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Her mind wandered as she made her way through the late afternoon traffic. This had been another difficult year and she cursed at the thought of having been laid off work. On a brighter note, her interview with Belgian Insurance had gone quite well, but again she cursed at their requirement for a pre-employment physical exam.

They hadn’t wasted any time arranging the appointment either and her hands began to sweat at the thought. She despised medical offices and avoided them at all costs. She needed this job, but had failed to conceive a plan to escape the dreaded exam. Damn that company and their asinine rules! Well, she would simply walk in, fill out a few forms, explain that she had been healthy all her life and be on her way. After seeing patients all day, any doctor would welcome the opportunity to get out of the office at a decent hour.

As she pulled into the parking lot, she noted there was only one other vehicle. Her spirits soared at the thought perhaps she had gotten the date wrong, but she was sure the appointment had been scheduled for today. She double checked the address and strolled along the sidewalk to the entrance. She desperately searched for any reason to turn and leave, but drew a blank. The reception room was quite pleasant, but empty. She assumed everyone must be in the back office. Waiting alone just increased her anxiety and made it more difficult to remain.

In a few minutes a young man with a bright smile popped his head through the doorway. He said, “You must be Barb, I was expecting you. I’m Dr. Pat and will be performing your pre-employment physical.” He apologized for the wait and the fact no one had been available to greet her. “Both my nurse and my receptionist had to leave early today,” he explained. “If you’re uncomfortable proceeding with your appointment with no one else here, we can reschedule. It’s my understanding your new employer would like to have you on board as soon as possible so perhaps we should proceed?” The thought of rescheduling made her cringe and what other choice did she have? With his staff gone for the day, this appointment could only take minutes then she could make her escape. She mustered a smile and tried not to reveal her shaking hands. “Sure, that’s fine with me.”

“Let’s proceed rather than inconvenience you and reschedule,” said Dr. Pat and led her back to his office. Nothing had escaped his initial perusal. He had noted her shaking hands, timid demeanor and immediately knew she didn’t want to be in his office. He had performing physicals for Belgian Insurance for quite some time and wanted to perform a very thorough exam. He knew exactly how to handle any patient who may become difficult to ensure the exam proceeded as requested.

They entered his office that was tastefully designed. Dr. Pat settled himself behind his desk and she sat directly in front. “You’ll find me a bit unconventional,” he chirped.

“Well, I’ve always been quite healthy to the point of never having to seek medical intervention,” she explained. There, she thought, that ought to end it all and I can leave!

“I like to sit for a bit and chat before proceeding to the exam room.” Her heart sank. Damn! This was going to take a bit longer than she had anticipated. “We’ll start with the usual forms and get your medical history,” the doctor explained as he handed her the clipboard. She quickly flipped through and it was three pages long. It did not have the typical check boxes. This company requires a dissertation and just filling out the forms is going to take 20 minutes! She commenced answering the questions, typical height, weight, date of last period. As she continued down the pages she encountered questions regarding her breasts and nipples: Do your nipples get hard during an orgasm? She looked up at the doctor and saw he was just watching her fill out the forms. Could he see her embarrassment as she read these questions? Her assumption that she had responded to the really difficult inquires was soon dissipated as she continued.

The questions became worse and even more intimate. How often do you masturbate? What sex toys do you use during masturbation? What are your favorite toys to use in your ass? She began to question what kind of company she would be working for? Why were they asking these types of questions? Did they want to ensure employees wouldn’t be playing at their desks instead of working? She started to protest to the doctor, but he was quite intuitive and seemed to know exactly what she was going to say and stopped her short.

He explained the questions were a “bit unconventional,” but Belgian Insurance was a very unconventional company to work for. In order to grow they sought people willing to do more than required. “They have conducted extensive research on their best employees and found a common thread that they were all somewhat adventurous in their sexuality. If you feel uncomfortable completing the forms, we can terminate your appointment now and you can look for employment elsewhere.”

Her kaçak iddaa mind was reeling as she took a moment to contemplate. The interview had been optimistic and they had sent her for the pre-employment exam. She had been seeking employment since the layoff and this was the first encouraging opportunity she had encountered. What choice did she have, but to continue? She looked up at the doctor, smiled and said, “I’m fine with everything!” Liar, liar, pants on fire, she silently thought to herself.

“You may find my exams a bit unconventional as well so anytime you feel uncomfortable during the exam just let me know.” He was quite aware the company had already performed a background check and wanted to hire her immediately based on the outcome of the exam. He wanted to put her a bit at ease, but had every intention of completing the entire examination even if she became difficult.

She continued answering the questions knowing he was watching her and desperately trying not to blush and keep a steady hand. She hurriedly finished, signed off on each form then handed the clipboard back to the doctor. She just wanted to get this over with. Minutes felt like hours as he reviewed her responses. He then commenced asking her even more detailed and embarrassing questions. Again, she wondered if this was really the kind of company she wanted to work for. Her job choices were limited and everyone she had met during the interviews seemed truly happy and excited with their positions. Could this screening possibly make any sense?

Dr. Pat announced it was time to proceed to the exam room. Upon entering it looked simple enough. Typical exam room, except for one difference, there was a gynecologist exam chair. She found this very strange, as employment physicals usually do not require a pelvic exam. Dr. Pat handed her an exam gown and said she could leave her bra and panties on if she felt more comfortable. She breathed an inner sigh of relief. At least she wouldn’t be completely disrobed. She asked to use the bathroom. The doctor denied her request stating he would need a urine sample later then left the room for a few minutes. He returned to find her sitting on the exam table and the physical commenced with the typical procedures blood pressure, checking her ears, eyes, nose and throat. She started to feel more at ease. Then he requested she step on the scale to record her weight. He flipped the measure bar over to record her height and noted her posture was slumping. She felt light swat on her butt as he told her to stand tall so he could get the correct measurement. It wasn’t anything more than a swat for a two-year-old, but took her completely by surprise. “You’ve been through this before and I shouldn’t have to instruct you in everything”, he barked. So much for starting to feel comfortable.

He instructed her to sit on the exam table. He examined her feet and legs, tapped her knees with a rubber hammer to test reflexes. She watched as he picked up the thermometer and she opened her mouth. He just chuckled, curled his lips into a little smile and said, “If you knew where this has been, you wouldn’t want it in your mouth. Now turn over and lay on your tummy.” Having learned from his little swat, she kept her mouth tightly closed and complied with his request. She felt him pull the gown above her bottom and pulled her panties down just enough to expose he bare bottom. He pushed her legs apart and then parted the cheeks of her buttocks. She felt the cool air against her exposed skin and wanted desperately to turn over and escape. She couldn’t see, but became aware he was teasing her anus. She couldn’t help, but contract her muscles at the uninvited touch. “Just relax,” he said softly. She felt an object moving up and down her crack each time getting closer and closer to her anus. He then stared to scrape it around the edges and noted she flinched at the first touch. He suspected he would encounter a challenging patient to deal with. He continued poking around the edges of her rosebud pushing the tip inside then removing it.

She felt something cold and winced a bit guessing he had applied KY jelly to her anus. He worked it around and inside for what seemed like an eternity before she felt the cold bulbous end of the thermometer being inserted. Knowing rectal temps take longer to record, he moved the thermometer in and out and twirled it as he waited. The longer he took the more nervous she became. He finally removed the hated thermometer and stated she had a slight temp. He picked up a large Q Tip and worked it around her anus then inserted it into her rectum to remove any excess KY. He inserted the Q Tip into her anus and pulled her panties back up. Then he said “Well now, I’m finished back there-for now.” Her heart sank.

Dr. Pat instructed her to sit on the exam table. As she sat down she could feel the Q Tip in her ass. He untied her gown in the back and it fell onto her lap. She was grateful she had been allowed to keep her bra on. The doctor asked her to breathe deeply as he checked kaçak bahis her lungs. The cold stethoscope against her bare skin made he wince momentarily. He placed the scope on various places on her back as she continued to breathe. Without notice and sure deftness, he unhooked her bra and pulled it off her arms letting it fall on top of the gown. She was beginning to feel more and more exposed. The doctor placed the scope on her chest below her breasts. She was quite startled when he pinched one of her nipples. He barked, “I asked you to breathe deeply as I checked your lungs. Can’t you follow simple directions?” She quickly apologized, “I’m sorry. I assumed you were finished checking my lungs.” He chastised her again, “We have a lot more to accomplish and it’s late. Follow my instructions!”

He continued with the stethoscope checking all around her breasts. He then asked her to put one arm in the air and started to massage her breast from all sides. He inspected her areola and nipple very closely, pinching the nipple in a more medical like manner now. He then did the same to the other breast and nipple. Then he took out an instrument she had never seen before. It looked similar to a ruler, but with a sliding piece to measure with. He measured her areola and nipple diameters. Then he measured the height of her nipple with a little wire that stuck out the end and recorded the information on the chart.

Next he took out two rubber yellow tubes that were closed on one end, pinched them and placed one on each nipple. She could feel the nipple being sucked into the tube. “Does that hurt?” “No,” she replied, “just a little uncomfortable.” With that he squeezed the tubes flatter and placed them back her onto her nipples. The pain intensified a bit.

Dr. Pat then asked her to lie back on the table. He proceeded to massage her stomach working his way down to her panties. He pressed deeply on each side of her thighs. She requested permission to use the bathroom, but he told her she would have to wait a little longer. He worked his fingers under the edge of her panties pressing and massaging. He slipped her hands under the upper edge and proceeded to pull her panties down. When she made no effort to assist, she felt the sharp sting of his hand against her bare thigh. She quickly lifted her butt, not wanting to get rebuffed again. Now she was totally nude, lying on the table with the yellow tubes on her nipples.

Her mind was reeling. This exam was nothing like she had ever endured before. Did she dare say anything or just leave? With no one else in the office to verify her reasons for leaving, the doctor could simply tell the insurance company she had refused to cooperate. She choose to remain silent.

The doctor asked her to get up from the table. He moved her arms in all positions and asked her to bend over and touch her toes and hold the position. As she was bent over he walked beside her and massaged her breasts. Then he walked behind her and spread open her ass worked the Q Tip around. She felt very exposed. He told her that was enough and to have a seat in the other chair and put her feet in the stirrups.

He pulled up a small stool on wheels and illuminated the exam light. From beside the table he slid out a pail of water and started to ring out a washcloth. He laid the washcloth on her mound. It was very warm and felt good. After just a few minutes he got out a can of shaving cream and started to lather up the area around her labia. At this she protested, “I have had exams before and never have I had to be shaved!” Without notice, she felt the sharp sting of his hand against her bare ass.

“I will conduct the exam, young miss, and you will cooperate. I need to shave the area around your labia and anus. I don’t want any interference with the instruments I need to use. If it really bothers you we can end the exam now.” His tone was a bit sarcastic, as he knew the employment position she was in. She relented and laid back now expecting the worse.

He shaved her very carefully up to the top of her labia and around her anus. As he did so he dipped the razor in the pail of water. If she weren’t nervous about being cut it would have felt good. Then he cleaned her up with a washcloth and dried her off. The air was cool on her moist crotch.

He stood up and got out the measuring tool again. He pulled one of the yellow tubes off her nipple roughly. She could see her nipple was much bigger and puffier. Again he measured the diameter of her nipple and areola and the height of her nipple. After he was done with this one he put the yellow tube back on and proceeded to measure the other. When he was finished, he clipped an object that looked similar to a clothespin enclosing her nipple in the little hole. He then removed the other yellow tube and did the same to the other nipple tying the clamps together. She found the clamps quite uncomfortable, but remained silent fearing to arouse his displeasure.

Seated on the stool again, the doctor begin to inspect the around illegal bahis her labia inside and out. He pulled out a small cup and told her to carefully give him a urine sample. She had been in desperate need of using the bathroom and when she relaxed a torrent released, most of it missing the cup. He swatted her thigh and told her to stop. His fingers and the cup were dripping. He stood up, cleaned up the mess she had made and washed his hands. Then he pulled out a long slender tube dangling in front of her face. She protested, “I can do it carefully, I just had to go so bad.”

“You had your chance,” he barked. He proceeded to clip to her labia on each side and then taped them to the inside of her legs thus exposing her vaginal opening. After applying KY jelly she felt the catheter being inserted into her urethra. As he continued to push the tube deeper he instructed her to push like she was peeing. A moan escaped her lips as she obeyed and felt the dreaded catheter slide deeper and deeper within. He held the catheter over a beaker, released the clamp and she immediately felt the relief. Satisfied that her bladder had been emptied, he clamped the catheter. “There now, that was much cleaner. Due to your unacceptable behavior, I really should leave this in, but unfortunately it would only hamper the remainder of your exam.”

She felt the sharp pain as he placed two additional clips higher on her labia. She felt the sticky tape being applied to her inner thighs. Using a small pointed instrument he commenced to examine her clitoris, exploring as he carefully watched her expressions being careful to note the very sensitive portions. He took out a small syringe type tool and placed it over her clit drawing it up inside the syringe just a little. He then pulled the exam light closer, lubed a plastic spreader and inserted it into her vagina carefully inspecting. He massaged the top of her vagina and G spot carefully watching for any reactions. “Does that feel good?” Do you ever play with this yourself?” She felt the raging blush rising in her face and could not find the courage to respond. “I think you like your G Spot massaged” he said, and he was right!

He retrieved a very large speculum from the supply drawer, applied the KY Jelly and carefully inserted it, rotating the instrument as he pushed deeper within. She could feel him open it up and could tell it was larger then anything that had been in there before. She felt him scrape her cervix and prayed desperately this exam would end soon. He then got out a long rod with a ball on the end and started to probe around inside. She could felt the pressure intensify on her cervix. He released the speculum and she assumed he was finished. He rotated it again, opening her sideways this time, again inspecting inside and probing inside her. He inserted his finger rubbing her G spot again. She struggled to keep her reactions to a minimum. Was he really performing a medical exam or was he teasing her on purpose. After a few minutes of this her removed the speculum and set it aside.

He released the syringe on her clit and it felt much larger than it had been before. He rolled and massaged it between his fingers. It was very sensitive and she wasn’t ready for that much direct stimulation. He continued to rub it and it started feeling better. She just closed her eyes and tried to relax. She feared if he continued she would have an orgasm right there in the chair. He relentlessly continued to rub and slipped a finger into her vagina rubbing her G spot. Just as she was close to an orgasm, he stopped, reached up and released the clamps on her nipples. There was a sharp pain as the blood rushed back into her nipples and she bolted up straight. Instinctively she reached up in an effort to cover her breasts and felt how hard her nipples had become. Again she closed her eyes as she attempted to massage the pain away. As her nipples relaxed she put her hands by her side and opened her eyes. The doctor had been watching her and just smiled. He said, “There may be time for more of that later if you pass the rest of your physical.” She was so embarrassed lying there on the verge of an orgasm in front of this very strange doctor. She wanted to cover herself up completely, but there was nothing there.

“Let’s get you into position so we can proceed with your exam,” was all he said. “This is a special exam chair so just keep your feet in the stirrups and relax.” She suddenly felt the chair tilting backwards until her ass was positioned higher and even more exposed. She heard the snap as he donned a latex glove and watched horrified as he applied KY to his gloved fingers. In her present position, she was unable to observe all his actions, but immediately felt the pressure against her anal portal. Instead of entering to perform the usual rectal exam, she felt him pressing, circling, and teasing. Without notice she felt his digit pass through her sphincter. He continued with a cursory internal exam then proceeded to insert an additional digit pressing deeper inside her rectum. She then felt a third digit enter her and the pressure became more intense as he probed deeper. She felt his other hand pressing and exploring her abdomen as his digital exam continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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