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The sun rose, shining brightly through the window of Lucy, the newest nun at St Augustines Convent, slowly rousing her from a brief sleep. She had lain awake until the early hours fretting over whether or not she had made the right choice to join the convent in the sleepy town of Bushy Meadows. Pulling the blanket off her she set about getting dressed by drawing her habit down over her naked body. As Lucy’s eyes still felt blotchy and sore from the tears they had shed only a few hours previously, she felt sad and justified in abandoning underwear today. With the shapeless sagginess of her Order’s habit and the simple fact no man would be seeing her undress, she felt little point in worrying about trivial matters of appearance.

The morning prayers gave way to breakfast and the cleaning up after. The afternoon timetable was as follows: post breakfast prayer, lunch, chores, post lunch prayer, silent contemplation, pre dinner payer, dinner and finally post dinner prayer. It was during the silent contemplation that Lucy’s mind began to wonder back to her grief. The convent seemed such a lonely place, filled with other nuns though it was, there still seemed a profound lack of human contact. This solitude had once been what Lucy had desired above anything, feeling as she did, at odds with the world. Having never really fitted in with her group of friends, while Lucy had been organising her move to the Convent, her friends had been organising weddings. Lucy had no such interest in weddings, or relationships or for that matter even men. Men’s appeal to women had always been something of a mystery to Lucy; their hard hairy façade had no effect on her other than that of repellence and it was precisely this which had led Lucy to a life of celibacy.

After the final prayer of the evening Lucy was feeling tired, having not had much sleep, and feeling rather down and isolated she intended to prolong her isolation and head to her dorm. As Lucy turned, intending to close her bedroom door behind her, she felt herself jump, but took control of herself before she could vocalise her fright. The cause of her shock had been another lady of the order standing in her doorway. Although she appeared slightly older than Lucy, due to a hardened look of confidence, she was still clearly one of the younger nuns in the convent. Lucy felt a mix of embarrassment and frustration; she had plans for the evening, albeit rather gloomy plans but plans none the less! The girl standing in Lucy’s doorway remained there, yet remained silent. Lucy spoke first,

“Hi” was all Lucy could muster. She felt her checks burn and she cursed herself for her shyness. Little did she know Sister Mary, whom it was standing in her doorway, felt the same embarrassment and self-hatred. Mary had forced herself to follow the new arrival back to her room. She had looked so painfully sad and alone, and knowing how she felt, having only experienced the same thing only six months earlier felt duty bound to ease her loneliness in some way. Remembering her first few weeks at the convent Mary finally found the courage to speak and she smiled as she did so,

“Hello” she gave a chuckle “Sorry, curse escort bayan my damnable shyness!” Mary wondered why awkward social situations always made her feign poshness. She continued awkwardly

“Sorry. You’re Lucy aren’t you? Have you chosen your nun name yet? Probably you haven’t you’ve only just arrived” She forced a short burst of laughter as Lucy looked on “I’m Sister Mary anyway. I’m sorry to be wittering at you like this, it’s just…I’m new here myself…reasonably…and I remember how it feels…and … I just wondered if you fancied some company? I know we are not usually allowed in each other’s rooms, but the Sisters do usually make exceptions for new arrivals, you know, just until you’re settled and comfortable.”

Mary nervously waited for a reply and she was about to apologise for coming when Lucy spoke,

“umm, yes of course, would you like to come in?” Lucy gestured towards her modest single bed. She felt apprehensive, having never really had close friends before and therefore having never sat alone on her bed with another girl. Yet at the prospect of having some human comfort she couldn’t help but feel a thousand times happier than she had when she first awoke that morning.

Lucy and Mary sat on the bed slightly facing each other with their left knees so close they were almost touching. They each looked at their laps and noticed this, they gave a shy laugh and pulled away. Lucy leaned back against the wall making herself more comfortable. Since having got over the hurdle of initiating contact she felt more confident. In fact she felt more like the person she hoped she gave the impression of being. Feeling now more brazen she playfully touched Lucy on the arm, rubbing it a little as she asked her about why she had chosen convent life. Lucy spoke little at first, feeling nervous about how much of her awkward teenage years she could admit to. But when Mary spoke about her own youth, about her one and only relationship with a boy which began and ended with a kiss, one solitary kiss. A kiss which made Mary feel unwell, uncomfortable, and yet, for some reason unable to walk away or stop it from happening. She had allowed a boy to make her feel like her sole purpose was to provide pleasure for him and she had sworn never to be so weak again. This was the vow that had led Mary to the convent.

As they relaxed in each other’s company Lucy went on to speak about her doubts about whether she had made the right decision in joining the Order. Lucy told Mary about all the things she was yet to experience, relationships, travel, she had never even smoked a cigarette or drank alcohol which to Lucy seemed a basic right of passage for any teenager, and she was now an adult. At this last statement Mary smiled and when she spoke she chose her path carefully,

“You know, Lucy, at the convent, you have a bit of time to settle in. Time to think hard about whether or not this life is really what you want. The Sisters are a little more lenient and you can kind of get away with a lot”

Lucy looked blankly at Mary. Mary continued excitedly,

“Ive been waiting for the perfect time to crack this out. Wait here.”

At izmit eve gelen escort that Mary leaped off the bed and out the room leaving Lucy in a daze wondering what she was going to return with. Or even if she would return. But soon enough Mary was back, almost slamming the door shut behind her with excitement before she remembered her surroundings and caught the door just in time, closing it softly and calmly walking back to the bed to sit beside Lucy. Mary had been cradling he stomach with one arm but now relaxed that arm as she put her other up inside her habit to remove and reveal a bottle of wine. She held it aloft and looked from the bottle to Lucy.

“You do know what it is don’t you Lucy?” She asked with a smile

“yes” chuckled Lucy “We can’t really drink that in here though, can we? We’ll get in trouble.”

Mary spoke quickly and with glee.

“Yes! We can! We definitely can. This is what I was saying, you’re new here and I’m just trying to help you settle in, the Sisters couldn’t be too upset with that if they found us.” Mary continued more calmly “It doesn’t matter anyway, because they won’t find out.”

Mary removed the screw top lid and sniffed at the open neck of the wine. As she did so she seemed to relax, her whole body seemed to have rid itself of some tension Lucy hadn’t even noticed was there.

Mary took a swig, a large gulp and then passed the bottle to Lucy.

“Red wine can be a bit harsh at first, but if you give it a chance it can be so rich and flavoursome” Mary advised “I think you’re right really Lucy, it would be a shame to never have experienced certain things in life.”

“Like wine?” Lucy asked as she took her first sip.

“Yes, like wine…amongst other things. How do you like the wine by the way?”

Lucy made her reply in the form of taking another sip, then another larger gulp. Mary laughed and took the bottle from her, jokingly protesting at her greed. Taking a more restrained sip from the bottle Mary savoured the taste while glancing at Lucy. Despite being dressed in what could be described as a large brown sack, she was still unquestioningly beautiful. She noticed Lucy squirming slightly in her habit. Passing the wine back to her she decided to take a gamble. Without looking at Lucy she pulled her habit up her body and over her head before draping it across the bed behind them. She spoke, making eye contact with Lucy, whose expression she could not read.

“These habits are so dreadfully uncomfortable aren’t they” She laughed “That’s the one good thing about there being no men here, its absolutely fine to just whip these ghastly things off in private” There was that awful affected posh voice again, she hoped Lucy would assume humour rather than awkwardness.

With a perfectly straight face Lucy removed her habit revealing her naked body beneath.

“What do we care for men, Mary?”

Mary, leaning across and putting her hand on Lucy’s bear thigh, kissed her gently on the mouth. Lucy kissed back, holding Mary’s head to force their mouths closer and their kissing harder.

The two young nuns had never experienced izmit otele gelen escort anything close to this before. This intense desire for another’s body to be pressed naked against your own. Still kissing, Lucy embraced Mary who was now on top of her. Following the path of her bra she felt to unhook it, slowly, delicately removing it and allowing Mary’s breasts to fall free, softly grazing the tips of Lucy’s own breasts. With her arms still on Mary’s back she pulled her closer. As Lucy’s tongue entered Mary’s mouth, the other’s hand was caressing and teasing around her thighs. Caressing her inner thighs, moving up, tracing the outline of Lucy’s hair and moving back down again. Lucy felt her desire intensify and she let out a little quiver of a moan. Knowing the Sisters were sleeping only next door, behind a thin wall, Lucy whispered through groans,

“Now” She demanded “I need you now”

Mary wanted it too, yet she couldn’t help but tease. She wanted Lucy to be wet when she touched her, fully wet, all over. Mary squeezed Lucy’s thighs, scrapping her nails along her skin only slightly. She pulled her mouth away from kissing Lucy and moved her head down. At first kissing, licking then sucking each nipple. She pulled her head down further, dragging her tongue along Lucy’s stomach and down further still. Down all the way to Mary’s vagina. She put her tongue up inside her vagina and left it there for two, maybe three seconds before moving her tongue up, still licking, to Lucy’s clitoris. She sucked it softly as Mary groaned with delight, putting her hand on the back of Mary’s head. Now Mary sucked harder. Lucy groaned louder. Mary paused. They both stared at each other in silence waiting for a sound in the corridor to show someone had heard. Thankfully no sound came and Lucy spoke,

“I want you inside me”

Mary pulled her body up on top of Lucy’s. She removed her pants and sat on Mary’s stomach. Mary felt her wetness press against her as Lucy slid herself up. Simultaneously, they put their hands on each other’s vaginas, sliding one finger up to each’s clitoris and stroking it for a while.

They were together like this for some time, eyes closed, both moaning softly with pleasure. Mary could feel Lucy’s touch intensify and she knew she would come soon, she clenched and groan. Lucy spoke,

“Not yet”

Mary tried to control herself, she wanted this to last as long as possible, though she equally wanted to come hard and fast. To convulse with pleasure and squirt herself on Lucy’s stomach. Feeling this desire she knew there was nothing she could do, she was building and she wanted it. Bringing her other hand behind her, while still caressing Lucy’s clitoris she inserted two fingers into her vagina and fucked her, first soft, then hard.

Now both of them were thrusting and groaning, with their wetness flowing, moistening the sheets and habits which lay underneath them, they held each other close. No longer using hands but forcing their vaginas against one another. Forcing wetness upon wetness, with firm clitorises they both thrust, harder and faster until quivering and groaning, loudly, no longer able to control the volume of their voices, no longer caring, they both came; each other’s liquids squirting against the other’s vagina.

They lay exhausted together, naked, in each other’s arms, aware yet unconcerned with the rapidly approaching footsteps of the other Sisters.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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