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Here’s what Shelley walked in on yesterday: me sitting on the couch, sipping a beer. And Tess standing arm in arm with her friend Daisy. Tess was nuzzling Daisy’s neck, giving her soft kisses and whispering in her ear. Daisy was wearing a short floral dress that wrapped tightly around her huge breasts. This girl was amazing. And Tess was loving her, caressing her waist and nibbling her ear.

“Hi there,” Shelley said loudly. The girls snapped out of their reverie.

“Hi Shelly!” Tess said. Daisy turned around and smiled. Her big, pillowy breasts bounced from the movement.

“Shelley, this is my girlfriend Daisy,” Tess said.

“Ah,” Shelley said. She gave me a cold look.

“John, can I talk to you for a minute?”

She spun around, and I followed her into the kitchen. The girls giggled as I shut the door behind me. I adjusted my hard-on.

“I thought Tess had a boyfriend,” Shelley snapped.

“They broke up,” I said.

“Ah, I guess you would know.”


“Well, you two sure spend a lot of time talking.”

“She’s going through a lot. It reminds me of when I was her age, when my family fell apart like that.”

Shelley harrumphed. “Alright, well. How long is her friend…um, girlfriend… How long is she staying?”

“I don’t know,” I said truthfully. “Not too late, I’ll make sure.”

My wife glanced at her phone.

“Alright, I have to take off. I’ll be home later tonight.”

With that, Shelley stormed off. We’d had our good period. But things are chilly right now. I’m not perfect. I fucked Tess a week ago, and Shelley doesn’t know that… God, just thinking about her tight pussy wrapped around my cock makes my erection harder. Thinking about grabbing her firm, smooth ass as her compact, busty body bounces on my dick. Oh God, I get so hard thinking about her soft, puffy lips. We haven’t fucked since that time, but it’s only been a week. When we’re alone in the same room, I pull her into my arms and kiss her, I grope her chest and her ass through her clothes. We haven’t had any close calls with the kids or Shelley, but Shelley walking into the living room when Daisy was there wasn’t great.

Ah, yes, Daisy. Daisy is not, as Tess said, her girlfriend. Daisy is one of her friends. The other day, curled up with me on the couch, Tess told me about her.

“She’s a little bit taller than me, and she’s 19,” she started, “and her boobs are huge and soft. They’re G-cups, if you can believe that. You’re going to love her.”

I moaned in approval.

“Daisy has been telling me that nobody has ever fucked her tits,” Tess purred, climbing into my lap so she was straddling me.

She started to grind on my cock. “She really wants a big daddy dick in her life,” Tess said, her breasts threatening to pop out of the tight, low-cut t-shirt she was wearing.

I pushed her blonde hair out of her face. “Well maybe I can help with that,” I said, kneading her soft ass.

Then we’d heard the front door open, and Tess jumped off my lap and into the basement.

Cut to yesterday morning. Two big-titted sluts walked through my front door when I was home alone.

Daisy matched the description Tess gave. She was around 5’5″ with enormous, mind blowing tits. While Tess was a compact and firm and tan soccer player, Daisy was a little softer around bahis firmaları the edges. She had a gorgeous, round face with plump lips and big eyes. Her boobs were so big that they gave me an instant hard-on. Her soft, porcelain flesh threatened to spill over her dress’s neckline. If these two busty girls kept standing so close together, I’d have a heart attack.

“Hi,” Daisy said shyly. She walked up to me and shook my hand. Her hand was small and warm.

“Hi there Daisy,” I said. “I’ve heard so much about you.” She blushed and giggled.

Tess grabbed Daisy’s hand and smiled up at me.

“Daddy,” she said. “How about you and Daisy get to know each other a little bit in the TV room? I’ll make us all some drinks.”

I led Daisy to the back of the house. While I took a seat on the couch, Daisy stood a few feet in front of me. I patted the seat next to me, motioning for her to join me. Her cheeks were turning a beautiful shade of pink.

“I’ll stand for now,” she demurred.

“God you’re sweet,” I said. “But I heard you need a big daddy dick.”

The girl looked down and nodded, smiling.

“Why don’t you lift up that dress and show daddy your panties?”

She did as she was told. Her panties were pure white with a tiny heart embroidered on the front. My cock was throbbing as I imagined pushing them to the side to fuck her.

“Good girl,” I grunted, rubbing my erection through my pants. And that’s when Tess bounced in the room, carrying a beer for me and two cocktails for her and Daisy. Daisy dropped her skirt back down as Tess approached her. Tess snuck her hand around her friend’s waist and started to whisper in her ear. Then she kissed her neck softly.

And that’s when Shelley came in.

After my wife left, I returned to the TV room. And it was one of the most beautiful images of my life. It’s something I’ll never forget. Both Tess and Daisy had taken their clothes off, and they were reclined on the couch, wrapped up in each other’s curves. Daisy’s mammoth G cups and Tess’s firm and huge E cups were smashed together, the flesh popping out to the side beautifully and obscenely. Tess was on top, her pert, toned ass sticking high up, clad in red panties. The girls’ lips were locked as they passionately made out, their bodies gyrating and moving to their own rhythm.

They turned to look at me, sitting up slightly.

“Hi daddy,” Tess said brightly. Daisy was holding her breasts, covering her nipples with her small hands.

“Let’s go down to the basement,” Tess said. Daisy smiled and looked up at me. Her bright blue eyes sparkled with lust.

Down in the basement guest room, I laid down on the bed. Tess turned on a soft light and started figuring out the CD player. Daisy stood quietly, looking down at the floor and occasionally glancing up at me and my erection.

“Daisy,” I said, “how about you come join me?” She smiled and hoisted herself on the bed. I loved watching her enormous tits sway and jiggle. Her skin was so smooth and creamy. When she was next to me, she crossed her arms over her chest. Her cheeks were rosy red, and she was nervous. I gave her a small kiss on the lips. She smiled. I put one hand on her waist and whispered into her ear, telling her how beautiful she is. She kissed me back slowly. I pulled back and kissed her forehead. “You have the most kaçak iddaa beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen,” I whispered into her ear. The breath in her ear made her shiver, and she kissed me hungrily, opening her mouth as I crushed her breasts against my chest. My erection pressed against her soft thigh. I clamped her slender waist with my large hand and Daisy shifted to wrap her legs around me, so that my cock pressed against her panties. She moaned quietly. I gripped her body, holding her as close as I could.

Tess had been watching. She jumped onto the bed and kissed and rubbed my shoulders.

“Hi daddy,” Tess whispered, kissing my neck. Daisy broke our kiss to lift her head up and kiss Tess. She didn’t move her legs from their hold around my waist. I could feel the moisture in her pussy through the layers of her panties and my shorts.

I was so turned on and overwhelmed that I was relieved when Tess started to play ring leader.

“Are you ready, Daise?” Tess asked quietly. Daisy mewed from under me and we disentangled. Tess reached over and helped me take my shorts off as I leaned down to cover Daisy’s neck with kisses. My cock freed, Tess took hold of it and started to jack me off.

“Look at daddy’s big dick,” she said to Daisy as she started to massage my heavy balls. Daisy looked and smiled shyly.

“I’m going to go get something,” Tess said, bouncing off the bed. I turned to watch her tight ass jog out of the room. “Be right back.”

Daisy looked up at me. I kissed her lightly and led her hand toward my cock. “That’s right,” I groaned as she obediently reached out with her hand. “Grip it,” I directed her. As she stroked my cock, I sucked on her perfect pink nipples and caressed her enormous boobs. Her soft moans were driving me wild.

Tess came back in with a bottle of oil. She pried me off Daisy so she could pour oil over her friend’s boobs and into her cleavage. Then she put some in Daisy’s hands and instructed her to spread it around on my dick and jack me off. Tess kept massaging and groping Daisy and Daisy kept jacking me off. My busty, slutty babysitter caressing her friend’s huge boobs… Her friend pulling on my cock, her humongous tits jiggling with the movement…

I could have kept going like that forever.

“Alright, Daisy,” Tess whispered into her friends ear. “Are you ready for daddy?”

Daisy moaned. “Fuck my tits, daddy,” she breathed.

I straddled Daisy’s waist and gripped the sides of her huge, pillow-like boobs. I positioned my dick in her cleavage, pausing for a minute to enjoy how my big cock looked in between her big boobs. Then I thrust my dick into her cleavage and she smiled widely up at me.

Tess lay down beside her friend and started whispering dirty nothings in her ear, loud enough for me to hear.

“Don’t you love daddy’s big dick?” she asked. “Daddy’s big dick loves you. You’re such a good girl, Daisy.”

I kept thrusting between her big oiled tits. I groped her chest and rolled her nipples between my fingers, listening to her moan in pleasure. Tess reached down between Daisy’s legs and started rubbing her clit. She gasped and yelped.

“Daddy loves good girls,” Tess whispered. “Daddy loves your big tits.”

I was pounding Daisy’s chest, her boobs bouncing up and hitting her chin with each thrust while Tess brought kaçak bahis her tantalizingly close to orgasm.

“That’s right,” I sputtered. “Daddy loves your tits.”

Tess kept on fingering and flicking Daisy’s clit as her yelps turned into shrieks and screams.

“I’m going to come!” she gasped. Tess urged her, rubbing her clit furiously.

“Come for daddy!” Tess cried. “Come for daddy like a good slut!”

Daisy shuddered in a huge orgasm. Her eyes shut and her body shook, her boobs shaking all around my thick cock. That’s when I exploded. My first rope of cum hit her chin and splashed up on to her face. She instinctively licked her lips when my cum hit her soft mouth. Another rope of cum hit the tops of her huge tits, and the third hit her hard, pink nipples. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I felt breathless. I grunted and looked over at Tess, who was smiling at me. I leaned over to kiss her deeply, and Tess wrapped her arms around my neck. Daisy was moaning softly, coming down from her orgasm.

Tess propped herself up and kissed Daisy’s lips. Then she started to lick my cum off her boobs, sucking Daisy’s nipples. She cupped and jiggled those amazing boobs, licking her nipples and slapping her breasts together. Tess giggled softly, playing with her friend’s amazing tits. Then she reached for my balls and began to massage them, eliciting a huge groan from me. Heaven.

“Don’t you love how daddy’s cum tastes?” Tess said softly, bringing one of her fingers to Daisy’s mouth. Daisy sucked eagerly on her finger, moaning and nodding.

I collapsed on the bed between the girls, more exhausted and satisfied than I’d ever been.

When we woke up, I drove Daisy home, my arm around her the whole time. At her house, I pulled her close to me and we kissed each other deeply, and I reached into her dress to rub her nipples and cup her breasts.

She whispered in my ear, “Am I a good girl?,” sending tingles down my spine. I gripped her waist and told her she was my best girl. I wanted to drive her to an alley and fuck her good. But not tonight.

She jumped out of my car and I watched her dress fly up in the wind as she went inside, the tops of her thick thighs glistening with moisture.

Back home, beautiful Tess was wearing a too-tight sports bra and boxer shorts (oh God, were they mine?) while she did dishes and talked to Shelley in the kitchen. The mood was tense so I tread carefully. I poured myself a glass of water and gave Shelley a kiss on the cheek.

“What’s up?”

Tess and Shelley were quiet. Tess’s big breasts shook while she scrubbed a pan.

“We were just talking about long-term plans,” Tess said. “Like how long I can stay here.”

I looked at Shelley. She looked down.

“Well we don’t have to talk about that now, right?” I asked.

Shelley huffed out of the room, stomping upstairs. I came up behind Tess and wrapped my arms around her, forcing her to put the pan down.

“Don’t worry,” I said. She turned around and melted into me, kissing me softly.

We went downstairs together and made love slowly and quietly on a towel on the floor so Shelley wouldn’t hear us through the vents. We held each other closely, and moved little. Her pussy was starting to feel like home to me, so tight and warm and welcoming. Tess was beautiful when she came, stretching and shuddering and holding back her moans, her whole body covered with a sheen of sweat.

“I love you,” she whispered when cock erupted inside her, coating her pussy with my cum.

“I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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