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Big Tits

I grew up in a small, southern Illinois town. And I mean small. During my childhood, the town had a population of about 1200 but it had been on a slow decline for the better part of the last 50 years, with a large portion of each subsequent generation moving away and never looking back. Wholly unremarkable, with no stop lights and the only grocery store being a Walmart about 15 minutes away, the only reason I ever had for coming back to this disappearing town was to visit my mom. Her health wasn’t great and I had tried to convince her to move up to Chicago where I lived so I could be close if anything happened but she said that she would never leave the home that had raised 4 generations of our family.

I rarely visited, no more than two or three times a year, usually for her birthday in September and then again around the holidays. My birthday was in July and somehow, a guilt trip most likely, my mom had convinced me to come spend my birthday with her. She had been quite lonely and sad recently with my aunt passing away in February and, as I had no plans at all and 25 was hardly a special birthday, I acceded and drove down from Chicago. I was a flight instructor, working my way up in hours so I could eventually fly for an airline, and had moved to the city when I was 18, as soon as I legally could deal with life on my own.

I had planned on heading down Saturday morning but I finished up lessons on Friday and, ready to go, decided against waiting. I made the uneventful, though quite rainy, 4-hour drive south to the town, pulling in my mom’s driveway just before 7. I could see my mom in the living room through the large windows facing the street.

Shit. I forgot to tell her I was coming early.

The house was a cute, single-story ranch built some time around the turn of the century. I grabbed my bag from the back seat and headed in. My mom met me at the door with a gentle swat on my shoulder and admonition about not warning her before giving me a huge hug and a kiss on the forehead. She asked how the drive was and we shared some quick small talk. She had eaten dinner with a friend already, not thinking to wait since I wasn’t expected.

“It’s not big deal, mom,” I said, “I’ll head over to Salem and get a bite to eat.”

Her eyes widened and she smiled, “Perfect! You can take Blake and catch up with him.”

“Who’s Blake and why would I do that?”

“You know, Blake, Wanda’s son.” She stood, and moved to the end of the hallway leading down to the 3 small bedrooms and bathroom. “Blake,” she shouted.

What the…?

“He’s here? Why is some strange kid here?”

“He’s not strange,” she replied, shouting for him again, “And he’s hardly a kid. His mom started causing all kinds of trouble before the school year ended and that shitty trailer that they lived in burned down so I offered to let him stay here until he leaves for school in the fall. He’s headed to SIU in another month or so. I’m sure I told you. Regardless, It’s been nice to have the company.”

Oh, you soft-hearted old woman.

The door at the end of the dim hall swung open and a shaggy head of dirty blond hair popped out into the hall.

“Yeah Mrs. H?” his deep voice echoed down the hall.

“You remember Jason, don’t you?”

“Uh, yeah, sure I do.”

“Good. He’s going to Salem for dinner and, unless I’m mistaken, you haven’t eaten yet either. Go with him.”

“Ah, thanks, I mean, but yeah, I’m not really hungry.” He started to pull his head back into the room.

“Not gonna work for me, I’m afraid,” mom said, her voice taking on an air of authority that brought back some mostly unpleasant childhood memories. “You will go and you will eat. You’re practically skin and bones and I will not have anyone saying that I’m starving you to death. It’s raining so grab your jacket.”

He lingered for a moment, visibly weighing his options, then reluctantly nodded his head in acquiescence.

Been there, done that. Not worth the effort of refusing when she used that tone of voice.

“He’s awkward like you are so dinner will either be great or absolutely terrible.” She shrugged her shoulders, “either way, you both need to eat. Now, I’m already tired and am not long for this waking world so don’t wake me when you come in. I’ve got to be up early to get to that Amish bakery in Mt Vernon before all the cream horns are gone.” With that she kissed me on the cheek and retired to her room.

A moment or two passed before Blake came out of his room and walked down the hall. As he stepped into the well lit living room, I got my first real look at him. He was shorter than I, but most people were. I’m 6’5″ and he looked to be just over 6′. His hair was quite unruly, a mop of dirty blond/golden brown locks. He had a fairly well defined jawline and a light bit of scruff, maybe a day or three of growth and full lips. He was wearing glasses of light blue frames that made the crystal blue of his eyes shine with incredible clarity. He seemed in good enough shape, though the loose fitting jeans and rain jacket hid most of his physique.

I do remember him. Gods güvenilir bahis he grew up.

He was 6 years younger than I, putting him at 18, maybe 19. He had been my best friend’s little brother’s best friend. I hadn’t seen him since before I graduated high school in ’07 and, apart from the blue eyes and goofy ears, I wouldn’t have known him from a stranger.

Blake brushed his hair back off of his face and smiled. A gorgeous, genuine thing.

“Hey, Jason. It’s been a while.”

“You’ve got that right.” I returned his smile and gave him a quick once over with my eyes. “Ready to eat?”

“Yeah, sure,” he said.

The rain hadn’t slowed in the few minutes I’d been inside but it looked like the storm had rolled past, just leaving the rainy dregs behind. We made our way into Salem, about 15 minutes down the road. The car ride was mostly quiet. Occasionally, one of us would ask a polite question and the other would give a polite, if curt, response. The dining choices in town were limited to a smattering of fast food options, an Applebee’s and a Denny’s. We chose the Applebee’s and within minutes found ourselves seated at a booth along the front of the restaurant. We ordered some wings for an appetizer, I went with chicken Alfredo and Blake chose a western burger for entrees. The food was, well, it was Applebee’s. It wasn’t going to win any awards but it was better than being hungry.

We began talking more freely. The conversation was a bit stilted at first but as the dinner went on, we started to cover a bunch of topics. Blake was going to college in the fall with plans of pursuing his degree in graphic design. He thought my choice of career was exciting and asked a bunch of questions about the training. I told him that I’d rent a plane at the Salem airport before I left and would take him up if he wanted. He admitted it made him nervous, having never flown before, but he’d like the experience. More than once he glanced at the tall blue moon beer I was drinking, envy dripping off of him.

Gotta do something about that.

Before long we were done with the meal. I paid for us both and we left the restaurant. As we headed back towards my mom’s, we passed a Circle K gas station and I pulled in. I parked near the door and telling Blake I’d be right back, ran inside and purchased a 12-pack of blue moon. The girl working the register had been in my high school class but she either didn’t recognize me or blessedly had no desire to ‘catch up’.

I got back in the car and handed the beer to Blake.

“Must be trying to get drunk,” he joked.

“Something like that, yeah.”

The rain had picked up again and it was slow going but we made it back safe and sound. The lights were all off inside the house as we pulled in the drive.

Good, she did fall asleep.

I took the beer and walked towards the door. Blake made it about halfway before slipping on patch of wet ground. He fell, landing in the mud to the side of the driveway.

“Shit!” He grunted. “Real nice way to end my day.”. I concealed my smile and helped him to his feet.

“Listen,” I said, “get dried off and changed into something clean and you can have a beer if you want.”

“Really?” The annoyance of a moment ago forgotten.

“Yeah, why not? You’re going to college so you going to be drinking a lot more than this soon.” He smiled, my heart skipped a beat and my stomach fluttered momentarily. Once inside, he padded off down the hall and I put the beer in the fridge, grabbing two out. I sat down on the couch and turned the tv on, dropping the volume until it was barely audible. I put it on some random comedy movie, one of the Will Ferrel ones, but hardly paid attention.

Blake came back into the living room. His jacket and jeans were gone, replaced with a loose fitting, sleeveless white T-shirt and some red basket ball shorts.

Not scrawny at all. Oh light…

His arms were well defined, and through the deep sleeve gash on the side, I could glimpse one of his pecs. He definitely wasn’t stacked, not like a bodybuilder or anything. He had more of a runner’s build but with some weight lifting thrown in for definition. His calves were perfectly formed. Definitely a runner.

I offered him one of the beers and he took it without pause.

“Thanks, man, this is great.”

“Anytime,” I replied.

Blake sat down on the sofa a foot or two to my right, and took a long draw from the bottle. He grunted in satisfaction and leaned back, relaxing into the couch. He spread his legs in a man spreading kind of way. He was pretty intent on his beer for the moment so I took the opportunity to check out his crotch from the corner of my eye. I could definitely see it. The head of his cut penis was plain through the fabric of his shorts.

So you took off your underwear? I can get behind that.

I couldn’t tell anything about size from the angle but I had a suspicion it was not small.

We took the conversation back up quickly enough, though it soon turned into a discussion on whether or not Will Ferrel’s movies aged well. Blake finished his güvenilir bahis siteleri beer in just a few minutes so I told him to help himself to another and to bring me one. I finished mine before he returned and started on number 2. The topic of conversation wandered, eventually winding up on his dating life around beer 4 for each of us. He confessed that he hadn’t had sex yet, though not for lack of trying. He just got nervous when talking to anyone he was interested in and his nervousness quickly turned into awkwardness. Though he was a bit nervous at first, we got to talking about porn. He said he liked a bit of everything as long as it was free. I noticed his beer empty on the table and went to get him another.

It’s just a little underage drinking. Not THAT illegal.

I gave him beer number 5 and reached into my bag next to the couch, pulling out my laptop.

“Wanna watch some porn?” I asked him, “It helps me to relax before bed.” His nervousness came back though it was tempered by the alcohol.

“I, uh, I’m not sure. I’ll just drink my beer and then head to bed.”

“Okay,” I said, trying to hide my disappointment and stay optimistic, “do you mind if I watch some?” He thought about it for a good 10 seconds before answering.

“Nah, go ahead. You do you.”

Still a chance.

I fired up the trusty pornhub and found one of my favorite videos. It’s a MMF threesome were both guys topped and bottomed and the girl wasn’t the main focus. The video started with the guys making out with girl, taking turns, before eventually kissing each other. Then one guy got head from the girl while giving the other guy a blowjob at the same time. I had set the laptop on the coffee table and I could see Blake watching it in my peripheral vision.

It wasn’t long before I was hard, my erection straining against the fabric of my jeans. I adjusted myself, shifting my cock so it pointed to the right across my thigh, right towards Blake.

“That’s kind of hot,” Blake said, surprising me. He was no longer pretending not to pay attention to the porn. “I haven’t watched stuff like this before.”

“I like it,” I said, “because no matter what I’m in the mood for, it will scratch my itch.” I began slowly rubbing myself through my jeans, and glanced toward the younger man next to me. He was plainly aroused, his left hand doing a poor job of hiding the tenting front of his shorts. I guess he was tired of having to crane his neck to see the laptop screen because he slowly slid towards me on the couch until there were only about 6 inches between us. At the same time, he started rubbing himself, occasionally squeezing his hardon through his shorts. I began to watch him more overtly, trying to make out as much detail as I could in the dim light.

He seemed to be of a size with me and I found myself just picturing him nude in my mind.

“That looks like it feels great,” Blake broke the silence. He gestured towards woman sucking one of the men’s dicks while the other ate her out.

“Yeah it does. Never had a blowjob yet?”

He seemed to shrink a bit in on himself, clearly he hadn’t meant to reveal his total lack of sexual experience. Quickly I tried to make it better. “It really does. It can be enjoyable to give head too, if it’s the right guy.”

“You’ve done that?” He seemed surprised and a bit curious so I pushed onward.

“Yeah, once or twice.” I could see a small dark spot on the peak of his crotch tent.

Now or never, I thought.

“Want to see what it feels like to get your dick sucked?” He froze still. I’m not sure he even breathed for a second or two.

“I, uh.” I was worried I’d pushed too far, too quickly. “I mean I guess it’d be nice to know.”

Oh jackpot.

Before he could change his mind or get scared off, I slid off the couch and knelt down in front of him. He very intentionally focused his full attention on the screen and placed his hands at his sides, his breathing speeding up. He was excited but definitely nervous too. I placed my hand on his knees and began slowly rubbing, working my way up his legs towards the prize. I slid up past his bulging erection and when I brought my hands back down, I brushed his cock with my left hand. He gasped quietly and I knew I had him.

I let my right hand go up the leg of his shorts. I didn’t waste time finding what I searched for and I wrapped my hand around his cock. It was smooth, hot and definitely thicker than mine. Blake groaned softly and I began to, ever so slowly, work my hand up and down. After about 30 seconds, I pulled my hand free and, slipping my fingers underneath his elastic waistband, pulled his shorts down. He reflexively raised his hips slightly allowing the shorts free. His cock strained against the shorts and the popped up, smacking his shirt as it was finally released. It was, in a word, gorgeous. He matched me in length, just over the 7 inch mark, but was thicker by a good bit. He was cut, and the head of his penis glistened with a copious amount of precum. His shaft was very smooth, save for a thick vein that roped its way along the iddaa siteleri top of his dick and he was neatly trimmed in the style of one always hoping for sex.

The smell was a clean, intoxicating mix of his musk and body wash. I looked up at Blake, his eyes were stolidly glued to the screen. I grabbed him in my right hand, leaned down and traced my tongue across his slit, cleaning the area of his precum. He tasted better than he smelled. I felt him shudder under my grip as another moan slipped past his lips. I went for it then, opening my mouth wide and taking him all the way. There was no hiding the moan that time as his cock found its home in my warm, willing mouth. I knew he would likely not last long so I went slowly, using just my mouth and tongue. I would go about halfway down, then come up. Every third or fourth cycle I would go all the way down until I could feel the head of his cock pushing its way into my throat. I glanced up and, to my surprise, locked eyes with this gorgeous man. His face was full of euphoria. I expected him to look away but he didn’t. He held my gaze as I continued working on his cock. I grabbed his hand and brought it to the back of my head and he instinctively grabbed a fistful of my hair and began guiding me.

He pushed me down as far as I could go and then pulled me up before repeating the pattern a bit faster. By this time, my cock hurt as it struggled in vain against my pants. I pulled my head up off of Blake’s dick and looked him in the eyes. He seemed a bit confused as to why I had stopped. I reached down, undoing my button and fly and allowed my dick to escape. Relief. Confusion grew on Blake’s face but then vanished, replaced with acceptance.

“I guess it’s my turn now?” He asked. Honestly, the thought hadn’t occurred to me. I was just planning on jerking myself off while he came down my throat but I went with it.

“That’d be fair, right?”

Blake nodded, “yeah, fair’s fair.” He pulled his shorts up and moved in front of me as I settled onto the couch. He knelt as I had earlier and grabbed hold of me. He then took a breath, as though about to dive into a pool, and slid his mouth down and around my cock. He just sort of held it there, frozen for a moment, unsure what to do. I gently placed my right hand on the back of his head and began to lead him up and down my shaft. What started out as a mediocre blowjob at best soon became something so heavenly. Slowly he began to move his tongue around and eventually even began to jerk his hand along with his mouth, upping the sensation ten fold. I looked down at him, this young, inexperienced blond virgin bobbing up and down on my cock and I just smiled. He wasn’t looking at me though, he was focused on the task at hand. This went on for a blissful few minutes and I could feel my body beginning to prepare to cum. My heart sank then as he suddenly stopped, staring at the porn.

“Does that feel good too?” He nodded to the screen, his right hand still firmly wrapped around my cock. On the screen, one man was on his back, getting sucked by woman while the other man was pounding his ass.

Could this actually be about to happen?!

“You bet it does,” I responded, “I think it feels so much better than this,” gesturing to his hand on my dick. I watched the wheels tick over in his head as he considered. I didn’t breathe.

“Can we do that? I want to try.”

“Sure, if you want,” I said. Exaltation rising inside me. He smiled that same gorgeous smile from earlier, though now it was quite eager and no longer shy or awkward.

“Not here though,” I told him, “let’s go to my room.” He nodded, drank the last gulp or two from his beer and followed me to my room. I lead him in and as he pushed the door closed, I grabbed the sides of his head pulled in him in, kissing him fiercely. As with everything else, he seemed to lack the requisite experience but as I pushed my tongue into his mouth, he got the message and soon his tongue was dancing around mine, as mine was his. I pulled him toward the bed, continuing to kiss him. I broke away from him long enough to pull my jeans and shirt off completely. I was a fairly handsome guy with a good body. Being a pilot, I spend a lot of time sitting down so I like to spend my free time staying active: hiking, running, climbing, rugby, etc. This gave me a solid, firm body that was well toned. Following my lead, Blake stripped his clothes off as well. My earlier assumptions were wrong.

He may be a runner but he also spends a LOT of time in the gym. Though not big or bulky, I could clearly make out every muscle across his chest and stomach. His torso was mostly hairless except for a few brown blond curls dead center in his chest. His nipples were perfect and pink, about the size a quarter around. I couldn’t resist the urge to suck them…so I did just that. First one, then the other, I licked and sucked lightly on his chest, nipping the erect, hard nipples lightly with my teeth. I could feel Blake shiver with each caress of my tongue. While I did that, I grabbed his cock, still rock hard, and jerked him slowly. I sat down on the edge of the bed and took him again into my mouth. I got it as wet as I could with my mouth, letting a large drop of spit fall on it to be sure. I hadn’t had much up my ass in a while but I had always seemed to be a natural when it came to getting railed.

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