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Thursday provided a rare opportunity to spend an entire late afternoon at the bathhouse, before meeting my wife at a public mixed sauna at 7pm.

I’d arrived a bit later than normal, but the number of visitors seemed small. Finishing my beer at the Internet PC, I’d noticed several men entering. Going downstairs, the whirlpool was empty, and the number of towels for people in the steambath seemed minimal.

Upstairs, I went to the darkroom, rapidly discovering another man stretched out. Having found his foot with a questing hand, then sliding it upwards along his leg and thigh, recognizing his welcoming quivers the nearer I grew to his cock. Putting my right knee on the platform, his hand found my towel covered mid-section. Sighing when he began moving over my inner thigh underneath the towel, easily touching each other’s cock at the same time.

His cock was very soft, feeling small at first. It took a while for him to grow harder, especially as my attention wandered with him fondling my own now swelling dick. Becoming hard, he began to jerk forcefully, making me try to imitate the motion at his now somewhat harder cock. In part, because that might have been his preferred technique, and in part as a way to distract him, the pumping being right at the edge of clumsy roughness.

Bathhouse lovers come in a wide variety. Generally, my tastes run to a subtle and skilled style, reflecting something more than school-boyish enthusiasm or simple ineptness. Though not exactly yielding gentleness, oddly enough, that tending to be a female style, something that few men can match. Sex between men is best as equals, giving and taking freely. Even if the distinction between top and bottom is also part of what happens when men have sex, something apart from the abandoned sluttiness I love.

The stranger had attempted to play with my sensitive nipples several times, resulting in needing increasingly blatant efforts to convince him to stop if unable to do it differently. In compensation though, his cock had grown truly hard, impressively so. Getting men hard is one of the simplest pleasures bathhouse visitors can indulge in, being surrounded by so many available cocks.

Spreading the unwrapped towel near his, laying on my back, I had to deal with the black bag. After finding a couple of condoms, ensuring the camera remained within, and deciding to leave the poppers in their plastic bag, I returned to the unfolding joys of darkroom sex. Here, sight is not a distraction, enhancing the focus of pure lust. Being touched and kissed and caressed and fondled, without even a chance to know who is doing it. Doing the same in turn to them, a darkroom tending to be a place devoted to group sex, much like the dim steamroom.

We shifted positions several times. His leg pressed along my cock while thrusting against it, on the verge of cumming as I licked his nipple and jacked his gorgeous thick dick. Shifting focus by rolling over, thigh between his legs, my finger finding his hole as he started to thrust against me.

At some point, I took off my glasses, gathering and moving all my things further towards the back by touch – a process requiring a fair bit of concentration and attention, and creating a fair amount of noise.

Returning to our previous games, I felt a hand along my foot, feeling his reaction to the same happening thing to him, his cock twitching as the hand slid upwards along his leg, finding his balls as it began to touch my fingers. Of course, this new stranger’s other hand was doing the same to me. Barely able control the reaction, wanting to do nothing but cum in a pure moment of perfect lust.

As a result of having almost cum, it was easier to guide the new man’s head to my partner’s cock, leading him away from mine. After enjoying several minutes more of naked contact with unknown men in the darkness, I collected everything, by touch alone. Glasses back on my nose, black bag filled and in my left hand, gingerly moving to the edge of the platform, aware of several men to my right.

Standing, one of them stopped me, his hand sliding over my skin, from hanging cock over my still sensitive chest. I could not stop from sighing at his exquisite skill as he started playing with my nipples. Of course, I’d responded, right hand finding and pleasuring his swelling rod, making him rigid. The sensation of his circling palm over my erect nipple was irresistible, making me stop in my tracks, deciding to return to the platform with him.

Something that turned out to be more challenging than expected, as the platform was more than a couple of steps distant. It was possible to remain in intimate contact, finally letting my bag out of my left hand, now free to play with chest, my tongue finding his neck. Beginning to lick his skin, another stranger’s hands started running between my legs, on my cock. Someone else began rubbing my nipples, a sexual concerto that led to me barely controlling a mini orgasm.

My cock and clenching fist was wet after several delightful bahis şirketleri pulses from my balls. A wetness leading to my attention becoming centered on finding my towel. Breaking further contact, if only to stop from making a mess, pressing cotton against my sensitive cockhead, having just stopped from fully losing control in the dark.

Wandering away, I found the porn theater empty, and did a hit from my poppers. Breathing out at the top of the spiral staircase, I went to the whirlpool, seeing two men, neither of whom were interested in my presence. Noting that more than an hour had already passed. meaning that the time spent in the dark was likely around 45 minutes, even if it hadn’t felt that way.

Back upstairs, returning to the darkroom, it was in its customary state – empty. The porn on the other side was uninteresting. Downstairs, I put everything but two condoms into my locker, holding my towel up as it threatened to slip. I only learned how to tie a towel here, unfortunately remaining an inept amateur at it ever since. At a public mixed sauna, I tend to simply hold my towel in front of my mid-section, as nudity is considerably less sexual in that context.

Going to the basement, the towel was whipped away after the second step, this being a proper area for nudity. There were a number of towels around, making it easy to head straight into the Turkish bath.

Sex was definitely going on around me as I went to the back, sitting on the bench and playing with myself, having touched a couple of cocks moving towards the back. Simply observing what was happening around me, jacking off, almost cumming several times as the scenes played out in the steamy dimness. Fleeting contact occurred, though nothing as seriously enticing as watching the sucking, kissing, and fucking going on.

For amusement, I tried to figure out how many cocks I’d already played with, deciding a half-dozen was probably an adequate answer. The darkroom not really being a place where keeping track of such details is easy, especially when a couple of horny men are playing with you. For those who have never experienced it, the pure male sluttiness of the baths can be difficult to grasp.

Finally, the heat caused me to leave, followed by standing under the rain showerhead to clean off before heading to the whirlpool. Involving only a bit of public jacking display in the meantime, luxuriously spreading the sauna’s orange scented soap over my lengthening rod. Leaving the showers, the sounds indicated the bench jets were now active in the whirlpool. Stepping up, only one man was sitting in the bubbling water, somewhat left of center.

Entering a bit towards the right of center, it took little time for our exploring feet to cross. Exploration quickly grew into something else. Our legs spread, touching, my travelling leg rising, foot soon pressing against his balls, both of us obviously jacking off.

We soon began playing with each other’s nipples, though his touch grew too hard. Much like before, though this was a distinctly different partner. Quite forward, starting to kiss me forcefully, making me yield to his desire, with minimal resistance. Kisses that grew intense, pleasuring each other, even as he took the lead, his hand replacing mine, sliding over me, bringing his hard cock against mine.

The whirlpool is where I allow myself to indulge in naked cock to cock fun, as a condom isn’t practical there anyways. And because I love being cock to cock with a man too much to give it up at this point in my life, it seems a reasonable compromise, cum not being involved when in the water. Plus, water adds interesting enhancements, such as currents and rhythms only possible when floating.

After several minutes of kissing, including a blissful stretch where it was my hand holding our thrusting cocks together, head to head, he asked “Want to go upstairs?”

His hand stopped moving, letting me gather my thoughts a bit. Naughty thoughts, deciding to go a step further than normal, saying “Let’s go to the showers first.”


We left the whirlpool, both erect, looking at each other’s openly displayed horny lengths. I put the towel and condoms on the divider wall, stepping around it to get to the showers. He had moved to the stairs, seemingly unaware of what I’d said to him, and his own agreement. He came near soon after starting to soap my still erect shaft.

I couldn’t stop looking at him as he took off his towel, leaving it on the ledge formed by the steps as they turn up at 90°. Displaying my cock in open invitation, already knowing how good sexual contact with him was, wanting more. Though not exactly the first time I’d showered with another turned on man, this was definitely the first time of suggesting it to another man beforehand. It was easy to pull him in, using my left hand, already cupped, holding soap.

Sharing such a public shower so intimately led to deciding that being soapy cock to soapy cock with a just met partner was as permissible bahis firmaları as being that way in the whirlpool. With the added attraction of standing, slippery hands sliding between ass cheeks, finding and fingering each other’s holes as our erect cocks merged in a wave of pleasure.

Soon kissing without inhibition, him still dominant, mouth and tongue covering and exploring mine. Willingly, though not passively, riding right to the edge of ecstasy against his wet body. Causing me to slowly disengage, ready for the next stage upstairs, even if actually unsure what it would be.

“Did you cum?”

“No” was the gasped answer, sliding my hand along his shaft. Though not precisely the first time I’d enjoyed sharing the open showers with another man, this remained the first time it had been so overtly sexual from the start, to the point of almost cumming. Just like my experience with him in the whirlpool.

He didn’t seem to realize I still needed to rinse off when he turned to leave. Making me wonder just how much sex was clouding our thinking, and being extremely proud at the thought of having been so lucky. We put on our towels, more than half hard as we walked up the stone steps to the middle level, then took the metal spiral staircase to the top level.

Upstairs, he turned towards the porn side, though we found both booths unavailable. The first booth of the three next to the darkroom was empty, so we entered, fondling each other before even closing the door. We set up, towels spread, black bag to the side. Not having to deal with poppers or a camera simplified things wonderfully.

We laid down, hands and mouths quickly shifting and merging. Just as delightful horizontally as standing and sitting in water had been, without any need to deal with condoms yet. This was becoming a pattern, actually – straightforward sex is quite addictive without distractions.

Stretched out, stroking each other’s cock in a cabin where the platform filled the space, except a gap for the door. He returned to forcefully kissing, my response not as passive as downstairs. His cock swelled as I jacked him off, right to the edge of orgasm, his tongue no longer moving against mine in his moaning mouth.

After that, I simply lay there, hand on jutting cock, trusting in his skill, experience, and desire. It took little time to be rewarded, his lips pressing against mine as he rubbed my left nipple. His tongue began to slide over my neck, lusciously trailing its way down to my other nipple, before slowly going further. His fingers played with my wet nipple as his mouth reached my bush.

His fingers moved from my nipple to my sack and along my inner thighs, teasing the curly hair as I moaned, his tongue flicking at the base of my shaft. When his fingers began to go deeper into my ass crack, it was easy to spread wider, letting him know that his playing with my anus was one of the reasons I am such a devotee of the baths.

As his tongue began to slide upwards on my shaft, I kept my hand in place, repeating “Condoms” and “Not uncovered,” though the gasp when his finger touched my ass certainly revealed just how horny he was making me. Thankfully, he didn’t continue trying go down on me, allowing me to fully concentrate on how his finger was playing with me.

He continued for a while, though the fact that his finger was dry led to a predictable, but minor, amount of discomfort. Not pain precisely, but an indication that this particular fun had reached its natural end. Leading me to shift a bit, playing with his cock while my hand went between his legs.

Prompting him to move around, his head now better positioned for what he intended. I could barely contain my reaction as his tongue found my ring, left hand running over his head as he began to rim me. The bliss of being licked so shamelessly overwhelmed me, only slowly realizing he had stopped, followed by a question.

“Have you ever been fucked?”

“Never. That felt so … oh fuck” I moaned, as his finger began to circle my well lubricated anal ring.

“Want to get fucked?”

“Not without using condom.”

“Do something different – you’ll like it.”

“Only with a condom,” as I began to feebly find mine, wherever the bag was.

“Sure – no problem.”

Rising above me, between my legs, deliciously cock to cock, he easily removed any ability on my part to search further. Then his cock moved lower, prompting me to say “No” distinctly.

“Why not?”

Not needing to repeat the obvious reason that he had seemingly forgotten so quickly, I brought up the other one – “It still hurts a bit from that first fingering.” Followed by a bit of effort to finally convince him of my complete disinterest in him doing such things, using a combination of verbal and non-verbal cues. Without actually rejecting the sexual fun we continued to enjoy, a hand grasping his hard cock as my other hand played with one of his nipples.

“I’ve seen you here before.”

“Maybe once a month.”


“Possibly kaçak bahis siteleri – it is a hard place to resist.”

“I’m normally here on Thursdays, and sometimes Sundays.”

“My schedule is pretty random. It is one of the attractions, actually.”

Our conversation slowly became less focused, until his kissing ended it.

Shifting our positions several times, I could feel his finger slide temptingly over my hole as his mouth shifted to my sack. He was soon teabagging me, followed smoothly by his gentle finger starting to enter my willing and still slippery rosebud. A fantastic combination, something I could not remember ever experiencing before.

It became even kinkier feeling him lick finger and hole at the same time, making me spread my legs wide, fisting my cock steadily. At some point, his tongue moved away. Only to feel a velvet wetness begin to slide over my cockhead. Realizing he had started to go down on me again, I said “Condom,” using my left hand to move his head away.

He moved up, then kissed me. I couldn’t help but respond as a pure slut, tongue and lips greedily exploring his, thrilled at abandoning myself so utterly in male sex. Rimming always being one of the things I most associate with gay sex, even though my first introduction was by my first girlfriend. Who told me, after introducing me to the pure bliss of someone licking my ass, that she read about it in the Joy Of Gay Sex (a very early 1980s edition, considering our ages at the time).

After kissing for a stretched interval, playing with each other’s cock, his tongue curled around my ear. He moved, his hands now at my thighs as he asked to me to move down the platform, so he could lick me again. Soon, willingly pulled down to the edge of the platform, he knelt on the floor.

Using his hands to put my legs up, entering heaven again, rimmed by a horny stranger. Another couple entered the booth next to ours, and hearing them was an extra turn on. When my legs grew heavy, his shoulders were perfectly positioned. Feeling his finger replace his tongue, the sensations from my sucked balls meshed perfectly, creating a flood of male lust.

A fact he knew, apparently, as his mouth moved over my cockhead, just as the couple next to us began to get heavily involved, the sounds of mouth and cock unmistakable to an experienced bathhouse visitor. Realizing he had already tried to fuck me bareback, I stopped him from sucking my cock further, though appreciating how wet he’d made it, making me almost cum as I kept stroking, one of his hands at my breast.

Within the entrancing sexual haze enveloping my mind, I felt his cock again, sliding over my hole, hearing him say how good it would feel. It already felt fantastic, on the edge of remembered fantasy, but this was not a temptation to indulge for someone who came of age in the late 70s. A condom is absolutely required, something that all the men I’ve fucked at the baths have had no problem with, though some do not require or check it. Breaking off after my obvious refusal to play along, he lay down next to me, talking again as I jacked myself and him at the same time.

“You’ve never been fucked?”

“No – and no man has ever licked me like that. Fuck, kiss me again” I moaned, covering his mouth, my tongue exploring deep before he responded. In the other booth, the noises had changed, becoming moans and heavy breathing – along with sound of a bottle being opened and closed. Prompting me to get a couple of condoms ready as we broke our kiss.

He rimmed me again, the sounds of hot anal sex filling my ears, ass being penetrated by his questing finger, moaning about how good he was at licking my hot ass, talking about his cock as I pumped it, saying how hot sex with men was. Begging to have him kiss me so dirty again, shocked at how turned on it made me when his mouth met mine, knowing what it had just been doing to me.

He stood up and lay down again, so that our heads were at other’s cocks. Quickly, I put a condom over his cockhead, swelling it with suction as the latex began to cover the top. Hearing him moan as my mouth went deeper, his hand replacing mine, doing a better job, allowing me the chance to use a lubed finger to touch his hole. After the condom was on properly, we did much the same things covering my dick.

It was my turn to demonstrate my skills, even when getting sucked at the same time. Though still unable to deep throat even an average size cock, my oral skills have developed over the years. A fact he appreciated, as his attention wandered numerous times as we sucked each other. Much like our earlier showering together, 69 is not something I’ve done with a man more than a handful of times over the years. Most of the experiences having happened in the last few months, in fact. A mutual game that continues to weave a web over my desires, actually.

We indulged in a stretched interval of 69, until he was no longer able to resist cumming into my willing cock sucker’s mouth. The pulsing orgasm was noticeably powerful, cum swelling his shaft and head as it pumped past my sucking lips. He rolled away a bit, letting me see how full the condom was, a demonstration of just how turned on he had been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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