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When I opened my eyes to the sound I had heard, you were standing beside my bed wearing the black baby doll top I had bought you for Christmas. I could see you were wearing no bra but you were wearing black lacey panties. I thought to myself how lucky I was to be awakened by you.

I sat up on the bed and reached to pull you into my arms and rub my head against your firm boobs through the material of the baby doll top. Your scent was a mix of vanilla and lavender…..mmm you smell so good. You stood before me with your hands on my head holding my face against your full breasts. I could hear the beat of life as your heart pumped under my ear.

Pulling back from your hold, I raised the baby doll up over your boobs then on up over your head and tossed it on the bed. I am always amazed by your beauty and softness and this morning was no different. You just keep getting better and sexier as you age. I took a moment to admire your boobs and the rest of your gorgeous body before taking one of your hard erect nipples into my mouth and sucking on it like I wanted your milk.

Your hands were rubbing all over my shoulders and upper casino şirketleri back as I teased your nipple with my tongue. I began kissing every inch of the front of you as I sat there with my little fella growing inside my shorts. You always manage to make me grow hard instantly and I love that. I continued sucking first one then the other nipple as my hands roamed over your white silkiness. Letting one hand slide down your side, over your rounded hip and down your thigh, I slowly and lightly moved my way to your hot, steamy crotch.

You were already dripping from your beautiful pussy and I wanted to suck your juices into my mouth and swallow them down. I had you lay back on my bed and I spread your thighs as I kissed and licked up them to your wet, hot pussy. Your horny scent was wafting into my nostrils driving me onward like an aphrodisiac. As I parted your pussy lips, droplets of your juices were clinging to the folds inside those swollen lips. I buried my tongue inside you and sucked and licked at your juices.

You gasped and shuddered when my hot tongue pushed inside your wet opening. Immediately a gush of your juices flooded casino firmaları from within, flowing over and around my tongue. You were already moaning and whimpering your pleasure as my tongue explored every surface of your pussy it could reach. I licked and flicked and sucked on you like a man obsessed. You tasted so good and your pussy was running a river of your heated juices for me to suck and swallow.

Before long you began to pump your pussy up and down under my licking tongue, causing me to lick from your butt hole to the top of your clit. My god, j, you were flowing so much pussy juice into my mouth. Your pumping action turned into almost a thrashing, jerking motion as you rode your senses from my tongue and mouth. You grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled me tightly against your delicious pussy. I was having a hard time breathing as you pushed, trying to get my tongue even deeper.

Your moans now had my dick rock hard and wanting you badly. I moved to slip it into your scalding hot pussy to make love to you. Again you gasped when my dick entered your sloppy wet pussy and your legs wrapped around my hips and güvenilir casino worked with me as I pumped in and out of you. We were both moaning loudly and I was slamming down into you hard, making you squirm and buck against my hips. For quite some time we rode each other hard and passionately until you could feel your orgasm building.

We banged and slammed against one another, each building to reach the ultimate orgasm together. I could feel your body tensing first, and then you began to shake and buck so hard. My loins had long sense sent their hot load heading down my rock hard shaft to its final destination. Just as your entered your orgasm, you stiffened your body and clamped hard around my dick as you shook and shuddered and moaned your way through your orgasm. I began to shoot my hot, creamy load deep into your cavern of love. Shot after shot splattered deep inside you as your cum drenched your whole pussy with its delicious, thick, creamy sauce and drowned my dick in its creamy slickness.

After we both got our senses back together I moved up to your face so you could clean our cum from my little fella. You licked and sucked all over my dick, letting your tongue clean our cum from it. When you were satisfied there was no more to swallow, we lay back together and held each other and ran our hands all over each others body. I love my alarm clock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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