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We were at the restaurant – the elegance in our dress portrayed the elegance in the atmosphere. We were in the back corner of the room, the lighting, soft and romantic – making us look our best. You looked so sexy and your eyes never left mine. Your slight touches sending an electric jolt through my system.

We start with delicious wine smoothly going down our throats. And then you start…..

You start very quietly telling me what you plan to do to me when we get back to the hotel. As I put a shrimp in my mouth, you say, “Summer, when we get back to the hotel, I’m going to kiss you hard against the wall. You’ll feel how much I want you when I kiss you. I will hold your face in my hands, but your whole body will feel how much I want you when I kiss you.”

Captured by your words, I’m responding – as I always do with you. I don’t know what to say and you tell me to say nothing. To just eat, drink, and listen. So I do. You know I’ll do whatever you tell me. So as I gobble another shrimp, you lightly touch my arm to my wrist sending warm shivers through my body. And you go on….

“I will slowly unzip your dress letting my fingertips touch your back, lightly, deliberately and softly and let it fall to the floor. I won’t stop kissing you, Summer, your hunger will be obvious, but you’ll go at my pace.” You visibly see my reaction at the table – my throat swallowing, my eyes filling with lust, the goose pimples on my arm. Those are the visible ones to you, but you know there are others and you like to feed them.

“Against the wall kissing, pressing up against each other, you’ll feel how hard you make me, how much I want you. You’ll try to touch me, but I take your arms over your head and keep them there while kissing you, grinding against you making you feel the length of me. You’ll be hungry, Summer…. casino şirketleri But you’ll need to wait.”

I am enraptured by your words, unable to talk or eat. You feed me another shrimp and I try to lick your fingers, but you take them away too fast. “You’re wet now, aren’t you, Summer? Tingling and pulsing…. I know you are. But we’re at dinner and you must behave.”

I keep squeezing my pussy – I can’t believe the physical impact without any touching at all. I’m dying to relieve some pressure, I’ll be in more control if I could just do that, but you hold my hands, stroking your nail in my palm. You know that the internal wire between my palm and pussy is hot and alive. And you keep talking.

“You, in your intricate red lace one-piece teddy, pushing against me still clothed. You are trembling with need, kissing me frantically, begging me to touch you, to release this pressure. Similar pressure to what you’re feeling now, but more urgent. I start kissing down your neck feasting on your skin. It’s feverish. I push down the shoulder strap to the teddy and kiss you all over your neck and shoulders. I lick the outline of your teddy with my strong tongue. Your nipples are poking through the fabric, begging for my mouth. I start with my fingers, gently but deliberately stroking the fabric over your nipple. You want me to suck it, Summer? You nod your head, but it’s not enough. Tell me. You do – ‘suck my nipple, pleaaaaaaase!’ I do, not because you want it, but because I wanted it. But the relief in you is palpable, the desire building as I suck your nipple through the fabric. I nibble, suck, bite and you start quivering and grinding your pelvis against me. The first time you cum against this wall will be just from my sucking your nipples.”

As I sit across you at the table when you say these words, casino firmaları I start feeling the build in my pussy. I am close to cumming with no touching involved – just this verbal seduction you’re playing. Our meal comes breaking the tension and we start to eat. But you continue. “I pull down your teddy and let it slip to the floor, leaving you naked and me clothed. I feast on your delicious nipples, first one – then the other, rolling the opposite one with my thumb and forefingers, pinching them like you like it. I feel your build as I suck, I feel your body prepare for the explosion, I hear you moaning and begging – knowing that it’s soon – begging for it to be soon. And then you start to explode. Against the wall, moaning, writhing, holding on to me so you don’t fall.”

I’m listening to you and although trying to concentrate on dinner, my body is taking over and I know that my body will betray me and lose control.

“You’re about to cum, Summer…. But you must wait. I’m in charge of when you cum.”

I tell you that I can’t help it.

“You must.” Then you take your fork and feed me a bite of my food. Bringing me back down just a little, but just keeping me right there on the brink. “After you cum the first time against the wall, I know that I need to taste you. You try to push me towards the bed, but I’m not ready for you there. I kiss down your skin, your belly, your navel, your hips – all very warm. Each kiss and lick I give you, you respond with quivers. I get to your thighs and move your legs apart a bit. That top inner thigh is the softest part on you and so sensitive. I kiss and lick there then very lightly flick my tongue over your slit and you flinch. Your hands in my hair showing me where you want me. But I know and I want to taste.”

I am now unsure if I can hold the explosion güvenilir casino and you whisper softly, “Summer, cum.” I do. I’m holding on to your hand so tight as my body can’t stop the build and need you created. I can’t believe you just talked me through that and think that now we will continue with our meal, but no – you’re not done. Foolishly I thought that the one release would give me more control, help me concentrate better. Your spell over me, though, is more powerful, and you continue. “I taste the essence of you as I lick your pussy from one end to the other. You continue to fill my mouth with your juices and I decide to press my tongue against the spot that drives you crazy and keep it there. You try to move your hips, but I am strong and keep you still. You beg me, please to move my tongue, but I know that you’ll cum in seconds and so powerfully, if I just keep it there just so. So I do – the flat of my tongue pressing against your hard clit and the build and body wracking orgasm takes over your body. You almost collapse on me, but I hold you up. I swallow all your juices then stand up so that when I kiss you, you taste yourself on my lips.”

I am spellbound again and soon will lose control again. I ask that we go home and do all you say. I’m dying for you. You tell me I must wait. I’m under your spell. So we continue with our meal and you continue with your sweet torture. “I quickly remove my clothes, my body now ready to touch your flesh. The lust in your eyes fuels my erection and you stare at it. Is this what you want, Summer? It’s always what you want, my little horny girl. You again try to move to the bed but I’m not ready for that yet. I start kissing you again, this time my cock against your belly. You start to moan, asking me to come inside you. This time I must feel your wet warmth surround me. And, with one swift move, I ram it up inside you shocking your body in to another orgasm that squeezes me and spasms and gushes your juices all over me. By now, you’re screaming with release, pushing me over the edge filling you.”

I can’t wait to get home…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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