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Ben wakes up one morning to the sound of Kim moaning. He knows it’s not him making her do it, so he looks over to see N’ya’s head between Kim’s legs. Kim’s in extasy, head back, nipples hard and she’s holding N’ya’s head to her pussy. Ben can tell Kim’s about to cum, so he rolls over so he can get a better view.

Soon, Kim cums and that doesn’t slow N’ya down at all. She continues til Kim cums again and again. Finally, N’ya kisses her way up Kim’s body until they are both kissing one another. After several long, passionate kisses, N’ya slides up more and puts one of her tits in Kim’s mouth. Without missing a beat, she sucks N’ya’s nipple into her mouth and reach down with one hand and begin rubbing N’ya’s pussy. Kim then pushes her further up until N’ya’s pussy is over her mouth and Kim’s sucking on her clit. Kim sucks, licks, and fingers N’ya’s pussy as she moans and grinds her hips. Suddenly N’ya’s head flies back and she moans “OHH GOD, KIM!!!” as she obviously cums.

Then N’ya climbs off Kim and they both bahis şirketleri kiss one more time. Then Kim looks over and see Ben watching. Kim looks at N’ya and smiles. They both crawl to Ben’s side of the bed and pull his covers off to reveal that his huge dick is hard. Kim immediately starts sucking his dick and N’ya starts sucking on his balls. They both continue taking turns sucking Ben’s dick and balls, and once in a while they both lick his dick at the same time.

Finally, he cums all over both of them. The two of them lick Ben’s cum off each other then they both suck him hard again.

Kim then lays down and says “Fuck my fucking cunt you manwhore. I want to feel you go deep and spread my pussy wide open.” Ben quickly does what she says, and as he does, N’ya starts sucking and licking Kim’s clit and Ben’s dick as he’s fucking Kim.

“Harder,” Kim screams “deeper and harder. I’m your whore, now fuck me like one.”

So Ben starts really pounding Kim. Pounding her so hard she has to wrap her legs bahis firmaları around his waste and lock her ankles to keep from being thrown off. Kim’s begging for more and screaming “OH GOD BEN!!! Your so big and thick. I’m so fucking hot right now. OH GOD!!!”

Meanwhile, N’ya has started sucking Kim’s tits again. Kim reaches over and starts fingering N’ya again. Ben pounds Kim really hard til they both cum. Ben cum so hard Kim feels the cum filling her pussy, and Kim cums so hard her pussy is squeezing his cock to death.

He pulls his dick out and N’ya licks him clean and then sucks him hard again. Then N’ya climbs down between Kim’s legs as Kim lays there panting and N’ya starts eating Ben’s cum from Kim’s pussy. Ben grabs N’ya’s hips and start pumping his cock into her pussy from behind. N’ya raises her head and says “Holy Shit Ben. You’re gonna split me open.” and Kim looks up and says “Shut up whore and eat my pussy like a good little bitch.” And N’ya does.

Ben pumps N’ya’s pussy til she has cum twice kaçak bahis siteleri and then he pulls out and takes his cock to Kim and says “OK, bitch, suck her cum off me and then get on top of me.”

Kim lick off all N’ya’s cum and then climbs up on top. Ben grabs Kim and lowers you onto his cock, but before it goes inside, he tells N’ya “Grab by cock and put it in her ass.” N’ya does what he tells her and Ben lowers Kim slowly down as his cock slides deep in Kim’s ass. As Kim start pumping his dick in and out of her ass, N’ya starts eating Kim’s pussy. Kim cums quickly and she cums over and over. Before Kim knows it she’s completely drained and falls off Ben’s dick and lays there panting and moaning over and over.

Ben then takes N’ya and lowers her onto his dick and fuck her pussy. As he’s doing that, Kim finally recovers, reaches under the sheets and pulls out a huge black dildo. Kim lubes it up and gets behind N’ya. Kim then takes the dildo and start fucking N’ya in the ass with it while Ben’s fucking N’ya’s pussy. N’ya instantly cums and continues to cum over and over. Finally, Ben cums and N’ya gets off.

Then Kim looks at N’ya and laughs. Then Kim says “See, told you we could wake him up.” Then Ben realizes, he’s been set up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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