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Annihilator Monster


The narrator of our story is Maddy Williams, a woman with cappuccino-colored skin and coiled black hair. She is a sophomore in college on the Football (American) team with a trim muscular build well suited for a running back. For the last couple months (off-season) she has been playing a tabletop roleplaying game called StarHunters: Asteroids and Aliens with a few college students who have become her good friends. She and Cesar Vidal, the handsome Latinx sophomore with long hair, glasses and an undercut who organizes the game, sometimes hang out after the event. One such time, he shared that his ‘friend with benefits’ (Jasmine) put a pause on their relations when he broke one of the rules and gave her a gift. Jasmine Thompson is a pretty blonde woman, with brown eyes, and a pear shaped figure. She is a fiercely independent Junior in college, who reconciles her relationship with Cesar soon after. She and Cesar treat Maddy to lunch as a thank you for helping them get back together. She agrees to go with them to Mexico for Spring Break.

End of Recap

On Friday after my last class, I drove back home. I spent the weekend before the break with my family. My mother and I ended up cooking recipes she’d seen online while watching our favorite soap opera, The Doctors. She was always trying something new in the kitchen, and I enjoyed helping. On Monday I saw a couple friends from high school just to catch up and then on Tuesday morning my little sis drove me to the airport. I flew to Mexico, landing in Tijuana just after lunchtime. I met Cesar, Jasmine, and Vera at the terminal. Vera is Jasmine’s friend from college, a tall Asian girl with dyed blonde hair in a bob hair-cut. She seemed a bit prissy upon first impression, but as I got to know her she turned out to be a friendly goofball.

We exchanged our dollars into pesos and then had to wait about an hour for the next bus to Rosarito. During the conversation we had while waiting, I learned that I was the only one who hadn’t been to Mexico before. We got on the bus when it arrived and then it drove about half an hour to Rosarito. Then we hopped in a taxi to drive us to the rental house. Although many of those we met spoke English, I was thankful Cesar didn’t mind acting as our translator.

The rental was a one story house and nothing fancy, but seemed to have everything we might need like a kitchen, bathroom, clothes washer, dryer, and coffee maker. There were just two queen beds and a couch, but I didn’t mind. I was used to sleeping on a couch. The highlight of the house was the combined kitchen and living room with doors made mostly of glass that opened to the brick patio on the beach. In the center of the patio was a firepit and beyond it, the beach with crashing waves of the Pacific ocean. The house was a great place to have a party.

By the time we got situated with our luggage and rooms it was nearly three in the afternoon. None of us had much to eat over the travel day, so we decided to walk to a seafood place called La Chula about half a mile away. It tasted very fresh and went well with beer. We grabbed some bottled water, vodka (Jasmine hated tequila), and a few six packs at a nearby minimart before going back to the house and turning in early. I slept on the couch, leaving Jasmine and Cesar with one bed and Vera with the other. The sound of the waves were the perfect white noise as I drifted off to sleep.

The next day, in the early morning, we found a place that rented out surf boards and gave lessons. It was busy because of Spring Break, but Cesar and Jasmine managed to book someone to teach them. I thought it was a bit pricey. Luckily, Vera knew how to surf, so I got pointers from her. We rented a couple longboards, spread wax on them, then swam out towards the waves. It took many tries, but I was able to stand up a couple times before we called it for the morning. We had lunch at a place well known for carnitas, and then hit the beach again to ride ATVs. Not long after that, Vera complained that she wasn’t feeling well. She waited while we continued on the ATVs because we had paid for an hour. When we got to the house she went directly to the bathroom. She must have had food poisoning, but nobody else got sick. We thought it was the soup, because she was the only one who ordered it at lunch.

Vera stayed at the rental with Jasmine while Cesar and I walked to a nearby minimart and bought some plain food for her like white bread, bananas, and more bottled water. We also got that pink medicine that’s supposed to coat your stomach. I felt bad for her to be sick just as we started our trip, but there wasn’t much else we could do.

Although I was a bit concerned about going out to eat for dinner, I was also quite hungry and wanted to see what other restaurants there were. At first Jasmine didn’t want to leave her friend alone, but Vera insisted she would be fine staying at the rental to rest. So we went to another seafood place. This one was a bit farther South, but still within walking distance. The food was similar to bahis şirketleri the first place (La Chula), but I thought the tacos were a bit better. We all avoided the soup, just in case.

We came back and found Vera asleep on the bed. Everyone else stayed up late drinking beer and vodka around the fire we lit on the brick patio outside. Jasmine tried to get Vera to eat something, then went to bed early, sleeping next to her on the bed. Cesar and I chatted for a while. We started talking a bit about his childhood. He told me that he grew up near Mexico City. But then the conversation changed, when he thanked me again for being such a good friend. He said Jasmine and him were really glad that I came. They had wanted to take me out to a bar for drinks and dancing. I smiled, but wondered if that would really be responsible considering how sick Vera was. Cesar agreed that it might not happen now. We ended up talking for about an hour about some of our favorite times from our StarHunters game and previous games Cesar had played until the couple logs which were burning in the fire went out. Then I went to the couch to sleep.

The next morning on Thursday, we went to the minimart and grabbed some more food to bring back to the house. It was just eggs, toast, orange juice, and conchas (Mexican Pastries). I mixed screwdrivers (vodka with orange juice) for everyone to sip with our breakfast, while Vera kept to water. Everyone, including Vera, ate outside on the patio. We talked about the plans for the day, which was to visit Puerto Nuevo, about 20 minutes South along the coast, but Vera still wasn’t feeling well enough to travel. None of us wanted to go that far from the rest of the group (we had heard things about crime), so we decided to just relax on the beach. Everyone except for Vera changed into swimsuits and laid on the sand. I put on a dark pink swimsuit that was a razorback top with matching bottoms cut like boyshorts. Cesar wore light blue board shorts. I noticed the work he had been doing in the gym was starting to show, especially in his arms. Jasmine looked absolutely amazing in a metallic green top, black bikini bottom and green sarong. Vera sat on the patio with us, watching the ocean and people surfing.

After an hour or so, we headed to the ocean to play in the waves. Vera went back inside to rest. The sand felt good on my toes, but the temperature of the water took some getting used to. We swam a bit, and waded in the sun. It was the perfect day to throw a ball around, so I got the pigskin I packed from my bag and started throwing it up in the sky and catching it. Cesar and Jasmine even tossed it around with me. We had lunch at the carnitas place again, then walked down the beach in the evening. We met a group of four American girls there who told us of a good fish burrito place. Vera went out to dinner with us this time, but she stuck to rice and chips. The fish burritos were really good with the salsa roja. Vera went to bed when we got to the house, but the rest of us talked until late at night. The conversation was about all sorts of things, college, life, everything. We drank a little more vodka and beer as we laughed and told stories from our lives. I was really enjoying Cesar and Jasmine’s company, they were such a good couple. We turned in just before midnight. I collapsed on the couch, all the time in the sun finally got to us.

On Friday Vera was feeling much better. We went to Puerto Nuevo, which had great tasting lobster. Vera even had a few bites, but took it slow just in case. We walked around the small town, then stopped at a club for dancing. I drank enough to get tipsy, dancing with a few people on the hot dance floor. It was the first time I got to see Cesar and Jasmine dance and wow were they fire! I wanted to dance with them more, but we left early because Vera wanted to get more rest.

The next morning Vera took the bus back. She had already planned to leave earlier than the rest of us. It was probably for the best since she still wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. Cesar, Jasmine and I were staying another day. After seeing Vera to the bus, we took a ten minute cab ride for an early lunch at Tacos el yaqui. It was a place Cesar had heard of and always wanted to go. There was a long line, but it was worth it for the taco perrón (super tasty). Afterwards we went back to the beach to drink beer and wade in the surf. Jasmine was getting buzzed drinking screwdrivers I mixed, while Cesar and I stuck to beer.

That night after dinner we found another dance club. It seemed a bit slow compared to the one we visited yesterday. There were a couple decent looking men and women, but no one that was really my type. I was wearing loose jeans that were belted just below the hem of my boxers, a cropped white tee, and a couple dangling earrings. Cesar was wearing all black (vee neck tee and pants) and Jasmine was wearing a sexy black blouse and a short gray skirt. There were great dancers, sometimes grabbing me to join them. We had lots of fun. We had been drinking throughout the day, so bahis firmaları I had a good buzz going on. The number of people grew after an hour or so. Then something that nearly ruined the night happened. While dancing next to a tall guy with broad shoulders I felt his hand on my ass. I caught his wrist and told him no, just like he was a bad dog. He was coming on too strong, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt, since it was the first time, and he was probably drunk. When it happened again though, I just walked away. I wasn’t interested in some stranger feeling up on me.

I decided to stay close to Jasmine and Cesar for the rest of the night. They were finishing their drinks from the bar, sweat dripping from each of them when I found them. I got us another round of cold drinks and explained what happened with the guy. I remember Jasmine’s words of encouragement.

“We can go if you want,” she said. “That guy can suck a dick.”

“It’s alright.”

“Just dance with me for a bit. I’ll make you forget that loser.” She put her hand on my cheek and everything else just faded away for a moment as our eyes locked. It was like a cheesy movie. My face felt warm and I couldn’t help, but smile like an idiot.

“Uh… yeah,” I said. She grabbed my hand and took me and Cesar to the dance floor. We danced for nearly an hour and at first we were a comfortable distance apart as close friends usually get, but we quickly got closer and closer together. We were all smiles and sweat. Then a pop dance song started blaring and mixed with electronic music we started to sing loudly, laughing and bopping to the beat. We grabbed a few more drinks for a quick cooldown, then Jasmine whispered to me that she wanted to freak me. I smiled, feeling hot in the face as she pulled me in close on the dance floor.

Again the thumping beat of the music reigned and we lost time as we danced, our bodies pressed so close together. It was very hot and sexual. It was Jasmine between Cesar and myself, but sometimes we would swap positions as we swayed to the music. By now it seemed like an hour of dancing in which our bodies were basically dry humping. I felt like a raging inferno of lust. Most of the dancing was a blur in my memory, but the next thing she did was unforgettable. My face felt hot with alcohol as I moved, rubbing together. I was freaking her from behind, then she grabbed my hands and pulled them up onto her breasts. The blouse she was wearing was a deep vee that reached a few inches above her waist. My fingertips brushed against her silky smooth skin as she pushed my hands down her flat stomach to the wide belt that held her tight skirt. My pulsing pelvis was pressed hard against her amazing ass and I felt wet between my legs. Then she turned towards me and pulled me close for a kiss. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and then it was as if our surroundings disappeared with just her and I in a dark room with the music pounding. I wanted her so bad. I panted when she pulled back. I had never had a kiss so powerful and sensual.

“You alright if we take this party back to the house?” She kissed along my neck and behind my ear, waiting for my response. It seemed too good to be true. I looked at Cesar and he didn’t seem to mind, so I mustered up my courage.

“Yes,” I said, as the music became loud again.

Jasmine looked back forward to Cesar who had a coy grin.

“Let me call a cab,” I didn’t hear him above the din, but I saw his lips make those words.

Jasmine grabbed me by the hand and Cesar with the other, leading us outside. She pulled me against the wall of the club and began making out with me. I was pretty drunk, but I remember being surprised at how forceful she was. Cesar waved for a taxi when I heard someone say the word dyke loud enough so we could hear. Jasmine and I at the same time flipped the bird in the direction of the comment. We smiled and when I went to kiss her she turned away.

“What?” I said.

“Taxi’s here,” Jasmine said.

“Oh,” I laughed sheepishly as Cesar held the door open. We piled in, Cesar giving the driver our destination as I pinned Jasmine against the seat.

It wasn’t too far to the rental house, but we took every moment to explore each other’s mouths. I have much thicker lips than Jasmine, but her’s are a decent size for a white girl. She usually wears a glossy peach color that tastes sweet. I remember her giggling when I used my teeth to pull her lower lip playfully. She seemed to enjoy nibbling my ear and neck, teasing me and then kissing me deeply. When we arrived, I remember Cesar laughing and having to yell that we were at the house. I guess we hadn’t noticed, being too busy. I was sweating as we left the car. Cesar paid the driver and opened the house doors for us. Jasmine pulled me and Cesar through the halls and into their bedroom. She pushed him to a chair in the corner with a grin as she and I got on the bed.

We stopped for a minute to take off our shoes. I remember unlacing and removing her stylish boots. When I was finished she crawled kaçak bahis siteleri up on the bed on all fours. I had an enchanted view of her plump ass and white panties beneath her skirt as I unlaced my shoes and peeled off my socks. She flipped onto her back and turned towards me, smiling as I crawled after her. I went slowly with my lips on her legs, starting at her ankles and going up to her knees. I spread her legs gently and pushed my mouth between them. Her skirt had ridden up, revealing her wet panties. I flicked my tongue against them, my hands pushing up to her breasts and feeling hot against her skin.

She responded immediately, swearing, squirming, and grabbing my hair as I pressed against her underwear with my mouth and savored her flavor and aroma. She wanted to kiss more, but I wanted to just rip her panties off and give her a night she’d never forget. I also knew I should pace myself. It had been a long time since I’d been with someone, let alone a person as amazing as Jasmine, and I wanted it to last. She deserved it. I deserved it.

I remember the decision to slow down at that moment. I sat up and entwined my hands with hers as I kissed her lips. She laughed as I pushed her back against the pillow. Then I pulled her hair gently and kissed along her neck smelling citrus and vanilla from her blonde locks. My lips moved behind her ear, causing her to squeal. She explained she was very sensitive there. I nodded in understanding as I unbuttoned her blouse as fast as I could muster. There were only a few keeping it together, but all the drinks were making it difficult for me to use my fingers with much skill. She helped me with the last one. When she removed the blouse, revealing her perfect breasts I don’t remember what I said, just that she giggled and began kissing me again.

She complained that I still had my pants on so she pushed me down and began fussing with my belt. I watched her undo the buckle and then the button, her perky breasts barely shaking as she did so. She slid the baggy pants off and tossed them to the floor.

I looked over at Cesar at this point, and noticed he was standing and staring at us. I might have said something, although I don’t remember, except that Jasmine turned toward him and apologized for not paying attention to him. She got on her knees in front of him and started unbuttoning his pants. I walked on all fours and sat at the edge of the bed. She asked me to kneel next to her. I did as she said. Jasmine got him to step out of his pants and used her mouth to get him firm. His manhood was short but quite thick. I remember watching her pretty peach lips envelop as much of the tip as she could as I sucked her pink nipples until they became hard.

She moved slowly back and forth over him. After a few minutes she asked if I wanted a taste. I didn’t mind, in fact I was curious. When we switched, I started at the same speed she had, first probing him with my tongue and wrapping it around the surface before opening wide and seeing how much of him would fit. Although he wasn’t very long, he was definitely a mouthful, a feeling I had forgotten. I’m not the biggest fan of giving guys head, but to be honest it felt good, pressing him tightly against my lips.

Then Jasmine asked me to pause for a minute as she removed my cropped tee and tossed it to the chair. I went back to work on her boyfriend as she rubbed my breasts over my racerback bra. I remember that when I started to taste a bit of his precum I felt warm between my legs. I knew from my own experience that turning someone else on frequently did the same for myself. I pulled back and then Jasmine and I switched places. Cesar was squirming and seemed close when Jasmine shoved her mouth onto him more firmly.

She popped back and smiled, telling him he would have to wait his turn as she pushed him back to the chair with a giggle. He had a smile on his lips like the Mona Lisa. I wondered if they had a domination thing going as she took my hand, leading me back onto the bed. This time she pushed me down and pulled up my bra. I removed it the rest of the way. She smiled and kissed my breasts and put her hand between my legs, rubbing it over my boy-style boxers. When she pressed lower beneath the fabric, I moaned, my face felt hot and my pelvis pulsed with approaching pleasure.

She giggled and kissed me, sucking my tongue as she pulled back and ran her finger across the pulsing button between my legs. Then she moved down, her face between my legs and pulled the boxers off. Her tongue pressed gently at first and then firm steady strokes. I remember it feeling hot in that room, pouring sweat as my body was nearly vibrating with pleasure, but also the wind from the ocean breeze would blow and feel so amazing. After only a few minutes she had me ready to burst. She twirled her tongue around my clit. I wasn’t expecting that kind of motion from her. After her continuing this movement with an amazing frequency and rhythm, I felt the pleasure build like a slow earthquake and suddenly burst as I could hold back no more. I remember my hips shaking and the bed squeaking as I had an orgasm that felt like an earthquake. I had wanted to make her cum first, because I thought I would go too quickly, and it seemed like I was right, but it was too late.

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