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The following is a true story that takes place after the events chronicled in “My First Facefucking.”

After many years of fantasizing, I finally met a guy online who loved to just fuck a guy’s face. I invited him over for an incredible time as he raped my mouth and came all over me.

We both loved it, so we made it a regular thing, He would call me up to see if I was available. If I was, he would come over and his cock would be in my mouth within a couple minutes.

The second time he came over I met him wearing nothing but shorts and a shirt. He commanded me to strip naked, get on my knees and suck him in my living room. After several minutes of having him fuck my face in various positions like he did the first time, he told me to sit on my love seat.

He then jumped up on the love seat, straddling my body with his legs and shoving his cock back into my hungry mouth. The love seat shook and squeaked under the strain of him standing on it canlı bahis and thrusting himself into my mouth. He pressed his crotch against my face, pinning my head against the back of the love seat as I took his cock all the way down my throat, balls rubbing against my chin. I couldn’t move as I choked and gagged on his massive fuck tool.

He just kept using my mouth, thrusting his dick down my throat, and then forcing his massive balls into my warm mouth for me to lick and suck on. He altered between facefucking and teabagging till he finally came, spraying his manseed all over my face. Stream after stream of cum marked my face. I could feel it all over my lips and dripping down my cheek. He made me his whore and I loved every second of it.

The next time he came over I met him at the door buck naked, vulnerable and ready for him to take me. He ran his hands all over my bare, vulnerable flesh and then we went into the bedroom. He gently pushed me to the floor underneath bahis siteleri an office desk I have in there, took out his dick as he sat on top of me, and proceeded to rape my mouth as I laid there.

Then he picked me up by my hair and pulled me unto my bed. I laid on my bed as he stood beside it, fucking my mouth. He pulled me down till my head dangled off of it and placed his dick in my mouth. He proceeded to fuck my face upside down, deeper and deeper until his balls where slapping against my face. I choked and gagged as he shoved his fuck tool down my throat. It was like something out of a porn movie and I loved it.

Then he pulled me up as he laid down on the bed with his massive erection pointing up. He forced my head down on it, pulling it up and down as I sucked his cock. He then held my head and started to wildly thrust his hard dick into my face until I choked on it.

He got up again and pulled me onto the floor and commanded me to get bahis şirketleri on my knees with my back against the bed. He proceeded to shove his dick into my face, pushing my body against the bed until I couldn’t move. My head was pinned between him and the bed as he filled my mouth with cock, suffocating me with his manmeat. I sat there helpless as he used my mouth, fucking my face and making me lick and suck his balls. We did this for several more minutes and then he shoved it back in and came in my mouth, stream after stream of cum shooting down my throat. It was the first time I’d ever taken a man’s cum in my mouth and it was glorious.

And we’ve continued to do it like that ever since. I meet him at the door naked and then he proceeds to fuck my face all over the bedroom. If he has time after he comes, he’ll put his dick back in my mouth. Then I’ll lay there and stroke my cock with his dick in my mouth til I shoot my own load, cumming all over myself.

I’ve enjoyed becoming his facefucked cumslut so far. I hunger for his cock between our little sessions. He said he wants to bring one of his friends over so they can double team my face. I told him that sounds like fun. I can’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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