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“Annette!” Carrie Tranter came running into the changing room. “Where the hell are you?”

“I’m here, Carrie.” The timid redhead wrapped herself tight with her towel. She wasn’t used to being addressed by the most popular girl in school. “What can I do for you?”

“You tell your slut of a cousin of yours that if she ever goes near my boyfriend again I’m going to kill her with my bare hands.”

The blonde girl and her posse disappeared as soon as they’d entered the girls’ changing room and a short, dark girl appeared from behind a corner.

“What was THAT all about?” she sat next to Annette’s trembling body and wrapped her arm around her.

“My cousin Laila had sex with Carrie’s boyfriend during the Christmas break,” Annette sighed. “And it sounds like Carrie’s found out.”

“Laila had sex with Tony the idiot?” Gemma couldn’t believe her ears. “Why would she fuck a high school boy when she’s got all the men at college to have sex with?”

“Remember last year when someone spread the rumour about Laila and Mr Dawson and how Laila almost didn’t graduate as a result of sleeping with a teacher to get an A? Well, a friend of Carrie’s sister goes to Laila’s college and she told Laila that it was Carrie who ratted on Laila and Mr Dawson. Then when Laila came home for Christmas she overheard Carrie and Tony talking about how they’re saving themselves and planning to stay virgins until their wedding night. So the next night Laila went to Tony’s work and started chatting him up, and before the night was over they were having sex in his truck. They did it a couple of more times before Laila went back and she had a friend take photos of them. I’m guessing that those photos were emailed to Carrie during the weekend.”

Gemma laughed out loud. “OK, so Laila is a total slut and I wouldn’t trust her as far as I can throw her, but you have to admire her style.”

Annette giggled as well. She and Gemma had both suffered rejection and bullying at the hands of Carrie’s gang and even though she thought that what Laila had done was despicable, it was kind of funny that she’d done it to someone like Carrie.

The girls proceeded to getting dressed. Annette looked at the familiar figure in the mirror. Not familiar because it was herself, but familiar because it reminded her so much of her cousin. Laila and Annette were different as night and day. The elder cousin had always been outgoing and unafraid. She’d developed early and quickly learnt how to use her sexuality to her advantage.

Annette had been the shy and quiet one and although she was as tall as Laila, she’d had a rather boyish figure well into her teens. It was only in the last year that her breasts had really developed into the firm C-cups that she was only just strapping into a red bra. And those rounded hips under her skinny waist were also a new sight. If it weren’t for the fact that Annette had curly hair and green eyes to Laila’s straight hair and brown eyes, it was difficult to tell them apart. Maybe not surprising, seeing how their mothers were identical twins.

Annette’s life was hell in school for the next couple of weeks. Carrie Tranter was on the warpath and if she couldn’t have Laila, she was going to do her best to ruin everything for Laila’s cousin. Annette’s locker became an easy target for Carrie’s gang’s tricks. Soon Annette’s dates started cancelling on her, or not showing up at all. Carrie didn’t even stop harassing Annette when she got a new boyfriend. bayan kartal escort It wasn’t long before she was a social pariah at school. She hadn’t been particularly popular to begin with, but now she was actively frozen out of activities. She counted down the days to graduation.

The weekend before graduation there was a big fair in town. It was an old tradition and with only one high school in town it had long ago turned into a celebration event for the graduating class. Many of the school’s former students came home and joined in the fun. Annette was supposed to go with Gemma, but she came down with a stomach bug so she had to go on her own. She braided her hair in a French braid, a style favoured by both her and her cousin. She then decided to wear a dress for once, instead of her usual jeans and t-shirt. She’d bought the dress a year earlier and she didn’t realise that the dress that had been perfectly decent a year before, was now hugging her tits and ass in the most provocative way.

Everybody in town were used to Annette and Gemma being inseparable, so when they saw the redhead in the skimpy dress they assumed it was Laila. It didn’t take Annette long to realise that she was being mistaken for her cousin. At first she tried to correct people, but then she realised that those who usually ignored her were taking time to stop and say hello. It was a novel experience and she revelled in it. Boys that used to snub her were now coming up to her and giving her compliments. Before she knew it she was flirting with some of the most popular guys in school.

Then everything went quiet and up walked Jim Peters and Andy Parsons. Jim was the most popular guy in school, a title he’d inherited from Tony whose fall from grace could only be matched by Annette’s. Andy was his best friend. They were both athletic and over 6 foot tall, not bad looking at all, but not nearly clever enough for Annette’s taste. But tonight she was drunk on being Laila and when Andy started flirting with her she couldn’t stop. It wasn’t long before Andy had his hands all over Annette, but she was still playing hard to get, mostly because she didn’t like him all that much, she only liked the attention.

“Why don’t you come with me to my pick-up?” Andy whispered in her ear as he nibbled on her earlobe. “You can teach me some of the stuff you’ve learnt at college.”

She could feel his erection against her thigh as well as a growing puddle in her own underwear. She wasn’t attracted to the guy, but the situation had awakened a lot of dormant feelings and emotions and right now she wanted nothing more than to feel a cock inside her. But was Andy the right one? She looked over at Jim who was watching them with an open mouth and a bulging crotch. She couldn’t? Could she?

“Do you really want to know what I learnt at college?” she whispered and rubbed Andy’s crotch.

He nodded eagerly, looking almost like a puppy.

“Then we need one more participant,” she smiled at him and winked. “Why don’t you ask your friend to come with us?”

Andy quickly realised that she meant Jim. “He won’t. His girlfriend will kill him if he comes along. You know who his girlfriend is, don’t you?”

“She’ll never know,” Annette purred. “It’s not like I can take photos when I’m on all four…”

Andy gaped as the penny dropped. He then walked over to his friend and they had an animated discussion, which Annette watched with kartal eve gelen escort a smile. She licked her lips and circled her nipple through the dress as they argued. Then Jim gave in and the two walked up to Annette, grabbed her by the arms and walked away quickly.

“Carrie’s insisting on not fucking me until we’re married,” Jim mused. “Since you’re indirectly responsible for me not getting laid for months, I guess your cunt will have to do.”

Annette laughed nervously. She was still a virgin. She’d seen plenty of naughty pictures and even some porn on Gemma’s brother’s cable TV, and she was ready to have sex. But wouldn’t they figure out that she was inexperienced? She was pretty sure that she wouldn’t bleed as she’d broken her hymen while experimenting with a secret 18th birthday present from her cousin, but that wasn’t the same as the real thing.

Andy’s pick-up was parked at the edge of the car park and there was nobody in sight. The three of them stopped behind it and looked at each other.

“Strip, slut,” Jim commanded her.

“No way,” she replied back with a confidence she didn’t feel. “You guys strip first. And I want to see condoms.”

The two boys quickly shed their jeans and revealed proud erections. Andy pulled a pack of condoms from his truck and slid one onto his cock.

Annette was glad that there wasn’t much light as she pulled her dress over her head. She placed it in a heap on the ground and it was followed by her bra and underwear. Jim walked up to her and started fondling her tits and kissing her.

“You have the sexiest pair of tits I’ve ever seen. I’ve wanted to touch them for so long,” he mumbled as he pressed himself against her.

Soon Andy was pressing his cock against her ass, kissing her neck. He slid a finger between her thighs and plunged into her wetness.

“Oh man,” he exclaimed. “She’s so horny and wet.”

He showed his finger to his friend who squeezed her tits in excitement.

“Get down on all fours, baby,” Andy begged her. “I gotta get some of your hot pussy.”

Annette was as horny as the boys thought she was. As soon as she was on her hands and knees she felt her cunt being filled by Andy’s invading shaft. It felt great, better than her fingers and toy ever did. Who cared that the guy was dumb as bricks? His cock was making her feel really good. She looked up at Jim and licked her lips.

“What’s the matter Jim?” she asked seductively. “Don’t you want to feed that big cock to me?”

“Carrie and her friends were right,” he smiled and kneeled in front of her, feeding his cock to her open mouth. “You’re the biggest fucking slut in town.”

Soon Annette was being fucked from two ends and she was loving it. Neither boy was experienced enough to realise that it was her first time with a cock in either hole and she was too busy learning what she could and couldn’t do. Andy started massaging her clit with his hand as he fucked her fast and furiously. Jim fucked her mouth fast, moaning as she performed little tricks with her tongue. She came first. Then her cramping cunt made Andy release his cum followed by Jim who sprayed his salty milk down her throat and then in her face.

All three were sweating and panting as the boys pulled out.

“That was awesome,” Jim panted and squeezed Annette’s tits.

“It doesn’t have to be over yet,” she purred and kissed him, sharing his cum with him. “I escort bayanlar really want your thick cock in my cunt.”

She wrapped her hand around his shaft and started rubbing it. It didn’t take him long to be hard again. The liberating feeling of sluttiness had Annette as wet and horny as before.

“Andy,” Jim called out. “Pass me a rubber. I’m gonna fuck this slut’s cunt as well.”

Annette lay on her back and pulled her knees up, parting her legs and opening her pussy wide. Her hole looked inviting and Jim quickly positioned himself in front of it and plunged inside, with a deep groan. He fucked her deep. Her legs rested on his shoulders as he burrowed deep inside her tight, wet hole.

It didn’t take long before Andy wanted in on the action again. He rested his cock on Annette’s cheek and she turned her head to start licking it. He started rubbing her tits and tweaking her nipples.

This time Jim’s thrusts against her clit made her cum twice before he was ready to release his second load. She could tell from his grunts that he didn’t have far to go. Andy had moved back to give his friend full access to their slut. He was on his knees, hand around his cock, hoping to spray Annette’s face as his friend came inside her.

The boys were so focused on the task at hand that they didn’t hear the sound of some girls’ voices. Annette, however, was quickly aware of the fact that two very familiar female voices were heading in their direction. And the voices belonged to no other than Jim’s girlfriend, Annette’s arch nemesis, Carrie and Carrie’s best friend.

Jim’s face was starting to contort. He was fucking her so fast and hard now she knew that it was a matter of seconds. She made a split decision.

“Come on Jim,” she moaned. “Cum! Cum inside my tight little cunt. You’ve fucked me so good. I’m gonna cum again. Cum with me!!!!”

She added some moans for effect, rubbed her clit between thrusts and then cried out as she reached yet another orgasm. Her cunt spasmed and that proved enough for Jim who groaned as his balls released some more of his milky white juice. Then Andy started shooting his load straight into Annette’s open mouth.

It didn’t take many seconds for the running footsteps to reach their secluded spot. Carrie was outraged.

“Laila, you fucking slut!” she cried out. “You’re dead meat!”

Jim and Andy jumped out of the way, hurrying to get their pants on, as Carrie charged at Annette. Carrie’s left hook hit her right in the eye and just as she thought the other girl was going to strangle her there was the sound of a familiar voice.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” the amused voice said.

Annette took advantage of Carrie’s confusion to roll away and quickly get into her dress and underwear. She didn’t bother with the bra.

Carrie was staring at Laila. “You? But then who’s that?” She turned and looked at Annette.

“Don’t fee bad for not recognising me,” Annette said with a confidence she didn’t feel. “Your boyfriend didn’t either. I just thought I’d take advantage of the confusion and actually do what I’ve already been punished for doing for several months.”

Carrie aimed her anger at her boyfriend. “How could you? And with that loser?”

Annette didn’t hear more. She and her cousin set off into the darkness and headed home, laughing.

“I never thought you had it in you,” Laila said with a smile in her voice.

“Me neither, but I guess being a slut runs in the family.”

The girls laughed their way home. Annette’s mother was outraged at her daughter’s black eye, but Annette smiled proudly in her graduation portrait. A couple of months later she joined Laila at college and discovered that there were plenty of men who wanted to have fun with the sexy redhead cousins.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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