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The party had been a blast, for all the wrong reasons, but who cared? Certainly not Belinda nor Rachel. They so enjoyed themselves the entire weekend that it was the worst parting they had had since they began their little adventure. It was always a little tough to say ‘T.T.F.N.’ when Rachel headed home, but this was a tough one. Rachel wouldn’t be back in town for almost two months and Belinda couldn’t get away either. After THEIR fun after the party, Belinda’s Dad, John had experienced a mild heart attack. He said in the hospital, “I’m glad I’m alive, but had I died, I would have died one VERY happy man.”

Belinda wanted to be around during his recovery.

Belinda went back to work that Monday morning after dropping Rachel off at the airport express bus and was given her usual fifth floor assignment. Four checkouts, five stay overs and the rest of the rooms were empty. A WONDERFUL DAY! Nine instead of fifteen rooms; life was good.

Three of the checkouts had already left. One of the rooms was a disaster and they had used both beds, every towel, had spilled something on the carpet, had the TV turned the wrong way, left more hair in the tub than a human should have and also spilled something on the sink counter. Oh, and the worst was the toilet was clogged. She called maintenance to handle that and decided to leave that room alone until the toilet issue was corrected.

The other rooms weren’t too bad, but she found a few porno magazines in one of the rooms and even though she had been warned NEVER to thumb through them, she couldn’t help herself. Sure enough, a few pages of one were stuck together and Belinda just tossed it into the trash. The next one was clean and she leafed through it. The girls were very attractive and as she often did, Belinda began to feel a bit self conscious about her weight. “I really shouldn’t put myself down. I don’t look like this, but this is a bit unrealistic anyway; though I wouldn’t mind sliding my hands all over HER.” Then she realized, not only was she actually looking through a men’s magazine but she becoming a bit aroused. If someone had suggested that to her six months ago, she would have laughed in their face.

The other thought that was now going through her mind was, she may not look like the women in the pictorials, but a woman who DID, lusted for her. That must say something about her looks. Belinda pushed the self-consciousness out of her head and replaced it with self confidence. She tossed the two remaining magazines in the trash and continued her work.

Once all the check outs were done, time to move on to the stay overs. She knocked on the door to room 502 and could hear a faint “Come in.” Belinda sighed and immediately feared the worst, a pervert. She cautiously slid the key into the lock and opened the door calling out, “Housekeeping” as she entered. When she got into the room, she saw an old woman lying on the bed and she seemed to be having some difficulty breathing. Belinda hustled over and took the woman’s hand.

“Oh, my God, are you OK?” she asked.

The woman managed to get the word, “NO” out and Belinda picked up the phone and called the front desk immediately asking for an ambulance for the woman. The desk called back a moment later and said the 9-1-1 operator needed to know her age, approximately, as well as anything that Belinda could pass on. “She’s about 80 and she’s having a lot of trouble breathing. I’m not sure what else is wrong.” She tried asking the woman but she was unable to speak. The desk clerk assured Belinda help was on the way and got off the phone.

In the meantime, the Assistant Head Housekeeper, Margaret, rushed into the room. “Belinda, are you OK?”

“ME?!? Hell, it’s HER I’m worried about.” Belinda replied taking the woman’s hand again and then, turning to her said, “Help is on the way. We’ve got great emergency services in this town.” She looked back to Margaret and said, “You should wait down by the elevators to make sure they get to the right room.” Margaret agreed and off she went.

No more than three minutes had gone by when Belinda could hear the commotion in the hall as the gurney from the ambulance was wheeled down the hall. Margaret stepped aside and the two EMT’s entered with the cot between them.

Belinda looked at them, both of them women and became ashamed when she let out a little, “Oh, wow.” The older EMT, a blond with Belinda’s build and magnificent eyes didn’t seem to hear her. The younger one, maybe in her 20s DID hear and winked at Belinda.

“So, you found her? Well, you may have saved this woman’s life. Way to go. I think you will be deserving a reward,” said the younger EMT in a rather hushed tone. It made Belinda blush. The EMT then immediately went to work. They checked the woman over carefully and put her on oxygen and took her vital signs. As the older one spit them out, the younger one wrote them down. Then she’d smile at Belinda.

Belinda felt she should leave the room, but was fascinated watching what the EMTs were doing, and also relishing the attention she canlı bahis was getting from the younger one. The self confidence she had brought out in herself earlier was now a full blown ego trip. This girl was at least 10 years younger, cute as hell, a little dangerous and FLIRTING with her! Her mind said, “Being a lesbian might be the best thing that ever happened to me!” But then she felt bad. Rachel, she couldn’t cheat on Rachel. “Cheating? What cheating? I’m not doing anything, just enjoying the moment. Rachel would be tickled pink. It would assure her that she picked a good one!”

Belinda pushed any and all negativity out of her mind’s window and just lived in the moment, hoping she didn’t start to get mois….too late. She could feel herself just a bit wet, way down below.

Once the preliminary exam of the woman was complete, the EMTs lifted her from the bed to the gurney and headed down the hall towards the elevators. The younger one had brushed past Belinda, well, against her as she passed, just a bit, and yet…

Belinda and the EMT both said, “Sorry, excuse me” as this happened and in no time, they were gone.

That evening, Belinda was getting ready to leave for the day when the front desk called the Housekeeping Department asking for her. She was told the EMTs from that morning were waiting for her in the lobby. Belinda practically ran to the lobby. When she arrived, she saw both of them standing there smiling.

“Hi, what brings you back?” asked Belinda. She was focused on the younger one because of the attention she had gotten, but the older one, maybe in her forties, was quite nice looking as well.

“Well,” began the older one, “first off, my name is Stephanie, and I’ve very glad to meet you.”

“I’m Carla,” stated the younger, edgier one.

“Well, I’m Belinda. I’m so glad to meet both of you. You did a great job up there. I was enjoying watching you work. It was very exciting.”

“Yes, it had its moments,” chirped Carla.

Stephanie said, “We just wanted to drop by and let you know that the woman, Mrs. Cosgrove, was going to be fine. A little repertory distress is all and it brought on a bit of a panic attack. She made us promise to stop by and let you know and to thank you for her.”

“So, she’ll live?” questioned Belinda.

“Oh yes she will. Over all she’s pretty healthy. The doctors believe she may have had an allergic reaction to something but she’s fine now. Oh, and she wanted you to know, she’s only 70, not 80. Once she could breathe a bit better, she chuckled a bit over your adding 10 years to her.”

Carla said, “We’d like to buy you a drink, if you drink,” added Carla, “to show you our gratitude. Mrs. Cosgrove said we should.”

Belinda didn’t think more than 2 seconds on the offer and off they went to Shecky’s Bar and Grill.

When they sat down, Carla looked at Stephanie and said, “She’s very cute, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, she is.”

Belinda said, “Is this a congratulatory drink or a date?”

“Oh, don’t worry, we’re safe,” laughed Stephanie, who immediately noted a slight look of disappointment on Belinda’s face, but didn’t want to say anything she might seriously regret later.

The three sat and sipped on beers and Belinda told them about her (not everything, but hey, she was just getting acquainted and didn’t think any of this meant anything) and Carla and Stephanie told her about them. They munched on some chicken tenders and salad and simply enjoyed each others company.

After a couple of wonderful hours, Stephanie said, “Well, shit, I’m tired and I want to quit for the night before I’m drunk. Playing it safe is the ONLY way to go.”

Carla laughed a bit and said, “Oh yeah, the ONLY way to go. But yeah, we’ve got a long shift tomorrow and I’d rather not be exhausted and hung over.”

Belinda said she faced the same thing, knowing by the end of her shift that there had been six check ins already and more were expected due to a convention that had hit the area.

They made their way to the parking lot where they began their good-bye’s. Belinda leaned in and gave Carla a hug, which Carla responded to with a slightly tighter hug and a light kiss on the neck. Then she gave Belinda over to Stephanie who, though didn’t kiss her, did whisper, “So nice to meet you. Thanks again.”

Belinda was getting moist again, but she just pretended all was normal. Said goodnight and then, as she started to walk away, stopped and turned and said to the two of them, “I had such a nice time. You two are awesome. Could we do it again sometime?”

“Holy shit, I hope so,” replied Carla.

Belinda exchanged phone numbers with them and off they went in their separate directions.

When Belinda got home, her very first thought was to call Rachel and tell her. But she hesitated and wondered how Rachel would react. Would she be mad, or jealous or would she think it was great and encourage her to explore. She paced back and forth in the living room for half an hour and then decided, “Screw it, I’m calling. Nothing bahis siteleri happened. Nothing may EVER happen, but I just feel like I gotta tell Rachel. Be open and honest. Nothing to lose, nothing to gain. Well, a lot to potentially lose. But would I really?”

The verbal, solo discussion went on for about five full minutes and suddenly Belinda found herself listening to the ringing on the other end. When the phone was picked up, Rachel said, “Hello? And you are who?”

Belinda suddenly could think of no one but Rachel. She sighed and said, “Hey, how was the flight? I’ve never flown in one of those so called puddle jumpers, was it fun? Did you make it home ok.”

“Oh my GOD, no, I’m stuck in Syracuse under 11 feet of snow. The plane had to crash land and we were all so severely injured that the hospitals were overwhelmed. That’s why it took me four rings to get to MY phone back home. It’s a long walk when you’re missing a leg and are almost 100 miles away!”

“Wise ass,” growled Belinda.

“No seriously it was a great flight. Those planes fly low enough you’re not just looking at the tops of clouds. Its awesome.” Then she asked, “So, what’s up with you? How was work today? Anything cool happen? Meet any gorgeous naked women?”

“Well,” Belinda’s mind went back to Carla and Stephanie and the pause was not lost on Rachel.

“Yes?” Rachel cooed, “Have you something interesting to tell me?”

Belinda could tell from Rachel’s tone, she was truly interested and not angry or anything of the sort. Yet, she still was a bit hesitant. None the less, she had laid the foundation, best to tell the tale. She began, “Well this old woman…”

“OLD WOMAN! What the hell? This is either going to be VERY interesting, or DISGUSTING!” Cried Rachel on the other end, ready to die laughing or vomit.

“No, no, you big silly, just shut up and let me tell this. This isn’t easy you know.” Belinda got assurances from Rachel that she’d be good and shut up. Belinda continued, “So, I got into her room because she told me to come in and as soon as I get in, I can see she’s not doing good. She looked awful and it was obvious she couldn’t breathe.”

“And you felt her up?”

“I SAID SHUT IT!” Belinda chuckled to reassure Rachel she was not actually pissed off. With reservations, she continued, “So, I call down for an ambulance and the EMTs that showed up were, well, damn nice looking ladies and one of them, in her twenties, was FLIRTING with me. It was awesome.”

“Sounds it. Nice looking you say? Give me a slightly better picture,” said Rachel, showing actual interest, as Belinda had hoped.

“The younger one, Carla, she looks like she’s kinda tough but tender, a few earings, not just one pair, and a few tattoos. Short dark hair, nice face, slightly pouty lips.”

“Go on, I’m listening.”

“The blond, Stephanie was built a little like me, thinner, carried herself better, but those eyes, bright shining blue eyes. I checked her ass out as she was checking the old woman. Those pants were nicely framing her curves.”

“Oh my, not only have you joined the other team, you’ve become a pitching coach!” Screamed Rachel with delight.

“No, no, I’m still very much into guys, but you’ve shown me just how much a woman can be appreciated.” Belinda retorted. “Oh, you’re not jealous are you?”

“Yeah,” said Rachel, “but not in the bad way. Envious is a better word.” Then there was a moment of silence and Rachel continued, “And the blond is built a little like you, eh? Sounds wonderful.”

“But thinner. I don’t know, just built better. Curvy without being huge.”

“Are you implying you’re fat? You’re not fat.”

“Ah, yeah, I am.”

“Ah, no you’re not. If there is any word to describe you other than magnificent, it’s…awesome.”


“FerKrissakes, will you stop. Curvaceous, Rubinesque, maybe, fuck it, THICK? There are huge differences and damn it, if you were fat, and you are NOT, you’d still be fucking hot. OK? OK? WILL YOU PLEASE JUST ACCEPT THAT? You’re a beautiful woman, period. I will NOT discuss this further.


“Fine, if it’ll shut you up and get us back on track; say whatever you want. I’m done. So, back on track I’m guessing you didn’t get much time to talk to them then and there. No doubt they were busy. You must have seen them later. Did you?”

“Yeah, we actually went out for beers.”

“You get laid?”

“No, we all went our separate ways. That never even came up.”

Rachel was disappointed then asked, “If it had, would you?”

“I’m not sure,” said Belinda, “I was unsure if I should. Bad enough I’m not monogamous with you by dating Carl…Carl, I almost forgot about Carl. And how funny is it that the EMT that flirted with me is named Carl-A?”

“Belinda, my sweet, if you get the chance to bang some lovely lady or guy, you do it. I love you a lot and I could see us as a couple, maybe, if I wasn’t also interested in getting married to a guy some day and having kids and all that, I’m very BI-sexual. DO NOT EVER, use bahis şirketleri me as an excuse to not get some action. You’re only in your thirties, live your life to the fullest.”

“How philosophical,” said Belinda.

They chatted a bit longer about ‘things’ and then Belinda said she needed some sleep. Rachel did as well and they bid each other a good night and hung up.

But Belinda was a bit restless. She stripped down and took a nice long hot shower. Soaping herself, she began to wonder what each of the EMTs looked like naked. She wondered if they actually were interested in her or did she get the wrong signals. The hot water felt wonderful and she took the hand held nozzle down and as she rinsed herself, she couldn’t help but aim it between her legs. She pictured herself fondling each of them, spreading their legs open and feeling the heat between their thighs. Those eyes, those blue eyes were captivating.

She pictured things like snapshots, imagining their bodies, how they’d feel, taste and smell. Breasts. What tattoo was Carla hiding? Buttocks, thighs, feet, arms. She pictured them in a sixty nine as she stroked them all over. She pictured telling Rachel.

The shower nozzle was in a harsh mode, the water almost stung as it hit her, but it stimulated her. She pushed it closer and ran her hand over her clit. The water would penetrate her cheeks and as she spread them, pelt her tight little hole with hot liquid, then the fingers would return to her womanhood.

She pictured herself speading Stephanie’s bum open and burying her face deep between the cheeks, letting her tongue dance all over and then sliding back down to her pussy. She’d be reaching for Carla. Carla would be smashing her in the ass with a strap on and then, Rachel entered the picture and buried her pussy between Carla’s legs and scissored her until the guttural groaning was deafening while she continued to tongue Stephanie into Nirvana; Stephanie grasping the back of her head and shoving it into her.

Belinda came so hard, she shuddered and shook, nearly falling down in the shower. She lowered herself to her knees with the showerhead just randomly spraying water all over her as it flopped about on the floor of the tub. Her breathing was labored, not unlike the old woman, but in a satisfied way. She knelt there for several minutes and then realized she never washed her hair.

Without rising, she simply grabbed the nozzle and rinsed her hair. Then she put in the shampoo and slowly, weakly kneaded it into her scalp. Rinsing again, she reached for the conditioner, barely able to see and applied that. Once that was rinsed, she again knelt for a few minutes thinking, “My water bill for tonight alone will be astronomical, but oh shit, that was worth it.” She felt the water running down her back, the soap and conditioner feeling very sexy against her skin. She reached down and gave herself an extra little rub for good luck and to make sure she was entirely soap free. Then she thought how great it might feel to shower with Stepanie. As the arousal began to grow again, she shook herself back into reality.

She finally collected enough strength to get up, turn off the water and begin to dry. She decided that the teeth brushing could and would be skipped for the night. She did a half assed job of drying her hair and staggered off to bed, taking a towel to wrap over the pillows because her head was still kind of wet. She slept like she was in a coma.

The alarm went off promptly at 6:15 a.m. and Belinda struggled to get up. She was unsure what time she had gone to bed, but figured, all in all, it couldn’t have been before midnight. Between the visit with Carla and Stephanie, the phone call, the prep BEFORE the phone call, and then that oh so special shower, she had killed a lot of time without paying any attention. Now, back to the salt mines. She secretly hoped another medical emergency would crop up today. “No, that’s being selfish,” she giggled.

The day was typical; plenty of hair in the tubs, plenty of dust under the beds, plenty of dirty towels, and plenty of gossip. Belinda just kept her head down and did her job. Much of the gossip today centered around Lucien, the front desk clerk. The rumor was that he was having one hell of a romantic affair with Osgood, the maitre de at the restaurant. Osgood was a flamer to say the least, but Lucien, the girls were convinced was straight. But Gertrude had seen them together at a local lounge having drinks, listening to jazz and occasionally holding hands. It was SCANDALOUS.

Belinda wasn’t too concerned. She was making it with a woman. Imagine how these broads would feel if they knew THAT!?! However, it was still a main topic of conversation and even Margaret who normally tried to stay well above all this, was giggling with delight over the whole thing.

The afternoon was so uneventful that Belinda nearly fell asleep in one checkout as she sat down on the toilet to wipe out the sink. She just leaned forward and realized that she had slipped off for a few seconds. She WAS spent from the night before. She was just glad Margaret hadn’t caught her, but then again, Margaret was cool. She probably would have just cleared her throat and made a little noise. Margaret was also not hard on the eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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