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It’s time, the darkness said. You’re finally going to awaken.

I had a moment of confusion and then it came to me.

“Really I am being freed…?” I asked hesitantly thinking the darkness was playing with me.

Yes, it whispered, he has come and he needs your help, he is the most delicate of your jobs but also the most wise and strong of heart and soul.

“How can he be both weak and strong…?” I asked again.

We didn’t say weak and it is easy to have strength but have delicacy at the same time. It is time you learned anyway, so protect him yet teach him at the same time.

“Why must I do this…?” I asked as usual since I only ask questions here, I can never answer.

He is your destiny, came the simple answer.

“That is what you said about the last one and you saw how that turned out.” I yelled out at the darkness.

You know you were never meant to have that one, we told you, but you just did not listen. This one is yours to have, to keep, to protect, to hold, and to love. Forever and in eternity, he is yours.

Then suddenly there was a cold wind and the darkness trembled.

A light appeared in front of him. It was a small blue and silver light that steadily grew. It grew then the dark disappeared all together and I was in a silver and blue lit room filled with shadows. I blinked at the brightness; this was the first time I had been in any kind of light for at least three millennium.

The brightness cleared and I could see around me. The first thing I saw was him. At least I think it was him, he looked pretty delicate to me.

He had black hair and faded blue eyes. They looked like someone had washed them to many times. He had a celtic appearance; with high cheekbones, a nose that was small but a bit broad, and a high forehead. He was small and had a whipcord leanness.

He was walking toward me and staring straight ahead as if nothing was going to stop him from his destination. But then he did stop and just stood there.

What is with his eyes, I thought absently. They were vacant and staring into space. Then I got irritated, he still was just standing there.

“Why did you stop little one,” I said in a kindest voice I could, at least I hope it was, so I wouldn’t scare him. Then there was a soft voice, so soft if I didn’t have hearing greater than any other person in the world I wouldn’t’t have heard him.

“Because I can’t see the rest of the way,” he said.

“There is plenty of light,” I said looking around me at the room in confusion. There were some shadows, but there was plenty of light to see. Especially me, my brother had made sure to chain me to a wall and add lights all around me, so they could see me.

“I am blind though,” the little voice said. Blind, I thought, that explained the eyes. Then I gave a little laugh. He being blind was obvious now. But, now I understand what the light said about being delicate, but still not about isveçbahis yeni giriş the strength this guy to have. Then I looked back at him and saw him give a little jump then ask.

“You’re not supposed to be awake.” I blinked in surprise, and then I chuckled mentally. The little one scared.

“Yes, I know,” I answered slowly and calmly, “But you woke me up.”

Then suddenly I heard a noise and it had come from outside the room.

About the same time I heard it; the little one had spun around and swore in his soft voice. It was sort of cute coming from him. “Shit, how the hell did they find out?”

I was a bit surprised at that because he was blind. So, then how did he know that whoever was here was here? There was a slight huff from him and then he said in a voice that had a bit of annoyance, “Yes, I am blind; my other senses are hundreds of times stronger than normal humans.”

I smiled a bit at that, and then I blinked in surprise. I was smiling; I hadn’t smiled this much since Sakura, the girl who had been my last love, had been with me.

“That explains it then,” I said softly, as I think what the future is going to unravel. Then I looked up and smiled at him. I didn’t know his name I realized. “Little one what is your name, your full name please,” I asked needing a name to my fate.

Besides the intruders were getting closer and he would want me to protect him. What a cute little blind one, he was. He didn’t answer me at first; in fact he looked surprised for a second. You’d think no one had ever asked him his name. And apparently no one had I would learn later.

“My name…………,” came out softly as if he had to remember it first.

“Your real name, ” I emphasized not wanting him to give me a fake one, it completely ruins the ritual. And it had happened once, that annoying brat.

“Killian Damon, It means blind demon,” he said in a whisper after a minute or two, “Father used to call me Kane, a shortened version of my name.”

Then he turned and pulled a short stiletto from its sheath at his waist. I wanted to laugh, how the hell was he going to take on a virtual mob with only a small knife. But he was going to try, and get himself killed, so I guess the ritual will be a little hurried.

“Don’t,” I said softly not wanting him to disobey. He turned and looked toward me, he must have followed the sound of my voice. He looked like he was going to argue, so I distracted him with a question.

“What is my name, Damon?” I knew he would be confused about that, they all are. They think that everything is given a name at birth.

What they don’t know is that each time I get a successor I am reborn, I need a new name from each one. So that they are happiest with it. He wasn’t answering, but I waited patiently even though the noise was getting closer. I’d say that they had gotten past the first row of doors already at least.

“How would I know your isveçbahis giriş name,” he asked finally with a confused look on his face and in his voice.

“I have no name until you give me one.” I answered.

“You don’t have a name, you must have everyone has a name, I told you my real name,” he said with a small frown like I was being unfair.

“Each person I protect in your family gives me a different name and once they are dead, I forget that name and return to slumber waiting for the next joint heir,” I answered with a great deal of patience. Then I looked up and silently snarled at the door, we were out of time they were here.

“Hurry, or else I won’t be able to save you, without a name I am powerless and cannot even break my chains or get off this godforsaken wall,” I said in a hurry with anger riding me hard.

“A name…………,” he pondered out loud.

He thought for a few seconds before asking, “What gender are you.”

I was silent for a moment before I started to chuckle softly.

“Yes, it would be a bit embarrassing to have a name meant for another gender, I am fully and completely male,” I answered.

“Then your name will be…… Dragoste, do you want a second name, a surname?” he asked after trying out my new name.

“No surname, but what does Dragoste mean, I know it is not English, it sounds like it is a killing word,” I asked with only a slight hesitation before asking.

“Maybe someday I will tell you what it means, but for now you only need to know that it means something very important to me and no it is not even close to a killing word, though many have tried to say it was this thing’s fault,” he answered softly and with great reverence.

There was a crash outside the door, and I looked up and saw the knob turning. This was going to be the quickest ritual in history.

“Damon, repeat after me,” I said in a rush.

“I release thee unto my command, my pet, my lover and, my guardian, Dragoste the Protector. I release thee from the chains that once bound thee to thy wall of forgetfulness. With the key my heart and my love your burden I release thee to do my bidding. Come and be free with thee heart chained to thy heart.”

He stood there for a moment, probably embarrassed beyond all doubt, wait till he finds out that is exactly what it means. I told him to repeat it and to hurry again.

He closed his sightless eyes and said it in a rush, a slight flush tinting his high cheekbones. The minute he finished saying it, the door behind him crashed open.

They had finally breached the lair of the guardian and I would be protecting the one finally meant to be mine. They were dead, no matter how much they begged.

My strength returned in a rush and so to did my powers. I easily broke my chains and rushed forward, pushing Damon against the wall.

The minute we touched my hand tingled where it had touched him and I saw an isveçbahis güvenilirmi awareness in his eyes that hadn’t been there before.

I can see, flashed through my head. I could hear his mental voice, we are connected mentally and physically, he truly was the one I had waited for.

I shook my head, now was not the time to wonder about that, I went to launch myself at the men screaming at the sight of me.

I know I look otherworldly, but Damon hadn’t even looked scared, in fact he had looked at me for those few seconds with…..admiration?

“Stop of you won’t have anything left to protect,” a snide voice said behind me. I spun and sure enough he had Damon by the throat with a gun to his head.

I froze and dropped the two I had bashed together by the heads. If he so much as touched a hair on his head I’ll…………..I thought with a snarl. But before I could move, Damon said something, only one word.

“Snyder……………..,” he said in the scariest voice I had ever heard. He pulled back his lips and snarled better that any dog I had ever seen do.

But, something odd happened, instead of hitting him and telling him to be quiet like any bad guy would do, they all stopped and stared at him as if he had just grown ten feet and popped out wings.

“So, the favorite can talk, surprise, surprise,” The one Damon called Snyder in a mocking voice. “To bad, now I am going to have to kill you because you know too much.”

The hell he is, I thought. “That is what you think.”

“No, he’s mine,” Damon told me.

“What…?” I asked in a confused voice, him fight anything stronger and bigger than a kitten would be impossible. Even a cold would be too much for him.

He pulled his stiletto out of its scabbard said one sentence, “Let their Deaths be Divine,” and the dagger grew into a huge very powerful looking sword.

Then the one called Snyder yelled at his team to leave me and go after Damon.

Dammit, I am supposed to protect him not the other way around, I thought.

“No, I am supposed to protect you, don’t put yourself in danger idiot,” I yelled at him. He ignored me and closed his sightless eyes.

Then he said a spell, “Death, become my eyes, see what I will never be able to see, See and then kill what is harming me, as is your duty to protect me from all who harm me.”

I was shocked, he knew magic.

Not only that but the sword had possessed him, The energy from it was so powerful, you could see it and it was moving throughout Damon’s body.

It moved him for him, he became so fast that he was a blur and even I, with my powerful eyes, couldn’t see him most of the time.

It was over in seconds, every person slaughtered that easily. When the sword had killed them, it stopped possessing him and I could see the energy leaking back into the sword. It shrunk when it finished and became the stiletto again.

Damon collapsed the minute the sword shrunk, I rushed forward catching him the minute he finished falling. I smiled slightly and looked down at him.

His eyes were slowly closing. “I get it now, they said you were both delicate and you were strong, now I know what they meant,” I told him as he fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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