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Standing in the back of the steamroom, finally enjoying myself properly, rubbing two strangers’ hard cocks against each other, one of them jacking me off while the other played with my nipple. All of us were enjoying what was going on immensely, losing ourselves in simple pleasures at a male only sauna. We were a triangle of mutual lust, being satisfied by partners with long experience playing such wonderful games.

Having two hard cocks in my grasp has always been irresistibly arousing, apparently equally true of the men whose cockheads were gliding against the other’s. It wasn’t difficult to judge just how good one or the other felt as I played with their turned-on cocks, as the feeling at my nipple or cock would become lazier the more turned on I made them. Though the same was true in the other direction, especially after pre-cum was spread over my cockhead and shaft by a stranger’s talented hand.

By this point, we were experiencing the same growing haze caused by animal sex, a haze bonding us with each other, expressed directly among stroked cocks, along with words and moans escaping us in the dimness. This was almost certainly the first steambath threesome of the day, following a frustratingly long time between my almost too early arrival at the bath house and now, naked in the steam, getting off with two other men. Not that any grounds for complaints existed by this point, being completely immersed in rediscovering one of the apparently never ending variations of male group sex, a truly addictive way to spend time in the steamy darkness.

Being so early is much more common an experience for me than the very crowded state of my last visit. I couldn’t resist making another quick weekday visit when remembering and writing about my last time here, before even finishing the other story. Basically, my desire for simple and quick sex had grown too tempting to suppress. Leading to this fantastic result, standing with two men, cocks as clearly as horny as mine, all of us knowing exactly what it was like to get off this way. By now, our cocks were overwhelmingly taking over, having found skilled hands to serve their desires. Or in the case of the two men I was holding cock to cock, sliding velvety skin against velvety skin as they began moving under my firm guidance.

Leading to equal firmness on their part, making it a challenge to stroke my fist over their now completely exposed cockheads. Both men were uncut, my eyes drawn to the sexy sight of hard cock rubbing against hard cock. My right hand held their rods pressed as the pair began to move, my left hand sliding down to play with the tight balls of the man on the left. Finally, the steambath visit had reached its intended goal, my body being openly pleasured by two naked stranger in the near darkness, even as I did the same for them.

I had been standing alone in the dark back half of the sauna area for several minutes, though the front area had at least 3 men in it. I had been there for several minutes already, without anything physical coalescing among the sauna’s visitors. I was enjoying the beer, and had already done a hit of Rush upstairs, but my cock was getting harder, since my desire for quick sex wasn’t really being fulfilled.

Alone in the dim back section, I could hear and see the door being opened, then opened again, but no one entered this area. My place was roughly equidistant between the two paths leading here, and after noting the door opening a third time, I saw a man standing against the wall, who seemed to straighten as I glanced at him, then letting my gaze to look down at his crotch. Where his hand appeared to be fondling his sack, though it may have just been my horny imagination, a part of my old-fashioned mind whispered, since without my glasses, I’m quite blind.

As my own hand began to stray to my cock, I noticed a shadow as the man that had just entered took the ‘shortcut’ to the rear. Using the canlı bahis narrower passage, one where contact is almost impossible to avoid, as it is much more intimate in its dimensions than the passage against the back wall. But this way is also better lit, making it easier to use for exiting, after checking to see if the way is empty. Though not always, of course – sometimes, changing partners is just part of the charm of enjoying what some refer to as a ‘Turkish’ bath.

The man from the nearer passage let his hand slide along my outer thigh when he stepped close, even as I kept watching the other man play with his stiffening cock, clearly moving closer to us. Of course, my own hand was gliding along my almost fully stiff shaft, and when the hand on my thigh slid along my skin, circling to the front of my chest, I couldn’t stop pumping harder, knowing that my nipple was about to be caressed by a naked stranger, and that there was no way I could resist the sensation. A fact I was certain he knew from personal experience in situations just like this.

Reopening my eyes after the intense thrill filling me as he rubbed my nipple, I reached my left hand out, easily finding his cock, taking nothing more than a gently applied pressure with my hand to bring him closer and make him fully erect. The other man had moved close enough to touch my cock, an unexpected but unsurprising directness, especially when feeling so perfectly slutty.

My right hand also grabbed a hard cock, and it didn’t take much effort to bring two cocks into intimate contact right in front me, my eyes drinking in the sight of glorious male sexuality. Cocks make me really horny, especially when another man is playing with mine. Something that didn’t happen when I was younger, getting off to Playboys and Penthouses with a good friend, or on more than several occasions, with him and another friend.

But unlike those earlier times, now, in my later 40s, in the steam bath, or at the porn booth gloryholes that I have also enjoyed, touching and even more adult things are no longer theoretical, but something desired after long acquaintance. Not that all men shared this perspective, as had been demonstrated previously in this visit, when entering the steamroom. A certain standoffishness was undeniable in my second visit into the darkly humid heat, the first one having found no one there. Now, in the steam for the third time, there had been an equal degree of standoffishness at first, as essentially the same people remained. Including myself, as none of the other handful of men in the steambath responded to me as I went into the rear again.

Fortunately, as more visitors entered, the situation changed, much to my satisfaction. One of the true indicators of just how fantastic a bathhouse is for simple sex could be measured in the frustration resulting from having to wait more than a quarter hour to have my cock stroked or sucked by a horny man, or to do the same in return. A male only bathhouse is truly a place to get sexually spoiled, since uncomplicated orgasming with other men there is so simple.

The hand on my nipple lowered itself tantalizingly, ending between my thighs, playing with my hairy sack. I turned and lowered my head, tongue questing over a stranger’s sweaty chest until sliding over its erect surface, making me press my lips and suck his nipple past my lightly nipping teeth. His thrusting against the other man began matching the rhythm of my flicking tongue at the tip of his captured nipple. When my own nipple was touched by the other man, then squeezed gently between his fingers and thumb, I couldn’t stop thrusting against his grip, my held balls creating a perfect tension around my cockhead’s flared end.

We were all riding a wave just waiting to crest, but I was able to keep myself just enough in check to force the other two over the edge, in part as a way to keep their attention distracted. We were all bahis siteleri moaning, but when I opened my eyes, no else seemed to be around, not that it mattered in any sense when I felt the pumping jets of cum mixing against my hand, proof of just how good they had been handled, keeping my cock rigid even as the hands left my balls and nipple.

The man to my left patted my ass, then left. The other man kept stroking my cock, while he trailed the hand on my nipple across my front, and then touching his own cock, letting his fingers slide against mine, obviously enjoying the mixture of cum on his skin. He grew less hard gradually, and his motions along my cock were also beginning to wind down, it being clear that I wasn’t interested in cumming just yet.

He left, and after a bit, I followed, first putting the condoms in my cubbyhole space, both packages quite wet after sitting on the back bench, then going to the shower and washing myself well. Hot sex at a bathhouse is also literally true, and staying cool is something to be aware of when enjoying the facilities and guests for an extended period. Though by now, my hands soaping my aroused cock, cool was only a matter of temperature, and not of my condition. A couple of men had come down the stone stairs, right next to the shower, one going into the steam fairly quickly, while the second paused in a perfect position to watch me, his gaze clearly directed to my crotch.

His interest was completely understandable, since by now, I find it very difficult not to enjoy the sight of a man’s cock, especially when erect. Watching him watch me created its predictable result, my cock reaching its full size. When the water stopped – the showers run for about a minute after pushing a metal plate – it took me a bit to the flowing water again, my eyes closed, turned on and completely aware that here, everyone knew just what I was enjoying. Especially the two men I had just gotten off in the steamy darkness, all of us sluts wanting to play with men, enjoying another opportunity to do just that.

The watching man took off his towel, putting into one of the spaces, then went through the glass door, with a last glance back as I rinsed the soap from my jutting cock. I have only very rarely seen sex in this fairly open shower section, though looking around or showing off at any of the 3 shower sections at the bathhouse is not uncommon at all.

As the door closed, a bit of steam escaping, I went to the whirlpool, which was empty, even though it wasn’t fountaining. I sat in the semi-warm water for a couple of minutes, until the not exactly quiet pumps started kicking in.

I returned to the steamroom, after grabbing the still very damp condom packages. Walking slowly, aware of having already gotten a couple of men off, the sexual element was impossible to ignore. Particularly as that element is so alluring. Having been naked for a while, along with soaping my cock in front of a watching stranger, there no reason not to be explicit. Especially it was fairly certain that at least other man here shared my tastes and interests – after all, it is why we keep coming back, after becoming acquainted with how good a male only sauna can be.

Returning to the dimly lit front half, a curious lack of action was the reality, though when thinking about it, only a few minutes had passed since leaving the heated dampness, following the only two men that had gotten off in the steambath since the bathhouse opened, to the best of my personal experience..

But this time, walking to the back, a couple of men were already there, and going into the deeper dimness, another man followed from the front area, where he had been leaning against the wall, his hand pressing his half hard cock down along his thigh. Soft moans could be increasingly heard from at least one unseen couple, and looking around, we were all hard, touching ourselves in public.

Things became bahis şirketleri a blur of hot desire, since it didn’t take long for another threesome to form, though this time, it was probably what could be accurately called a circle jerk – though generally a two handed one, as two hands shared one cock, without stroking oneself. Not that it stopped me from licking one man’s nipple, then lightly kissing and nipping at his neck. The other man picked up on what was going on, and pooling our efforts, we jacked this now completely helpless stranger off, his hands on our horny rods, unmoving as we both felt the pulsing along his shaft, his orgasming obvious to us.

After he was spent, and turned to leave, the other man and I drew closer, our now free hands playing with each other’s nipples, our moaning starting to get noticeable. Though not so noticeable as to mask the sound of a cocksucking pair somewhere off in the black corner. Obviously, things were starting to reach their normal level, but for me, time was starting to grow short enough to at least consider it something to note in the background of what was left of my conscious awareness.

Though certainly enough time remained to sit down on the rear bench with an erect stranger next to me, as we kept stroking each other’s cock. We brought each other to the edge, but each of us made it plain to the other that cumming was not really a goal right now, and slowly, concentrated on jacking ourselves off as other men having sex filled the darkness. By this point, I felt nothing resembling shame – all of the other men were just enjoying what I had been enjoying from the first threesome on.

Gay group sex, especially when enough men enter a private space wanting it, is incredibly easy to enjoy. Either watching or participating, or both – one interesting thing I’ve learned is that a number of men actually enjoy sex which is not really centered on orgasming, or at least considers the journey worth stretching to its full glorious length, since in a place like this, opportunities are often virtually endless.

Now, sitting next to another stroking man, my jacking off reached on a state of blissful perfection, much like it had when I was younger. It was back then, with a friend, that my attraction to cock had been formed, jerking off looking at Playboy, Penthouse, Gallery, Club, Hustler or even one really hard core B&W magazine he had found in the woods.

The sounds and sights of men having sex surrounded me, my looking at their sexy cocks irresistible, knowing that everyone there could see mine, as I was sitting in the section most illuminated from the light filtered through the wetly fogged glass door. A hand touched my left nipple, and the sensation just added to the perfection of getting off in a room full of naked and equally horny strangers, many fucking or sucking.

My left hand reached out to find a thigh, sliding slowly and lightly upwards, then back down, not quite returning to where it started, teasing both of us. His touch at my hard nipple was perfection, a certain slipperiness leading to the idea that the sensation was caused by another man’s cum on his hand. My hand reached his cock, and I slowly stroked another stranger’s horny cock, letting my hand lightly encircle the rigidly hot silkiness, a thoroughly male combination. After a long moment of bliss, his hand dropped, and then he slowly stepped back.

The man next to me spread his legs wider, and I could feel his rhythm against my equally outstretched thigh. The thrill didn’t quite push me over the edge, even after hearing his cum, splattering the space, rubbing his skin against mine as he lifted himself up from the bench in response to the waves of ecstasy matching his pumping balls. We were completely surrounded by the sounds of man to man sex, and yet I knew, that tonight, it would be wife playing with my nipple getting me off in our bed.

At the bathhouse, I never take off my wedding ring – and till now, I have never looked to see what other men wear as rings. I’m sure that I’m not the only married man to enjoy such a simple attraction to the incredible sexual delights men share so easily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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