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Chapter 07

The door swung silently shut behind us and turning I noted that there was no handle of any sort on the inside. We stood in a short corridor that only gave us one way to go. At the far end was an open doorway in the wall, and from the room beyond flickered yellow light. Amy moved towards it and Justin quickly followed. I trailed behind, feeling a sudden apprehension.

What exactly was I wanting? I had said something new, and Amy hadn’t pushed for more specifics. She boldly said she wanted me. That would be something new, I supposed. Watching her and Justin would be something new. But I found myself not wanting that to happen now; the way he looked at her and had followed her gave me a growing sense of unease about his feelings for me… and about his feeling for her.

I took a deep breath and followed them into the room. It wasn’t as big as I expected, no cavernous dungeon. I stood at the bottom level of a three tiered, plush carpeted room that rose up from me, each tier only as deep as the rooms in the corridors, but perhaps twice as wide. At the far end of the bottom tier, where I stood, was the exit door. Between the door and where I stood was a long leather sofa and several large cushions lay on the floor. The next level hosted what looked like a mesh wagon wheel mounted on a large ornamentally decorated base. I could see it was hinged so that the wheel could not only spin, but be moved from horizontal to vertical. More cushions were positioned around the room and at each end of the tier was a single seat armchair. The top level housed a king sized bed at one end, an office desk and chair at the other and a smaller version of the leather sofa in the middle. The room’s only illumination were wall mounted torches, gas powered I assumed.

But my gaze was on the wheel which was the focus of the room. Goth girl had unclipped her leather bra and dropped it onto the floor, revealing pert and perfectly shaped breasts. They stood proudly out from her chest but moved out of time with her movements as if to assure me they were real. She peeled off the pants without removing her stilettos courtesy of a zip than ran from the inside of one ankle all the way up and down the other leg. Releasing the four fasteners down her right hip revealed no underwear, no pubic hair, a clitoral ring from which dangled an identical small and tasteful metallic star to match the one at her navel, and a tattoo of an Asian symbol on the inside of her left pubic bone. I realised that I was wrong in my earlier assessment; she was much better looking than I had imagined.

As she undressed, rock star fiddled with the base of the wagon wheel, releasing a catch and bringing it upright. She put her arms around her rock star and kissed him, a deep and passionate kiss that seemed to say “goodbye”, then stepped back against the wheel. She raised her hands to either side of her head and rock star clipped wide leather cuffs around her wrists and onto the wheel. Then he slid a belt around her waist, and cuffs around her ankles. He spun the wheel in a lazy turning motion and I watched as gravity flipped her pony tail towards the floor, her breasts pointed upwards but overall the leather fasteners held her well in place.

‘Want to touch her?’ he directed the question to Amy and Justin who were standing side by side behind him. ‘Alicia loves it,’ he laughed. Justin glanced at Amy, but not down at the bottom tier where I still stood, then walked over and ran his hand over Alicia’s flat stomach. The contact slowed and stopped the turning of the wheel leaving her almost horizontal. Justin’s hand ran up and cupped her breast, then went further upwards across her shoulder and he cupped her cheek.

Amy moved beside him, but placed her hands on Alicia’s knees and turned the wheel so she was almost upright, before kneeling before the wheel and reaching out to touch the clitoral ring and jewellery. She tugged at it and I saw Alicia squirm, then Amy ran her thumb over the other woman’s clit. I looked upwards to see that Justin had his thumb in Alicia’s mouth and was looking down as Amy played with her genitals.

Rock star walked down to me and held out his hand in a greeting. I accepted the handshake which seemed absurdly formal given our circumstances.

‘You don’t want to join in?’ His voice was soft, almost hypnotic with the hint of an accent. I almost replied that I like to watch, before remembering the rules of the room.

‘Soon,’ I said. ‘My name’s Alex.’

‘Hello Alex,’ he smiled, his almond shaped eyes drooping seductively at me, ‘my friends call me Yoshi.’

‘Hi Yoshi,’ I smiled. Without a hint of self consciousness he pulled his shirt over his head, revealing a well muscled washboard stomach and chest. He folded his shirt carefully and placed it on the arm of the long leather sofa, before prying his boots off.

‘They’re your friends, right?’

‘Um yes,’ I replied, running my eyes over his body and down the length of his pants. Yoshi was one attractive specimen.

‘Boyfriend karataş escort and girlfriend?’ I looked up at Amy and Justin to see that Amy had stood and was on one side of Alicia, licking her nipple and breast as Justin saw to the other.

‘No, I mean, yes, well Justin and I are, Amy’s our friend. She invited us here,’ I added unnecessarily. ‘She’s single.’ More stupid words.

‘Its not her I like, though she’s cute,’ he said turning to smile at me. ‘Its him, he’s got something.’ My head and chest pounded at his words.

‘Justin?’ I sounded incredulous. ‘You’re gay?’ Disappointed now.

‘No,’ he laughed, but it was an easy laugh not a mocking one. ‘Just sexual,’ he said. ‘Would you like to take my pants off?’

‘Pardon?’ I wasn’t sure I had heard him correctly.

‘My pants,’ he repeated, ‘Would you take them off me. They’re difficult, but more than that, I love having them removed by a beautiful woman.’ My heart fluttered at the compliment and I stepped closer, reaching out to unclip the stud at his waist. I struggled to pull the zip down, but couldn’t do more than pull them open, revealing a small tuft of black hair.

‘You might have to kneel,’ he offered helpfully.

‘A beautiful, subservient woman?’ I injected sarcasm into my tone.

‘Maybe that too,’ his laugh was easy and drooped his eyelids again. So I knelt. Grasping the waistband I pulled hard and the leather stretched enough to slip over his slim hips. His skin was olive coloured, even around his groin as his penis, flaccid and long, bounced into view. No underwear here either, I noted. He placed his hands on my shoulders and lifted one foot then the other and I pulled and wriggled the pants downwards, conscious of his penis dangling close to my face. Then he was naked, took his pants from me as he helped me upright and folded them neatly before placing them with his shirt.

‘Come,’ he said, offering his hand. We approached the wheel hand in hand, him naked, me fully clothed. We watched for a moment as Justin ran his hand down over Alicia’s tight stomach and fingered her clit ring. She squirmed at that and smiled at him, so he leaned forward and they kissed. I saw a flash of silver in her mouth and realised her tongue was pierced. Amy stepped back and as I watched she reached around to undo the zipper on her sundress. She struggled for a moment then Yoshi reached out and slid it down for her. She turned to smile her thanks and saw that he was naked. Her eyes slid appreciatively down his body and she winked at me before slipping the straps of her dress from her shoulders and letting it crumple around her ankles.

Her breasts were bigger than I had imagined, soft and round with a gentle sag. At her stage of life there was enough suppleness in her skin to defy gravity. Her nipples were brown, the size of twenty cent pieces and were raised and erect. Her skin was creamy, her stomach showing a slight curve and a dimpled navel. She wore a pair of white cotton panties that clung to her tight rounded buttocks.

Justin looked up from Alicia and smiled when he saw Amy standing in nothing but her panties. He looked at me and blinked twice at Yoshi, who had taken my hand in his again. I was feeling self conscious about being undressed, so I released Yoshi’s hand and pulled my top over my head, feeling my breasts bounce as they swung free. I threw my shirt on top of Amy’s dress, then tried to kick my boots off to no avail.

‘Like to help a beautiful subservient woman by kneeling in front of her?’ I murmured my request to Yoshi, who laughed softly in that velvet like voice, and did as I asked. I balanced with one hand on his bare shoulder, marvelling at the fact that his skin was so soft while the muscle underneath was so hard. I wiggled my toes as they came free, letting them enjoy their freedom as I released the catch and fly on my pants and slipped them down, my panties going with them. Yoshi helped, and as fastidious as before, folded them neatly before placing them with my shirt. He admired my body, smiled then walked up to Justin, who had two fingers inside Alicia now.

‘Why don’t I help you undress?’ He reached out for Justin’s fly, but Justin jumped back.

‘Fuck Yoshi!” Alicia yelled. ‘Leave him alone, I was getting close then.’ Yoshi laughed and stepped back, allowing Justin to return to Alicia.

‘Amy, why don’t you undress him?’ Amy turned to look at me and I smiled.

‘Don’t ask me, everything’s fair in here,’ I said to her. Amy moved behind Justin and undid his shirt buttons one by one. Justin stopped his manipulation of Alicia just long enough to let his shirt be pulled over his arms. Yoshi moved to the other side of the wheel and Alicia turned her head towards him and they kissed with fiery passion. I noted that he was still flaccid and was about to move to him and offer my services when Amy knelt and unzipped Justin’s jeans. Then he was naked, his erection straining towards Alicia. Amy reached out and grabbed it, running her hand along his full length.

‘Oh fuck that feels good,’ he muttered, turning his hips to give her better access. His hand was rapidly manipulating Alicia’s clit and clit ring and the blonde was starting to moan and buck her hips. Amy moved forward and although I couldn’t see what she was doing, the look on Justin’s face and the movement of her head told me that she had taken him into her mouth. I felt a stab of jealousy again, but suppressed it as I stepped in front of Alicia.

‘Don’t stop, please,’ she was moaning at Justin, who was out of rhythm as he was overwhelmed by Amy’s mouth. I looked down and saw that my friend had her eyes shut as she slowly worked her tongue over his length, stopping occasionally to slide his length into her mouth, before beginning to lick it from tip to base. I squatted down, pushed Justin’s hand away and jammed my mouth over Alicia’s wet pussy. The absence of hair made it a simple task to suck on her clit and clit ring, pulling it with my lips and teeth as my tongue delved into her. She squealed with delight and from the corner of my eye I saw Yoshi finally starting to firm up. I reached out with my left hand and took his slowly rising member between my thumb and forefinger, giving him small, gentle encouraging squeezes.

Alicia came against my mouth with a thrashing of her head and a stream of expletives. She struggled against her restraints as the climax ran through her whole length, swearing like a drunken sailor the whole time. This seemed to excite Yoshi more as he rose to a full hardness quite quickly. I tried to pull him towards my mouth but instead he pulled free from my grip. My job on Alicia complete, I stood up, avoiding Justin’s grab for me. He wanted to kiss me, to taste Alicia while having a tongue in his mouth and one on his cock.

‘Turn around mate,’ Yoshi said to Justin, spinning the wheel as he spoke to bring Alicia to the three o’clock position.

‘No, no, this is fucking great,’ he groaned. Amy stopped, sensing something interesting was about to happen.

‘Don’t stop Amy, please?’ His voice was whiny, annoying. Amy stood, saw that she was the only one with clothes on and pulled her panties free. Then she turned Justin by his hips until his erection was bobbing at Alicia’s face. She pushed him forward and Alicia obediently opened her mouth. Justin slid into her face and her throat and groaned again. He began to thrust into her mouth, at first with some hesitation, then with abandon, fucking her face in the way he had fucked me when his self control was gone. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came, unless he was stopped.

‘God you’re gorgeous,’ Amy said as she turned to me and smiled.

‘You’re bloody yummy yourself,’ I countered. We both looked at Yoshi who was stroking his shaft as he watched Justin and Alicia. At least I thought that was what he was doing until I followed the line of his gaze and realised he was watching Justin’s buttocks flex and tighten as he thrust into Alicia’s willing mouth.

Amy and I stepped over to Yoshi, knelt and laughed as we almost cracked heads.

‘You first,’ I said as politely as I could, pushing his erection towards her. Amy didn’t argue, instead she slipped the rounded head of his cock between her lips, sucking a strong vacuum with her cheeks, before sliding her mouth deeper and pushing his hand out of the way. She did this three times, then released him, offering me a turn. I slid half his length into my mouth, tasting his pre-cum and her saliva. Then I bit him, not hard but firm so that he couldn’t move. Yoshi made a yipping noise, but didn’t move. As I held him with my teeth I ran my tongue around and over the length of him in my mouth. He growled, low and animalistic and I felt my juices begin to flow. Reading my excitement Amy reached over and stroked my breasts, and I met her eyes as my mouth continued to tease and hurt him.

‘My turn,’ she whispered, moving her face close to mine. I released him and at once reached out to cup her breasts. They were soft and yielded to my touch, small mountains of flesh that were a delight to hold. As I caressed their fullness I watched as Yoshi’s shaft disappeared and re-appeared in her mouth. Her eyes were locked on mine and I could see the lust there. It no doubt mirrored my own.

‘Yeahhhhhhh, fuck, ohhhhhh, yeahhhh!’ Justin was coming and wanted us all to know it. Amy released Yoshi with a wet plop and turned to look, her breasts slipping free as she moved. At the same time I noticed that the attractive couple had entered the room and were standing with slightly dazed looks on their faces. Justin’s buttocks were tense and he was pushing into Alicia’s mouth. Alicia, strapped to the wheel had no choice but to receive his load into her mouth. She gagged and spluttered and his come ran down from her mouth and across her cheek to land on the floor. When he was finally spent, he pulled away, his shaft a slimy mess and beginning to droop towards the floor. Alicia coughed, and a glob of his seed flew from her mouth. Yoshi moved to her and turned the wheel to get her upright. He was smiling at her and to my surprise she smiled back.

‘Fuck me Yoshi,’ she said. He bent his knees and slid his shaft into her still wet sex. I watched his length disappear into her, then turned to welcome the newcomers. They had moved to the armchair at the end of the tier with the wheel, while Justin had collapsed onto the cushions on the top tier. The brunette was sitting on her partner’s lap and they were kissing and fondling each other as they watched our performance.

Amy turned to me and we slid into each other’s arms where we knelt. Her body was warm and soft against mine and the kiss that accompanied our embrace was heavenly. It was a connection of affection and caring, the sort of kiss that men rarely give when naked, if at all. We stroked each other’s faces and hair, I kissed her eyes then let her kiss my shoulder.

‘Lie back, I want to make you come.’

I lay back, near the wheel and looking up I could watch Yoshi’s smooth skinned scrotum as it swung back and forth as he fucked Alicia. Then my worldview narrowed to Amy’s mouth closing on my wet and open pussy, her tongue caressing my outer folds, her lips pushing back the hood over my clit and her tongue circling my swollen bud with small darting, teasing movements. When she held the hood back with her fingers and began to flick the tip of her tongue over my swollen clit, I came with a rush, waves of pleasure crashing and pulsing through me. I could hear sounds coming from my throat but didn’t know if I was speaking or just grunting, until Amy slid her body over mine and kissed me with her wet mouth.

‘So do you really think I’m a dirty slut?’

‘Oh God, did I say that?’

‘Uh-huh,’ she said kissing me again. She was smiling from under her hair, which I brushed back over her ear.

‘Sorry,’ I whispered, ‘I say bad things when I’m really turned on.’

‘Then I guess I’ll be able to tell when you’re really turned on.’ There was an implication about the future in her words and I was about to open my mouth and ask her what she meant when Alicia started screaming in passion. I looked up and saw that Yoshi’s scrotum and what I could see of his shaft was almost dripping in Alicia’s juices. He was deep inside her and not moving, riding out her second climax.

‘God he’s cute,’ Amy murmured into my ear. Her body was warm on mine and I was enjoying the intimacy that had developed between us. Looking up past Yoshi I saw that Justin was enjoying it too. He was staring at us and from the movement of his arm stroking himself. Yoshi stepped back, freeing his still hard erection. He released Alicia from her bonds, stroking her wrists and ankles with great affection as she wobbled onto her feet.

‘Ladies?’ He turned and looked at us, then across at our spectator. She shook her head. I was considering it, when Amy slid off me and tugged me to my feet.

‘Come,’ she urged, dragging me up to Justin.

‘That was a great show,’ he said with a wicked smile.

‘Just for you,’ Amy said dismissively, sitting beside him. ‘I want you to get on the wheel Jus.’

‘No way,’ he said, shaking his head.

‘Will it help convince you if I do this?’ Amy wrapped her fingers around his shaft, moving in slow lazy strokes. ‘If you get on the wheel and stay on it until I say you can get off, then I’ll let you fuck me however you want.’ His smile vanished as he considered this. ‘If its okay with Alex?’ Amy added this as a clear after thought. I smiled at her and nodded, though I would have liked to be forewarned about her offer. I still felt uneasy about the way he looked at her.

‘Not quite,’ he said, ‘I get off the wheel when I’m ready.’

‘No deal,’ Amy sighed. ‘I’ll fuck Yoshi instead, then I’ll go home.’ She made to stand up but Justin grabbed her arm. He scowled at her and I had to suppress a grin. He had caved in.

‘I get to fuck you however I want?’


‘Sure honey, just don’t make him fall in love with your skills.’ I said it with a smile, but Amy stared into my eyes and gave an almost imperceptible nod that she understood my warning.

‘Any way at all.’ She reached into his lap and tugged gently on his hard member. ‘But onto the wheel first my dear.’ They stood together and I turned to see Yoshi helping Alicia into her pants. His erection was still proud and begging for attention.

‘Not going surely?’ I asked.

‘Alicia is going to take her leave,’ he explained.

‘I’ve come a dozen times tonight,’ she smiled warmly at me. ‘But don’t worry, I’m leaving him,’ she nodded at his erection, ‘for you lot to play with.’ I smiled a little self consciously and turned to watch as Amy slid Justin’s limbs into the restraints on the wheel. Justin looked nervous. Then a tall man in a dinner suit entered the room, looking completely out of place. He smiled and nodded at us and approached the couple who were still snogging on the armchair. Bending over them he spoke to them in a low tone, heard their reply, spoke some more and then walked out the exit door.

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