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A big thanks to 11_Carlton and BlueEyed5ftAngel for their helpful editing services!

My God, I wasn’t used to waking up like this… It was 6:30 on a Tuesday morning and the loud sound of someone coming down the stairs was quite enough to rouse me from my slumber. Having not slept very well last night, I grunted with discontent to myself, turning over on my other side in another attempt to find a comfortable position. But I knew I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep now, not with all the noise going on just outside the door.

My name is Daniel. I am twenty-three years old and that Tuesday morning was the third day of my visit back home. I had arrived from a three-hour train ride on Sunday night but in spite of the days that had passed since then; I had not yet gotten into the ‘rhythm’ of being back home again. I had moved away from home three years ago to attend university in another town and since then I had been living on my own, in a one-room student’s apartment. Needless to say, I was accustomed to doing things my way; whenever I wanted and however I wanted. Now I was home again and it was just like going back in time three years, having to share the house with my mom and younger sister Anne.

I was home that week to spend the upcoming Easter holiday with family. Since I didn’t have any classes, I figured I might as well go a few days earlier to have more time with everyone. It seemed like a good idea at the time but the way I was feeling now; tired and annoyed, I wasn’t that sure anymore.

Mom and Anne weren’t really making any effort to be quiet in their doings; I guess they weren’t used to having more people around either. Either mom or Anne were blow-drying their hair in the downstairs bedroom and judging from the intensity of the whooshing sound, I guess they hadn’t even bothered to close their door.

I pushed my face into the pillow and murmured a few chosen words to myself, trying to release some of the building irritation.

I knew it wasn’t really fair to be irritated at them; after all, this was their home and probably their usual morning routine. It was just that ever since moving to my own place, I was used to sleeping-in on my days off, not to be abruptly woken up this early in the morning! But by now I was already awake, so I sat up on the bedside.

My old room had been turned into a study room since I moved out and my own bed had come with me to my apartment, so whenever I was back home I had to sleep in the guest room. To be honest, the bed in there wasn’t the most comfortable around. I think it was actually Anne’s old bed which had been demoted to an extra bed when she got a new one. And before that it had been my older sister’s bed, so it wasn’t in its best state anymore…

Grabbing my t-shirt from the chair at the foot of the bed I pulled it over my head, scratched through my ruffled hair and left the guestroom. With a yawn, I stepped into the hallway and crossed into the kitchen. There, at the table was Anne, already dressed and having her breakfast. Looking over her shoulder she couldn’t help but teasing me for my recently-out-of-bed look.

“I see that you’ve been up for a while already?” The tone of her voice was a blend of sarcasm and enjoyment.

“Good morning,” I said while clearing my throat. “Where’s mom?”

“She’s in the bathroom, getting ready for work.”

Before I moved away from home, I had lived in that house with mom and Anne for ten years. Anne was five years younger than me, and she had just turned 18 a few days ago. As usual, we were going to celebrate her birthday at the same time as Easter.

When I was ten my parents had divorced, splitting the family into two. My older sister Lisa had stayed with dad while Anne and I had gone to live with mom in a new town. We had always stayed in touch though and there were never any problems for mom and dad to see each other, at least not for shorter periods of time. Birthdays and similar occasions were always a time when the whole family got together again. I guess mom and dad decided to do so during the first years after the divorce since we kids were still fairly young at the time but with time it just became a habit to get together now and then. There was a little snag six years ago when dad met Sue, a woman that he eventually married but nowadays she was a natural addition to our family gatherings.

With the celebration of Anne’s birthday in conjunction with Easter coming up, one of those gatherings was close at hand. Lisa, Sue and dad were coming to mom’s house on Friday night and I knew mom was a bit nervous about it all. It was always like that; she was concerned about the house not being tidy enough or the food not being good enough, as if she had some urge to impress dad or perhaps more likely his new wife.

Since Anne had turned 18, I knew she had plans on moving away from home too, once she was finished with high school. She had talked to me about university studies and besides that casino şirketleri she had told me she had had a few job offers. And although mom had always known both Anne and I would eventually move away from her, I think she was actually a bit afraid of becoming all alone in that house.

Suddenly, she stepped into the kitchen.

“Oh, so you’re up and about Daniel?” There was a bit of harmless sarcasm in her voice too.

“Well, I was awake anyway” was my short response.

Mom gave me a smile and turned to the counter to pour herself a cup of coffee. I couldn’t help but think about how good she looked. Mom was turning 47 in two months but you wouldn’t guess it by the look of her. Sure, she wasn’t the perfect fitness model but not at all in bad shape either. One of her most flattering features was her skin; it was as smooth as a 25-year-old’s. She was a regular at the local spa, which kept the light-tanned tone of her complexion intact all year round. Her hair was a darker shade of blonde which only added to the warmth of her skin tone and her deep, blue eyes were framed by lines of raven-black eyelashes. This morning she was wearing a great-looking business suit; a black jacket with matching skirt, dark nylons and a white blouse. She had put her hair up with a clip on the back of her head and the glasses she was wearing somehow accentuated the look of a smart, sophisticated woman.

I’m not sure if it was just because of seeing my mother like that or if there was something else stirring in me at the time but something happened to me that hadn’t happened in four or five years.

When I was in my late teens, I often had sexual fantasies about my mom. It had all started when I was 17 and was visiting my dad and I found an old photo album tucked away in his desk. Looking inside, I found pictures from his and mom’s younger days when they had just started going out. In the midst of all the photos showing mom or dad at picnics, parties, vacation trips etc, there was a picture of mom, in her early twenties, lying on a bed wearing only a pair of white cotton panties.

To this day I can remember every detail of that picture. Mom was lying on her side, supporting her head on one arm with the elbow against the mattress. Her other arm was resting on her thigh and the look in her eyes was like an invitation to the photographer, dad, to come and join her. From the very first day I saw that photo I began seeing mom in a completely new light. She was no longer just my mom; she was an attractive, sexy, mature woman with an exciting past. I don’t know how many times I jacked-off with that photograph in my head and from there I developed incestuous fantasies about having sex with my own mother. To begin with, I felt a lot of guilt for having such sinful thoughts about my mom but eventually she became a natural part of my sexual fantasy world. I guess that fantasy stayed with me but once I started having more serious relationships, the sexual thoughts about mom became less active.

But this morning they came creeping back again. Seeing mom in that beautiful outfit – the contrast of the black and the white, the glasses, the hairclip – made me think about that photograph again. Once more, I could see her as a sensual, beautiful woman. I must have lost myself to my fantasies for a while, because I jumped when my sister suddenly spoke.

“Good luck today, mom. I hope everything goes well.”

Feeling a bit jolted from both my rude awakening earlier and the sexual thoughts that were running through my head, I didn’t understand what Anne was talking about.

“Good luck with what?” I asked as I helped myself to a bowl of cereals.

“I told you yesterday,” mom replied. “I’m doing a big presentation for a potential client today, remember?”

“Oh, that’s right, I’m sorry.”

I did remember. Mom worked for an advertising agency and she had told me the night before about the project she had been involved in. She was good at what she did but I got the feeling sometimes that she wasn’t too happy with her job anymore. Sometimes she would mention that she’d like to get another job but then she would always fall into some sort of resignation, saying she was too old to get a new career. I can’t be sure but there were times when I thought that this was just an excuse to hang on to some sort of stability in her life. Knowing that Anne was going to move away soon, her job could perhaps be the only thing keeping her from having to face a completely new life on her own.

“Well, I’m off,” Anne said as she cleared the table from her breakfast.

Her Easter break didn’t begin until that Friday, so she had a few days of school left. Anne gave mom a kiss on the cheek and headed out into the hallway. She called another “bye” to us before we heard the front door slam shut. Mom finished her coffee, glanced at the kitchen clock, and said:

“It’s about time I left too. What are you going to do today, Danny?”

“Not sure, casino firmaları I don’t really have anything particular to do.” Feeling a bit guilty about being so irritated earlier I decided to offer my services. “Is there anything I can do to prepare for the dinner on Friday?”

“Nooo…” mom said while going through her mental checklist. “I think I have pretty much everything covered.”

That was typical of mom. She was so worried about not having time to get everything in order but she didn’t want anyone else to help either. I guess she just wanted to have full control of everything.

“Tell you what,” she said. “I’ll give you a call from work if I think of anything. Ok?”

“Fine with me,” I replied.

With that, mom gave me a hug and left the house. As I heard her car leave the driveway I sat down at the kitchen table to finish my breakfast. There I was, all alone in the house having a sandwich while casually leafing through the local paper. But I couldn’t get the image of mom out of my head. It was a familiar feeling although I hadn’t felt this way in a few years. For five or ten minutes after mom had left I sat at the table and let my fantasies run wild. As I felt my heart beat just a little bit faster I stood up and headed upstairs. My decision was made; I was going to do something I hadn’t done in a long time…

When I reached the top floor I entered mom’s bedroom. It was very bright with a pleasant yellow colour on the walls. On the right side of the room was mom’s double-size bed and opposite to it, next to the built-in closet was a chest of drawers. Although I hadn’t done what I was doing in almost five years, I knew exactly where I was going. I approached the chest of drawers and pulled out the middle drawer; mom’s panty drawer. As it slid open I was met with a familiar sight but with new elements. There was mom’s underwear, my ultimate fetish. This obsession had also started in my late teens when I spotted a pair of mom’s worn panties in an open hamper. That particular pair had been thrown away years ago but I could still remember them vividly. They were plain, turquoise satin with just a small rosette on the front as decoration. I remember how I immediately fell in love with the silky touch of the shiny satin in my hands and how I smelled the dried-in stain left in the crotch while I jerked off. From that point I made it a habit to explore that middle drawer whenever I was alone in the house. But, just as my fantasies about mom had subsided from my mind during the last few years, so had the thought of her panties.

As I stood there again, browsing through mom’s underwear, all that sexual excitement came alive again. I could feel my heart rate increase even more as I fondled the lace, the silk, the satin and the cotton in front of me as my mouth started to become dry from my heavy breathing.

Finally, I picked out an extremely sexy pair; they were silver-white satin with a pattern of small, pink roses. The front was adorned with a triangle of white lace, pointing down towards the opening that was intended to be concealed underneath. I couldn’t help but wonder why mom had all this sexy lingerie. She hadn’t been in a serious relationship since her divorce from dad, so there really was no one to enjoy the sexy garments on her. I guess she got some satisfaction from just feeling a little sexy on her own.

Just standing there, I caressed the panties for a few minutes before I put them down on the bed and left the room.

Heading into the upstairs bathroom, I quickly dug through the half-filled hamper for a used pair. It didn’t take me long to find what I was looking for; this time a pair of black silk panties, with a line of black lace on each side. Giving the crotch a quick whiff by my nose, the aroma of mom’s juices was instantly familiar. I felt my dick twitch and I quickly returned to mom’s bedroom.

Standing by the foot of mom’s bed, I took my clothes off. Since I was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of boxers, it didn’t take me long. Once I was completely naked, I picked up the white pair of satin panties and slowly put them on. As I pulled them up my legs, I felt the delicate fabric brush against my skin which resulted in my dick starting to swell. I tucked it in as best as I could and began feeling my own ass through the silky material. The bulge on the front quickly grew larger and it was time to go all the way. I picked up the black panties, the used pair and lay down on mom’s bed.

Lying on my back I placed the black panties over my face and just began savouring the arousing smell of mom’s juices. With my right hand I slowly began to rub my growing hard-on through the shiny satin. It was growing bigger and bigger and after a while I pulled down the crotch of the panties and began stroking it with more intensity. The feeling of the panty line stretching against my balls combined with the sweet smell of mom was bringing me immense pleasure.

Experiencing something that güvenilir casino I hadn’t experienced for so long must have made me completely oblivious to other things going on around me and I was startled when I suddenly felt a hand touching my left leg.

With a shock I sat up in the bed, grabbing the panties on my face and throwing them to the bedroom floor as a reflex. I felt my face blush as I saw mom sitting on the bedside with her hand on my thigh and a peculiar smirk on her face. Clumsily I managed to tuck away my stiff cock, while stuttering I tried to find something – anything – to say.

“M… mom… mom, what are you doing home?”

“I just remembered something you could do for Friday but then realised I had forgotten my cell phone. So I came back to get it and figured I could tell you in person now that I was here. You weren’t anywhere downstairs so I came up looking for you. But I didn’t expect to find you like this…”

I was so embarrassed and felt so much guilt come rushing over me. What should I do? What could I do? My stammering continued as I grasped for words.

“Mom, I… I’m sorry, I… I couldn’t help it, I…”

“Relax honey,” mom said with a strangely calm voice and patted me gently on the leg. “We all have our fantasies, and to be honest I did have my suspicions about you and my panties. I just thought that you had lost interest in them these days.”

“No, I hadn’t, I…”

I stopped talking. Was I really having this conversation with my mom? I just wanted to disappear somehow! Mom was just looking at me as I was sitting there wearing nothing but a pair of her panties, and she looked like she was waiting for an answer. When I didn’t say anything, she opened her mouth again, and began running a finger up and down my thigh. Her voice sounded a little softer as she said:

“You know a few years ago when I no longer could find any traces of you going through my panties, I was a bit disappointed…”

“What?” was all I could say.

“Well, I always thought it was sort of exciting to know that you got turned on by my underwear. But then you stopped doing it, so I figured that I wasn’t that interesting anymore.”

“Of course you were! I mean… That’s not why I stopped… I mean…”

I just didn’t know what to say. Here I was, trying to explain to my mom why I had been wearing her panties and why she shouldn’t have felt bad when I had given it up! It felt so surreal; I had expected a major scolding for my behaviour. Instead, mom caught me completely off guard as she suddenly unbuttoned her jacket and dropped it to the floor. Slowly she went over to the panties that I had been smelling and bent over to pick them up. As she leaned over, I got a good view down her blouse which wasn’t buttoned all the way up. She stayed in that position for just a little while longer than necessary, giving me enough time to spot her breasts hanging, held in place by a white bra. I couldn’t hold back a small twitch of my cock but as she stood up again I tried to focus all my mental strength on restraining my member. Spinning the panties around her finger, mom came around to the side of the bed again, with the strange smirk back on her lips. All of a sudden, she held the panties to her face and deeply inhaled her own, sweet scent.

She then looked down on me and said, “You like that smell, huh?”

I couldn’t do much more than agree. Holding out the black panties in front of her, she eyed them and the pair that I was still wearing.

Then she spoke again, almost as if to herself, “What’s so special about my underwear? If my panties can turn you on this much on their own, I wonder what you would think about seeing them in their proper place…”

Before I could think about what she meant by that, mom threw the black panties on the bed and started to unbutton her blouse. I was completely baffled and just stared at her as she slowly began to undress in front of me. A moment later she let her blouse drop to the floor, revealing her upper body, now clad only in that pearly-white bra. Mom reached back and unzipped her skirt and let it fall down her legs.. As she did, I could see that her nylons were stay-ups with a sexy pattern of dark lace encircling each of her thighs. And the panties… my God. It was a pair of white satin ones, matching her bra, with the whole front done in lace. Underneath the pattern of small flowers and hearts, I could make out a patch of dark pubic hair and where the panties curved between her legs, there was a small, moist spot. By now I had lost all control of my growing cock.

With me sitting in mom’s bed with my mouth open in astonishment, she walked around the foot of the bed to the other side as if she wanted to model her lingerie for me. When she reached the right side of the bed she told me to lie down on my back again. I did as she told me as mom bent over and grabbed me by the wrists. Her breasts were hanging only a couple of inches in front of me and I no longer knew if this was a dream or reality. Gently, mom brought my hands up in line with my head while at the same time she straddled my torso. Sitting on her knees with one leg on each side of me, she then guided my hands to her ass.

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