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Part 3. If you haven’t read the first one you should do that and learn how the cuckolding began. People keep asking for more so here it is, the second night…


Work that day was long and painful. Every step was a gentle reminder of the pounding Abe had given me the previous night. Every time I sat down was excruciating as my ass never seemed to fully close and the sore inside always seemed to come into contact with the seat. To make it slightly worse, the cum residue had left my ass sticky and this pulled the tender skin abruptly every time I stood up. Even more embarrassing though, was that my breakfast seemed to have left a strange taste in my mouth all day, no matter how many times I swilled it out in the bathroom I couldn’t shift the sticky salty texture covering my mouth. Whatever it was, my workmates seemed to think something was off, I caught them giggling on several occasions while I spoke to them, but they said it was nothing.

The day had been made worse by terrible traffic on the motorway home which made the trip far longer, finally I dragged myself through the door at around 8 pm and just wanted to collapse in my bed. Stepping through the door I could hear loud music playing from the lounge teamed with a rhythmic beat. Dropping off my coat I made my way there and couldn’t believe what I encountered.

The first thing I noticed was my wife, wearing nothing but some stockings, sitting with her legs off of the front of the sofa but not touching the ground. Only having seen her nude body a handful of times in our relationship and never touching it I was instantly hard. Her beautiful face looked so sexy covered in a light sheen of sweat and her perfectly formed pert tits seemed to be begging for a hand to squeeze them. Her flat stomach which was beginning to show a 6 pack led my eyes now to her sex. Her freshly shaved pussy shone and would have been the image of perfection if I didn’t now notice that its cute little lips were splayed wide open. A veined cock bigger than Abe’s was fully impaled in it, its large balls looked as big as ping pong balls, rested gently on her pussy lips.

Now looking back to her face I could see she was lost in absolute pleasure and coming out my daydream I could see her bosses face grinning over her shoulder. Although I had known she was fucking him, it was like a fresh kick to the gut to finally see my drop-dead gorgeous wife, with her amazing body impaled on another man. A man who had a cock like a beer can, ensuring that no matter what happened in the future I’d been forever robbed of feeling her sacred passage tight and untainted by another man.

“Your wife’s pussy is so tight!” he moaned gleefully as he slowly started to move his cock inside my wife again. “Fuck, I’m gonna tear this beauty up!”

“Yes. Yes. Stretch my small pussy out,” my wife replied in ragged breaths, her mind in ecstasy.

I stood there not moving for a moment, my rock hard cock betraying me. Just as I was about to speak her boss sank back into her to the hilt and she hissed as she spoke, “Fuck, fuck, fuck. He’s so big. Dear, I bet you couldn’t even feel the sides anymore if I ever let you in me!”

Self conscious and jealous I turned to leave as she continued, “Hey! Come down here and see what he’s doing to me, hubby!”

I really didn’t want to see any closer what he güvenilir bahis was doing to my wife but I had to admit that I was excited to finally get close to my wife’s forbidden pussy and besides I knew that it was an order, not a question.

Slowly approaching I finally stood in front of them, they were both on the sofa, my wife in front of him with her back to his stomach, skewed deeply on his cock which had begun plunging in and out of her again, eliciting moans each time. Then she opened her eyes and looked at me as if awaiting a response.

“Er, yes dear, looks like he… Er is treating you really good.”

“No! You can’t see from there, get your face right in it!”

Kneeling down I was now only inches from their fucking. I could smell his musky cock and her sweet cum mixed in the air. The incessant slapping of his balls on her pussy was deafening and only now could I see how tightly her hot pussy clung to his cock on each thrust. Being stretched out over and over again.

Now she stopped bouncing on him for a moment, “You fucking idiot, I said look closely!” and with that she grabbed my face by the ears and pulled it hard straight into where his cock was entering her body. Instantly I was overwhelmed with the thick smell of sex and couldn’t breath as she pulled my face harder and harder against his cock and her pussy. As she pulled on my head harder, their cum mixture dripped over my face and he fucked her mercilessly, his balls now smacking me in the chin and nose. I felt so humiliated but so turned on at the same time, I could take anything to see her perfect pussy so close up.

My head started to go light from lack of air until I was about to pass out, finally she released my head making me fall backwards. Her mesmerising pussy was now far away again and the humiliation hit me, she had just pushed my face into the cock she was cheating on me with. As I laid there in a daze not sure whether to cry she spoke and I couldn’t believe what I thought I heard. I was sure she had just said something about “my turn.”

Blinking to clear my head I listened as she repeated it angrily, “Oi cock slut, I said are you ready for a go!?”

Instantly I forgot about the humiliation and jumped back to my feet. Fuck yes did I want a go, was she really going to let me have a turn with her pussy!? A chance to lose my virginity to my beautiful wife? Who cares if others had gotten there first, I always knew she was the girl for me and wouldn’t leave me without sexforever!

My cock was as hard as ever as I stood in front of my wife, sex was going round in my head now, my god what would her pussy feel like?!

But her boss didn’t stop fucking her and after a few seconds she opened her eyes and suddenly smiled, “No dear not with me! I wouldn’t even be able to feel your tiny dick!” Pausing for a moment she pointed behind me. Confused, I turned around and saw who she meant, it was Abe…

Suddenly fear filled me again, no not Abe!

“Hey my old slut,” he said in a kind but mocking tone while rubbing one of his hands through my hair. “You didn’t forget about our date did you?”

Standing there dumbfounded and too scared to move Abe spoke again, “What’s this shit you’re wearing.” Suddenly he tore my black work polo shirt in half from the collar so that it fell off of me as he continued, “This fucking güvenilir bahis siteleri crap that you greet me in, no wonder your wife moved on to someone who knows how to dress for a date. Tomorrow we’re going shopping. You’ll buy what I tell you. We’ll buy you some cute thongs and dresses for our dates. I want my slut looking cute, not like she’s been dragged through a hedge in his work gear.”

Speechless I was lost in thought, my god I can’t wear girly things? What will people say? What the fuck am I going to wear tomorrow now that he’s wrecked my work gear? Opening my mouth to speak he wagged his finger, “Nope, that mouth should only open for cock, not words. I guess you’re more eager that I thought for my meat again.”

As he finished he dropped this he dropped his shorts and grabbed my head guiding it towards his massive cock. I struggled but it was no use and within seconds his cock was forcing its way down the back of my throat, his matted public hair tickling my nose. Instantly choking he took no notice and continued to ream my throat with his long cock. As his balls bounced on to my chin over and over again I could feel his pre-cum leaking down my throat, no way to stop it from coating and tainting my insides. He pulled out before instantly lurching back down my throat and after a few minutes I was in a daze from it all . Just then my wife spoke up who I’d forgotten all about, “Yes Abe, look at my sissy hubby’s hard cock. He fucking loves it. Yes choke him with your thick cock!”

Glancing down I could see she was correct, I was so hard but I didn’t know why, I hated this! Didn’t I?

Either way the non-stop fucking continued until tears dripped down my face, my jaw ached and my throat was red raw. Finally he pulled out and didn’t plunge straight back in, slowly bringing me back to my senses. I hadn’t noticed when but the slapping sound of my wife and her boss had finally stopped. Looking back she was collapsed back on her boss, his massive cock had slid out and now rested against her clit as thick white cum began to leak from her gaping pussy.

Suddenly a slap came out of nowhere and stung hard against my cheek, “Oi cocksucker, it’s my turn now. Show me your ass and spread your cheeks slut!”

Terror filled me. No not my poor ass. It hadn’t recovered from its destruction yesterday. It’d never recover! I turned towards him tears in my eyes, “Please sir. No please. I’ll suck your cock. Please don’t fuck me ass.”

He laughed and replied gleefully, “Oh you little cum slut you just wanna swallow my cum don’t you! Don’t worry I’ll pull out and flood your stomach with it before I’m done.”

Just as he began manhandling me to turn around against my will my wife spoke up, “Look dear. I do feel bad that your boyfriend is going to destroy your ass again. But as his pretty girl you don’t have a choice and struggling is very rude. However, because I care about you I’ll do you a deal. I’ll put up with you placing your pathetic little clit inside me at the same time if you do as he says.”

Once again I froze, the thought of Abe fucking me made me terrified, but I couldn’t stop him anyway so trading it for a go in my wife’s pussy was hardly a question. I jumped at the chance, nodding enthusiastically at my wife.

She rolled off of her boss and let her legs fall off the side of the sofa iddaa siteleri before talking seductively, “Come and fuck me then hubby, show me what you can do.”

I almost came on the spot as I approached her and within seconds had plunged my cock into her. As my balls rested on her pussy I couldn’t feel much. But as I slowly moved in and out I began to feel her pussy loosely move around me and I let out a moan. “Thank you dear, thank you so much. You feel amazing. I’ll show you that I can make you cum.”

At this she couldn’t contain her laughter anymore, “Er, dear. I can’t feel anything. I think that you’re just fucking the lake of sperm that my boss left in me!”

Moving my cock around in her I soon found the walls of her pussy; my god she was so stretched out and full of spunk that I was just moving my cock round in a puddle of cum. I began vigorously moving in and out, trying to make her moan just once like her boss had on every thrust. Harder and harder I pushed, and as I did more and more of her bosses hot cum leaked over my cock and balls. My face went red at the thought but I carried on determined until suddenly my ass erupted in pain, as if a campfire had been lit inside it.

Instinctively reaching back I grabbed a hold of Abe’s balls, a good few inches from my ass but connected to his rock hard cock that had suddenly impaled itself in me as I had tried to fuck my wife. Tensing up in pain I tried to carry on but the pain was so much that after only a few seconds my cock began to go limp. Cheeks burning red with embarrassment I tried to get it hard again with my hand but the pain of Abe’s massive meat in my ass was too much and soon my dick had shrivelled up to less than an inch.

All three of them burst out laughing as my cock, covered in her bosses cum now sat limply at her entrance as Abe started to push deeper into me. My wife spoke as she pushed me back and stood up, “Oh well dear, maybe next time. Well I’m ready for another go with a real cock so I’ll leave you and Abe to your romantic night.”

In pushing me back she had forced another inch of Abe’s red hot cock into my screaming ass and the pain was now too much to speak. Abe now began fucking me harder and as he did my vision darkened and I was lost in my thoughts. How did I get tricked into this again? Why couldn’t she have cleaned her pussy before inviting me in? My wife has now seen me take a cock in my ass, is there anyway back now? Will Abe really make me buy girly clothes tomorrow?

I lost track of time but zoned back in just as Abe slapped me hard on the back of the head and yelled, “Yes I’m cumming you little slut!”

I felt his hot cum spurt and fill my tender ass before he pulled out and 5…6… no 7 more massive spurts of spunk covered my back and hair. I looked back through teary eyes to see him picking up my tattered work clothes and cleaning his cock in them. My ass sweat, what he had picked up from inside my ass and any left over cum was spread all over them before he threw them into a heap and pulled his trousers back up.

“Thanks for the fuck cum dump!” he shouted back, “Fuck work, I’ll be over at 9 and I expect you cleaned up and ready for a day of shopping. Bring your credit card or I’ll sell your ass instead to get us some spending money.”

As he left I just collapsed, my head fell into the spunk that had dripped from my wife, my cock and balls were covered in her bosses cum and the cum on my back and hair slowly went crusty.


If you like where this story is heading, let me know and I’ll bring out the next chapter soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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