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“Hey Rob, what’s going on?” I answered my phone. The caller id displayed Rob’s face on the screen. Rob has been a friend since we met a couple years back.

“Hey Brian, you busy tonight? I need help at the bar.”

“Yeah I can help. What do you need?”

“Mostly someone to pour beers. The tips should be good tonight.” He replied.

“No problem. I’m in.”

I called a cab and poured my coffee into a tumbler. When I arrived at the bar that Rob owned he greeted me. He gave me a quick walk through of his computer system and I started. It was a smaller bar but he was pretty busy so the night went by quickly. Space there is at a premium. There was really only room for one person by the taps. Whenever he had to go by Rob ended up brushing against me. I liked it but tried not to let him know. I wasn’t very open at the time to letting friends know I’m bi.

After the first hour of work I was keeping up with the orders that came in. Rob continued to brush past me occasionally. I thought I felt something more a couple of those times. I think he had a hard on and was brushing it on me when passing. It was at least semi hard. The next hour I was busy but had a hard on myself that wouldn’t quit. Rob continued to brush me in passing.

By closing time it was clear what Rob wanted. I really wanted him badly after seven hours plus of his cock rubbing me as he past. Everyone had left and he had locked the doors. He poured each of us a beer while we finished cleaning everything and cashed out my tips.

“Thanks man, I needed that beer. It was a busy night.” I said.

“Thanks for helping me out tonight. I couldn’t have done it without you. You can have all the beer you want. I’ll drive you home if you need.”

“Thanks!” Of course I did pour another beer or three before we were ready to go. When I poured the next one Rob brushed past me again. This time I think he slipped his hand across my ass while passing. I wasn’t sure why he was feeling so bold. Maybe I had flirted with him too many times in the past. Maybe I gave him some vibe that I would be interested. I knew that I was about to do both now. Too much pressure had built.

The next time he passed I spoke up.

“I might expect you to use that thing if you keep rubbing it on me.” I continued looking away from him.

“Yeah I bet.” Rob responded.

He went to pass by me again but stopped when directly behind me. He reached around me with both hands to pinch my nipples. He pinched them hard and started rolling them between his hands. I was overwhelmed with the feeling. I would have lost my footing if he wasn’t holding me to the counter. He leaned in to bite my neck.

I felt him unfasten my belt and unbutton my pants. He provided enough space to pull them down along with his own. I felt his fingers probing my hole. He had taken control of me with his hands on my nipples and his mouth on my neck. I felt willingly powerless to his advances. I needed his cock in me. I felt relieved he was on the same path when I felt him lubricating my hole. I could hear that he squirted some on his cock. He’d been working me up all night and I needed it.

I felt his cock at my entrance. güvenilir bahis I felt him press it harder to me. Then harder still and the head slipped in. Oh it felt good spreading me apart. It felt even better when he pushed the rest of his cock in. My breath was ragged, I couldn’t catch it. I’m sure I moaned loudly. Oh wow it felt huge. I know I wasn’t stretched out or prepared very well before taking it in but it felt bigger than any other I’ve had. I was ready to be taken hard by Rob. He pulled back and slowly pushed his hard cock in to the hilt again. I gasped and moaned as he pumped my ass. He was working me well as he started increasing the tempo.

My own cock was hard as a rock. It was below the counter bobbing as he pumped his cock in me. His cock was pushing my climax to the edge and I needed to coax it out. He was leaning on me forcing me to a position where I couldn’t get my arm around to reach below the counter. I was stuck unable to reach my cock while he worked my ass. It seemed like forever but he went for a long time before getting close. His stamina was impressive. His breathing became sharper and he started slamming into my ass. He let out a long groan and landed his cock deep in me. I felt his cock throbbing while shooting his cum. My own cock throbbed with every squirt of Rob’s cum in me. The satisfaction of him finishing in me also meant a denial of an orgasm for me. I felt on the edge but couldn’t get over it. He relaxed on me pinning me there unable to move. His hands rolling and pinching my nipples as his cock slowly shrank and fell from me.

When he moved off of me my climax was gone. I pulled my pants up as his vibe had changed.

“We need to get going.” he said like a dick. “I’ll lock the office.”

“Ok.” when he turned I filled my coffee tumbler with the strongest IPA he had on tap. This could be a long difficult drive home.

We got in his car and drove away from the bar. It was silent for the twenty-five minutes. I drank the beer in my tumbler wishing I had a second. I was pretty happy with the fucking he had given me but I wasn’t sure what he was going through. He stopped in front of my home.

“Are you alright?” I asked before I got out.

“Yeah I guess so. Sorry about what happened.”

“In case you couldn’t tell I liked it. Nothing to apologize for.” I smiled hoping he would feel better about what occurred.

“I didn’t mean to…. I just, I haven’t been with a guy before. I liked it too but I just don’t know what to think.” he said. I gave him a minute before I responded.

“You want to come in for a bit? We can have a couple beers and talk for a bit. Come on, you’ve been working a lot recently and need a break tonight.” He looked up at me finally letting me see into his deep brown eyes.

We went inside. He sat in the armchair as I retrieved our beer. I sat at the opposite end of the couch.

“Hey, I really feel like I took advantage of you tonight. You were helping me out and I fucked you.”

“Yeah you did, and pretty well too. Look we’ve been flirting and joking around for a while. It was bound to happen.” I offered. I always hoped it was bound to happen.

“Come güvenilir bahis siteleri lay on the couch. I’ll put the fight on that we missed at the bar.” I grabbed a couple more beers and he laid down with his legs over mine. I was able to rest my hands on his legs. He chose a movie over the fight. Halfway through the movie I realized I was rubbing his leg. He didn’t seem bothered so I rested my hand higher for a few minutes. At the end I got up to use the bathroom and get fresh beers for us. When I returned Rob had fallen asleep. The house was cooling off for the night. I retrieved a blanket from the closet and laid on the couch with him. I was on my side so he was spooning me. I pulled the blanket over us and fell asleep.

When I woke in the morning Rob was still asleep. The best part of it was feeling his morning wood pushing against me. It reminded me of last night at the bar. I hoped to see it sometime. It felt huge in me last night and impressive still trapped in his pants now. I moved my ass a bit to rub on it. I relaxed for a bit appreciating the cock pressing on me.

Rob lifted his head a few minutes later. I was digging the feeling of laying on the couch with him and wanted it to last as long as I could.

“I fell asleep on your couch.” He said.

“Yeah, I slept really well so no complaints from me.” I responded. I know I was starting to sound needy and desperate. I had to cool it before I got worse.

“Yeah I feel pretty rested too.” He stretched as he said it resulting in his cock pressing through our clothes against my ass crack. Man I wanted it again right there. I resisted saying anything desperate and put my head down. Maybe offering my neck to kiss will get his attention. It didn’t. He got up to use the bathroom. Though when he returned he climbed over me to lay with me again. He reached around to rub my chest. He teased my nipple between his fingers. I moaned softly when he went for my neck. His lips felt warm and soft on my skin. I turned my head a bit toward him and he kissed my cheek. He leaned a bit closer and I turned further. Our lips met to share a soft kiss. I didn’t really expect that from him but it was very nice.

He reached lower to undo my pants. I lifted when he pushed them down. I pulled them the rest of the way off dropping them to the floor. I reached to get a bottle of lube from the coffee table while Rob pulled his clothes off. I handed the lube to him and pulled my shirt off. His warm body felt so sexy on my skin. I could feel the hair on his chest rub on my back.

I felt his cock slip between my cheeks and press on my entrance. As good as his his cock stretched out my ass last night this was more erotic. Feeling his thick cock wedging between my cheeks taunting my hole was amazing. The anticipation that built got me so hot. I felt my breathing involuntarily getting faster as he pushed it on my hole. When it slipped in I felt the flash of pain. It was stretching me to the limit and there was more to go. He gave me a minute to adjust before pushing in further. His cock felt wonderful filling my ass again. My cock was rock hard and hadn’t been touched. He pumped me again and it felt even better than iddaa siteleri last night.

He started fucking me hard. I could feel some pain but it was quickly drowned out by the pleasure of his cock hitting the right spot. It had enveloped all of my thoughts and I lost all track of where I was and how long he was fucking me. His cock had taken me over. I felt his balls hitting my leg with each stroke of his cock. My groaning was loud enough for neighbors across the street to hear I’m sure but all I could feel was my climax beginning to take over my body. I was on the edge again but I wanted it to last a bit longer. He triggered it when he pinched my nipple again. He pinched it hard causing me to gasp. I shot my cum out over the floor as he continued to stroke his cock in me. I felt every detail of his cock as my ass started gripping him tightly. I knew it would be too much for him to hold back. Shortly after, his throbbing and pulsating cock shot his cum in my ass for the second time. The feeling was truly amazing with his breath hot and fast on my neck as he held me tight.

His cock slowly slipped out of me as we laid catching our breath. I felt his cum running down my ass and leg before he got up to use the bathroom. As he did he kissed me on the lips again. It was soft and short. After a few minutes I heard the shower running. I went to get a fresh towel for him just as he shut the water off. I handed it to him and he pulled me close. We kissed. It was deeper and more intense than our previous kisses. I moved down to his shoulder and chest. I played with each nipple with my lips and teeth before moving lower. He moaned when I arrived at his cock. There it was, eight inches of thick cock offering itself to me. I took the head in my mouth and massaged it with my tongue. I could smell the scent of soap from him as I slipped my mouth further onto his cock. The head was at the entrance to my throat. He moaned again when I slid the rest of his cock in my mouth and the head squeezed into my throat. I stopped to enjoy the satisfaction of feeling his hair on my nose.

I started moving my head on his cock in a slow rhythm. His moans increased and he moved in time with me. I started a rhythm of taking his cock in a few times then pulling off to lick the head. I licked down to his balls and back before taking him in again. I knew with him just finishing in my ass that I could enjoy giving this blowjob for a while. Occasionally I would feel his cum running from my ass and down my leg as I pumped his cock with my mouth.

I sensed a change in his reaction to my mouth taking his cock in. His breathing was faster and he began moving his hips. His moans were louder. I slipped my hand between his legs and massaged his asshole. His sac tightened immediately, his cock head swelled and I felt the pulses of cum start landing on the back of my mouth and tongue. I worked his cock with my hand to maximize his climax and get as much cum as I could. I let his cock slip out of my mouth. While it was still hard I massaged it with my tongue being careful to avoid the sensitive head. When I let it go he went to get dressed while I showered. When I finished I pulled on some shorts and a sweatshirt and found him in the kitchen.

“Hey, thanks again for helping me out yesterday at the bar.” He said.

“Yeah,you’re welcome. I enjoyed it.”

“Can you help again Saturday?” He asked.

“Yes, I’d be happy to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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