ask you from this moment is strictly because it relates to the work role you are applying for.

“I have to tell you that Mr Pardie has asked me to ask you this next question for a reason. “Will you please undress so I can take your measurements, your breast size, hips and waist and your height?”

Selina is not sure what to do and panics inside. “Oh, oh, I didn’t know I’d be asked to undress; I am a modest person who cannot possibly undress in front of someone. Do I really have to? I’ve never undressed in front of anyone before. Why is it necessary?”

“Selina, how anxious are you to be picked for this position? It is an exciting opportunity for a young woman your age, is it not?

“Oh I so need to win this job I can’t explain just how much it will mean to me. Will Mr Pardie be mad if I don’t undress?”

Josette smiles wryly. “He is in charge, not me. I just carry out his orders. Now you must undress so I can see exactly what he could be getting if you were his au pair girl.”

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