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A wild storm had kicked up quite a fuss; and the power has been knocked out because of it. In this house, set back in the woods accessible only by a long gravel road, there are candles lit and the scent of the rain is blowing in gently from the open windows. And she is there, lying across the loveseat with her bare feet dangling over the arm. I can’t help but to admire her in her short khaki skirt looking peaceful listening to a slow song. She seems to never go without her music, no matter the circumstances. Laura is unaware of my presence, and I have a fleeting moment where I tell myself I shouldn’t be looking at my friend’s wife with my imagination spinning out of control. But looking isn’t doing, and last I heard there were no strict rules against that.

Besides the soulful music, it’s silent in the house, a bit too silent. When my eyes come back to her I see she has finally noticed she isn’t alone anymore. Instead of being startled she smiles at me. “Felix, what are you doing here?”

“I was just stopping by to make sure you guys were okay. I told him I would check on you while he was out of town.” Her husband, my friend, didn’t ask me to do anything, but I thought I should.

“I’m relaxing, enjoying the music and sounds of the storm, not a care in the world.” She says, still smiling. I ask where the kids are because it’s never this quiet. She laughs and tells me they are staying the night at her sister’s. “She owes me more than one night, but they don’t like to be gone from home for too long. They get home sick. I have to admit I absolutely love the solitude. I’m never alone anymore.”

“Oh, well if you’re trying to be alone…”

“No, I didn’t mean for you to leave. Stay and enjoy the peace with me for a few.”

So I sit down with her and we enjoy a comfortable bit of quiet and then we chatted easily about different little things that made us laugh or shake our heads and I enjoyed being with her. The longer I sat with her and talked to her and looked at her, the stronger my need to touch her became. She pointed to a bright red cardinal playing in a puddle outside with another cardinal not so bright in color and we both turned on the couch to look out the open window. A strong breeze sprayed rain onto our faces and we both leaned back away from the window laughing like carefree children.

“I better shut this before the couch gets soaked” Kneeling on the seat of the couch she reaches to lower the window but it won’t budge. “Here, let me help”, and kneeling behind her, my arms extend over hers and before she can move her hands the window slides down fast, our arms coming down with it, causing us both to bend over quickly. Her ass lands directly on my lap and I can feel myself getting hard in an instant. We both get untangled in a flustered hurry. She is blushing and it only makes me more aroused for some strange reason.

I licked a raindrop from my bottom lip and couldn’t help but notice when her eyes went to my mouth and then to my eyes as if to see if I noticed her looking. I reached for her face to gauge her reaction, to see if I was misreading things, bahis firmaları her eyes widened a bit as if surprised. “You have a few raindrops on your cheek.” And I brushed my fingertips against her soft skin “There, all gone” And she softly released the breath she had been holding, which I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I had not been paying attention. So now I knew. Now I was really in trouble, and if I was going to keep myself from doing something stupid I needed to get the hell out of there. “I should probably go.”

She looked down, “Oh, okay. Thank you for checking up on me. I appreciate it.”

But I didn’t want to go and I wasn’t exactly rushing to get up. I was actually thinking of some excuse to stay longer when she looked up quickly, “I love this song!”

I had forgotten there was any music on, but now I paid attention to the slow romantic song and inspiration struck. “How about a quick dance before I go? Another way to enjoy your peace” I say half jokingly. I expected her to say no, knowing she is shy about dancing in front of other people, but she surprises me and says yes.

I stand and hold out my hand and she places her fingers in the palm of my hand and slowly stands and comes to stand close to me. My other hand goes around her waist, hers on my shoulder and we begin to slow dance. Once our eyes meet, they stay there, and she says quietly, “At last”. I look at her inquiringly and she smiles sweetly when she speaks again, “That’s the name of the song.” Now I am wondering if she has been thinking about this, about us, before. And how did I not know?

Our bodies have been edging closer and closer, I loosen my hold on her hand and run my hand up her arm and down her back, slowly bringing her closer still. We both stop dancing not able to concentrate on it anymore and I say to her, “Please… don’t tell me to stop” I lean down and kiss her gently and she kisses me back. Feeling her sweet tongue on my lips has me wanting to taste her in return. Her arms windd around my neck and I feel her body pressing against mine and still I need more of her.

I don’t remember pressing her against the wall, but am very aware of gently pushing her skirt up her thighs and my hands discover more soft skin. Our tongues still tasting each other as I caress her thighs playing with the edge of her panties in a way that lets her know I want more, much more, but she won’t know when or exactly where I’ll go next. I feel her body trembling and her heart racing. It’s very doubtful anything like this will ever happen again between the two of us and I want to draw it out for as long as possible, but I really doubt we will be able to control ourselves for very long.

She is hot as lava in my arms and her body is telling me she wants me as bad as I want her. Every moan and incoherent word is turning me on more and more. She slides her leg up my thigh, wrapping herself around me trying to get closer. I grab her delicious ass and lift her up until I can feel the heat of her cunt on my hard dick and she wraps her other leg around me, squeezing and grinding. My hands slide under kaçak iddaa her panties a bit massaging and kneading her ass cheeks to the rhythm she has set.

We still have not been able to unlock from our kiss, the feel of her tongue and the way she sucks on my lips has me hypnotized.

Then like a splash of water in my face she pulls her lips from mine and pushes away. Chest heaving, lips swollen from our kisses she says, “I can’t. We can’t do this. I’m… sorry.”

She wasn’t the only one trying to catch their breath, “You’re right. Laura, I apologize and it won’t happen again. I better leave now.” I quickly turn and head for the front door and walk out in the pouring rain to my car. Hands searching my pockets for my car keys I call myself all kinds of a fool for doing what I did instead of just leaving when I knew I should have. Even now I still wanted to go storming back in and kiss all reason and logic right out of her, touch her everywhere until all objections to the situation flew away with the wind. Shit! Where are the damn keys?

“Felix! You forgot your keys.” I turned rooted to the spot not trusting what any movement might set me off to do and watched her dash through the rain towards me. Instantly soaked, she held my keys out to me but all I could do was admire her nipples and the roundness of her breasts through her thin white shirt.

I really don’t know how long I would have stayed that way if she had not covered herself with her hands. I looked up and started to apologize yet again when I saw her lips wet and glistening from the rain. I wanted to know what she tasted like in the rain too. I mentally shook myself and reached for the keys which were now being held between her fingers and her breast. When my fingers briefly brushed against her hard wet nipple she moaned and tried to pull back at the same time which resulted in her slipping and when I tried to catch her I ended up slipping in the mud as well. I was quick enough to make sure my weight didn’t land on her and didn’t mind at all when she landed on me instead.

When I saw her disgruntled, mud-splattered face I couldn’t help but laugh. “Oof!” I went after she repaid my laughter with an elbow to my ribs. This seemed to improve her mood because now she was laughing at me! Well I am a believer in revenge so I began tickling her ribs and that started a rolling in the mud tickling match. Not much later I ended up on top of her and we were both out of breath with laughing so much and almost completely covered with mud. She giggled and said “You’ve got a spot of mud on your cheek that looks like a heart.”

“Ugh, a heart? What do I look like, a girl?!” She giggled again and reached up and wiped the girly splatter off my cheek, then her hand stopped but I still felt her touch and when I looked into her eyes I saw she was no longer feeling playful. Taking a handful of my hair, she pulled my face down and kissed me with an urgency that was contagious. Instead of getting pushed away again later after getting all worked up, I pulled back a little, and asked “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Felix, I want to do this.”

I kaçak bahis grabbed the bottom of her soaked, muddy shirt and pulled it up over her head, tossing it to the general vicinity of the porch, then directed my complete attention to her exposed skin. I touched with my lips, tongue and teeth, holding her in place with my hands under her back as she slid around in reaction to my touch. It wasn’t raining quite as heavy anymore, but it was like taking a low pressure shower, and with the temperature being in the nineties lately it felt damn good out in the rain and mud. I really can’t express how grateful I was for the complete lack of neighbors.

“Take your shirt off too.” She demanded, and damn it, I aim to please so that’s exactly what I did next. She playfully traced mud over my chest and abs and I could tell how much she liked what she saw and felt. I hauled her up and against my chest and kissed her with the rain coming down on us, water sliding down over our skin as we caressed each other into a erotic frenzy of astonishing need.

Her hands were frantic in their need to unfasten my pants and when I felt her pull my cock out and stroke me I became single-minded in my need to be inside her. I yanked her skirt up to her waist and ended up ripping her panties to get them off her which seemed to excite her extremely.

Before I could do anything else she pushed me back to a lying position and straddled me. I was so damn hard; she grabbed the base and guided herself down slowly. As the head began penetrating her, she moaned and her neck arched back and I swear I will never forget the sight of her covered in mud, rain slicing in rivulets down her body, her tight hard nipples. She looked so exotic riding me, and how I felt her tightening on my cock as she came, moaning in pleasure, I don’t know how I restrained from exploding inside her right then and there.

But this wasn’t an occasion that would allow for a simple quickie. I pulled out and urged her to change position which she was more than willing to do, raring to cum again. I practically slid in the mud to get behind her as she got on hands and knees in the rain and what a view! Her pussy looked so eager for attention, lips pouting. Much to her delight I slammed deep inside her, and kept a steady, swift pace that had our skin pounding together, splashing water and mud off each other. She braced her weight with one arm as she used her other hand to stroke her clit in regular yet frenzied motion. As she came yet again she slammed her ass back to meet my thrusts trying to go even faster which was hardly possible but the effort felt amazing.

She screamed in ecstasy during her release and not long after, I warned her I was about to explode myself. I was a bit alarmed when she pulled off me but was then in seventh heaven when she whipped around to finish me off with that sweet mouth of hers. Every time I felt her mouth descend down the length of my cock I could feel how wild with arousal she still was by the amount of enthusiasm she showed.

As I felt myself starting to cum I pulled out and shot what seemed an impossible amount all over her throat and breasts. As I tried to catch my breath I watched the rain wash her beautiful pale skin, splattered with mud and my cum. And wondered what could possibly be better than this…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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