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After our last encounter when I had fitted Tara with a remote controlled battery operated vibrating dildo, Tara was looking for something better. She often complained that while the world was bursting apart with all kinds of devices for women, there was nothing terribly nice for men. I told her over the phone “There is no substitute for pussy. YOUR Pussy. So forget it.”

When I met her the next time, she was in the midst of her periods. She disliked being touched when she was having her periods. So I simply chatted with her. We shared a meal at a small restaurant in the corner of Park Street. The conversation veered to our favorite topic. I assured her that I would constantly be on the look out for something that gave her more. I assured her, if she loved the fuck, I loved it more. So, if she wanted to make me enjoy, she should enjoy having sex with me, more.

The next day, I was reading some book on Ayurveda. I saw an article on the contributions of Ayurveda in the field of instant female arousers. It also gave an address. It had a peculiar name. I wrote down the name of the product and left for the shop which sold it.

On reaching, I asked the shopkeeper about the product with special reference to what it was made from and whether it would somehow hurt my Tara. The shopkeeper said “It is made from natural products. I use it myself. And the results? God. Ask her.” I did not want to ask his woman about it. I then asked how it should be used. He smiled and gave me apiece of typed paper and said, if I followed the instructions and methodology, I would never forget it and that my woman would insist on using it every time.

I paid a large sum of money and collected the powdery product home. I reached home and read through the instruction manual. I needed to buy Jasmine Oil, which is available far away from my home. I left immediately and got that expensive bottle of oil. I sniffed the oil. It was fantastic. It was the extract from Jasmine flowers and had an overpowering smell of flowers.

A week later, I got a call from Tara who asked me if I had got fed up of meeting her already. I asked her, if she was okay and whether I should drop in the evening. She hissed “Come over.”

I packed the Jasmine Oil and the Powder in my brief case and left home in the morning and read the instructions carefully many times over during the day.

As soon as I finished work for the day, I called her on my mobile and told her to go home and to have bath and be ready for the evening. casino şirketleri I also said “I will get some food along.” She asked “Big plans?.” I answered “Just some big ….” She interrupted and said “I know.”

I reached soon and went up and we sat and chatted. She had competed her bath and was ready for the evening. I unwrapped the Chinese food that I had picked and we quickly finished our meal.

After the meal, I told her “Just take off all your clothes and get into bed.” She said “What about you?” I answered back “Of course I too will be naked.”

I took off all my clothes and walked to the bed and lay down. She decided to go to the bathroom with her clothes on. Said “I will be back soon.”

When she emerged from the bathroom, she was wearing her dressing gown. She went to the dresser and started to comb her hair and tie up her hair.

I grabbed her by her hand and pulled her towards the bed. I told her “Don’t tie your hair. I like them open when we fuck.” I pulled her near and sat up. I pulled the wait band of her dressing gown and pulled it of her shoulders. She was wearing a bra and her petticoat. I got up and embraced her. My erect dick jabbed into her crotch and she said “God you want me too much.”

I said “Just take this off.” And I unhooked her bra off. I threw her bra to the corner. I bent slightly and kissed each of her nipples one by one. I then sat dawn while she stood in front of me. I gently caught her by the waist band of her petticoat and slid my fingers into her petticoat. Pulled out her draw strings and pulled the cord. I loosened the petticoat and dropped the petticoat.

It fell and she stood naked. She covered her pussy with both her hands. I got up, picked her up and put her lightly on the bed.

I took the light and covered her with it. She wrapped it around and said “Thanks.”

I picked up by brief case and took out the bottles and said “Wait, I will be back soon.” She said “What are you doing? Jus come to bed.”

I left. While leaving I turned off the main lights of the room. She settled back.

I went to the kitchen and picked up a small stainless steel bowl.

I poured the powder into the bowl and emptied the Jasmine oil into it. Then with my two fingers, I made it into a paste. I was worried that the paste would be granular and that it would hurt her. But to my surprise It became a nice smooth paste.

I took the bowl and returned to the room.

Tara asked me “What are you up to?”

I kept casino firmaları quiet and came to the bed. I kissed her and said “You will have to co-operate.” She said “What if I don’t?’.

IU said “I will simply tie your hands and feet and do what I want to do.”

Tara said “Okay. I will co-operate.”

I pulled the sheet off her and I started to kiss her on her face and mouth. She responded and started to probe my mouth with her tongue. I reciprocated.

I soon started to place hot kisses all over her, except her pussy.

When she was reasonably aroused and the room was filled with the aroma of her pussy juices, I dipped my fingers into the bowl and picked out a little bit of the cream.

I caught her face and inserted my finger into her nostril. She protested, but I over powered her and applied it nicely in the nostril.

The moment I left her, she started to violently shake and cross her legs and said “Oh my God. My pussy. It is bursting.” I could see that she was breathing heavier and heavier and crossing and uncrossing her legs and was having her first orgasm.

I went on kissing her on her mouth and on her neck. When she was settling down from the first burst, I made her open her mouth and applied some cream on her gums. She screamed “What is this. You want to kill me or what?” And then she went into paroxysms with her orgasm. She screamed “Fuck me.”

I let her complete her orgasm. Than, I took her hands and raised them above her head. She was perspiring heavily.

I dipped my fingers into the bowl and picked out some cream. I caught her left breast and applied the cream on her left nipple and on the areola. Then I caught her right nipple and did the same. She started to cry “That hurts. Oh my God. My pussy is swelling up. My breasts. Oh that is sooooooo nice.” “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me,”

She started to play with her own breasts. One of her hands went towards her pussy. I caught her wrist and pulled the hand up. She would not stop. I tied her wrist to the bed post lightly.

Then I took a position between her legs and jack knifed the legs open. I took some of the cream and applied it directly to her clit. She became wild with arousal. She was raising her buttocks and saying “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me,”

She again went into a series of orgasms.

When she calmed down a little, I spread her legs open and showed her my dick in my hand. I took some of the cream and applied güvenilir casino it liberally on the tip of the dick.

I could feel the tingling on my dick. I spread her pussy lips with two finger and with the other hand guided the dick right into her pussy.

Then what happened was simply mind blowing. Tara started to fuck from below with energy I never knew she had. I went on fucking from above. The pelvises met and pounded each other. I was fucking for about half and hour and the dick would not go down or ejaculate. She was having organs after orgasm. She had become a nymphomaniac and I had the power of an ever lasting fuck.

When I started my orgasm, it would not end. As if some one was not finishing the orgasm. I started to shout “I am coming darling.”

It took over five minutes to compete the orgasm.

When we finished, I fell on top of her. She was still aroused.

She whispered “I want more.”

After about ten minutes, I got up from over her and told her “I will now give you what you never knew could happen to you.

I took out her remote controlled battery operated dildo vibrator, applied the cream on it and got it ready.

I untied her hands and flipped her over.

I caught her legs and stretched them open. I took the cream and applied it directly into her ass. She cried out “Don’t bugger me, please.”

I picked up the dildo and kept it next to me. I picked up some cream and applied it on my dick and then I caught her by her buttocks and put my hard and swollen dick into her ass. I lifted her buttocks up from the bed and inserted the dildo into her pussy.

I took the remote control and switched the dildo to full mode.

She turned mad. She was now being fucked from the two holes at one time. I caught her breasts from behind her and started to pump her from back, while the dildo and the spinner were turning over her clit.

She was moaning and crying “Aaaaah. Oooooh.”

In about ten minutes, I had come into her ass. I took out the dick, but refused to take out the vibrator. She tried to stop the vibrator.

I caught her wrists and tied them above. I told her “You will now be fucked through the whole night.”

The next hour, she was jumping up and down. And having any number of orgasms.

She then perhaps passed out with the exertion. I switched off the vibrator and pulled it out and released her wrists.

I covered her with the sheet and let her rest.

I lay down, embraced her and went to sleep next to her.

May be at around 4 in the morning, I was woken up by Tara. She said “Thanks Ravi.”

I said “We must thank each other in amore becoming way.”

She said “Let us have an old fashioned fuck.”

And we did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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