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Group Sex

Jennifer and Samantha had been best friends since kindergarten. In seventh grade they started to discover things about themselves and never told the other. By the end of eighth grade their friendship was almost nonexistent. They officially went their separate ways at the beginning of ninth grade.

They had both been goth/punk. Dressed, ate, and breathed that world, that image, because it was who they were.

When they split, Jennifer became the total opposite, she joined the cheerleading squad. Became a total prep. Jennifer had long blond hair that traveled a bit past the middle of her back. She had the bluest eyes anyone had ever seen.

Samantha, at the split, sank deeper into the world she had lived in when she still had her best friend. She cut off her blond hair that had been to her waist. It was a short style, a little longer in the front and styled in the back. She dyed it pink the beginning of senior year. She had dark brown eyes, giving her a mysterious look.

Jennifer was now 5’6 and Samantha was 5’7, both were 18 years old. It was an early May day of their senior year. Both acted like the other didn’t exist, both ignored the fact that they used to know everything about each other.

Samantha was leaning against a wall in the nearby park after school, surveying the people walk past.

Jennifer walked by and sat down on a nearby bench. It was late in the day, almost dark. She was still in her cheerleading outfit from practice. Samantha watched as Jennifer’s size 32 C breasts went up and down with a deep breath. So much could have been if only… she’d told her how she really felt. But nah, escort bayan Jennifer wasn’t like that anyway.

Jennifer had seen Samantha, but pretended not to notice. She pulled out her journal and a pen and tucked her legs under her and started to write:

May 12th

It’s almost dark out now. I’m in the park, Samantha’s here. Oh God, how could I have ever let her go. But I had to… our friendship was doomed when I found that out about myself so long ago. It was better it ended while everything was okay. Although nothing is okay. It just sucks with what might have been if she would have felt the same, but I couldn’t risk telling her that. Maybe… I’m sick of waiting, and thinking about this, I need to do something… and I know just the thing.

Until next time…


She closed the journal and put that and the pen away. She looked out of the corner of her eye. Samantha was still there. Jennifer just saw her outline. It was now almost completely dark. She noticed Samantha had moved closer while she had been writing. Good, she thought, she should be able to see me then.

Jennifer took a deep breath and looked around. They were the only two people there. Not many come to the park anyway and it’s out of the way. No disturbances if this all goes right, she thought.

She slowly started rubbing her nipple through the fabric of her top, then pinched it slightly. She continued rubbing it as her other hand traveled down across her stomach and into the waistline of the skirt. She slowly started rubbing her clit, moaning just loud enough for Samantha to hear. It only took about a minute more.

Samantha izmit eve gelen escort was getting turned on. She was sick of wishing, she was gonna do something. She inched closer and closer until she was right in front of her ex-best friend.

“Need some help,” she asked.

Jennifer looked up and said seductively, “I thought you’d never come over.”

She grabbed Samantha’s right hand and put it on her left breast. Samantha started rubbing her thumb over the nipple. She kneeled down and leaned forward and kissed Jennifer hard. Samantha cupped her other hand behind Jennifer’s neck and pulled her closer when she felt Jennifer respond to the kiss.

Jennifer slipped her tongue in Samantha’s mouth. She waited so long to do this. Their tongues danced together. As they were kissing, both of Jennifer’s hands came up and twined around Samantha’s neck. Samantha had slipped her hand into Jennifer’s skirt. She slid one finger, then two into her hole and pumped in and out so slowly that Jennifer was going wild with want.

Jennifer moaned, tossing her head from side to side on the bench back. Her lips formed a pout when Samantha’s wonderful fingers pulled out. But then turned into a smile when Samantha lifted and took off her shirt and her 38 C breasts came into view. Then she pulled off Jennifer’s shirt and leaned forward and started sucking on her left nipple.

Jennifer twisted her hands into Samantha’s short hair and thrust her chest forward. Samantha massaged Jennifer’s other breast and then switched her mouth to the other nipple. Soon, both of Jennifer’s nipples were izmit otele gelen escort erect and wanting more, but Samantha didn’t return to either nipple when her mouth pulled away.

She lowered Jennifer down onto the bench until she was laying. Then she pulled her skirt off. She licked on Jennifer’s inner thigh, first one then the other. Jennifer thrust her hips forward impatiently and whimpered. Samantha very slowly licked up and around Jennifer’s pussy. Then teased Jennifer by licking around her clit.

When she finally did allow Jennifer the touch of her tongue against that sensitive part of her body, she groaned loud with pleasure. Samantha’s tongue dipped into Jennifer’s hole, reaching deeper than Jennifer had ever thought possible. Samantha’s tongue traveled back up to Jennifer’s clit and she licked and nipped at it.

While she was doing that, she slid two fingers into Jennifer’s hole and started pumping a bit faster than before.

“Add another finger,” Jennifer nearly screamed, she was nearing orgasm.

Samantha did as she said and then started pumping faster than even she herself thought she could.

Jennifer let out a scream and waves washed over her and Samantha quickly thrust her face down to Jennifer’s hole and licked up all the delicious juices.

When it was over, Samantha asked, “Is that why you broke our friendship? Because you found out you were a lesi?”

Jennifer nodded, “I didn’t think you were, and I thought it’d be better. But now I wish I’d have told you.”

“Well, better late than never I suppose,” Samantha replied.

“I gotta get home,” Jennifer said a minute later.

“Alright, see ya tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow it’s your turn,” Jennifer said seductively then got up and headed home.

Samantha licked the little droplets of juice off her mouth as she watched Jennifer’s ass until she disappeared around a corner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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