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Looking at the view across the lake, adjusting my tie slightly as it’s so damn hot. “Would you like a glass of champagne sir?”

I turn around to see a waitress offering me a glass, “Ah yes please that would be great. Thanks.”

“I’ll have one too,” says a cute Aussie voice from alongside me. I turn to look at this pleasant lady, smiling at me. “You’re English aren’t you?”

“Yes. Yes I am. How did you guess?” Smiling back at and giving her a casual look up and down, very much liking what I see – a lovely cobalt blue dress on, tiny little black belt and some sexy heels. You look very well put together indeed.

“Well I think it must be that cute accent.” She says smiling slightly, and I notice you giving me a little look up and down also. I’m in a light grey suit, brown leather shoes, white shirt and a brightly colour striped striped tie.

“Oh well thank you very much. Yours is pretty cute too.”

“Really? You think the Aussie twang is cute?”

“Yes I do, very much so. I’m Ben by the way.”

“Oh hey Ben, I’m Kristy and lovely to meet you.” She suddenly turns away as someone is calling her name, a few of a girl friends it looks like. “Maybe catch you later?” she asks.

“Maybe.” I reply smiling. I grab another champagne, lovely cold and crisp and try to find a few of the only people at this wedding here I know. We then all get called in for the food and I look at the table plan. Making my way to my table I notice Kristy is sat there, and luckily I am sat next to her. “Hello again,” I say looking down as I remove my jacket. I notice she look across the table to a few of your friends, one of them smiles and winks at her.

“Well hello Ben. We meet again.”

“We do indeed Kristy,” as I sit down and you instantly pour me a glass of white wine. “Thanks.”

“So are you here alone?”

“Yes I am actually. My wife couldn’t make it on the trip. To be honest, she didn’t really want to come. She is a little too involved with her work at the moment.”

“Oh that is a shame for you.”

“Well, yes as she would have loved to I’m sure, plus I don’t really know anyone here. Only Mike’s close family. We worked together when he lived in England.”

“Ah I see. So you’ve stayed in touch with him since then?”

“Yes. We write, send e-mails and he’s been back over a couple of times.”

“Lovely,” she replies giving me a full beam smile.

“Yeah, he’s a great guy. So how come you are here?!” I say laughing.

“Well casino şirketleri myself and a few others,” pointing to the the girls across the table, who are giving me full smiles and waves back, “went to university with Kate and so we’ve known them for a while.”

“Ah cool. Look like a good group of girlies!”

“Yes, we’re like best mates, have been for years.” We smile at each other and I can’t stop staring at her neck line and lovely curves. She, I notice, can’t stop looking from me to her friends and giving them, not so sublte, winks. The meal and the speeches pass and we make our own ways to the bar and dance floor. Later on I am at the bar waiting for a drink, when Kirtsy appears next to me, slightly out of breathe. She is breathing deep and her, now even more visible large full chest is moving up and down. I completely stare at it, not caring if she notices. The drinks and the general wedding merriment has me slightly giddy and in the mood for some fun.

“Oh hey! I’ve been looking for you. I want you to dance with me!” She tells me, her mouth very close to my close to my face.

“Oh no. Sorry Kristy, I don’t really do dancing.”

“What?! Come on, my friends and I want you to dance with us. Just one dance. Come on.” She is practically begging as she grabs a hold on my arm.

“Oh all right then,” and her hand now holds my hand and literally drags me to the dance floor. Her friends all wave and smile back at me, as I smile too. We dance and laugh and it’s great fun. A slow dance then comes on and we look at each other and before I can make my excuses, she grabs my hand and my waist and pulls me softly into her.

“I hope you don’t mind Ben,” she whispers into me, her mouth lightly touching my ear, causing a stir in my groin.

“Not at all Kristy. I rather like,” I reply, lightly squeezing her waist moving my hand down slowly and resting it on her lower back. “So I take it you here alone today also?”

“Yes I am. My husband doubled book himself for today. He’s working out of town but to be honest, like your wife, he didn’t want to come.” At this realisation I felt myself twitch slightly and hoped my now growing bulge wasn’t too obvious.

“Oh that is shame,” I reply, thoughts running through my head.

“Not really. He doesn’t seem to like being out with me much.”

“Oh dear. Well his loss is my gain I suppose,” as I look at Kristy and she smiles back. Feeling the bulge grow further and harder in my suit casino firmaları trousers, it lightly rubs against her inner thigh but she seems to move even closer and tight. Giving my hand a little squeeze we sway softly and slowly on the dancefloor.

“Yes it is his loss, Ben.” as she blushes slightly and I feel her other hand around my back, move just under my waist band, rubbing me slightly, and bringing me in tight.

“As much as I am enjoying this Kristy, would you like a drink?”

“Yes that sounds lovely Ben.” We make our way to the bar area and stand having a drink and taking the conversation to unashamed flirting. We both talk about our interests and sex lives, or lack of them.

“So where are you staying when you’re here?” she politely enquires.

“Oh well tonight and tomorrow I’m staying in this hotel, and then I’m back into Adelaide for 3 more nights. Do you live locally?”

“Around an hour or so. I was going to get a lift with a couple of my friends, share a taxi but…,” as she looks around, “they seem to have all gone.” Kristy looks at me, a slight glint or so I think, in her eye.

“Oh right, no other way of getting back then?” I look at her, feeling something stir again and looking you up and down suggestively.

“Um, well I’d have to get one on my own. Quite expensive but that’s the only way.” You sigh a little.

“Well I could offer to pay for you or…well we…no it’s silly.”

“Or what Ben?” she asks, looking at me, her breathing noticeably quicker.

“Or…or you could stay here with me tonight?” I look at her as she blushes slightly.

“Really? Isn’t that very naughty of us?”

“I didn’t say we’d be naughty!”

“Well I think we both know that we would Ben.”

“Um, yes you’re right of course. But there are two offers then Kristy.” I say winking at you.

She leans over and into my ear, “I’d like to go for the second offer please.” Her answer instantly make my balls swell and my heart race.

“Good answer,” I reply, “Well what are we waiting for?!” We both smile at each other and my heart is pounding. We make our way across the dimly lit courtyard and to the rooms. We enter my room, there are two lamps on, either side of the bed. I take my jacket off, and place it over the chair up against the desk area. I turn to face her stood in the middle of the room, smiling. We both look each other up and down, and you look so fucking sexy, biting your lip and looking at my bulge.

“You güvenilir casino are a very attractive man Ben. If I was your wife I wouldn’t let you come around the world to a wedding!”

“Well thank you very much. And your husband is nuts to let you come here on your own.” I walk towards her, kicking my shoes off and taking my tie off, unbuttoning my shirt, “Still, enough about them. They’re not here.” As I move in close to her, and pulling her into me firmly by my waist.

“Quite,” she replies as we kiss deeply. Tongues and wet lips smothering each other. She is moaning into my mouth, as her hands roughly grapple with my trousers, undoing them and pulling them and my boxers down. Grabbing and pulling at my already fully hard cock, wanking it up and down hard, it feels so good. She is moving with the urgency of lust and of a lady who obviously is ready for carnal pleasures.

“Oh you are big!” she whispers as we kiss. My hands move all over her full and ample body and unzips the back of her dress, allowing it to fall to the floor. I move away from her slightly, and step out of my trousers. Fully naked in front of you, I look amazed.

“Oh fucking wow!” I whisper in delight as I look at her in a full black lacy bra, tiny matching black thong, pantyhose style tan tights and sexy high heels, “We’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight!”

“I hope so, I want you so bad!” She replied as she walk towards me and in one movement crouches down onto her heels and suddenly takes me inside her mouth. Licking my dick all the way up and down, around, sucking and slurping it. She looks up at me smiling, enjoying every inch of me, before suddenly taking the whole length in. Looking up at me and deep throating my cock.

“Ahh, ohh wow! You look like you are enjoying that Kristy!”

You pull away and gasp, “Oh yes. That is one tasty English cock!” As she sucks me again, hard and fast then slow and sensual. She expertly mouthes my dick. I then pull away and lift her up so she is standing, reaching down to rip open her tights as she screams a little. Slapping her big round firm ass and then running my hand inside the black thong to softly finger and caress a very wet and very smooth pussy. I can hear a soft scream and a little moan, as her knees buckle slightly when my finger brushes her clit. I then move up her body, telling her to remove the bra for me, watching as these beautiful full and very large breasts fall and spill out. Two fingers smoothly fucking her cunt, my thumb rubbing her clit as my mouth now hungrily licks and sucks her full dark nipples. A feel a hand running through my hair and down my back, squeezing my buttocks, lightly slapping them. “Oh Ben, oh fuck, that feels so so good!”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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