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After making Dan bow to all the ladies, he just stood there with all of them surrounding him, and they all struck dominant-looking poses with their hands on their hips as they smiled at him knowingly. He was already blushing, but he was absolutely mortified when one of them pointed out that not only did he have an obvious erection showing, but that it was sticking straight up in his pants.

It had clearly been the result of him adjusting it himself while he was watching Suzi and the gorgeous blonde tease him, so Barbie took it as an opportunity to have a little fun with him. And that was why she decided to serve up a bit of embarrassing punishment…

First she scolded him for being naughty, taunting him right in front of all the other girls, and then she ordered him to rub himself while they all stood there and watched! And as mildly humiliating as that was, Dan really did derive pleasure from their approval. That fact was evidenced by his arousal, his obedience, and also by the way it made him feel to receive their cheers and applause!

He was even more excited by the idea of simply letting Barbie have her fun with him, in whatever ways amused her, and he genuinely wanted to do whatever it took to encourage her to keep slowly luring him closer to her. Her brand of prick teasing was so deliciously slow and intimate; it was on a totally different level than the abrupt, sexually explicit domination of the Tease Club girls, and he loved it so much he really was willing to do anything she wanted.

And the proof of this was his acceptance of the way the girls had set him up! Suzi and the busty blonde had clearly colluded with Barbie to show off for him, tease him while she wasn’t around and then have Barbie “catch him” checking them out. And it was all done so she could threaten to abandon him, which would encourage him to beg for her charms and confess that he was falling in love with her…

The icing on the cake was him discovering he was surrendering himself to her right in front of a gathering of half a dozen pretty patrons of La Bella, and it was all done according to Barbie’s manipulative little scheme!

Anyway, after all that she finally felt like she had made her point with him, and she told the other ladies that the show was over for now and they could all go back to their tables. So the girls dispersed without saying another word, with some of them rejoining their male partners who had also been observing the scene.

Meanwhile, at that point Dan was quite desperate to have some more private time with Barbie; he had just been subjected to quite a wild ride of public teasing and mind games, and he wanted nothing more than to get back to being alone with her. But alas, it seemed like there was going to be a bit more followup to the night’s activities so far, because instead of leaving him alone with Barbie, Suzi and the busty blonde just stayed right where they were.

They both faced him with big smiles on their faces as they moved closer to one another, and soon they were standing right next to each other. Then they each wrapped an arm around each other’s waists, suddenly looking almost like they were a couple. The blonde stayed facing him, but Suzi’s body turned toward the taller busty girl and she kind of snuggled herself into her.

Dan was struck by how sensual they both looked as they held each other, but also by how different they were. Suzi was pretty, there was no doubt about that, but she was shorter and kind of petite in the shape and contours of her body. The blonde, on the other hand, was an absolute knockout, and the contrast between the two girls was even more pronounced as he looked at them standing there together. She was a bigger girl in general – taller, curvier, a lot more busty and much more “dolled up” overall.

Dan stared at them as Suzi rested her head down right on one of the blonde’s nice large breasts, and the blonde reached across in front of herself to pet Suzi’s face as her other hand caressed Suzi’s waist and hips.

Then the blonde said to her, “There now, you see? THAT is just one example of how a truly submissive male is to be treated! He is to be teased and sexually manipulated, set up for little entrapment games, and made to perform for his keeper as well, if she so desires. If he consents, and if he is willing to fully surrender himself to her charms, there are all kinds of other naughty games she can play with him…”

She was talking to Suzi, but toward the end of each of her sentences she glanced at Dan. Suzi looked up at the blonde’s face with an expression of admiration and affection as she said sweetly, “Yes, Mistress.”

Dan was completely stunned, both by the beautiful sight of these pretty girls embracing and snuggling into each other, but even more so by the confident tone of voice and language being used by the stunningly attractive buxom blonde. It appeared he had just taken part in a little demonstration, one involving a lesson regarding the topic of erotic female sexual supremacy…

The blonde proceeded ostim escort to compliment Suzi too, telling her she had done a good job assisting with the process of teasing Barbie’s new boyfriend. She also mentioned how Suzi had clearly been practicing walking sexy and posing in her sky-high heels, and that her skills were proceeding quite nicely.

So it appeared that there was a bit of training going on in this area as well, and the blonde caressed Suzi’s face and neck as she expressed her approval. Then Suzi responded, “Thank you, Mistress!”

Dan just sat there in total shock as the apparently dominant blonde praised her seemingly submissive girlfriend, and then the blonde released her arm from Suzi’s waist, gently guiding her away from her body a little bit with her hands. Suzi took a step back as the blonde swatted her on the butt, telling her, “Now get your hot little ass back to work, my pet!”

Suzi squealed and giggled, with her body recoiling away from the blonde after getting play-spanked like that right on her ass, and then she pranced off, taking a moment to glance back at Dan, giving him a flirty wave and a nice little wink…

It was then that Barbie decided to spill the beans. She spoke to Dan directly, looking at him and attracting his attention back to her. “Oh you poor thing,” she said to him with a patronizing tone, “I suppose it’s time to let you in on one of our little secrets. You’ve probably figured out that my friends and I have been having some fun with you, playing a little game with you, just for kicks, right?”

She paused, giving Dan a moment to acknowledge her, and of course, he did. “Yes, Goddess”, he said flatly. He was just loving the whole situation, and he was especially enjoying being provided with little opportunities to agree with her! And being used like he had been, used as a pawn in her little scheme to tease him and ensnare him – it was all completely mind-blowing!

And Barbie continued, revealing another little morsel of information regarding the night’s activities, “So Daniel, I think it’s time for you to say hello to Kitty, she’s the owner of La Bella, and sometimes she likes to help me tease my new boyfriends. And I’m sure you’ve also noticed that she likes to be, shall we say, in charge of things…”

Dan looked at the blonde, staring right into her eyes, and she smiled enticingly and held his gaze for a moment, just to be sure her incredibly attractive appearance affected him properly. She really was quite stunning looking, and Dan realized that her eyes were such a deep, dramatic shade of blue that they must be colored contacts.

Looking right into them was completely mesmerizing; they were accentuated by very dramatically applied makeup including cat-like black eyeliner, beautifully contoured shades of dark eyeshadow, and jet-black mascara on her extra-long upper eyelashes.

The rest of her face had very bold features too; she had high, pronounced cheekbones, a strong, dramatic jawline and nice big, pouty lips that had a bit of a downturn at the outer edges. Of course, those luscious lips were painted with a glistening red lip gloss, giving them a deliciously seductive “wet look”.

It suddenly occurred to Dan that although Barbie’s face had similarly bold facial features, her look was one of more sweet, feminine sex appeal. But this other girl had a more sultry look that had just a touch of bitchy aggression, and Dan found her to be quite intimidating as she confidently stared him down in an almost predatory fashion…

He was immediately captivated by her, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her as he continued to visually observe the tantalizing details of this lovely temptress. Meanwhile, she was clearly enjoying the all-too-obvious effect that her powerful appearance had on him while she just stood there with a warm but serious look on her face, glaring at him like prey.

Then, after a purposeful pause to let the undeniable chemistry she was causing inside him intensify a bit, this simply gorgeous girl held out her hand, letting her wrist fall down near his face. The look on her face warmed up even more as she smiled and said sweetly, “Hi Danny, I’m Kitty! Barbie’s told me a few things about you…and I think we all learned some other things about you tonight too, didn’t we honey! Anyway, it’s nice to meet you!”

Dan was stunned by the instantaneous change in her demeanor; she had gone from looking like she was going to chew him up and spit him out to greeting him in a very friendly fashion in the blink of an eye. He looked at her hand right before his eyes, and saw how lovely and slender her fingers were, but his mouth fell open when he saw her insanely long, shiny red fingernails.

They must have been 3″ long or so; he had never seen nails that long on a girl before, and his eyes instantly fixated on them like nothing else in the universe existed! He also saw how her pinky-nail had been treated to additional adornments, with a row of little gold hearts on it. That one even had ankara otele gelen escort a small heart-charm drilled into the very tip of it, dangling down from a tiny little gold loop.

As he stared at it, she lifted that one particularly enticing-looking fingernail away from the others and made a few slow, small circles with it, symbolically wrapping him around her little finger just like Barbie had done earlier. But the overall visual effect of seeing her do it with those outrageously long, seductive, feline-looking claws attached to her fingers was even more powerful and intense, and it was one of the most erotic things Dan had ever seen!

She snickered as she visually teased him like that, and the sound suddenly snapped him out of the little trance that her sexy fingernails seemed to have put him into. So then he looked back up into her eyes as he mindlessly reached out for her hand like he was going to take it and kiss it, as if that was what she wanted him to do. But she just giggled and pulled it away right as he got close…

She gave him a flirty little wave after she did it, holding her palm near his eyes and bending her fingers a couple times, tantalizing his gaze some more with those outrageously sexy nails. It could easily have been interpreted as either a hello or a goodbye, but either way it was a statement of sexual power over him, making it clear she could lure him to her and reject him at will if she so desired.

Then she just winked at him and mouthed the word “later”, saying it as though it was a secret or something while revealing some possible future plan for him that he was unaware of. A pulse of submissive pleasure coursed through him as her perfectly executed tease and denial act sunk into his being…

Instead of acknowledging him any further, she then turned to Barbie and said, “He’s cute, girlfriend, I like him; it was fun teasing him tonight! But he’s been kind of a naughty boy, don’t you think? Maybe you should bring him down to the club later; he’ll be much better behaved after all the girls spend some time, you know…playing with him!”

Again Dan could feel the saliva pooling in his mouth, and he gulped and swallowed loudly as her provocative words sunk into his mind. What she said was so direct and so deliciously suggestive; his heart immediately started pounding so hard he thought it was going to explode! And he felt like something else was going to explode too…

He stared right up into this hot girl’s eyes, and she opened them wide as she held his gaze, letting him know she was totally serious about what she said. She let her mouth fall open a little too, and she used her tongue to lick enticingly along the edge of her upper lip. She had a look on her face kinda like she was going to eat him alive!

Then she lifted up both of her hands, putting them near her chest and curling those impossibly long fingernails inside the edge of either side of her low-cut sweater. Then she slid them slowly downward, pulling her fluffy sweater apart a little bit as she went. Down between her breasts her fingers proceeded, and although the top two buttons of it were already undone, apparently she wanted to reveal some more of herself to him…

As she did that, she looked at him, then down at her chest, then back at him, as if to encourage (or command?) him to look there as well. Of course, he was more than happy to do that, especially with such an open suggestion of voyeurism on the table, so his eyes focused completely on her chest as she put on her little show. Besides – her big, full breasts really were quite impressive, so he was more than happy to observe them quite closely!

Now that she was certain that she had his gaze focused exactly where she wanted it, she smiled provocatively and took hold of the furry fabric with one hand, skillfully popping open the next button with the tip of one fingernail on her other hand. The flesh of her breasts jiggled a little as they peeked out a bit further, with that third undone button starting to reveal the lower half of her generous cleavage. And she repeated the action, sliding her nails up the inside of the edge of her sweater, spreading the material apart just a bit more and then slowly moving them back down, popping open another button as she went.

Her huge boobs were practically falling out of that fire-engine red furry sweater at that point! It fit her so snugly that it pushed them together now that it was unbuttoned down below the bottom edge of them. Their full, round curviness was completely visible now, and she pulled the material apart a bit more so that her erect nipples were just barely covered by the edges of the soft, furry red angora. Dan just watched in utter fascination as she tantalized him by slowly revealing more of those huge breast implants of hers like that.

Once her appearance had been altered exactly how she wanted, she then started moving toward him, coming around to his side of the table, and she purposely added a sexy little bounce ankara rus escort to each step she took as she went. This caused her massive boobs to jiggle around enticingly, and Barbie giggled as she watched this luscious busty blonde working her seductive magic on her new boyfriend.

Standing right next to him now, she posed for a moment, putting her hands on her hips in that powerful-looking, triumphant pose that these La Bella girls seemed to love to do. It really exuded a total and complete confidence in their own raw sex appeal and it most certainly asserted a position of feminine power over poor Dan as he sat there staring at her.

Her breasts were right in front of his face now, just inches away from his eyes, and she showed them off like trophies by slowly rotating her upper body side to side a few times. Dan just sat there completely passively, helpless to resist staring at her gorgeous titties being served up for him like that. Each one came closer, then moved away, going back and forth several times, and they both jiggled around deliciously as they changed direction. His eyes went from one to the other like he was watching a tennis match!

Next, she reached out with one hand, gently putting it on one of his cheeks. It was then joined by the other hand, reaching out to caress his other cheek. After a brief pause she took a step closer to him and slowly began rubbing them all over his face, making sure to keep those wickedly long nails away from his eyes.

But she did make sure to tippity-tap those kinky nails all over the place: on his forehead, his nose, on his cheeks and up and down his jawline. Dan continued sitting there, completely frozen in place, feeling kind of like a mouse being toyed with by a cat before being eaten up as a light snack!

She kept doing all that for a few moments, watching as Dan’s mouth fell open and his eyes closed halfway in response to her irresistibly sensual teasing. Then she slowly slid her hands and nails around in back of his neck, and Dan’s eyes rolled up into his brain, closing slowly the rest of the way as this incredible seductress lovingly caressed him.

Next she slowly but firmly pushed his head right into one of her big, fluffy-fur covered boobs and then slowly turned her body toward him, guiding the front of his face right in between both breasts. And then she slid her long fingernails into his hair, tickling his scalp with the tips of them.

Dan was shocked by the mildly aggressive style of her movements, but he was also helpless to resist her, and he just sat there paralyzed as she took him just the way she wanted. Her advances were so sudden and wonderfully pleasurable, he was in heaven pretty much instantly!

Next, she leaned down really close to his ear as she held his head against her chest and said softy, her fingernails continuing to tantalize him, “Ooo, Danny, I know some girls who would just LOVE to meet another guy like you! You wanna meet them? You wanna come play with me and all my girlfriends tonight??”

Dan shamelessly nuzzled his head into her soft, pillowy breasts as she lovingly pleasured him, and he could respond in no other way than to slowly nod his head up and down in utter agreement of her provocative proposition. She snickered as she continued to mercilessly tantalize him, adding with a mocking tone, “Well of course you do!”

After a few more seconds of this, she took hold of his hair with one hand and tilted his head back, pulling it away from her chest gently as she slid the tips of her nails on her other hand down from the top of his head onto his cheeks and along his jawline just like Barbie had done twice to him before. Dan’s mouth fell open as he mindlessly absorbed more of the luscious teasing sensations that this incredible temptress was providing for him…

Barbie was still standing across the table from him, and she had been watching his titillation with a huge grin on her face. But then she suddenly gasped with feigned surprise at the way this gorgeous blonde femme fatale had just propositioned her new boyfriend.

Then Barbie moved quickly around the table onto the other side of him, which snapped Dan’s attention back to her, and he looked up at her then as she tried to shoo the gorgeous blonde’s hands away from Dan’s head, scoldingly telling her, “Now you STOP that, Kitty, stop teasing him and making indecent suggestions to him! And get your hands off him! Who’s being naughty now, huh girlfriend?”

Kitty defiantly wrapped her arms around Dan’s head and held him close, mushing his whole face in between her huge titties for a few seconds like she owned him, completely smothering him with them. Barbie tugged on her arms trying to get her to release her hold, but Kitty giggled as just tightened her grip on his head, making it clear she could have him and keep him if she wanted to.

But then she relented, loosening her arms and letting Barbie push her hands away from him. But before she started to back away, she couldn’t resist taking an opportunity to tease him one last time, so she took both hands, spreading her fingers wide apart, and placed her nail-tips on both sides of his head. Then she glided those kinky fingernails over his ears and down onto his jaw, bring her fingers together and then slowly taking them away after they converged on his chin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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