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Adriana Chechik

Through no fault of mine, it took Katie less than a week to decide that she didn’t want to live in the dorm.

Being an only child, Katie was not used to being surrounded by strangers and simply felt ill-at-ease having to interact with the rest of the people in the dorm. She found it simply annoying that some girls would even be so forward as to barge into our room uninvited, catching her off-guard and in violation of her privacy. Suffice it to say I was never guilty of this transgression since I always made sure to knock first before entering, even if it was my room too.

Another thing that led to Katie’s departure was her failure to cope with the communal nature of the dorm’s facilities, which to her standards, simply provided no privacy at all, whenever she had to use them. You can just imagine the discomfort Katie must have felt whenever she had to see to her most intimate and personal needs, knowing full well others were lurking just outside her stall, doing their own thing.

It came as no surprise to me then when Katie told me that she was leaving. Although the prospect of her departure saddened me greatly, deep down I completely understood her reasons. Thus, with tears brimming in my eyes, I wished her farewell and offered to help her find a place to move to.

In response, Katie announced that she had already leased this furnished studio type apartment close by campus which had its own toilet and bath, and that she would be moving into that very evening. She then took me in her arms and told me not to look so sad since although she would be moving out, we will still continue to remain as roommates, at least on paper.

Katie went on to explain that since it was her parents who insisted she stay in the dorm her freshman year, she didn’t want them to find out that she had left before the year was out. Accordingly, we must continue to make it appear that she is still living here in the dorm, although she actually stays off-campus.

Hence, in order to keep pretenses, Katie had planned to keep most of her clothes and other personal stuff in our room, just in case her parents do decide to pay her a surprise call. Moreover, she will continue to spend most evenings in the dorm with me, and sneak out to her apartment later to sleep.

Of course, it goes without saying, that I was expected to make sure her side of the room was always kept clean and ready for use when she does visit. And, that I would have to bring to her whatever she may need from the room. All of which, I was quite happy to do.

I must admit I had a difficult time sleeping that first night without Katie. Fortunately the night passed quickly and the new day brought joy to my heart at the prospect of getting to see her once again.

I was even able to develop this routine where before going to class, I would first drop off at Katie’s the things she listed down for me to bring from the day before, and in turn, take her laundry back with me to the dorm, if any.

So despite our separate sleeping arrangements Katie and I were still able to keep in constant touch daily, seeing each other in between classes and generally hanging out together.

One activity Katie loved doing with me was to go shopping for clothes. Although she rarely if ever bought stuff for herself, since the malls near campus didn’t seem to carry the brands she wears; she nevertheless took it upon herself to act as my unofficial fashion consultant and personally picked out what I was supposed to wear.

However, rather than choose for me the kinds of clothes she normally wears, which are more or less conservatively cut and tends to understate her sexuality; the outfits she got for me were exactly the opposite and all but screamed out mine.

From sheer tops that more often than not completely left my belly exposed to really short mini-skirts, kocaeli escort I just couldn’t believe Katie would want me to show so much skin, making me come out looking like one of those back-up dancers in a Snoop Dog video. However, it would seem that is exactly what Katie had in mind, since she would often times pay for those outfits themselves, despite my protestations.

To be honest, at first I really didn’t want to be seen out in public wearing the clothes Katie had chosen. However, since I didn’t want to hurt her feelings or anything, I hesitantly dressed up in one the following day we bought it, and met up with her in school.

My sudden change in wardrobe drew mixed reaction from both the faculty and the rest of the student body.

Without question, the male population was highly appreciative of my new look, since to a man, I noticed that they could not help but openly stare in my direction with ill-disguised lust. As for the ladies, although I could tell most of them had frowns on their faces when they first set eyes on me; I notice though that some of them were eyeing me the same way the guys were, which only magnified my discomfiture ten fold.

Whatever anxiety I may have had on account of my new wardrobe disappeared in an instance as soon as I saw the pleased look on Katie’s face when I met up with her. With time, I finally got used wearing them, and was able to mostly ignore the pointed stares and derogatory comments I received, whenever I dressed the way Katie wanted me to. In fact, I heard that people started referring to us as “The lady and the tramp” whenever Katie and I were together, and it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to determine who was what.

It took me some time to figure out the reason why Katie wanted me so scandalously attired whenever we were together. After giving it much thought and deliberation, the only possible explanation I could think of, was that she wanted me to be the center of attention for a change instead of her. Something which, considering her abject beauty and stunning appearance, would be quite impossible to divert had I not dressed so provocatively as to catch the attention of everyone’s eye.

Anyway, thanks again to my provocative attire, I quickly gained the reputation, or should I say notoriety, of being a party girl “par excellent” and overnight became extremely popular with the boys. In fact, whenever I wasn’t with Katie I would be out partying or on a date.

Sometime after I started dressing sexily, a guy in one of my class asked whether Katie and I would like to go out on a double date with him and his friend. Since I kind of had a crush on him, I tried to convince Katie to accept and much to my relief, she did. With glee, I made arrangements for us to be picked up outside of Katie’s apartment, on the day of the date.

In our own different ways, both Katie and I tried to look our best for the date. Katie had on an exquisite body-hugging pantsui which though covering her completely from the neck down, did nothing to hide her luscious curves from smoldering underneath it. True to form, I came, in this really hot halter type micro mini-dress, which really didn’t leave much to the imagination, with only a thong and a pair of high heels to complete my ensemble.

As arranged, the guys picked us up outside Katie’s apartment. To my dismay, the guy who invited me out quickly paired off with Katie after the introductions, leaving me stuck with his friend, who though attractive enough in his own way, was no Adonis unlike the other one.

Although I may have been disappointed at first at this development, I just let it go so as not to ruin the others’ mood.

Anyway, our date started out with dinner and drinks at one of the finer restaurants in the area. It then progressed to a little dancing and even more drinks at the trendiest kocaeli escort bayan club in town. And wound up, with all four of us just having drinks at one of the more popular bars around.

Since we were all having a blast, none of us really wanted to go home yet after our drinks at the bar. Hence, although Katie and I were supposed to be brought straight home thereafter, we found ourselves by a bonfire on a little clearing in the woods, making out with the guys. Or at least I was.

As a result of the copious amount of alcohol in my system, I lost all ability to resist my date’s advances as we nestled together. In fact, I had lost any and all inhibitions myself, and with nary a protest allowed him not only to openly fondle me all over, but even stick his fingers beneath my dress to plumb the depths of my already sopping cunt.

At the same time my date was seeing to my needs, I had been able to unzip him and grab hold unto his already stiffening penis. However, just as I was in the process of stroking it, I heard this shriek of protest coming from Katie, telling her date not to touch her.

Hearing Katie’s cry, I immediately scrambled to my feet to confront her assailant. However no matter how much Katie and I begged him to stop, he kept physically molesting her, much to her distress. His friend was no help either, as he chose not to intervene at the slightest, being content to just lie there observing the proceedings, with his dick out.

Seeing as her date was beyond reason in his drunken state, and I definitely had not the strength to pull him off if he persisted in having his way, I was left with no other option to try to save Katie’s honor.

In a firm voice, which completely belied the abject fear that was welling inside me, I told Katie’s date to get his filthy paws away from her, and that if he wanted to have any sex, then he could have it with me.

I then proceeded to strip myself bare and stand there before him in all my nakedness, so as to entice his attention away from Katie.

Despite my utterly nude state, his eyes still wavered between my already naked form and the still fully dressed Katie; indicating that he was still trying to decide which one he really wanted. Fortunately, I was able to make up his mind for him, by wantonly placing my hands on my most intimate of parts and slowly caressed myself.

In a flash, Katie’s date got off of her and lumbered towards my direction. Just as he reached me, I indicated for him to stop and knelt before him, before I proceeded to free his already engorge cock from the confines of his pants. At the same time I told my date to stand beside him so I could take care of him too, at the same time. (In truth I didn’t want him out of my sight and anywhere near Katie while I was otherwise occupied with his friend.)

Had anyone been anywhere near the clearing that night, he surely would have been treated to quite a lurid tableau of the four of us gathered round the bonfire.(i.e. Two clothed men with their pricks sticking out of their pants, standing before a totally nude girl on her knees while a second fully clothed girl watches on.)

However, despite the sheer eroticism of what I was doing, I was not in the least bit aroused as I paid special attention to the two cocks before me, mechanically jacking and sucking them off, alternately.

I guess the guys must have been turned on by the situation since they both came almost simultaneously, within minutes of my touching them. As one of the guys was holding my head still just before he climaxed, my face bore the full brunt of their ejaculation and ended up grossly coated with both their sperms.

Since I was still in a bit of a daze, I was unable to move and just knelt there even after my ordeal was over, allowing the thick cords of semen to just izmit sınırsız escort slide down from my face unto my body. Fortunately, just as soon as the guys zipped up and left me, Katie immediately came to my side and gently wiped my face free from cum with my own thong, which she later discarded by throwing in the fire. Following this, Katie thereupon slipped both my dress and shoes on me , before demanding from the guys that we be immediately taken home.

Since both the guys were clearly satiated from my ministrations, they proceeded to take us home without argument. It was a silent ride back as both Katie and I sullenly sat at the back seat of the car, while our two dates sat in front with satisfied grins on their faces. Not surprisingly, the whole car started to smell like cum, as I still bore the stench of my humiliation on my face.

When we got to Katie’s place she quickly exited the car taking me along with her. Before she slammed the car’s door shut, Katie hissed menacingly at our two dates from hell, that she would personally castrate and force them to suck each other’s dismembered pricks, should word of whatever happened that night ever reach out.

Just as soon as we entered Katie’s room, she gave me this really big hug. As I felt so safe cradled in her arms, I just broke down and bawled myself out, in delayed reaction to the disgusting things I was made to go through that night. Like a true friend, Katie allowed me to cry myself out, all the while cooing and whispering sweet inspirations to me, as I lay tightly tucked against her bosom.

After I eventually calmed down, Katie told me that I should spend the night here since I was in no condition to get back to the dorm. However before I could go to bed, she told me I had to take a bath first, to finally wash the reek of those two off me. As I was in no mood to argue, I tiredly nodded my head in agreement.

Having given my acquiescence, Katie stood me back up and proceeded to rid me of both my dress and shoes, before she perfunctorily marched me towards her bathroom, absolutely naked once more, for the second time that night.

When we got there, I was made to stand beside Katie as she sat on the toilet, waiting for the tub to fill with hot water. Once filled, I was allowed to get in the tub and to my appreciation, Katie began to sponge me all over, gently massaging all the stress away.

With Katie’s hands roaming all over, I could not help but feel a steering in my loins, a sure sign that she was turning me on. However, just as I was starting to enjoy it, Katie abruptly stopped and proceeded to rinse me off. Later, she toweled me off herself, as I stood nude before her.

Having been tenderly bathed and wiped dry, Katie brought me to her room still naked as the day as I was born. She then lay me in the middle of her queen size bed and positioned herself right beside me, still fully clothed in the clothes she wore that evening with the exception of her shoes.

As we lay in her bed side by side, Katie once again put her arms around me and softly said the words “Thank You”, before passionately kissing me on the lips.

Simultaneously, both of Katie’s hands were equally active all the while we were kissing. One of them having snaked down to gently caress my most intimate of parts, in a relentless effort to get me off. While the other one was kept equally busy massaging and pulling on my oversensitive nipples, which were both crying out for special attention all evening long.

It didn’t take long for Katie to get me to climax.

In no time at all, she had me uncontrollably thrashing about atop her bed, as she coaxed a continuous wave of orgasmic pleasures to beset my overly taxed body, leaving me but a quivering mound of flesh in its wake.

Instead of giving me a regular good night kiss, Katie stuck two of her long fingers up my pussy until they were completely coated with my juices, following which, I was made to suckle them until both fingers were dry. A process she repeated till I finally fell asleep exhausted in her arms, with the taste of my own sex on my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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