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Tom climbed out of the driver’s seat and unloaded cases from the back of the wagon, stacking lens, camera bodies, and video equipment. He also pulled out a nylon bag filled with goodies he had gathered after his conversation with Bonnie about Bess. He walked up the steps and rang the doorbell with his elbow.

When Bess answered the door she was greeted by wholesome, appealing man, 40ish, standing on the stoop, his hands filled with brown leather cases. Tom held the handle of a blue nylon gym bag with his teeth, which muffled his words. “Catch the top one,” he mumbled. “It’s going to fall.”

The case toppled from the stack and Bess neatly caught it, tucked it under her arm, and snatched the bag from his teeth. “You certainly come prepared,” she said.

“Over prepared, one might say. May I come in? This stuff is heavy.”

“Sorry,” Bess said, stepping away from the door and holding it open with her foot. “Come on in.”

Already familiar with the house, Tom walked directly to the living room, dumped the cases on the sofa and extended his hand. “Hi, I’m Tom, as you already know, and you are Bess.”

Bess shook his hand and was charmed by the warmth of his smile. As Tom sat on the sofa and unsnapped his cases, Bess settled in next to him and curled her feet underneath her. “Nice to meet you, Tom.”

“Me too. I’ve talked about you with Bonnie and I’ve got some dynamite ideas about this shoot.”

“You and Bonnie talked about me?”

“Sure. She helped me get a handle on what kind of pictures you want. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t. What did she tell you?”

“Just that this is your first venture into this …uh, business…and that you need shots for your album. I’ve got ideas about that but, if it is fine with you, I’d like to keep them to myself for the time being. Anyway, what did you think of Bonnie’s album?”

“Impressive.” Bess thought about the erotic photos and wondered if she’d be comfortable enough with this stranger to pose like that. She fumbled with her hands in her lap. “Bonnie looked so great.”

“Yeah, they turned out well. But I had a good subject.” Tom studied his new subject more closely and muttered aloud as he thought. “Great eyes, fabulous cheekbones, great skin so there’ll be no problems with close-ups.”

Bess squirmed under his scrutiny. She ran her fingers through her hair and nervously licked her lips. His smile was warm and understanding and since his manner was both professional and friendly, she began to relax.

“I’m sorry you’re nervous,” Tom said. “I think you’ll find the nervousness wears off quickly once we get started.”

“I hadn’t realized how anxious I was about this. I really don’t know what to do.”

“Don’t worry about that. It’s my job. Would you stand up?”

Bess stood, her hands hanging awkwardly at her side.

“Relax,” he said. “You’re going to be great.” Long legs he thought. A great body, magnificent breasts. He decided to take a risk. Either he was going to get terrific sexual pictures or he was going to blow it before he even took one shot.

“I can see your nipples through your shirt,” he said softly. “Any man would want to suck them.” He watched Bess react and he knew he would get the photos he wanted.

Bess was a bit surprised by the words coming from this stranger, but excited too. Although they shocked her, she realized they also aroused her.

“I’d like to get started, if that’s okay. This light is wonderful and I’d like to get some head shots right here before we do anything else.”

“Where would you like to start?” Bess asked.

Tom shoved a chair toward the window, adjusted its position several times and said, “Sit here and let’s see.”

Bess settled into the chair but Tom shook his head and pulled her to his feet. He moved the chair slightly and sat her back casino şirketleri down. “Yes. That’s nice,” he said finally.

Bess had selected a simple green tank top and black palazzo pants for the occasion. She added a gold chain with large open links and oversized gold earrings. As she settled into the chair she fluffed her blonde hair and Tom watched the sunlight coming through the windows catch the golden highlights.

“You look smashing,” Tom said. “Now turn your head this way and tip your head.” He spent several more minutes peering through the lens of his camera and adjusting the tilt of Bess’s head and the angle of her shoulders. He also set up a video camera on a tripod, aimed at her chair.


“Sure. You’d be surprised how many men will enjoy watching you on tape, knowing you’re in the room with them, naked and willing.”

“I never thought of that but I’m getting a quick education. Does Bonnie have one?”

“Several. I’ll shut it down if you don’t want it.” He moved towards it.

Bess stared into the video camera’s eye and found being on display exciting. Go the whole way? She asked herself. Who am I fooling? Damn straight I will. “Leave the camera running. It’s fine.”

When Tom had her positioned to his satisfaction, he said, “Now, close your eyes.” When she did, he said, “Picture yourself lying stretched out on your back on a blanket in a secluded clearing in a forest. The sun beating down and heating your face. Can you feel it?” When she started to nod, he said, “Don’t nod, just tell me. Is the bright sun hot on your face?”

“Yes,” Bess said softly, raising her chin to the warmth.

“Now open your eyes.” When she did, Tom snapped off several pictures, capturing the soft, dreamy look he wanted.

“Close them again. You’re still lying in that clearing in the forest but now you are naked. You can feel the sun on your entire body, on your shoulders, your belly, your breasts.” He paused and watched her face. “Open your eyes.” He snapped several more pictures.

“Close your eyes.” She complied and he continued. “A man walks towards you. You can’t see him because your eyes are closed, but he is tall and very good-looking, with a great body and soft hands. He’s wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and nothing else. You don’t have to open your eyes to know he is looking at your body but you are not nervous. The heat of his gaze adds to the heat of the sun. He’s staring at your breasts and he can see that your nipples are getting hard. Although you’re pretending to be asleep, he knows, Bess, he knows you’re excited. He knows he is making you excited.”

When Bess opened her eyes, Tom snapped again, then told her to move one arm and retilt her head and took several more pictures. With the sound of the clicking in her ears, Bess stretched and extended her arms over her head.

“Close your eyes. It is important that the man believes you’re sleeping, so when he stretches out next to you on the blanket you stay still and keep your body relaxed. He just stares at you for a moment, then brushes his fingers through your pubic hair just touching your love button. You remain motionless, wanting him to continue. Although you don’t move, he knows how wet you are getting.”

Tom picked up a different camera and snapped a few shots of Bess with eyes closed. He didn’t know whether it was her expression or the line of her body, but he could feel her radiating sex and he wanted to capture it.

“You wanted to move your hips to deepen his touch, but you don’t want him to know how he is affecting you, so you remain absolutely still, pretending you’re asleep.”

Bess was there, in the clearing in the woods. Tom’s voice had transported her there and she could actually feel the sun on her body, feel fingers probing and exploring the secret places of casino firmaları her body. God, she thought, he’s really turning me on. I’m going to explode.

“Keep your eyes closed and pull off your tank top and bra,” Tom said.

Bess removed her clothes without hesitation. She was no longer nervous or embarrassed. All seemed right.

When Bess was naked to the waist, Tom repositioned her in the chair so shafts of sunlight illuminated her shoulders and breasts. Her eyes were still closed as he moved back behind the camera lens.

“Beautiful. Let your head fall back against the chair.” He kept snapping as she moved, each pose a sensual invitation. “Now, he is still touching your clit and you are still pretending to be asleep. His fingers caress each fold and part your lips. You’re so wet that his finger slides easily inside.”

Tom watched Bess’s body react to his story. He could see that she was having a difficult time holding her hips still. “He adds a second finger, then a third, filling you completely. Your nipples are so hard and tight that you think you’ll die if his mouth doesn’t take them. You slide your hands up and hold your magnificent tits out for him to suck. Offer them to him, Bess. Don’t speak, but offer him your hard, tight nipples.”

Bess’s body tightened and she did as Tom asked. She flattened her hands against her belly and slid them upward, lifting her full breasts and offering her taut nipples to the camera. When Tom told her to open her eyes, she envisioned the attractive man lying next to her.

“So good, Bess,” Tom said, trying to resist the lure of his own sensual story. He wanted to take her breasts into his own mouth but he remembered his promise to Bonnie. Not this one. For the moment, he kept snapping pictures while the video hummed in the background. When he stopped to change the film, Bess stood up and removed the rest of her clothes.

Bonnie had told Tom a lot about Bess and he had come prepared. He took a large piece of soft leather and spread it on the chair.

“Sit back down,” he said, “and close your eyes. Feel the leather against your skin.”

As she moved her naked body against the leather, Tom knew he was right. Leather would take Bess to the next level of sensuality.

“Feel it, smell it. Fill your senses with it. Put your right leg over the arm of the chair and slide your ass forward. Yes, that’s it.” Her pussy was wide open and shiny.

Bess was in a sexual daze. She’d never dreamed that the smell and feel of leather could arouse her so. She felt she was going to cum, but everything about this experience was soft and gentle.

“The blanket in the forest is made out of leather, soft, black, fine-grained leather. It’s becoming warm from the sun and the heat of your body, and the man is rubbing it over your legs, your arms, your belly. There is no sound, except the rustle of his movements. You just lie there absorbing the sensations. Open your eyes!”

Bess opened her and he snapped several more pictures.

“He’s stroking your clit faster now. It tightens your lower belly.” Tom watched Bess’s body and saw the movements he’d been waiting for. “Do you want to touch your pussy, Bess?” Are you so hot that you want to rub yourself while the man watches, while the camera watches?”

Bess had never wanted anything more in her life. “Yes,” she moaned.

“Then do it,” Tom said. “Touch your pussy. Make yourself cum.”

Bess touched herself, one hand on her breast and one in her pussy. She rubbed and probed until the tightness in her breasts and pussy became almost pain.

“Rub it just right,” Tom said, moving in close, taking pictures of Bess’s hand on her breast, her fingers working her pussy, her face as she strained in pleasure.

Bess heard the click of the shutter and felt Tom’s movements around güvenilir casino her. To her surprise, it added a new dimension to her excitement. She opened her eyes and watched the camera as it watched her. She moved so he could get a better view.

“You’re close now, and you want to cum,” he said, taking the video from the tripod and aiming it so it captured Bess’s body and hands. “You like the camera watching you. You love it that I’m watching you. I can see everything. I’m going to record you as you cum. Anyone who sees the pictures will see you cumming. Tell me when you’re going to cum, Bess.”

“Now,” she groaned. “Oh yes. Now! I’m going to cum right now! Watch me cum!”

Waves washed over her. She moved her fingers around her pussy touching the right places with exactly the right rhythm. She drew her orgasm from her body, bit by bit, savoring every spasm, making it last as long as she could. Tom alternated between the video and his still camera, taking dozens of pictures and long moments of tape.

As she recovered, Bess said, “Unbelievable. I was really nervous about this but you made it so easy. Thank you.” Bess kissed him on the cheek.

Tom handed her a glass of water and she took a long drink as her breathing returned to normal. “If you’re recovered, why don’t we go upstairs and try on some costumes for your album photos.” He picked the piece of leather. “I think you should use black leather for album cover. It seems you like it.”

Bess nodded in agreement. “I never realized it, but you’re right.”

Naked but unembarrassed, Bess climbed the stairs with Tom behind her.

“You’ve got great legs,” he said, “and a nice tight little butt. God, you have a great body. I love taking pictures of you.”

For the rest of the shot, they went through a number of costumes. Some Tom chose for her while Bess did the others. She wore a royal blue evening gown that was cut so low in the back it revealed the line between her cheeks. As she slipped it over her head, she said, “I’ll have more cleavage in the back than in the front.”

Tom chose the pink little girl dress. “This is about the older man who likes to make love to virginal little girls. You wear white socks and maryjanes, white cotton undershirt and underpants.”

They continued for over an hour, with Bess portraying a cheerleader, a wedding night virgin, an aerobics instructor, a bikini-clad nymphet, a nurse, and a harem girl. When Tom selected the stern teacher costume, Bess shook her head. “No, I don’t think I’m the dominant type.”

“I think one more set is in order,” Tom said. He walked over the door and opened it. It was the dungeon that Bonnie had showed Bess before. How did he know she wanted pictures from there in her album?

As Bess walked across the thick gray carpet her feet sank into its soft lushness. “Give me your arm.” Bess held out her arm and Tom fastened an identical strap around her other wrist and around each ankle. The rings attached to additional hooks on the wall so her arms were held out from her shoulders and her legs were spread about two feet apart.

As the camera snapped, Bess imagined how she looked, fastened to the wall, controlled and helpless. Oh God, she was becoming wet. If she could just touch herself.

Tom undid the restraints. “One more idea.” He took her over to a wooden bench, adjusted the height of the legs, and laid the leather cover over it. “Lie down on your back. Slide up until your head hangs off the end.” He then fastened her to the bench. “One more thing to complete this,” he said as he slipped a leather blindfold over her eyes.

Tom stepped back to admire the sight in front of him. What man wouldn’t want to fuck this vision? Again he remembered his promise to his mistress; ‘You may look but do not touch.’ He took his camera and began to snap more pictures.

Bess walked Tom to the door. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

“It was good for me too,” Tom said. “Maybe when the pictures are developed, we can get together to go over them.”

“Yes,” Bess replied, “I would like that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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