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That is when I noticed another man in the room with us. I am not sure when he arrived but damn, he is fucking hot. Probably in his mid-twenties. Well over 6 feet tall, thin build and you can just see the beginning of that sexy “V” going to his crotch. He walked up, dropped his towel and plopped a seriously large cock just to the right of the mound being restrained in my jock. I could see his fat cockhead had a fair amount of pre-cum at the tip.

He picked up the sharpie and marked a line on my chest and said, “Looks like he forgot this. Now that you”re warmed up, let me get number two in you”.

He immediately aimed his cock at my hole and started to push. Obviously, he thought I was a pro at this, and I was not. His cock head was much larger than I was used to, and my hole was betraying me. He spit on his hand and lubed up the head. No luck. “You”re a tight bitch aren”t ya?” he said. I am at a total loss of words as I take my hands and spread my cheeks apart.

His head is dead center on my hole and he starts pushing forward with more force. At this point, my entire body is being pushed forward in the sling by his cock and being denied entrance. There is a look of frustration mixed with anger in his face until he sees the bottle of poppers. He reaches for them and takes a big hit then covering one of my nostrils he makes me sniff them and then a second sniff. My body is taken over by the poppers.

The head popped in.

I started screaming from the pain and he quickly covers my mouth with his hand. “Don”t be a little bitch about this and open up your cunt. That was just the head, you”ve got nine more inches to go.” He said.

All I can think right now is how do I get out of this. It”s inconceivable that I can take nine more inches. I must get out of this sling and as start trying to get out he takes his thumb from the hand covering my mouth he covers up one nostril and puts the popper bottle to the other. Leaving it there for about three good kocaeli escort hits. As my head starts to spin, he takes the cock head out, walks to the door and closes it. “I don”t want to be disturbed while I”m breaking your hole open.” He says with this sadistic look on his face.

Spitting on his hand again he lubes up his cock, lines it up to my hole and pushes. I start to protest but he just covers up my mouth with his hand again.

The head pops in a second time.

It”s far worse than the first time. He pulls out and repeats. My hole is on fire from this assault.

“Let me in, open that cunt up” he says. Tears are welling up in my eyes.

Poppers again and then I felt my hole give away.

“You”re at eight now bitch” He said while pulling out of me, then he spat on his cock.

He has this wild look on his face as he puts the poppers to my nose. I greedily inhale as he uncovers my mouth. I am so out of it between the poppers and weed I don”t realize his head is back at my opening.

He pushes me forward with just his cock. His head pops in and I scream. Gravity is working against me. He can just stand there and let it do all the work.

“Back at eight” he says.

Any struggling I do just makes it worse.

“Seven” He says grinning.

Then I have a total body spasm and I”m open wide.

I don”t need to be told. It”s sliding all the way in. I can”t breathe.

I feel his tight body up against me. He”s all the way in.

He doesn”t waste a second pulling all the way out and immediately pushing as hard as he can to get back to where he was.

Tears streaming down my face he smirks at me.

“I knew you could do it” he says.

That”s when he really started fucking me.

Small screams coming from my throat with each thrust. I must have been making a lot of sound because someone knocked on the door. “Need any help?” the guy outside asks. “Nope, you can have the whore when I”m kocaeli escort bayan done coring his cunt out.” He replied.

He starts plowing me harder. “I don”t want to disappoint our audience bitch” he says.

The only relief I get is from the air escaping my throat in tiny bursts.

“Fuck, I wish my girlfriend”s pussy were this tight.” He said.

“She”s always complaining how much I hurt and that I”m too big. I haven”t unloaded in a week.” He said with a smile.

“Your faggot cunt is perfect. I don”t have to restrain myself. You”re going to take it as rough as I want to give it. Isn”t that right whore?” He said.

I was lost in all of this. Somewhere the pain started to subside, and my ass ring started to tingle.

“I said ISN”T THAT RIGHT WHORE?” He yelled as he pulled all the way out.

I was empty for a moment and felt incomplete without his cock in me.

“Yes” I replied timidly.

“What was that whore?!” He said as he roughly forced his cock deep in me again.

“Yes, Sir” I yelled. This made him happy.

Slamming all the way in again I felt two things.

One. I could finally tighten my ass ring again and did.

“Fuck yeah, grip my cock Fag” he said grinning.

Two. There was a new feeling deeper in me.

I couldn”t tell if I liked it or not. That”s when I realized it was his fat fucking cock head pummeling my prostate.

I looked at my jock pouch and it was completely soaked with precum.

Suddenly it was like he flipped a switch within my body. Painful pleasure with each thrust that was met

with me opening my hole open as wide as I could. I needed this. My body craved this. This is what I was made for.

Each time he pulled out I gripped him as tight as I could. I couldn”t imagine a world without him inside me.

It”s almost as if he sensed this too.

Someone knocked at the door. He had a weird smile distort across his face and pulled izmit escort all the way out of me, walked over to the door and opened it wide.

Two guys walked in, but they were not my focus. My only focus was getting his cock back in me and getting that load.

“You can have him when I”m finished.” He said as he shoved his entire cock in. Even after the assault he had given me it still took my breath away.

The two men let out a small gasp as my hole swallowed his rod.

Now he has an audience to show off for.

This is when he decided to start pulling all the way out and slamming in each time. Slowly at first. I clamped down on his cock each time he pulled out followed by an immediate release, opening wide welcoming him back.

“That”s it fucker, milk my dick.” He said.

He started picking up speed. Lost. So lost in this fuck. My prostate loving the abuse not only soaked my jock with so much precum that I could feel it making its way down my taint.

At this point it he was barely out of my hole before entering me again. His eyes glazed over lost in the lust.

I just squeezed my abused hole as tight as I could.

He started grunting. This look of pain and pleasure washes over his face. The amount of force he was using with each thrust only to be outmatched by the next one.

I felt like I was being torn apart by the force of him.


Grabbed me by the waist sling and all spearing me with his cock as he unloaded a weeks” worth of cum.

Each pump of his cock made my entire ass-tunnel hurt as he expanded to shoot out his thick scalding hot seed. He held me like that until he caught his breath and then released me while pulling out his cock.

He didn”t say a word as he picked up the sharpie that had landed on the floor sometime during the fuck. Marked another hash mark on my chest.

As he walked out the door, he said “Have fun boys”. Then smiled and walked out the door interrupted by the first guy that came into my room that night.


Thank you for reading my story! Feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions. ail


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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