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Nicole was nervous. She had been wanting to make her friendship with Linda more intimate for months now, but wasn’t sure if Linda was open to that type of relationship. They hung out regularly and sometimes had a drink or two and talked about just about everything. Last week when they were hanging out Linda had caught Nicole staring at Linda’s tits. Nicole was sure she had, but she didn’t get mad or offended and Nicole could have sworn Linda’s nipples got hard afterwards. She had been too scared at the time to do anything about it, but had been wishing all week that she had.

Now it was Friday night and they were going to hang out together again. Nicole’s plan was simple. Have a few drinks and make her move, but in such a way that if it didn’t work out it wouldn’t torpedo their friendship.

Nicole knocked on the door and Linda answered in a t-shirt and jeans. With a smile she invited Nicole in. As Linda turned around her tits bounced nicely. Was it Nicole’s imagination or was Linda not wearing a bra? Linda came back with wine coolers for them both as Nicole put her coat in the closet. Linda handed Nicole a bottle and said, “To best friends.” And tapped the bottles before taking a long drink. Nicole took a drink and tried not to stare at her friend’s chest wondering still if she was wearing a bra.

They talked and drank for about an hour and Nicole was starting to feel a bit of a buzz. Linda looked at her and said, “Give me your keys. You are trabzon escort staying the night. I’m not letting you drive home and possibly get a DUI.”

Nicole took out her keys and handed them to her friend. The first part of her plan was going well. “I don’t have anything to sleep in here.”

“I’ll lend you clothes, or we’ll figure something out.” Linda said with a smile. With a nod she said, “Come on see what I have.”

Linda led the way back to her bedroom and Nicole followed thinking things were going really well. Linda turned around to make sure her friend was coming and Nicole walked into her acting like it was an accident. Her free hand brushing across Linda’s left tit. Yep no bra she thought as she felt up her friend. “Oh I’m sorry.”

Linda a bit tipsy from the wine coolers was knocked down with a thump. Nicole looked down at her friend and apologized again offering a hand to help her up. Linda took the hand and pulled her down on top of her instead. Nicole landed straddling her friend their faces inches apart. She figured it was now or never and leaned in kissing Linda deep on the lips. Linda’s lips parted and her tongue licked Nicole’s lips. The two of them kissed deeply for almost a minute and then Linda pulled back and said, “It’s about time. I was beginning to think you didn’t find me attractive.”

Nicole nibbled on Linda’s neck and said, “No I just didn’t want to ruin what we have.”

Linda trabzon escort bayan basked in the attention of her friend and said, “I’ve wanted you for months. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

The two of them walked to the bedroom and barely made it to the bed. Nicole pulled off Linda’s shirt and started caressing Linda’s breasts. Kissing and licking around them ignoring the nipples as she played with first one and then the other. Linda’s breathing was becoming deeper as her hands roamed over Nicole’s body. After a minute she pulled out Nicole’s shirt and with a tug pulled it over her head. Nicole’s lacy bra showed what her intentions had been. Nicole rubbed her leg between Linda’s thighs and she started sucking on Linda’s left nipple. Linda sucked in her breath and then moaned loudly. Nicole’s tongue played back and forth over the tip of the nipple as her hands unbuttoned Linda’s pants. Linda arched her hips to let Nicole pull the pants down. Nicole started kissing her way down her friend’s body. She rubbed a hand over Linda’s pussy through her panties. Linda’s breathing became more labored as Nicole rubbed faster.

“Cum in your panties for me.” Nicole said.

Linda’s breath caught and her hips thrust up as if on command with the words. Nicole started sucking Linda’s right nipple as her fingers slid around the panties and penetrated her friend’s pussy. It only took about a half a dozen strokes until Linda escort trabzon came hard. A wetspot growing in the crotch of her panties. Nicole pulled out her sticky fingers and put them into Linda’s mouth. Linda sucked them clean and then she said, “Now your turn.”

She pushed her friend back onto the bed. She quickly pulled her shirt over her head just about ripping it in her lust driven rush. She sucked on a large breast as her hands fumbled with the buttons on Nicole’s pants. Nicole reached down and helped undo the buttons and raising her hips she pulled down her pants. Linda grabbed her underwear and yanked them down revealing her shaved pussy. The full lips already moist. Linda put her mouth over Nicole’s crotch and started licking up and down Nicole’s pussy. Linda’s hands roaming along Nicole’s legs. Nicole moaned and shuddered as the pleasure started to build. Linda reached up and pulled Nicole’s pussy lips apart and started licking her pussy. In a throaty whisper Nicole said, “Yes. Please more don’t stop.”

Linda licked deeper and wondered why they hadn’t done this before now. A finger found Nicole’s clit and played with it as she licked. Then she moved so her mouth was over her clit licking it and sucking on it. Linda slid two fingers into Nicole’s pussy and found the rough skin that marked her g-spot. Nicole screamed out in pleasure as Linda licked her clit and fingered her g-spot. The climax crashed over her and she squirted. Each thrust of Linda’s fingers causing Nicole to cum again. After three or four Nicole reached down and pulled her friend’s hand away afraid that the next climax would be too much. The two of them lay on the bed in a tangled heap as they caught their breath. Linda crawled up and the two of them fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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