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I was 20, and had just dropped out of college when I moved in with my friend Brian. We had been good friends for years, he even got me a job at the local Diner where he worked. We were both straight, or so I thought, and I had never thought about him sexually until a few weeks ago, when this happened.

We had both gotten off work and were back at the apartment watching TV. There really wasn’t anything on besides reality TV shows and room makeover programs. Brian suggested we pop in a porn. ” I really need to rub one out.” He said. This wasn’t anything unusual, we had jacked off to porn together many times. I grabbed a cumshot video and put in the VCR. By the time I got back to the couch Brian had his pants down and his dick was starting to get hard. I undid my belt and dropped my pants, taking a seat on the other side of the couch from my roommate.

The video started and we were both jacking our cocks. Occasionally I would sneak a peak at his cock, just out of curiosity. I artemisbet yeni giriş took a little longer look at him stroking his dick, when he noticed. “Like the view buddy?” I looked up at him and apologized. “It’s ok dude” he said and continued to jack off to the video. A few moments later his cock erupted. Brian’s cum covered his hand, and a little flew over and landed on my leg, inches away from my rock hard penis.

“Oh Shit! I’m sorry Jeff!” He said noticing he had just sprayed me. “But I got to admit, it looks kinda good on you.” He said smiling, but I couldn’t tell if he was joking. I wanted to find out, so I wiped it up with two fingers and then licked it off. I watched Brian to see his reaction. He watched me and smiled.

“mmm pretty good” I said, and I wasn’t kidding. I have tasted my own jizz before, and it wasn’t bad. Maybe it was the fact that this was someone else’s cum, but it was really good. “Want some more?” Brian asked with a big smile artemisbet giriş on his face, as he lifted his legs and took some of the cum off his hand and placed it on his asshole.

I didn’t even have to think about it. I got up and positioned myself in front of his waiting ass. Like I said, I had never considered myself gay, but then again I never had the opportunity presented to me. I stuck my tongue out and moved the cum around over his asshole, teasing him a little before I licked it all off. I continued to play with his asshole for a couple minutes as he moaned in delight. I pulled my face out of his ass crack and started to lick his balls. I moved up the shaft and to the head. I ran circles around his cock head with my tongue before wrapping my mouth around his dick. I sucked Brian’s cock, lapping up the remaining cum, pausing even couple seconds to wrap my hand around his shaft and stroke it.

Brian Put his hand on the back of my head, forcing me to suck artemisbet güvenilirmi harder. I was so turned on! I stuck a finger in his asshole and pulled it in and out in rhythm with my sucking. I grabbed hold of my own cock with my other hand, ferociously jacking off.

My roommate blasted another load of his cum in my mouth. I swallowed it all and took my mouth off his cock, and gently kissed the head of his penis. I got up on the couch, straddling his body, my cock right in front of his face as I continued to jack off. He opened his mouth in anticipation of my blast. Jizz flew out of my cock and all over his face, some managed to make it into his mouth.. He took my cock into his mouth, giving me the best blowjob I had ever had. None of the girls that had even sucked me off before were even half as good as Brian.

The porn was over, and we were both pretty tired from our explosive rumble together. “Lets call it a night” I said, heading to the bedroom, “I’m beat.” I crawled into bed naked and Brian came into the bedroom. But, he didn’t crawl into his bed, he walked across the room and crawled in next to me! He took hold of my cock and whispered in my ear, ” I’ve been dreaming of that moment since you moved in.” then he kissed me and we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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