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Badger went with a smile on his face… © Alex Carr 2011/

As far as Badger was concerned I could have sucked cock all evening, it was just something about him, his stance, his charisma, everything that attracted me to him, there was me, laying on his tummy, pulling his ample cock back to touch his navel and me, just stretching it back to reveal the tempting redness of his bulbous head, licking it at first with the tip of my tongue to devour that exclusive taste that was Badger, smell and all, I did like to stiff his cock just after exposing it from behind his briefs, and that first suck was absolutely magic, to feel the fill of his ample cock inside my mouth, stretching my cheeks, just a sheer treat to suck profusely and really enjoy.

“You love your cock, don’t you lad? Badger always asked, liked it turned him on to ask as I felt his watch of me doing it in the mirror because of my head being in the way from his angle. And that was another thing, the sheer thrill of that, glancing up and seeing myself sucking him ardently.

Once he arranged a camcorder for the action, got a superb close up of me sucking him to cum and Wow! did he spurt as if the sheer adventure of that was an extra turn on.

“Great pictures” kaçak iddaa he said after playing back, seeing his cock spit out like a volcano, ” we have to do that some more, ‘specially of my cock in your ass, okay with you, Alex?”

Of course I wanted to do anything that pleased Badger, he was that important to me, and with his regular fuck I never felt lonely or unwanted, and he never had a headache like my ex girl friend. For me being with a guy, especially a guy like Badger was the ultimate.

And I loved the way he sucked my hole out before his generous fuck, one of his specialities, he boasted and it certainly was- as much as I liked to spend pre-fuck time sucking cock he wanted that much time with me spread out on all fours so he could really navigate me everywhere, to feel his licks, his sucks was like being in heaven, the feeling so very good and wonderful.

Sometimes he liked to tie my wrists, wanted me to be his prisoner, I would bend over the potting shed bench in his allotment for him, then the usual long and slow caresses of my ass cheeks, the nudging the squeezing and licking, he was in his element and when he tied me, that was another thrilling adventure, with me having to thank him for each stroke of kaçak bahis the cane he used to beat my ass repeatedly until they crimsoned up, the sting hurt at first but it was so worth it for what came after when he massaged with baby oil, and then followed by another deep fucking between my crimsoned cheeks, he slapping them more with his bare hand between each thrust of his heavy cock into me.

For me it was all such a wonderful part of really loving old badger for his enjoyment of me gave me that certain buzz which I shall never forget, I mean others have followed especially Danny who fucks me good, he had a lovely bend to his cock which attracts me so very much, and the feel of that with one of his speciality scissor fucks is great too. He enjoys for me to put my prime cock into his pants and pass water, it does nothing for me but sometimes you have to endure that with someone you want to keep and care for, he showered after always and when he asked if he could cum in my mouth I was only too willing, because like with Badger I did enjoy the feel of hot cum cream spurting into my mouth and over my face, there was something special about that.

Although I think Badger’s heart attach was caused by over indulgence with me at an illegal bahis age of over seventy he dies happy so I didn’t feel at all guilty, in fact those were his last words when he passed out in the potting shed after an arduous fuck.

The most embarrassing thing about that was in calling paramedics, I think they realised what had been happening but never commented, one of the girl medics just had that certain grin on her face, perhaps the smile on Badgers face said everything.

But time moves son and I am still fucking Danny, or rather the other way around and now I feel nurtured by a younger guy who gives me it hard but good, in fact when he calls on me and I see him standing there at the door, it feels like he is ready to pounce with that very swollen lump beneath his jeans, and then the way he strips me, enjoying removing every garment, his special kink in stuffing the crotch of his freshly worn briefs into my mouth as he starts tp prime me up for fucking, telling me how he has got seven inches of heaven waiting to be gratified.

When he has left it strange, I still feel it is inside me and that is a wonderful feeling. There is no messing with Danny, he does what it says on the tin if you like, excepting what he does is said crudely before hand, like om the phone ion the week between our meeting times, when he tells me what he would like to be doing with me. So by the time of his visit we are both so well primed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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