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Dmitri Petrovna checked the watch on his wrist for what seemed like the hundredth time that night. It read quarter to one in the morning.

It was Friday night and his wife was working late at the law firm she is a partner at. Lately she had been spending most nights working overtime to finish a high profile case on a man who allegedly killed his wife. Gabrielle was one of the top criminal defence lawyers in the metropolitan Vancouver area and this case plunged her into the spotlight even further. Everyone was expecting her to crack under the pressure, for she was solely defending the man, but Dmitri knew better. His wife was made of stone, not a hair on her head would be out of place when she finally comes home. She wasn’t always this cold. When they met she was a law student at UBC and had just moved to Vancouver from Montreal. Her french accent was adorable and her witty banter was enough for him to be completely enamoured with her, as if her stunning looks weren’t enough. However, over the years her obsession with perfection has led to their distance and Dmitri no longer felt comfort in their relationship. Instead, he was the husband she had to hide. His career as a writer, while once successful, had halted. His last book was published five years before, and he secretly blamed this on his wife. For the past 20 years she had been his muse, his Beatrice, but the passion was no longer there.

Now, to fill his time, he had turned to alcohol. He slowly sipped his poison of choice, a French cognac he had spent a ridiculous amount on, before saying “fuck it” and downing the whole glass. His head had been swimming for the past hour and as he stood to refill his glass he had to grab onto the armrest to keep from tumbling over. The liquor sloshed in the almost empty bottle but this didn’t worry him. He had a whole cabinet filled with the best alcohol money could buy. Back in his chair, the warmth of the liquid as it slid easily down his throat comforted him. Resting his eyes for just a moment, his thoughts had almost engulfed him when the click of a key unlocking the front door disturbed him.

“Gabby?” He used the nickname only he referred to his wife by. But instead of his wife, a sweet voice answered that replaced the bitter taste in his mouth with joy.

“No daddy, it’s just me.” He had forgotten his daughter Scarlett would be home tonight. She lived with a friend downtown to be closer to the art school she attended. Dmitri was ecstatic when she informed Gabrielle and him of her decision to pursue art but her mother had pursed her lips and frowned. She would have liked her daughter to follow in her footsteps or at least choose something a little more stable. Nonetheless, Scarlett was a great artist and focused her studies on graphic design.

“Did you forget I was coming over? Remember I told you last week I was spending the weekend here? Nicole’s parents are here so I told her I’d let her have the apartment to herself for extra space.” She smiled coyly and sashayed her way into the living room. She left a trail of vanilla scented air as she walked in. Her long black hair fell like a curtain as she swooped in to plant a lingering kiss on his cheek. She sat her round butt on the armchair of his chair and grabbed the glass out of his hand. Her heavily-lidded eyes fluttered closed as she took a swig of his drink. A small pink tongue emerged to wipe away the excess booze from her full pink lips.

Suddenly, Dmitri didn’t know what to do with his hands, which previously had been resting on the armrests. He fumbled a bit in his drunken haze before putting an arm around her. He could feel the womanly curve of her hip beneath his hand. He took another swig of his drink as his pants began to tighten.

“Did you miss me?” Her sweet as honey voice made him look up at her, just in time to catch the slow wink she gave him before giggling. She leaned into him and put her arm around his neck. His face was inches away from her voluptuous bosom. They looked so soft and cushiony, all Dmitri wanted to do was bury his face in between them.

He knew these thoughts were wrong but he couldn’t help himself. The thoughts had been getting stronger lately, ever since she left the house. It wasn’t like he was getting any from his wife anyways. He could easily have an affair, a handsome man like himself, but casino şirketleri he wasn’t that type of guy. Somehow, it felt less like cheating this way, keeping it within the family. He knew he was deluding himself but he wouldn’t stop, couldn’t stop, himself from imagining what it would be like to have Scarlett bouncing on top of him. The mental images of her full breasts bouncing and her moaning was enough to make him excuse himself.

He pushed himself, albeit a bit stumblingly, from his chair but was interrupted by Scarlett grabbing his hand.

“Where are you going daddy?” She was looking up at him from big green eyes. She was smirking naughtily at him before looking down and biting her lip. “I just want to spend some time with you while it’s just us two. I know mom won’t be home for a while.”

“I’m sorry, I just…” He froze as she started to stand too. Her hand slide from his and moved its way up his arm. Her fingers made their way to the collar of his shirt and she grabbed him closer to her. Their faces were inches apart. All he could do was stare at her plump lips and imagine what she tasted like.

“Shh, I know you want this.” She silenced him with a kiss. One exploding like fireworks. Her mouth was soft and tasted of cherries, her tongue was curious and fit so perfectly with his own. He grabbed the back of her head and started to kiss her harder now. He felt her hand make its way down to the growing cock in his pants. She squeezed softly before rubbing the front of his jeans.

God damn, he wanted this, he wanted this so bad. But thoughts of morality made him jump back. Panting, he wiped his mouth. Scarlett pouted and looked confused, almost hurt. Her arms were crossed over her heaving chest, pushing her boobs closer together.

“I’m sorry, I can’t…” Dmitri moaned and averted his eyes.

“But daddy, look.” She nodded down at the bulge in his jeans. “I know you want it. I want it too! Do this please, for your baby.” She bit her lip and looked up at him. His willpower was growing thin. Silently he took her hand and led her upstairs, feeling guilty over wanting this so bad. The walk up stairs and down the hall to the master bedroom has never felt so long. He didn’t look at her until he closed and locked the bedroom door.

Slowly he turned to look at her. Scarlett was standing by the bed. Her shirt was pulled slightly to one side, exposing a lacy black bra, and her jeans hugged her curves just so. She really was a beauty with her long black hair and tanned skin. So unlike her mother, who was shorter and fairer. He didn’t see himself in her either, she was a creation fully of her own.

Scarlett waited for him to touch her. Waited for something she had wanted since she was fourteen and had first explored her own body. She had imagined him as her hand had crept down underneath her pyjama bottoms. What it would feel like to have the weight of his rock hard body on top of her, to run her hands through his dark hair and bite his sexy lips. Slowly, ever so slowly, he walked over to her and kissed her gently. His hands ran down the length of her body and settled on her soft ass, he squeezed her gently. His hands moved to under her tank top and he pulled it off. Black lace covered the bra that pushed her luscious tits together. He undid the clasps at the back and it fell into his hands. Her firm, round breasts bounced out from underneath revealing a piercing through both. This made him smile, a secret he never knew about. He grabbed her soft yet firm breasts in his hands, gently feeling them before running his hands down to unbutton her jeans. She slid them down and he pushed her onto the bed, helping her out of them. She fell on her back and he grabbed her legs. Slowly he slid off one pant leg and ran his hands back to her ass as the other pant leg slid off. Her red lace thong hid what he knew would be the best pussy he will have ever seen.

Before removing her panties, he stopped and let his eyes take in her young, fit body. Her tits were like ripe melons, and their fullness accentuated her tiny waist. Her body curved out to meet sexy hips and long, slim legs, legs that were now wrapped around his waist waiting for more. He quickly took his shirt off as she leaned up to undo his pants. Her hands moved quick and before he knew it, she had his pants and underwear casino firmaları down.

His thick, hard cock popped out of boxer briefs, almost hitting Scarlett in the face. It emerged from a forest of dark pubes. He easily had one of the best looking dicks she had ever seen, and she was no virgin here. She stood up quickly and twisted her father around, pushing him onto the bed. She ripped his pants off fully and got on her knees in front of him. He pushed himself up onto his elbows to get a better view of Scarlett as she took him into her mouth. A moan escaped from his lips.

She slowly took him fully in, getting his whole cock nice and wet. She bobbed back and forth a couple times before grasping his penis with her right hand and jacking him. She looked up at him and licked her lips before smiling and going back for more. Her hands and mouth working in unison, swirling and sucking, back and forth. Her speed was increasing and she used her free hand to grasp his balls.

Damn, she knew what she was doing. Dmitri couldn’t believe his daughter, his 19 year old, was giving him the best head of his life. Daddy was proud.

She stopped when his breathing got heavier and wiped her mouth. She stood up and leaned over him, kissing him with all she had before biting his bottom lip. He moved onto the bed, giving her room to climb over top of him. She straddled him and kissed him again, pressing her tits up against his chest. He could feel her warm wetness through her underwear and he couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed her waist and flung her on her back. He ripped her underwear off and a growl escaped his mouth. He moved over top of her and she wrapped her toned legs around his slim torso.

Scarlett used her hand to guide his cock into her dripping wet pussy. At first it was too big, as he was easily nine inches. She trembled a little as he took his cock from her hands and firmly pushed inside her. At first, pain, but then he kissed her and she relaxed. She felt so good, like nothing Dmitri had ever felt before. He started to thrust, slowly at first but then gaining in momentum. She was using her legs to thrust her pelvis against him, a gasp escaping her mouth with each movement. He pumped faster inside her, feeling himself getting closer and closer to cumming. Pain rippled down his back as she scratched him, using this as momentum to thrust harder and faster. A barbaric sound emitted from him as she did this. It was the perfect mix of pleasure and pain.

Scarlett’s moans had turned almost into screams. She couldn’t contain them anymore.

“Oh, daddy. YES! Fuck me, fuck me daddy!” This was so wrong yet so right. Dmitri couldn’t believe how turned on he was. He grabbed the headboard with one hand so he could thrust harder. He was so close to cumming now, he pushed deeper and deeper. Scarlett was trembling with pleasure. Waves of pleasure spanned her whole body, form her head to her toes. A orgasmic spasm overtook her body and she gasped.

His thrusts were deep and hard as he spent his seed inside her. He grabbed her shoulders and forced himself harder inside her one last time. His thrust slowed and she felt his liquid spill out of her pussy and down her thigh. He collapsed over her and she held him in his arms. Their breathing was heavy and their bodies hot and sweaty. He pulled his cock out form inside her and rolled over.

“Come here, sweet child.” He grabbed her in his arms and stroked her hair. Scarlett felt safe with him, safer than she ever had with anyone else. Her daddy would never leave her, never disappoint her. He kissed her neck softly, gently biting her and sucking. With one hand he grasped her tit and squeezed. Her pillowy boob bulged through his fingers and overflowed from the sides. He took one of the piercings in his fingers and twisted, producing a moan from Scarlett. As he did this he bit harder on her neck, leaving a mark. “You’re my naughty girl. Mine.”

They lay together for a long time but both knew that Gabrielle would be home sometime that night. It was Scarlett who suggested a shower to clean up. Dmitri could have lain their forever, fuck the consequences, but in the end he got up. While she started the shower he stripped the bed of the dirty sheets and quickly made it up fresh.

He walked into the ensuite to see Scarlett in the glass walk-in güvenilir casino shower. The steam had already fogged up the top of the glass giving him a perfect view of her heart shaped ass. Two dimples sat above her cheeks and their was a fluid line separating her cheeks and thighs. He could feel himself getting hard again as he stepped into the shower. Her dark hair looked like ink with the water dripping from it. She turned and looked at him, water dripping off her nose. Her body was even better all slippery and wet.

Scarlett took in his solid, sculpted body and his growing member protruding from a forest of dark hair. His pubes grew up into a treasure trail that led to his belly button. She fingered the hair starting at the top and grabbed his cock. It got harder as she stroked it, pulling him gently closer to her. Dmitri grabbed her ass and hoisted her up, her legs wrapping around his body. He pressed her up against the steamy glass and kissed her. His dick slipped into her and he started sliding her up and down. His kissed moved from her mouth down to her neck. He bit her hard and she gasped.

“Daddy…” She moaned and scratched his back. He set her down and took a breast in his mouth, sucking on the silver barbell through her nipple. She leaned her head back and moaned again. My noisy little girl, he thought. He turned her around and she bent at the waist. There was a safety bar in the wall of the shower and Scarlett used that to steady herself. Dmitri grabbed her hips and stared at the curve of her skinny waist and the perfect round cheeks of her ass. His hand moved to her left cheek and he squeezed it before slapping her. Grabbing her waist once more and squeezing, he pushed her back onto his throbbing cock. He deeply penetrated her first, then rapidly started fucking her. Holding her hips, he pushed himself deeper and deeper inside her. He used one hand to grab her hair and pull her head back. His hand wrapped around to her throat and he squeezed, cutting off oxygen for a quick second. She let out a scream of pleasure, just as he exploding inside her. He had finished faster than last time, the image of her ass being squashed against his cock the perfect visual stimulation for him. He grabbed her hair and pulled her up. His other hand slid down to her clit and slowly massaged. He kissed her neck and grabbed her tit. He loved the feeling of her ass against him. He spun her around before kissing her deeply. He pulled back and stared into her emerald eyes.

“I love you, Scar.”

“I love you, too, daddy.”

Dmitri slapped her ass, and then quickly washed himself. He stepped out of the shower and let her wash up as he dried himself. When she was done he was waiting with a towel for her. She stood still as he dried her himself. His hands were running over her perfect body, his fingers going outside the lines and slipping into her pussy. He got on his knees to dry her legs. His tongue found her clit while he was down there and he teased her. He leaned back and kissed her hairless mound. She smelled beautiful and he hugged her, resting his head on her stomach. She played with his hair and they stayed there for a bit.

After they had dried themselves and gotten changed into pyjamas, they decided it was best to sleep apart.

“But I’ll miss you daddy. All alone in my big bed.” Scarlett grabbed his hands and pulled him into her room. He pulled back the sheets for her and she climbed into the soft bed. She lay her head on the pillow with her wet hair splayed around her.

“You know I want to stay. God, do I ever want to… But I can’t. Your mother can never find out. You know why.” Scarlett nodded and looked sad. “Don’t do this to me baby. You know if I could sleep here I would. I love you and only you.”

“I know daddy. I love you.” Dmitri tucked her into bed and leaned down to kiss his one and only daughter on her forehead. He slowly got up and walked out, closing the door behind him.

He needed to think and went downstairs to pour himself a glass of scotch. He sat in his chair and waited until he heard the door open for the second time that night. This time it was Gabrielle who walked through the door. She didn’t notice him sitting there until he said her name, which made her jump and curse.

“Goddammit, Dmitri. What the fuck are you doing up so late?” She looked at her watch and stood with her hands on her hips. She was only 5’4 but she encompassed a formidable aura around her.

“Oh nothing, Gabrielle. I’m doing nothing.” And with that, Dmitri downed his drink and went up stairs to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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