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This is my first story submitted to Literotica. The sex scene is a completely true account of my perspective of an encounter with my current girlfriend, O. I hope you enjoy reading.


The morning it happened she’d sent me a picture as she dried herself off after a shower. The camera carefully angled to prevent it crossing into the territory of obscene, the shot barely reaching the top of her thighs. We joked that previous things she sent were ‘suggestive’ but not technically pornographic, as she was always wearing a bra; this was a change. Her bare breasts were the focus of the photo – at least that was what my eyes focused on. The picture was so unexpected that I actually moaned upon opening it. The anticipation of fucking her that night was killing me.


I arrived at her house around lunchtime, and unfortunately couldn’t get straight to what I’d been thinking of for hours. We spent the day together, studying innocently. Her family were home and so we were irritatingly clothed the entire time; that didn’t stop me taking every opportunity to feel her body when we were alone as we worked, loving to distract her. Sliding my hands up her soft, warm stomach to stroke the edge of her bra; running them from the backs of her thighs to squeeze her ass, which I’m incredibly passionate about. I liked teasing her. She rather inconveniently wore shorts, but occasionally stroking my hand across her crotch still provoked a satisfying reaction. Every time I touched her in such a way her eyelids would lower slightly and her mouth would fall open; if I was particularly firm she would whimper quietly, an aural delight.

Almost as soon as it was considered reasonable for us to go to bed we did. Our sexual activities generally involved some BDSM activities, and I was definitely intending for that night to feature some, as long as she was willing. We were both interested in slightly different areas. She was only interested in mild pain as long as I enjoyed giving it to her; more of a submissive than a masochist, while I had managed to orgasm from pain alone previously. Although she could top wonderfully, it didn’t appear to be something she enjoyed doing very frequently, and I was generally the one doing the tying. This wasn’t a problem. Our relationship changed the way I labelled myself, discovering that I enjoyed dominance almost to the extent of being the submissive. Nothing turned me on more than watching her gently struggle if I lightly tied her up, or the way she’d ask me to spank her if I was fucking her from behind. Overall, I was more likely to take control for sexual purposes; it suited both of us.

At this point in our relationship we had only experimented with very light bondage. I would have been disappointed if I was tied as lightly as the ribbons I put around her wrists, but I was also terribly reluctant to do anything she wouldn’t enjoy, and so I held back slightly. Besides, I was awful at tying knots. She would tease me about how she could have done a better job “with her hands tied”. When I did bind her, it was always simple: her arms bent slightly above her head, so that her elbows were close to her ears, and her wrists crossed, with whatever we could find holding them to the middle post of her (awfully convenient) headboard. She could get out of it if she wanted. It wasn’t bad, but I knew it could have been better. That was what I was aiming to experiment with that night.

I pushed kocaeli escort her shoulders gently so she was lying across her bed, with me straddling her and interrupting long kisses with the removal of her clothes. Kiss, unbutton shirt, kiss, pull off shorts, kiss. The sight of her in her matching, lacy underwear always made my stomach twist. I liked the virginal white best, the only problem being that I hated having to take it off to fuck her, and it was difficult to maneuver beneath the tight fabric. She was wearing black that day, which made it easier to bear the removal of her underwear, which made her look like a goddess. I was running my hands over her warm skin, trying my best to resist cutting straight to the chase and fucking her there and then.

When I asked if she wanted me to tie her up her eyes narrowed and she nodded, almost faintly. It was beautiful to watch her slip into her more submissive state, compared to how she was in other areas of her life. I lay her back and then grabbed whatever I could find from her drawers – nothing special, just a few scarves and belts. I wondered about spanking her with a belt (we’d recently discovered how much we both liked it when she was being hit on her ass with an open hand, although I was always scared about hurting her) but I preferred the idea of tying her up the way I’d been thinking about all day. Anyway, she wasn’t as into pain as I was. The belt could be used for better purposes.

For the first time in our bondage adventures I told her to spread her arms, so I could tie each with a scarf to the matching bedpost. I knew straight away that I preferred it to having her arms straight up besides her head; it looked more visually appealing, it pushed her breasts out so they were even more beautiful than usual, and it meant that it was harder for her to wriggle out of. I kissed her, hard, my hand in her hair to hold her head still. The dominance of the act made her moan for the first time that night, quietly, and extremely sexily.

It was easy to go from there to the rest of the bondage. I moved down the bed. She’d told me before that she loved it when I pushed her legs apart, probably something to do with her submissive side. I did it, forcing and holding them open and trying not to moan as I looked at her body, spread open and available for me to use as I wanted. She was visibly wet and that turned me on more than anything else. It was so hard to resist stopping my tying, bending down and tasting her. Grabbing her hips, pulling her closer to me, and using my tongue to explore her intimately. The way she tasted and smelt was addictive; the first time we’d fucked I hadn’t been able to resist going down on her straight away. For me, the best part of our sex life was when I got to give her oral, even more so than when she was fucking me.

But I resisted, pushing her legs further apart with more force than was necessary and grabbing a belt. I wrapped one around each ankle and quite firmly tied them to the posts at the end of the bed, making her test them to ensure that they were tight enough to hold, but not going to cut off her circulation or cause unwanted pain. They were successful, and I was impressed. My first attempt at tying someone spread-eagle and it had gone perfectly to plan. I had her, spread out, vulnerable, almost helpless, and I planned to use my power for…evil.

From previous experience, I knew that the way she begged me to fuck her if I kocaeli escort bayan was teasing was incredibly sexy. I seemed to get a rush of power when we were playing with s/m, and teasing was a great way to use my power without making every fuck involve bondage and pain. I planned to have a great deal of fun with that tonight. She deserved it, after sending me pictures that meant I spent the day turned on and desperate.

Using my phone to check the time, I told her that it was 10pm. Untrue. It was 9.40. I then told her that I was going to fuck her at 10.45, and that I was going to use the meantime to play as I wished. She curled her fingers and shifted around, seemingly trying to decide if she should get comfortable or try to get loose. I laughed, and got to work.

I had almost an hour, although she thought it was less, and I thought I’d work down her body in the traditional way; it left me time to take it slow, just the way I wanted.

It was easy to spend the first fifteen minutes just kissing her. My weight was carefully balanced so that I was firmly on top of her, our breasts touching but allowing her to easily breathe, while my spare hand made patterns on the sides of her abdomen. She was shifting her lower body as much as she could and breathing roughly within ten minutes, as I teasingly moved my weight so that my hips were pushing into hers. It was a turn-on for me as well and I wasn’t sure how either of us were going to put up with an hour of teasing. Especially given that I planned to extend it if possible.

When I moved down slightly, so that I was straddling her and able to easily play with her breasts, she struggled more. She was the same as me, about a C, and genuinely a perfect handful. She’d laugh at the amount of time I could spend even just looking at her topless. Her chest made me sure that there was a divine creator. From her reactions, I’d long been able to judge that she liked it best when I rubbed my thumbs over each nipple, causing her to shudder underneath me. She didn’t have a strong desire for sexual pain, and so I generally avoided causing her discomfort. However, it was impossible to resist occasionally pulling on her nipples, loving the feel of them between my fingers and the way her hips would jerk without fail every time I did it. Oh, it was easy to spend almost twenty minutes alternating between kissing her lips and breasts. It would have been difficult to move on if it hadn’t been to an even more arousing part of her.

First, I wanted to make sure I had enough time to really play. It was almost 20 past 10, and so according to our ‘schedule’ I had 25 minutes left. Seeing as I’d told her we had started 20 minutes later than the actual time, though, I was fairly sure that I could win any bet that involved guessing what the clock said. I gave her an offer: if she guessed what time it was, and was within a 5 minute range, I’d take 10 minutes off the amount of time spent teasing. If she was wrong, I’d add on 10.

Surprisingly, she was within the range of being correct – having thought we’d been playing our game for 20 minutes instead of 35. I told her that she was right, but that I was adding on 15 anyway, because I didn’t like being beaten. She spent enough time with me to know how competitive I was. That meant that our time was extended until 11, which gave me what I’d hoped for – over half an hour to make sure that she was ready for me to izmit sınırsız escort fuck her.

Despite her protests that it was a rigged game I began kissing her thighs, running my hand along where the edge of her underwear would begin if she had been clothed. I probably loved the experience more than she did and time was flying for me. I moved slowly. It took a while before I even touched her anywhere significant; I very gently brushed her outer lips with a single finger and admired her reaction before I did it again, more slowly, on the other side. I continued in such a fashion for a while longer, taking note of the fact that there was already a wet spot on the bed beneath her. I was aching to taste her, and personally thought that I was being teased more than she was – but thought it was best not to share that idea with her, especially as she began to quietly beg me to fuck her. I explained the concept of a time limit again and wondered about adding another few minutes on as ‘punishment’. No. I couldn’t wait much longer myself.

I had been lying on my front between her legs during this time so that I could properly admire what I was working with, and I suddenly pushed my tongue roughly over her clit, then continued gently stroking anywhere but there, where she really wanted, as she twitched all of her muscles in response. I wanted her to be aching for me to touch her; I wanted her to keep breathlessly begging me to stop teasing her. The power I had was thrilling.

I checked the time again. Only a minute away.

“Ten minutes to go,” I lied. “Sorry, love.”

She whined in frustration and I suddenly pushed two fingers into her, hard, and felt how very wet she was as her back arched and she moaned. I truly had intended to draw out the teasing for a while longer (what was she going to do about it?) but I couldn’t wait any longer. I fucked her hard, moving my hand so that I was entering her quickly as well as hitting the slightly rougher patch inside her that made her moan so sweetly. I was still lying down between her legs and I used my clumsier left hand to expose her clit so that my tongue could have what I’d wanted for over an hour. She moaned each time my fingers entered her, and I went faster as she became more vocal. I truly loved fucking her, watching her eyes shut as she tipped her head back and relaxed into her helplessness. I moved fast, hard, but she still begged me to go harder.

I complied. Then wasn’t the time to slowly tease. There’d been enough of that. It was a short time, perhaps a couple of minutes, before I could see (and feel) her muscles tensing, up and down her gorgeous body. I rubbed her with my left and fucked her with my right, taking in the beautiful sight of her falling over the edge and the way she pulled her right arm out of bondage as she came. She was biting her lip so hard I worried that she’d cut herself when I stopped. I moved up to kiss her almost aggressively. I loved the way she kept whimpering for a while afterwards, small moans as I untied her. Although she was free she didn’t move for a while.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She just looked at me, seeming exhausted. I kissed her again and lay next to her after turning the lamp off. She was naked and comfortably warm besides me, snuggling closer as I ran my hands up and down her back and thinking how lucky I was to have such a sexy toy to play with.


Thank you for reading. Criticisms are welcomed; praise even more so. Please let me know what you thought. I’m considering writing some more about our vaguely kinky sex life, if O still loves me after she reads this and discovers what a pervert I really am. Sorry, baby. But I do love the way you taste.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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