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“Yea, I know Ben, he looks fucking hot, but I tell you, he’s a real prick. Any time I see him out at the Manatee or Charlie’s or the Quest, he’s dancing around like he thinks he’s God’s gift to lonely faggots. He says he an artist, which means he wasted three years getting a diploma at the College of Art and lives in a loft on Daddy’s dime. He’s pissed off everyone at the dance bars, so he gets himself a brand-new set of leathers on Mummy and Daddy’s credit card and come to bother us here.”

I grinned and said, “Now, why don’t you tell me how you really feel about him?”

My friend Jimmy looked at me and laughed. We’d been staring at a hot twenty-something, a wet dream in boots, leather pants and form-fitting leather shirt stretched over a big muscled chest, with handcuffs clipped to his left hip. If he hadn’t been so pissed off at him, Jimmy would have been licking his lips at the sight of a new young top walking into the bar, along with most of the guys there that night.

This was the fall of 1977 and we were at our regular Friday night haunt, “18 East”, the hottest leather bar in Toronto, wearing boots and 501 jeans, leather chaps and skin-tight black t-shirts. We were in our mid-twenties then, both around six-foot tall, both slim and pretty much hairless, other than the dirty blond hair on his head and my dark brown hair and Freddie Mercury mustache. All in all, a pair of eager leather bottom boys out on the town.

Other weekend nights might be for dancing, or parties or bar hopping or the bathhouse, but Friday night was set aside for the search for guys who knew how to manhandle us.

For the sake of our continuing friendship, it was just as well that we were attracted to totally different kinds of guys. Jimmy preferred men close to our own age and was forever going gaga over one twenty-something blond muscle boy after another, whereas I preferred stern older men, interested in dominating a needy young pig like me. Of course, we’d happily accept nearly any substitute as long as we ended up sucking cock and getting fucked, maybe with a bonus of bondage or a good slapping.

The night Jim and I saw ” rich boy prick” (as he called him) we were following our usual routine at the busy, hot and smoky bar; get a beer and stand in our favourite corner to watch the passing parade of hot men, looking out for one of our “type”.

Now and then we’d split up and cruise around the bar on our own (after all guys might not cruise us back if they thought we were a couple!), but if nothing came of our wanderings, we’d end up back together, gossiping about guys we’d gone home with in the past or hot-looking new possibilities.

On the night of this story, I’d pointed out the “artist” to Jimmy, since he was exactly his type. He was dressed in black leather from head to toe, a couple of inches taller than the two of us, well-muscled, with classic good looks, stunningly bright blue eyes and a head of white-blond hair. Blondes have never done that much for me, but I know they’re the pinnacle of attractiveness for many men. If you were into hot blondes and Jimmy certainly was, this guy totally fitted the bill.

However, as I’d just heard, Jimmy was absolutely not interested.

“Fucking shame, a blond god on the outside and an arsehole inside.”

Meanwhile, a good example of my kind of stud was leaning against the bar talking to a couple of regulars. He looked to be in his early forties, with a tall, rangy body, a thick dark beard and wearing full leathers; exactly my type! I stared longingly at him, hoping to be noticed and got super excited when he seemed to grin knowingly in my direction while continuing to chat with his friends.

Getting me excited was easy to do that night. A combination of extra long hours at work and two weekends taken up with family events and a visit to a straight couple’s lake cottage, meant I hadn’t been with anyone other than Miss Palm for three whole weeks; much too long a wait for a over-sexed bottom boy in a big leather town like Toronto. I was hot to trot that night, determined to find someone and make him drag me home with him!

As I stared across the bar at the man who I hoped would be the one, I felt Jimmy nudge me to point out some interesting “bar theatre”. Our “blond god” had zeroed in on another young blue-eyed, blonde muscle boy. The new guy was shorter than him, but even more heavily muscled, with a big chest and big arms bursting out of a skin-tight t-shirt. The two of them together were a jerk off session for blond-lovers!

The first stud’s hands roamed all over the new boy’s body, and the latter seemed to be nodding his head in agreement with whatever the taller man said. It looked as if the two of them would be leaving together very shortly, getting Jimmy even more pissed off at the rich boy artist.

“The hottest new blond here in weeks and that asshole walks in and grabs him before anyone else has a chance. It’s enough to make you want to cry.”

That was the final straw canlı bahis şirketleri for Jim. With a serious date lined up for Saturday night, he didn’t need to hang around looking for a Friday night quickie. He kissed me goodnight and went to catch the streetcar home, leaving me alone to find a bed mate for the night. I stayed where I was for the time being, wondering if the leather guy at the bar was serious or just playing me along. He did look in my direction now and then, but I decided to hedge my bets and go do some serious cruising.

But I had a problem; “18 East” was Toronto’s headquarters for the leather and BDSM crowd and I’d been such a regular at the bar for so long that when I looked around I had to scratch half the guys off my list immediately; I’d either played with them already, or I knew they were bottoms like me or they’d told me previously I wasn’t their type or I’d told them I wasn’t interested.

Looking around for fresh meat, I did catch the eye of one attractive older guy and got cruised in return. But as I started to edge my way across the bar towards him, another eager bottom cut in ahead of me. I moved to another corner, cruised around without getting much interest from any of the guys I liked the look of. I was mumbling to myself about my bad luck, when I turned a corner and barged into Bill, an older man I’d played with in the past and was now an old and trusted friend.

He gave me a hug, asked about Jimmy and another mutual friend, then started talking about some guy named Paul, a new young friend he’d brought to the bar for the first time. Before long, I realised he was talking about Jimmy’s “rich young prick”, the tall muscle boy in the shiny new leather outfit, who Bill had met when he’d taught a class on the advertising business class at the College of Art.

They’d kept in touch since and when the blond had shown some interest in the leather scene, Bill had suggested they come to 18 East on its busiest night, to see what he’d like and who he’d attract.

“His problem is, he’s fixated on blonds. He’s spent the whole night with that other muscle queen, ignoring everyone else cruising him. It’s a shame, ‘cos I know the boy is already spoken for. His older boyfriend’s here talking to some friends and he lets his cute young thing wander off on his own. I know for a fact that they aren’t into threesomes, so my young friend will be very disappointed before night’s end”.

“Still, talking about being disappointed before the night’s out, I better stop nattering about other people and let you go find one of those hot daddies of yours. Happy hunting, Ben.”

Saying goodbye, I walked away while glancing around in search of a hot older man and was surprised and happy to see my fuck-buddy Melvin standing in a corner. He was a fifty-something black steelworker from Buffalo, whose body, other than a big beer belly, closely resembled his college football-playing self. I couldn’t understand how I’d missed seeing him before now, but the sight of his face cheered me up instantly and I headed through the crowd towards him, certain my search was over.

We’d met on my very first visit to Morgan’s Sauna on Main Street, Buffalo a couple of years before. He must have recognized the look of needy adoration on my face when we crossed paths in the corridor, since he turned around, followed me into the shower room and came up to me as I stood under the water to tell me his room number. I didn’t bother turning off the water, just grabbed my towel and followed him, padding along the hallways soaking wet.

After closing the door behind me and sitting down on his bed, he told me to drop the towel and put my hands behind my back. He looked me over in silence for a few moments, grinned at the sight of my cock filling out and sticking up at a forty-five-degree angle, then asked me my name, where I came from and whether I’d been to Morgan’s before.

When I said it was my first time, he said he was glad to hear that, since he was there most every Saturday night, and hated to think he might have missed me before.

“You know son, I favour skinny white boys a lot, especially ones with excitable little dicks like that one that’s waving at me there. And I’ll bet you’re the kind of good boy who doesn’t have to be told twice what he has to do. You seem to know your place, Benny, so where do you think a boy like you should be right now?

He pulled the towel from off around his waist and I knew instantly where I had to be. I dropped down to my knees, gazing in awe at the massive body towering over me, then bent forward to lick his balls and his taint and begin sucking on his thick, coke-can-sized dick.

I worked away on that beautiful rod for the best part of half an hour, until my knees were aching, and my jaw was sore. He played with me; whenever he was close to cumming, I’d get pushed away until the moment was over, and he’d drag me back on him again. By the end, when I’d been reduced me to tears of frustration, canlı kaçak iddaa he relented and laid back on the mattress with his arms behind his head. He gave me the OK to get up on the bed with him, so I scrambled up and began greedily licking the sweat off that big chest of his and diving into his pits.

Eventually he grabbed hold of me, moved me around and settled me down facing him with my knees on either side of his waist and my ass perched above his groin. Once again, he didn’t have to spell out what I had to do. I picked out a big blob of Crisco from the tub at his bedside, lubed both of us generously and slowly sat back, trying to work myself down onto his dick. He lay back, grinning at the way I was grimacing, while torturing my nipples.

Eventually those big hands of him stopped the tit-work and grabbed hold of my hips instead, bouncing me up and down on his big spear until he came inside me, then keeping himself inside me, ordered me to jerk off on his chest. I left his room a few minutes later in a state of exhausted euphoria, happy to be told I could find him there most every Saturday night. He was pleased with this particular skinny white boy, that was all I needed to hear; I started driving down to Buffalo regularly.

After my disappointing evening, just seeing him across the room bucked me up. But when I got close, I could see he was standing with his hand down the back of the jeans of a skinny white boy next to him.

Melvin introduced us, telling me this was his friend’s first visit to Toronto. But as Melvin and I talked, I could tell the new guy was clearly not happy about meeting an old trick and he looked downright pissed when Melvin began to reminisce about me bouncing up and down on his dick. Feeling the seriously icy vibe aimed at me by his new friend, I edged away as soon as I decently could, promising Melvin I’d see him back in Buffalo before long.

That was a bummer, another strike-out in a night full of them with closing time getting closer and closer. At this rate it looked like I’d either end up at the Barracks steam bath or wanking off at home. All around me guys were pairing off or had given up the chase and were heading for the exit. But at least the mature leather man was still talking to his friends at the bar, while behind me the two muscle blonds were still pawing each other.

Suddenly “my” leather man said goodbye to his friends and walked straight towards me. I looked expectantly at him, only to be totally ignored as he swerved past me on his way over to the muscle boys.

When he reached them, he put his arm possessively over the shorter guy’s shoulder while speaking to the taller blond. I was near enough to catch the word “boyfriend” and to see how angry the big blond looked when he heard it. Immediately, the older guy turned to leave, and the other blond trotted off submissively behind him, without a word.

After watching them walk out, I turned back, only to meet the eyes of the guy left standing. Realising I was a witness to the whole scene, he shot me an angry look which soon melted into a wry grin. He stepped closer to me and muttered, half under his breath and half to himself.

“Fucking tease was playing me all night, never told me his boyfriend was standing right there watching us all the time. I wasted my whole night on the cunt.”

I tried to look sympathetic, even though I couldn’t feel all that sorry for a blond muscle boy with the pick of half the guys in the room. I grinned ruefully back at him and blurted out that I’d been hoping the older guy was interested in me,

He nodded distractedly as I walked away, heading for the toilets in the basement, since the beer had gone through me and I needed to pee. When I got there, the line to the bathroom was out the door; half the guys in the bar seemed to be waiting, with Melvin at the end of the line and no sign of his skinny white boy.

When he saw me, an evil smile lit up his face and I knew right away what he was thinking; something I did regularly back at Morgan’s to save him from having to get up and go to the bathroom.

“Well, well, if it isn’t Piss Boy Benny to the rescue, just when I needed him. This line’s too fucking slow; some cocksucker must have locked up one of the stalls.”

He stepped out of line and guided me over to a dark corner, muttering “Down, baby” when I dropped to my knees in front of him. Apparently, I’d appeared just in time; he fished his dick out of his pants, my lips closed around it and immediately a rushing stream of beer piss came out, filling my mouth, throat and stomach.

When it sputtered to an end I stayed down on my knees, looking up at him, hoping he’d let me continue sucking on his dick. But he just grinned down at me and pulled me up onto my feet. He gave one nipple a hard twisting while shoving a hand down between my legs to check how excited he’d got me.

“Thanks, baby, I would’ve pissed my pants if you hadn’t come along. You are one dirty boy, if canlı kaçak bahis I was here on my own, you’d have been bouncing up and down on my dick by now, but I can’t be dumping my boy upstairs. So, see you back in Buffalo soon, eh, Ben?”

With that, he strode up the stairs, leaving me staring longingly at his big wide back. When I turned around, I saw that the big muscle blond had also come downstairs, standing so close that he must have seen me drinking Melvin’s piss and heard what Melvin said about fucking me. Feeling a little embarrassed, I nodded uncertainly at him and joined the by now short line to the bathroom.

By the time I got back upstairs my friend Bill and the blond were huddled together having a serious talk, while anyone I had any interest in seemed to have left. Looking round at all the dreary hangers-on made my mind up; it was time to catch the streetcar over to the steam bath.

I went over to say goodnight to Bill, who returned my greeting and immediately walked away, saying over his shoulder that Paul, i.e. the blonde, and I should have a chat. When I turned towards the muscle boy, he shrugged his shoulders and gave me a semi-hostile glance.

“Yea, well, Bill just told me you were a good guy to talk to about this whole BDSM/leather thing. That muscle boy strung me along all night, while his boyfriend gossiped with a bunch of old queens, getting me hot with a lot of talk about wanting me to tie him up and whip his ass.”

I couldn’t see what any of this had to do with me, but when I tried to interrupt, he just ignored me and ploughed on.

“He was exactly the kind of hot guy I go for, plus he said he was a BDSM bottom, which would have been perfect! But Bill says he knows those guys; they’re vanilla as they come and if anything, its the old guy who puts his legs up in the air. This whole leather thing’s got me fucking confused.

“So anyway, tall and skinny, dark haired guys like you don’t do much for me, you’re really not my type. But when I told Bill how hard I got watching that big black guy make you drink his piss and work your tits, he said he’d played with you a few times, you’re a pig who’s been around the block, a hot bottom who’d be good for me to start with. So, do you want to come back to my place?”

I was taken by surprise for a moment and didn’t know what to think or to say. Remembering what Jimmie had said, I wondered if I really needed to spend a night with this big-headed asshole, especially since he seemed to regard me as his BDSM guinea pig. I’d gone with a few novice tops before and usually regretted it, though I must admit none of them looked half as hot as this guy.

When he didn’t get an answer straight away, he literally took the matter into his own hands. He pulled my t-shirt off, dropped it on the floor behind me, and began twisting and squeezing my big exposed nipples almost as hard as Melvin had.

I was kind of shocked, but didn’t object, just stared into his eyes, silently encouraging him. When he eventually let go. I murmured my thanks and leant forward to kiss him, only for him to pull his head away and step back.

“Oh no you don’t, piss-breath, no fag-boy kissing for me. All I want to know is; do you want to get tied up and fucked or stay hanging around here with a bunch of losers?”

He looked around ostentatiously while I considered my choices; the unappetising guys left at the bar, a streetcar to the Barracks steam bath, a lonely wank in my bedroom, or this loudmouthed bastard who wouldn’t kiss and had just called me fag-boy?

My self respect told me to walk out of there with my dignity intact, but the talk of tying me up and fucking me made my dick twitch; I nodded my acceptance.

He smirked triumphantly and immediately took the handcuffs from his belt and bound my wrists behind my back. When I didn’t object he picked up my shirt off the floor, grabbed my arm and walked me over to the coat check, past Bill who smiled and winked at both of us; making me think that Paul’s aggressive moves might have been Bill’s idea, knowing how likely I was to acquiesce.

Paul got his coat from the check boy, and draped my leather biker jacket over my shoulders, zipping it up around me to hide my cuffed arms, and led met out into the cool November night, where a cab stood waiting.

He opened the back door and pushed me onto the seat, giving the cabbie an address on Tecumseth Street, which was less than a fifteen-minute ride at that time of night. I was happy to hear it; after a long night of horny waiting, I was eager for things to happen.

He was just as impatient as me. While the cab sped along empty, early morning streets he unzipped my jacket and shrugged it off my shoulders, then started working my tits again, twisting and pulling them even harder than he’d just done back at the bar.

It felt so good that I put my head back and closed my eyes for a few seconds to concentrate on the feeling, but when they fluttered open again, I saw the cabbie’s disgusted face staring at me in his rear-view mirror. A moment later the car slowed to a halt and he turned around in his seat to face us.

“Hey, you two, stop that faggot shit. Behave yourselves or get your pansy asses outta my fucking cab.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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