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I was too drunk. There was no question about it. It was the very beginning of our end-of-highschool beach trip and already I was stumbling, clinging to my close friend Jade for support. She did roller derby, so she had the muscular physique to handle a lot of alcohol, but I was smaller and keeping up with her had left me a mess. My words were slurred (if they even came at all) and I felt like my head was inside of a fishbowl. Plus, underneath the fog of general drunken confusion, I had a pounding headache that only got worse as the music kept playing. “Hey,” Jade said at one point, noticing me slumping against a wall, “Drink some water.”

She handed me a glass and I tipped it back, enjoying the momentary relief of hydration before the headache was back again. I needed to get outside. Jade had gone back to our other friends, so it would have to be a solo mission. Okay. Deep breaths. I inhaled, tensed the muscles in my legs, and pushed myself onto my feet.

Well, onto my feet for a moment before I stumbled forward again and banged into a table, knocking someone’s glass off of the edge. “Fuck,” I slurred, “Sorry man.” He was kinda hot; I met him in my math class and he would often come to me for help, so I knew he had that “dumb jock” appeal. I tried to smile coyly at him, but I was in no state for cleaning up, and continued on my journey. Slowly, I regained my balance and shuffled my way through the small crowd and out the door.

Finally, I felt the seasalt wind on my face. I breathed it in and stepped gingerly onto the gravel parking lot with my bare feet. We were renting the townhouse at a discounted rate from someone’s friend of a friend, so we were able to stay right next to the beach. I weaved my way there now between parked cars, through the gate, and onto the cool, soft sand. I relished the feeling for a moment, but had to keep moving to maintain my balance. Stumbling and falling as I went, I made my way towards the ocean. I plopped myself down next to the water and let the tide flow over my toes. The world was spinning. The fresh air helped, but my head still ached. I cradled it in my hands, then felt a turning in my stomach. Oh god. Just as I realized what was coming, bahis siteleri I was retching into the sea. It was a real production. I was getting vomit on my feet and my jeans, which were already ruined by the sand and ocean water. I was utterly unable to stop the flow, and puked until my throat was raw and my eyes watered. Finally, I regained my ability to breathe, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. My body trembled, then I spat into the ocean and observed the puddle of bile being dispersed by the tides.

With my stomach emptied, I looked around the beach with fresh eyes. My vision still left a lot to be desired, but I managed to make out a form maybe 50 feet down the beach from me, just at the edge of the tide. I saw the moon glance off of what was maybe the curve of a shoulder, but I couldn’t be too sure. The figure moved, looking back at me, and I could hear the smile in their voice when they shouted, “Senior week!?” at me in a slurred voice. They must have been having a similar experience to me.

“Yeah!” I called back, and pushed myself to my feet, “Hang on!” I began stumbling my way over. As I approached the figure, it became clear that they were a boy, about my age, kneeling shirtless in the sand. The dim light reflected off of their tan skin, revealing a toned figure and a few visible ribs. He was gorgeous. “What’s your name?” I asked, sitting next to him in the sand.

“Andrew.” His eyes were unfocused and he teetered just like I did. He flashed me a smile, “Did you just throw up?”

“Oh…uh. Yeah.” I flushed slightly. This was not how I ever wanted to meet a man like this. For some reason, he scooted closer to me,

“Me too… I guess everyone’s getting a little carried away tonight.” Andrews eyes passed over my body and he had a strange grin on his face. He put his hand on top of my own, wobbling in the process and covering it in sand. “You’re really pretty,” he said plainly.

“Thank you.” I stared at his face. I felt too drunk and too gross to hook up, but I couldn’t deny his beauty. He met my gaze with a sloppy intensity that made my stomach turn with arousal and uneasiness. I had no idea if this man was trustworthy, but I knew I wanted his canlı bahis siteleri body on top of mine. Andrew must have caught sight of my nervousness, and he spoke to break the silence,

“Yeah.” His hand moved to my thigh and crept slowly up the seam of my pant leg. I watched him do it, feeling shocked but undeniably turned on when his hand came to rest on my crotch. My dick was growing hard and he noticed, pressing his palm against it. “It seems like you think I’m pretty too,” he rubbed his hand over my crotch with considerable pressure, “If I was sober I’d say we should do something about it.”

All I could manage to say was a quiet “Yeah,” as I watched his long fingers rub the front of my pants slowly and rhythmically. Before I was even cognizant of what was going on, we were kissing. His right hand gripped the back of my neck, his tongue brushing past my lips and against my teeth. All I could manage to do was keep my lips in contact with his while he kissed me sloppily and aggressively. His mouth was warm and wet and I wondered if he could taste that I had just vomited. He certainly didn’t seem to mind.

Andrew let go of my neck and I fell backwards into the sand. He straddled me, his slender body now imposing on top of mine. He was taller than me. He kissed my neck and ear, murmuring “This is okay right? We’re not too drunk to do this,” as he ground his hips against mine. I could feel that he was hard and reached up to grab his ass and pull his hips towards my own. I wanted to feel the full weight of his body on top of me. We both grew more insistent with our dry humping, and I traced my nails over Andrew’s back. He let out a shaky breath then smiled gently and paused for a moment to lift my shirt off over my head, before bringing his mouth back to the skin of my neck. He trailed wet kisses over my throat and brought his lips to my nipple. Even his breath against the sensitive skin made me moan softly. At this point, we were both humping each other’s legs firmly and purposefully. I felt like my mind was disappearing, all I could focus on was the feeling of his lips on my body and the sounds of his breathing and the pressure of his pelvis grinding against my own.

Andrew canlı bahis spent time sucking on and licking both of my nipples, making my hips strain against him, and then his arms pulled my chest firmly against his and squeezed. He was surprisingly strong, and the weight of his body was almost painful on mine. I had difficulty breathing under the pressure, especially as I felt the pace of him rubbing against my leg increase. “Oh fuck,” he managed to croak out under his breath and I encouraged him on, moaning out something like “Yeah?” and gripping his back so we were both fully engaged in the crushing embrace. “Oh fuck,” he said it again. He ground his crotch firmly against me. He pulled my hair and kissed my neck, sucking a red mark into my skin while his hips twitched rapidly against my own. Andrew thrust against me once more, then came inside his shorts. “Oh my god,” he breathed out. I couldn’t help agreeing with him, but it wasn’t over yet. I was still hard.

Andrew let go of me and straightened up so he was kneeling over my body. He looked at my torso, now covered in irregular red patches and areas wet with his saliva. “God you’re so fucking hot,” he said, and undid the zipper on my pants. He pulled them down just low enough to release my cock, which was now rock hard and moments away from ejaculation. He gripped my length in his hand, and my hips lifted in response. Andrew smiled, jerking my cock aggressively and studying my face until my cum arced in the air and splattered our stomachs. While I struggled to regain my breath, Andrew leaned down and ran his tongue flat over my torso, collecting every drop of my cum. When I felt my mind regain some clarity, I pulled his face back to mine and kissed him again. “What’s your name?” Andrew said against my lips.


“Julian,” Andrew echoed, “You should meet me here again tomorrow night.” All I could do was nod, and he kissed me once more before standing. The wet patch on his pants was obvious, even in the dark, but he seemed unbothered by it. Andrew tossed me my sand covered shirt and said a casual goodbye before walking slowly and laboriously over the sand dunes and out of my sight.

I watched the waves break over the shore for a while, letting myself steep in sweat and vomit and spit until I felt alive again and ready to return to the party. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be back tomorrow night.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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