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Beltane is the pagan festival of fire and fertility. In the wheel of the year Beltane is also known as May Day when we dance around the omnipotent phallic symbol, the May Pole. The red and white ribbons woven around the May Pole represent blood and semen; the quintessential fusion of female and male energies that are the creative life force. It’s Beltane tradition that new and established lovers celebrate with pleasures of the body. Here, in the Southern hemisphere, we turn the wheel because of the seasons to celebrate Beltane on 31 October.

Last Beltane was a most memorable one for me. Along with friend, we decided to attend an outdoor Beltane pagan ritual for the first time. Although we had read a great deal about raising group energy in a sacred circle, to experience it was quite moving. Wearing a long black velvet dress and burgundy hooded cape, I arrived by car at the secluded ritual site located out of town, just before sunset. I soon spotted my friend Jasmine, who was already chatting to some people.

The ritual organisers were preparing the sacred space. While we gathered in an area just outside the circle, a soothing, humming mantra further prepared us for entry into the circle. It was simple yet effective as this group humming forced us to stop our idle chatter and helped us focus on the ritual we were about to take part in. The time came for us to file into the circle through the opening casino şirketleri created by two flames. Entering the circle was nothing short of awesome.

It was like stepping into another world, with multi-sensory experiences. The Beltane bonfire certainly met my expectations – it perfectly held court in the circle and lived up to its honour of our festival. The smell of the incense made only some hours earlier, together with the slow and deliberate drumming, created a surreal ambience. This was enhanced with the visual impact of the fire, the altar, and the people in their ceremonial attire.

It was across the circle, as we all held hands that I first saw him. He was looking at me. As the firelight danced shadows on his face, I studied his compelling looks. I’m not sure if it was the altered state of consciousness created at the ritual, or if he had indeed enchanted me with some sort of spell, but I was hooked. I had to have this man. In his robe and pony tailed hair, he looked splendidly medieval. In most circumstances, I would not maintain such intense eye contact. On this occasion, it was impossible to break away. After all, this was a fertility festival.

The High Priestess and High Priest concluded the ritual with the words:

“Our circle is open, but never broken”

Our circle broke up and people were hugging, wishing one another a Happy Beltane. My pagan admirer casino firmaları and spell-caster was now beside me; smiling at me, tantalising me with his eyes.

“Happy Beltane, my beautiful witchy woman,” he whispered as he hugged me.

He wrapped the fabric of his cloak around me, warming me with his body, his robe and his breath, as he kissed me passionately on the lips.

“And how would you like to celebrate Beltane?” he asked me cheekily.

“I would like to follow tradition, if you know what I mean?”

That was suggestive and forward, but it was Beltane. And I was feeling incredibly horny.

We found a semi-secluded place not too far from the ritual space. As we kissed he massaged my breasts while I felt deliciously sandwiched between him and a large tree trunk. His dick felt huge through his pants that I impatiently unzipped. His hand found its way under my long velvet dress and into my underpants. Two strong fingers easily slid into my moist pussy that panted for him. Still standing, I rode against his hand, wanting as much of him as I could take. It had been a quite few weeks since I had been fucked and the surprise and anonymity of this encounter was overwhelming.

I released his hard dick from his pants and played with it. Up and down along the shaft and then I held the head, stroking and squeezing it. This was great, but not enough for me. I wanted güvenilir casino this man inside me now.

“Let’s honour the fertility festival,” I whispered, “please give it to me now!”

“I just love assertive pagan women,” he replied, “no hang ups about sex, you just say it how you want it.”

“And, I’d be delighted to raise some sexual energy for Beltane with you,” he continued.

I quickly stepped out of my underpants. Lifting me slightly, he entered my hungry pussy as I impaled myself on him. The crisp, night air on my legs provided a stark contrast with the friction and heat he generated in my pussy. The tree trunk behind me offered great back support while he was also holding me up. As he hammered into me, in the distance I could hear ritual drumming, which added to the primeval atmosphere. Right now, anyone could walk past, or even join in. The fact that this could happen at any time only added to this unexpected excitement.

He filled me nicely and I could feel myself nearing my peak. I lowered my hand to cup his balls as I continued to grind myself as closely as I could to his body. In a matter of moments I came, weakening in the legs as I shuddered in his arms. As I could feel his balls contracting slightly, he exploded his cum inside me.

Some time after Beltane, a friend asked me to describe the experience in one word. This was impossible to do, even for someone like me who loves to play with words. I tried to describe it one sentence.

It was fast; it was unexpected and it was sensational.

Although I didn’t find out his name or see him again, I have fond memories of my first, sensual Beltane ritual.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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