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Dearest Reader

I have decided to let this story out, it’s been begging for release, and I feel I can finally tell it.

This is the story of me, of my sexual awakening. I have changed names where appropriate but for the most part, it’s all the truth – and I will strive to keep my artistic liberties to a minimum.


A small-town girl in a big city, I turned 18 in Pretoria, South Africa, a small celebration was held with family, I didn’t have many friends and saw myself too plain for anyone to take notice. I was blond, bespectacled, with full lips and the body of an athletic 18-year-old, which was strange, given my very proud nerd stature.

I never dressed like I the girls my age and I mostly stuck to baggy pants and shirts, which did their own to hide my figure from the world. I had no clue of the power that I could hold… the fun I could have had.

I found Literotica and taught myself the rhythms of my own pleasure. In the dead of night, alone in my room I would explore, feel, and touch — yet I was never able to bring myself to release, to burst at the seams like I had read about.

It wasn’t until I realized I could use my bath and the faucet that I found my earth-shattering climax.

I grew up in a rather conservative household, yet I knew I somehow did not fit into this image. I remember at my 17th birthday party; a darling friend and I teased the living daylights out of our male friends. I had never felt more alive.

Gathered around the pool, me in my bikini, and Mary Woodrock, the only girl I’d invited, too shy to wear a costume, in a shirt and baggy shorts. Her beauty radiant, doe-eyed, and dark haired, with olive skin and a figure that could conquer nations.

Mary looks at me, a spark in her eyes. She gracefully moves towards me and leans in close to kiss me. I can smell the shampoo she uses, and, in an instant, I know what she’s doing.

This highly Christian, conservative girl is enjoying the effect she’s having on Christopher and Shaun. Christopher tall and dazzling with his chiseled physique, has never had a problem turning heads. Shaun less dazzling but built too, smaller, however in comparison to Christopher.

I remember that night, laying underneath my faucet, with the water drumming down on my clit, I came hard thinking about us four at the pool.


I had always planned to lose my virginity after 18, but it only happened after age 19, with my first serious boyfriend. Painful, awkward, and not in the least bit my idea of fun… I thought I was doomed. I had given myself too much pleasure and now no man could reach my standard.

I’m proud to say that after that ended I was able to find pleasure — I did however have to kiss many frogs for this to happen.

Then I moved to the big city of Johannesburg, güvenilir bahis I started going on real dates, with real men — I started blooming.


Mr. Penguin (pervy, fat, old, manager) stands at his open office door, (or the fishbowl – a large office in the middle of our floor made entirely of glass).

Robert entered a room with purpose, his entire energy consumed the room with his sexy swagger, his enormous body, and his booming voice.

“Ah, Mr. Penguin, good morning.” His deep, sultry voice boomed in the hallway, “Good morning, Stacey.” He looks at me with a glint in his eyes, a broad smile, and the briefest wink.

“Are you ready for the budget meeting, Robert?” Mr. Penguin enquires, looking more like a penguin than ever, waddling forward.

“I believe I’m well-prepared Jeremy,” he glances over at me, “Your PA has been rather helpful in getting my admin up to date.”

He and I both knew I had royally screwed the pooch on his admin, I blush bright red concentrate on my PC.

“Oh great, feel free to use her as you need, Stacey doesn’t mind. Do you Stacey?”

“Not a problem, Mr. Maxwell, just let me know if there’s anything else.”

With no hair of which to speak, he managed to still be the sexiest man around, he exuded self confidence and sex appeal like no man I’ve ever known.

“Thank you, Stacey, I might still take you up on that offer.”

God, he smells good. He swaggers away to his office; I can’t peel my eyes away.

My cell alerts me to a text-

– Robert

So, what’s our tally at?

– Stacey

Mr. Maxwell, I believe we’re at 4 so far.

I have no need to ask, I know what he means, we have a running tally that he gets to spank me a certain number of times for all mistakes and blunders — my tally was climbing daily, and he was making me squirm.

I was usually very good at my job, but Robert made it very difficult to concentrate, he was a gentleman but domineering and assertive.

We had been on one date, it amounted to nothing, but I had fallen, HARD. So, I clung to our flirtatious texts.

His tantalizing promises had not yet come to light, and I wanted him more than I had wanted any other man before.

– Robert

I believe we settled at 6.


Did we? Well, I concede, 6 then.


You joining us for drinks on Friday?


I’ll have to get Terry to bring me…


Hope to see you there.

I could concentrate on nothing else the whole week and my tally grew.

Friday arrived and out I went güvenilir bahis siteleri for drinks — yet no sign of Mr. Maxwell.


Hope you enjoy, couldn’t join tonight.


Pity was hoping to see you.

Friday after Friday, passed, sexy texts and nothing more.


I believe we’re at 25 now Ms. Lowell

My days were consumed by single texts and promises to spank me till I was good and ready, I made it no secret that I wanted him — all of him, all the time. All my colleagues came to see I was besotted. All but him.

Then one Friday evening at drinks.

“Who’s for another drink?” Jason, a dashing older colleague, offers.

“No thanks, Jay, Terry wants to leave, he my ride home.” I smile at Terry, letting him know I heard him before.

“Oh, I’ll drop you Stace?” Robert’s voice is earnest, very close to my ear.

“Oh no I don’t mean to put anyone out.” I try and deflect, he’s never followed through on his promises to bed me, months of simple texts.

“It’s no burden Stace, I’ll drop you, Terry can leave if he likes.” Robert’s voice told me he’d made up his mind, assertive as always.

I could think of nothing else; Jason drops a drink in front of me and I greet Terry in a daze.

Four, five drinks later, my nerves have calmed and it’s only a few of us left standing.

“Come, let’s go.” Robert helps me to my feet and keeps me steady all the way to the car. He seems amused at my missteps but holds his composure.

“Okay, where to Stace?”

SHIT! I have to give him directions… I suck at this; I’m never getting home.

“Take Modderfontein, there’s a turn off, I’ll know it when I see it.”

My heart is pounding out of my chest, will tonight be the night?


I somehow manage to guide us to my place, and we park in the driveway.

“I assume you’re offering coffee?” Robert speaks first. Beautiful. Confident man.

God he’s sexy.

My mouth is dry, “Of course I am, are you coming in?”

I feign the confidence he exudes. “Lead the way.”

I’m all thumbs unlocking the doors and gates to my very modest cottage, I blame this on the copious drinks I had at the bar.

“Come inside, I hope you didn’t really want coffee?”

“No Stace,” he makes himself comfortable on my bed, “I did not want coffee.”

I am suddenly too nervous to move, Robert reaches out and takes a hold of my hand.

“How many were we on, on our last tally?”

“Why sir I never thought I’d see the day.”

He pulls me to him and kisses me firmly on the mouth. His huge frame engulfs me and all I smell is Robert, all I taste is his rum laced breath and I feel all of him.

I’m intoxicated iddaa siteleri but the drinks have worn off.

Robert suddenly pulls me over his knee, “Now you’re going to count out loud for me, I shall settle on 20.”

“I think we landed on 25, Robert.”

“Oh, I like the honesty Stacey,” he drawls

He gently rubs his large hand over my behind, “Are you ready Stacey?”

Breathless, I answer in the only way I can, “Yes.”

His hand keeps caressing, then suddenly —


“Oh god!”

“That didn’t sound like counting to me,” his sexy voice only adds to my arousal.


“That’s better…”


One on each cheek, “TWO, THREE, oh fuck!”

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you, naughty girl?” His deep voice drawls.


His spanking becomes more urgent, falling on my thighs, on my cheeks and on my mound.

“Oh yes, fuck!” He pulls me up with one swift motion and kisses me roughly.

I start tugging at his clothes, I need to feel him.

“Oh, Robert I’ve wanted this for so long.” He shrugs off his shirt and I can finally breath in his skin.

I kiss him with the urgency I feel, he’s made me wait for so long. He is everything in this moment and I drink him in.

When we part, I seat myself on the edge of my bed and tug at his belt, trying to free him.

He seems amused but helps me undo his belt and his slacks.

Finally, his manhood is free and I swallow him in one motion.

The shock is evident on his face, but the look of pleasure only spurs me on more.

I love the feel of his velvety cock in my mouth, I can feel myself growing only wetter still.

He pulls me off his cock, “That was unexpected,” he covers my mouth with his.

Robert lays me on the bed, and then changes his mind and flips us so that I’m riding him.

He enters me with such need, he fills me completely, “Ah!”

My arousal is so great that my body offers no resistance — my body knows it’s finally being fed what it’s been craving all these months.

He lies back and thrusts up into me over and over, it’s my undoing to see this beautiful man underneath me.

His muscular arms reaching out for me, his large chest under my hands and his beautiful face in ecstasy and I shatter, “Ah, fuck Robert!”

My climax comes in waves, over and over, my sex clenches around him and I’m washed away on a wave of pleasure.

He’s grunting obscenities about loving the feel of my pussy when I feel Robert come undone underneath me and I know he’s as spent as I am.

I fall into a delicious sleep on top of him.

When I awake Robert is gone.


There’s not much else to be said about Robert, I loved him more that I think he cared to know.

We only had the one night with nothing but empty promises of more.

He emigrated and we kept up our sexy texts with selfies and… more explicit images.

I was devastated when I heard of his wedding, but I wish him only well.

More to follow —

Stacey Lowell

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