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I can’t remember how many times I hit the snooze button on my phone. The time was now 12 noon and it was definitely time for me to get out of bed.

The anticipation of my date with Aunt Penny kept me awake the night before.

“Damn, I must have only dozed off slightly after 3am.” I thought to myself, as I vaguely recalled scrolling aimlessly on my phone at around that time.

As I lay in bed I received a text from Aunt Penny:

“Morning Nick! I’m heading out to town for some shopping with a girlfriend soon. Just wanted you to know I’ll be home by 4pm and will be ready by 5.30pm hun 😘”

I felt my dick stirring. I wondered what Aunt Penny would be wearing for our date.

After a quick jerk off session, and having some leftovers for lunch, I tracked the order I placed yesterday for a six rose bouquet- It was due to arrive at around 3pm today.

I then googled a restaurant called Trattoria Ilaria to have a look at their menu- I recalled my aunt telling me loved the lasagna here on the first night she arrived.

As I didn’t have a big lunch, I decided a steak would do me good tonight. With that, I placed an order for their lasagna and sirloin steak for dinner, and a tiramisu to share for dessert. The restaurant confirmed that they would be able to make delivery by 7.30pm.

Next, I drove to the nearest mall to get two bottles of champagne, fresh olives and some wall hooks and fairy lights.

I also managed to get my hands on a canopy with a salmon coloured, translucent, lace material.

Upon rushing home, I put the champagne in the fridge, cleaned my room and placed wall hooks on each wall at my eye level.

After running the fairy lights through them, I then affixed a hook right above the centre of my queen-sized bed before hanging the canopy.

I was glad the lace was large enough to cover the headframe of the bed and its sides. It allowed for a gap at the foot of my bed.

I turned on the fairy lights and admired the set up. It looked romantic, but at the same time I wondered if my aunt would to spend the night with me. Gosh I hope she does.

The doorbell rang, “Oh yeah, the roses.” I remembered.

I hid the bouquet in my room and now just had enough time to trim my balls and take a shower before Aunt Penny came home.

As I was in my room ironing my dress shirt, I heard the main door unlocking downstairs.

Moments later, I could hear Aunt Penny coming up the stairs, the sound of shopping bags rustling against the handrails.

“Have you taken a shower darling? she yelled.

“Yeah aunty, bathroom and toilet’s all yours!” I answered.

I checked myself out in the mirror. I had worn a pair of navy blue chinos and a white dress shirt. I put some cologne on the sides of my neck and wrists.

With Aunt Penny getting dressed in her room, it was time for me head downstairs.

Bouquet of flowers in hand, I made my way to the kitchen to set up the dinner table before placing two empty flute glasses on the bar counter.

I nervously waited. My stomach already making noises.

I heard the sound of heels coming down the stairs and the scent of Aunt Penny’s signature rose, grapefruit and pear scented perfume.

I made my way to the living room to greet her, with the bouquet of flowers held against my back.

My jawdropped as I saw this goddess of a woman trotting down with her high heels.

Aunt Penny was wearing a fitted burgundy coloured halter neck mini dress with the hem inches above her knee.

Her plunging neckline exposed her entire cleavage and allowed me to feast my eyes on the inner sides of her firm D cup breasts.

The neckline stopped perhaps an inch above her belly button.

She had very light makeup on with lipstick that matched her dress.

“Hmm, like what your aunt’s wearing for our date?” she asked while giving me a twirl.

Her high heels made her stand at about 6ft, as tall as me now.

“You look gorgeous Aunt Penny!!” the words finally escaped my mouth.

“You’re not too bad yourself my dear. Lookin’ very handsome.” Her hand stroking my cheek and checking me out from head to toe.

“Here, these are for you.” I extended the bouquet to her.

“Oh my! These are beautiful Nick. It’s been ages since I got roses!!” her eyes gleaming.

Without a pause, she wrapped her arms around me and planted a kiss right on my lips, I could tell she was careful not to smudge her lipstick.

I ran my hands down her smooth, bare, back as we hugged. The smell of her freshly moisturised body mixed with the scent of her perfume now intoxicating me and making me hard.

Aunt Penny then wrapped herself around my left arm, “So what do you have planned my dear nephew?” she asked enthusiastically.

“Dinner will be served at around 8pm, but first I’ve got us some nice champagne” I winked.

“Ooooh, champagne. I’m loving this date already.” my aunt purred, giving me a cheeky look.

I lead her to the kitchen an Aunt Penny sat on the bar stool by the kitchen counter.

Taking her bouquet, I escort bayan placed it in a vase and brought out the champagne from the fridge.

My aunt took the bottle for me and examined it. She gave me a nod of approval, “Hmm, fantastic choice.”

After popping the bottle I poured us a glass each and brought out the fresh olives to munch on.

The romantic playlist I created the night before now streaming from my phone to the speakers all around my house.

“Oh this is definitely setting the mood right Nick.” my aunt’s eyes following me as sat next to her on her left.

“Cheers to us!” I said, trying very hard to look her in the eyes as I raised my glass.

Our glasses clinked and Aunt Penny took a sip, “Ahh this hits the spot!”

“I’m glad you like it. There’s another bottle in the fridge by the way.” I said with a grin. I took some time to admire her silky mini dress and could see that her nipples were erect.

“Oh tonight’s definitely going to be a party then.” my aunt narrowed her shoulders, causing her boobs to squeeze together as she noticed me glancing at her nipples.

I just wanted to rip her dress off her and suck on her tits there and then.

We chatted for a bit, reminiscing about our younger days, “Ah those fond old memories of you… not once did I ever think I would be here years later, on a date with you.” she giggled as she took a sip of her second glass of bubbles.

“I’m the luckiest woman in the world to be wooed by a young, handsome and strapping young lad.” she continued.

“To be honest, your the hottest woman I’ve ever asked out on a date Aunt Penny, I’m punching above my weight.” I said putting my right arm around her bare shoulders and kissed her cheek.

Aunt Penny turned her head towards me and locked eyes with me, “Yeah maybe you are.” she joked.

“But honestly, I’m really having such a good time nephew. You look and smell so good too. I love you.” she whispered as her she placed her hand on my hip and let her lips meet mine.

As we kissed, I dropped my arm from her shoulder and ran my fingers down her back.

Just as I was running my fingers up to the side of her breasts, the doorbell rang.

“Fuck, it’s dinner.” I blurted.

Aunt Penny burst out in laughter, “I’ve never see anyone this disappointed by the arrival of dinner!!”

“Well, take it as a compliment then.” I said, still slightly frustrated.

“Oh my. You got Trattoria Ilaria?? And you ordered the Lasagna!! I love youuuu!!” she celebrated as she hugged me.

I set dinner on the table, and we were seated closely next to each other.

As we ate, “Nick you went all out for me didn’t you? Roses, romantic music, food from my favourite restaurant. I’m in cloud nine right now.” she giggled.

“Only the best for the loveliest aunt in the whole wide world.” I chuckled.

“Ooh this is soo good. Here try some.” my aunt licked her lips, relishing her lasagna as she fed me.

“Yeah it does! Here try some of my steak too.”I cut a small portion of steak and fed my aunt.

Soon after dinner, Aunt Penny was making her way to the fridge to pop the other bottle of champagne and we had our dessert.

“Lets head to the living room shall we?” glasses in hand, Aunt Penny lead me down the hall.

I couldn’t take my eyes of her back and her round ass she she strutted confidently.

I was already inebriated at this stage.

On the couch, we sat close to each other and Aunt Penny set our glasses on the coffee table in front of us.

She then brought her face close to mine and said, “Now, I know you’ve been dying to make out with me all evening. So, why don’t you show me how much of a great kisser you really are?”

Without hesiation, I wrapped a hand around the back of my aunt’s head and pulled her towards me. Our lips pressed against each other. I felt even more intoxicated.

As we kissed intensly, I inserted my tongue in her mouth meeting hers.

Our tongues now wrestling, I moved my hand down her back.

My other hand was resting on the side of her breast, my thumb resting on her rock hard nipple, lightly rubbing it.

“Aahh.” my aunt moaned as we continued to exchange saliva.

I wanted to see my aunt naked so badly at this point. Breaking the kiss, “Aunt Penny, I do have one more surprise for you. B-but it’s in my room. Care to follow me?” I asked.

“Oh I’d love to! But I got you a gift too and would like to give it to you first. Can you wait here please, and move the coffee table to the side.” she whispered, catching her breath.

With that, Aunt Penny hurried up the stairs, her mini dress barely covering her voluminous arse.

Awhile after I moved the coffee table away, Aunt Penny appeared, climbing down the stairs in a white bathrobe tightly tied around her waist.

I was confused at first but then it dawned on me, “Oh my, she’s the gift!”

“Aunt Penny, this is the best gift any man could ask for.” I blurted, even before she reached the foot of the stairs.

Now standing in front of me, Aunt Penny giggled tuzla genç escort teasingly, “How would you know if you’ve not unwrapped your present yet huh?” her brows raised and eyes nudging me to undo her robe.

With one swift tug, I untied her robe.

Aunt Peny then caused the bathrobe to fall to her feet as she intently studied my reaction.

My eyes widened, jaws dropped and dick hardened even more.

She wore a sexy dark green teddy body suit.

She spun around slowly, with her arms raised to pull up her wavy, dark, shoulder- length hair. Allowing me feast my eyes on every inch of her body. Her g- string exposing all her arse.

With her back now facing me and arse at my chest level, Aunt Penny started swaying her hips in sync with the slow music streaming from my phone.

She backed up closer and closer and planted her butt on my groin, giving me a slow lap dance.

I wrapped my arms around her body to get a handful of her boobs, “Ahem, no touching!” Aunt Penny slapped my hands.

Fuck she loves to tease.

“Oh wow, your so hot Aunt Penny!” I moaned as I was now already close to cumming. But I knew I must hold back. My mind was set on fucking her tonight.

My aunt maintained a circular motion with her hips. My hands obediently placed on the side of my thighs.

In one swift motion she turned around and straddled me, her forearms resting on my shoulders and she leaned back.

This gave me a good view of her torso, especially her boobs which were spilling out of her body suit.

Her pussy now intensly rubbing against my bulge.

She locked eyes with me and bit her lips, slowly undoing the buttons of my dress shirt.

As I took off my shirt, Aunt Penny was busy undoing the clasp and fly of my chinos.

With it undone, Aunt Penny stood up and brought me up on my feet with one hand behind my neck and with the other tugging on the waistline of my chinos.

She squatted as she pulled my chinos to my ankles. On her way up, her face brushed against my boxers and she playfully kissed the tip of my penis.

Aunt Penny then stuck her tongue out, continously licking my abs all the way up to my neck.

She pushed me onto the couch and straddled me again. This time burying my face in her ample breasts.

I couldn’t hold it much longer, “Oh ffuck, I’m cumming!” I moaned.

Aunt Penny giggled, she abruptly kneeled in front of me, and placed her mouth on my throbbing dick- receiving every drop of my hot juice.

Once my dick stopped pumping, she got up on her feet and bent over to face me.

“You taste so good nephew. I’m hooked now.” she winked and smacked her lips, having swallowed every drop of my cum.

Aunt Penny then excused herself to use the bathroom, “I’m just gonna freshen up for a bit. Why don’t you be a darling and top up our glasses?”

“With pleasure aunty but c-can I meet you in my room?.” still out of breath from the events that unfolded seconds ago.

“Ah yes my surprise. Alrighty darling. I can’t wait!” she blew me a kiss and went up the stairs.

With glasses filled to the brim with the last drops of champagne, I entered my room, admiring my hard work.

Being a romantic at heart, I knew Aunt Penny was going to melt when she saw the fairy lights and canopy.

I now waited anxiously.

A few minutes later, Aunt Penny was at my door “Nick, I’m ready for your surprise!.”

When I opened the door, I noticed Aunt Penny had changed out of her teddy body suit. She was now wearing a black two piece lingerie with a matching translucent robe loosely hanging over her.

The cups around her breasts were so tiny that it left most of her boobs exposed except for her areolas and nipples.

As I looked lower, I noticed she was wearing a crotchless panty, allowing her beautiful bush to be in sight.

“Oh my, this is beautiful. It so romantic, I love it!!!” she exclaimed, impressed by my little set up.

“Oh, Aunt Penny, I guess we keep surprising each other!” my hands feeling the lacey material of her robe and admiring her large breasts.

“I really had to get out of my teddy body suit. I got so wet giving you that lap dance.” she said with pouty lips.

“But not to worry, I spent a fortune on lingerie today. You’ll have many opportunities to rip them off me.” she winked as she looked down at my boxers.

“Ooh, I’m glad you’re recovering fairly quickly by the way. Ah, the joys of youth.” she smirked, as she playfully squeezed the tip of my semi hard erection with her finger and thumb.

I just needed a bit more time to recover, so I invited my aunt to join me on my bed and offered her a drink.

We sat upright and cosied up to each other against the head rest of the bedframe.

“You know, as I was getting changed, I thought this was probably the best date I’ve ever been on. But now this…this just seems to be the icing on the cake.” she gazed through the canopy and admired the lights.

Her translucent robe hanging off her shoulders now.

I nudged on the robe, “Now you’re a little tuzla kendi evi olan escort overdressed don’t you think?” taking a big sip of champagne.

“I guess I am. But I want to play a little game with you first.” she teased as she poked my erection.

“And what game is that?” I asked curiously and with some excitement.

“It simple, you’ll just have to do everything I say.” she carefully studied my reaction.

“That’s easy, I’ll do anything.” I replied without hesitation.

“Good.” my Aunt removed her lace robe and lossely tied her hair up into a bun.

“Kiss my shoulder here and here.” she pointed to her shoulder and her collarbone.

I obliged.

“Kiss my neck.” She pointed at her jugular vein.

I kissed her neck and gently sucked on it, “Ooh that’s nice darling, you’re doing a good job so far.” my aunt sighed.

She lifted her left arm and had her hands on the back of her neck. She pointed at a spot right below her underarm, “Kiss me here, and move on to the side of my breast slowly.”

I placed my lips at her desired spot, taking in a huge breath of her sweet deodorant. I kissed her soft skin slowly and started sucking the side of her breasts.

“Oh yeah, I love the way you suck me. Suck me harder and don’t be worried to give me bruise.” she moaned.

I sucked harder and harder. I could see her skin was getting red. I continued a while longer and left her a bruise. “Fuck that’s so hot! Well done.” she said as she moved her breasts to inspect my mark on her.

“Undo my top.” She turned to her right, exposing the clasp of her tiny lingerie.

With a slight struggle I managed to undo it.

“Now, lick around my areolas and suck on my nipples.” her breathing increasing.

My dick was rock hard now.

“Kiss the middle of my cleavage all the way down to my pubes.” I obliged again.

“I love your natural hair Aunt Penny, it’s so soft” I said as I stroked her bush with my hand.

Aunt Penny slid her panties off while got rid of my boxers.

She stared and my rock hard penis with lust.

Trailing her finger along the outline of her labia she formed an incomplete circle “I want you to lick me here all the way to here and repeat the same motion again and again until I tell you to stop.”

I could already see my aunt’s pussy dripping wet- I couldn’t wait to taste her.

As my tongue touched the lips of her pussy, she shuddered- I could taste a hint of watermelon and concluded that she used some sort of oil or lubricant.

“You taste so good Aunt Penny”, my speech impaired as my tongue followed the imaginary outline she drew moments earlier.

I repeated the same motion again and again. My mouth was getting tired, but seeing Aunt Penny in ecstacy kept me going.

About 10 minutes of licking her, my entire bottom half of my face was drenced.

Without warning, Aunt Penny grabbed the hair on the back of my head and positioned my tongue on her clit “L-lick T-her O-oh” her hips moving in a circular motion as held my head still.

“Oooh Yaasss! O h fuck!!” my aunt screaming.

I could feel her getting intensly wetter as I lapped up her juices.

Suddenly, she pushed my mouth hard against ber vagina as clear liquid started gushing from her. Yep, Aunt Penny was a squirter.

I was so turned on now and tried to take it all in but I couldn’t, the sheer volume of it was too much for me to handle.

“Aaaahhhhh!!!!!” she moaned as she slumped on the bed, a pool forming below her pussy.

“Oh my that was the best orgasm ever. I’m so sorry Nick darling. I got carried away. Here let me clean you up.” my aunt now wiping my face with some tissues. She looked slightly embarrassed.

“Aunt Penny, I’ve never experienced something like that before. I want you to do that to me again!” I said while spitting out a piece of tissue.

Aunt Penny kissed me and did not hold back. She pushed me on my side and paid some attention to my rock hard erection.

Her mouth wrapped around my rod and her head bobbed up and and down.

She pulled her mouth up to the tip of my penis and used her tongue to lick my head in a circular motion.

Her wet sloppy blow job, got my entire penis drenched her saliva dripping onto the base of my shaft.

“Come on top of me.” she gestered.

I reached out for the condom in the drawer of my bedside table.

“What are you doing?” she asked, confused.

“I’m getting a condom Au…”

“Ssh you won’t be needing that.” she interrupted, her hand grabbed my penis and shoved it into her wet pussy.

It slid in immediately.

I pumped my aunt as she moaned loudly, my lips sucking hard on her nipples and hand squeezing her other breast.

I spun my aunt around and fucked her doggstyle as I placed one hand on her toned shoulder the other holding on to her breast for support.

“Fuck me nephew, fuck me hard and cum inside me baby!” my aunt screamed.

I exploded inside of her. It was a huge load despite me already cumming twice that same day.

Cum dripped from her pussy as I pulled out.

My aunt turned around to clean my dick with her mouth, squeezing the base of my shaft and pulling out the remaining cum inside me as she reached the tip of my cock.

We both then collapse on the bed, panting and breaking into a sweat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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