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Chapter 12: Tom and Dave’s weekend

I knew my wife and Sharon would be fucking before we lifted off the ground. Just the way they were loving on each other and the fact they were naked before we left. Tom and I sat silent for a moment then as we flew over the house both of us started laughing. It was only a 30 minute flight and we were soon landing at the bed and breakfast. Sandy was right there to meet us. By the time we were inside Tina was walking in the front door.

Tina has calmed down a lot from our first time together but is still outspoken. Her first words were, “So which one do I get?”

Tom already had his arm around Sandy so I put my arm around Tina and said, “Let’s get out of here and go to your place and you can have us both.”

As small as she is she jumped in my arms and kissed me saying, “God I’ve been looking forward to this weekend.” She picked up her legs and I carried her to the car since she told Sandy to drive. We kissed the whole way and with her short skirt I’m sure her panties were on display to anyone who cared to look, if she was wearing panties. At this point I didn’t know.

When I sat her down and she slid in the back seat I found out it was not her panties on display. Her skirt was around her waist and her nice pussy was in full view. As I got in the car she just opened her legs wide and shoved my hand into her pussy. Tom and Sandy hadn’t even gotten in the car yet and I had two fingers deep in Tina’s sweet pussy.

When Tom and Sandy got in front Tom said, “I thought she had calmed down some.”

Sandy laughed and said, “She has but since I told her about this weekend she has been on sexual overload. John and Dale both had to fuck her just to get her calmed down enough to come meet you. That was three hours ago. She’s had time to recharge since then. I just hope I can get in on some of the action this weekend.”

Tom ran his hand up her leg to her pussy which also didn’t have panties and said, “I don’t think that will be a problem at all.”

Sandy pulled off the road in a wooded area and took Tom’s cock out right there and sucked him off. Tina was doing the same to me. I thought our wives were ready to fuck when we left. Tom and I looked at each other in disbelief then smiled and fill the ladies mouths with our pent up sperm. Since we all knew our partners were already doing it, this was just something we all needed and it wouldn’t wait.

Once the girls had drained us we were all able to take the drive. We found out that we were not going to either of their houses but to two remote cabins that were close together. The concept excited me and I guess I had been claimed by Tina for the night which was fine by me. Sandy pulled off the road and it was still some drive back to the cabins. Sandy parked between the two cabins and it was totally wooded all around. My first thought was, “This is Sharon’s fantasy right here.”

Sandy popped the trunk as she got out and told us to make ourselves useful and bring in the food. Tom had walked around to Sandy’s side of the car and said, “I thought we were here for another use.”

She threw her arms around Tom and was finally able to give him a good kiss and said, “There’ll be plenty of that you can be sure.”

Tom and I went to get the boxes and follow the girls into one of the cabins. Tom said, “Can you believe this?”

We had just gotten to the door and I said, “Can you believe that?” Tom looked and both girls were stark naked waiting for us,

We brought the food in and Tina and Sandy started putting it away. Tom and I wasted no time getting out of our clothes as well. The cabins were not that small. Each had a kitchen and bed room with a fire place in the living room. That will come in handy tonight as there will be a bit of a chill in the air.

Once Tom and I were naked and the food put away Tina came over and took my hand and said she was going to show me around. Sandy led Tom and surprisingly they took us in different directions. Just over an hour ago I was kissing my wife goodbye as some man was groping her and now I’m alone in the woods with a very sexy and beautiful woman that I know I can have any time I want her. That time was coming fast. Tina was now holding my hand around her waist and was holding my cock with the other as we walked.

We came to a mossy clearing and Tina turned in my arms and looked up at me asking, “Have you ever fucked in the woods in the open before?” I just shook my head and she came closer and asked, “Would you like to, right now?” She was on her knees with my cock in her mouth. What was I going to say, no? I lay her back on the moss and she opened her legs wide for my. Her pussy was so inviting I couldn’t help but slide my hard cock into her. Her legs and arms locked around me and I started pumping in and out of her hot wet pussy. Even though I had cum in the car not long ago her pussy felt so good I couldn’t last long but she was screaming her own orgasm as I filled her sweet little bahis siteleri pussy.

The moss felt cool on my back in contrast to Tina’s body laying hot across my chest. We just lay there for a while holding each other and kissing. I was laying there looking at the sky through the trees and running my hands all over Tina’s cute little body. It was so quiet and peaceful out there just the two of us alone in the woods.

I was getting lost in Sharon’s fantasy when I heard Sandy say, “You two didn’t make it very far, at lest Tom and I made it to the lake.”

I half sat up looking around saying, “There’s a lake here?”

Tina grabbed my cock and shook it. Then she smiled and asked, “Want to go and see it?” She stood and put down her hand for me. As I was getting up Sandy was sitting down pulling Tom with her.

Sandy was rolling over on top of Tom as Tina put her arm around me leading me down the path. I heard Sandy said, “Enjoy the beach while we check things out here.” I just waved over my back as Tina and I headed for the lake.

It was about a 15 minute walk to the edge of the lake. There wasn’t much of a beach only about 10′ then grass for about another 20′ before the woods started. There was a dock and a boat house. I lay down on the grass and Tina lay with me but her head was at my cock and her pussy was by my head. We talked as we stroked each other. Then the stroking turned to playing and soon Tina rolled on top of me and the playing turned to eating. For such a tiny woman she can take just about any cock in her mouth and in her pussy. She was doing wonderful things to my cock and her pussy tasted so sweet. It wasn’t long and Tina was humping my face with her pussy and bobbing at the same pace on my cock. When my cock exploded in her mouth her juice came flooding into my mouth.

The sun was just setting over the lake. Tina was sitting between my legs laying back on my chest. I had my arms around her holding her big tits. We sat there without saying a word as we watched the sun set. Finally Tina said we should head back as it was getting dark. When we got to the cabins Sandy and Tom had the grill going and dinner was almost ready. I took a beer from the cooler and sat next to Tom watching these two beautiful women. Tom and I clinked out beers together and he said, “Life is good.” I couldn’t have agreed more.

Sharon came over and bent over and Tom and I just automatically took one of her tits. She kissed Tom then me and said, “Why don’t you two go start a fire in the cabins and we’ll bring in your dinner.” Tom and I smiled at each other being asked to do this manly thing. He went to one cabin and I went to the other. The fire was all set up all we had to do was set a match to it. Soon there was a nice fire going as the air was getting chilly.

The fire was going and I sat there watching it. Tina walked in with a plate and two beers. She handed me the beers and I popped them open. Tina sat between my legs with hers over mine so she was facing me. The plate was for both of us. She would feed me as she ate from the same plate. I thought this was very intimate. My cock was almost at her pussy she was sitting so close. We ate, we drank and we played with each other. Her tits were right there, her pussy was right there and my cock was now so hard it was touching the hair around her pussy. She would reach down and stroke me and I would do the same to her. I have never had a more exciting meal in my life.

I don’t think we even finished the meal when we put the beers and plate on the hearth, I just pushed Tina back and fucked her right there on the floor in front of the fireplace. I had my hands and mouth all over her wonderful tits and my cock going in and out of her sweet wet pussy. She sounded like she started cuming as soon as I was in her. She kept moaning, “YES …….. YES………OH GOD YES …….. FUCK ME…….. FUCK ME NOW……… FIL ME……….YES …. YES…..NOW!” Very soon I was doing just as she asked and filled her pussy with every ounce I had in me. It had been such a beautiful evening I wanted to give her all I had and more.

As we were coming down I looked at this tiny little body laying next to me in the fire light. Everyone I know just loves to play with this body as much as they can and now it is laying right here next to me and it is all mine. I watch her big tits rise and fall as her breathing comes back to normal. Then she bats those beautiful eyes at me and says, “I know your wife is closer to Sandy than to me but when I think about the four of you the one I think about most is you. I’ve wanted this time alone with you ever since I first stepped out of the car that first day and saw you.”

Her voice was so sweet and low, almost a whisper. All I could do was to pull her to me and kiss her tender lips. I pulled back to look at her and said, “Why do you think I was all set to eat your beautiful shaved pussy five minutes after we met. I couldn’t wait to get to you.”

She pulled me to canlı bahis siteleri her and we kissed and she rolled me over on top of her again. My cock was already hard again and it slipped into her so easily. For the longest time we just stayed there with my cock deep in her pussy kissing. Slowly I started moving in and out of her. Her hips were moving slowly up to meet mine. We kept moving very slowly never breaking the kiss. Just in and out, in and out. Finally she broke the kiss and wrapped her legs tightly around me and pulled me deep inside her and screamed, ” YES NOW!” A couple quick strokes and I was pumping yet another large load into her beautiful pussy.

She lay on the floor totally spent. I put a couple more logs on the fire got a blanket and covered us there on the floor. I thought we would just cuddle up and go to sleep but she seemed to have a lot built up in her that she wanted to share with me. I didn’t mind at all, just watching her lips move and hearing her voice was music. I found there was a lot of things I felt for her that I had never let come to the surface. I’ve watched her go through many stages and many changes but there was always something about her. We talked for hours, kissing and petting and stroking. The last thing she said to me before we kissed and fell asleep was, “I know I’ll be with Tom this weekend and you’ll spend time with Sandy but I want you to know I’ll always be thinking of you. I love my husband John more than anything in my life but next to him I love you too. With everyone else it is just sex, very good sex, but with you it is more.” She kissed me deeply and put her fingers to my lips so I could not answer her. She pulled my head into her warm big tits and we finally went to sleep. The only reason I could just cuddle up to her and fall asleep is that I loved her too and it felt so good in her arms.

In the morning I heard a noise and woke up but didn’t move only opening my eyes. The fire was almost gone, the sun was coming through the window and I was still holding Tina tightly. I heard Sandy say, “They look so cute together. Should we wake them?”

I was hoping they would just go and leave us for a while but not Tom. I know he enjoyed Sandy last night she is great in bed but I know he just couldn’t wait to get his hands on my Tina. Just as he jumped on us waking Tina with a start I thought to myself, “My Tina?” The thought was soon lost as the two of them were all over Tina and I making us join the day and leave our little world together behind.

Sandy was sitting on my morning hardon I was hoping to give Tina. Tom was over Tina with one of her big tits in each hand. Tina and I looked at each other and she winked and went back to playing with Tom. Sandy and I were playing too. She was rubbing her wet pussy up and down my cock. I was just ready to shove my cock into her when she jumped up and put her hand down to Tina and said, “Let’s go get breakfast started. We have the whole weekend to fuck around.”

Tom sat with his back on the hearth and said, “I’d like to spend some time with Tina this morning.”

I laughed and slapped his leg saying, “I knew you couldn’t wait to get your hands on Tina’s little body.”

He caught my hand and looked me right in the eye and said, “I’m trying to keep my hands off Sandy’s body.”

I could see the concern in his face and asked, “Didn’t you two have a good time last night?”

I had never seen Tom look like this. I actually thought he was going to cry. He took a deep breath and got his composure back. He let go of my hand and smiled at me and said, “This has been some year hasn’t it?” He didn’t wait for an answer but said, “We’ve had some great sex with some very beautiful women but last night …………. Well Sandy and I …………. Other than Sharon I have never made love to anyone except your wife Lynn. Last night Sandy and I did a lot more than just have sex ………. we made love ……… several times …………. For the first time I feel like I’m …..”

I knew where he was coming from now since Tina and I did the same. I tried to help saying, “But they are up here and we are down there, it’s not like you could just………..” Tom looked at me and it hit me that we just did. 30 minutes and we were here. He could just pop up here for a quickie unlike the rest of us. I thought it was time to come clean. I sat next to him and said, “I know where you are coming from, Tina and I, well things were not much different here last night.”

Tom looked at me with a smile and asked , “You don’t think our wives put them up to this do you?”

I smiled back and said, “I guess they could have but if they did Tina should get the Oscar.” Then I turned my head away and finished, “but that doesn’t explain how we feel.”

The girls were over in the kitchen and couldn’t hear our little talk but were now calling us for breakfast. Tom and I looked at each other and decided it was time to get everything out in the open. As we walked canlı bahis into the kitchen Tom boldly asked, “Girls, we have something to ask you. It seems that last night was very intense for all of us and I just want to know if Sharon and Lynn put you up to it?”

They both looked like they had been caught naked in the middle of the mall. They both slowly sat down and Sandy started, Well, yes ……. and no.”

Now Tom and I took our seats and asked, “What do you mean yes and no?”

Tina took my hands and started, “When Lynn and Sandy were setting this up they talked about doing something like this but I think it was just a joke. Then Sandy was telling me about it and I admitted that I wouldn’t have to act with you, Dave”

Sandy jumped in and said, “Tina caught me off guard but I had to say that I had strong feelings for you too Tom. Last night may have started out as a joke but it was very real for Tina and I and we are both feeling very guilty about it.”

Everyone was still for what seemed like forever. Tom stood up and walked over to Sandy. He took her head and pulled in to him holding her. She was ready to cry when Tom said, Well this puts a whole new light on this weekend. I must say that I want to spend some time with Tina. I mean look at that body everyone wants to spend time with Tina.” Then he got down level with Sandy and held her head looking in her eyes and said, “But most of the weekend I want to spend with you and see just what this is.” Sandy pulled him into her and kissed him.

I looked at Tina and said, “When Sharon and I spent time alone we found we loved each other and Ursula and I have a special kind of love for each other. Lynn and Sharon are still the most important thing to us but Tom and I have learned we can have love for other people as well and so can our wives. It doesn’t change how we feel about each other it just opens up a whole new world for both of us.”

Tina jumped up and came running over and sat on my lap facing me. Her pussy was rubbing my hard cock and she kissed me hard and deep and whispered in my ear, “I love you Dave.” She raised up and pushed my cock into her pussy and sat back down on it. She and I were fucking right there at the table. I looked over and Sandy and Tom were just staring at us. I winked at Sandy and soon she had Tom’s cock deep in her pussy as well.

Breakfast was cold and we had to throw it out and start over but now Tina and I were playing and working as a team and so were Tom and Sandy. This was going to be a wild weekend. Most of the day the four of us were together even though we had paired off. Tom got his time with Tina and I had my time with Sandy but mostly we were as couples, Tina and I, and Sandy and Tom. Late that afternoon Tina and I wondered off together. We were again on that moss where we first fucked this weekend.

Tina lay down and pulled me to her. She said, “A lot has happened since we were here only 24 hours ago.”

I lay down next to her and not on top of her. Her body just draws your hands, and everything else, to it. I was stroking her and looked into her eyes. I said, “Yes, yes is has and I couldn’t be happier.” I kissed her and the kiss was getting hotter and hotter and soon I was sliding into her again. Her pussy was every bit as good as it was that first time yesterday, if anything it was even better than it ever was. Her arms were around my neck and her legs were gripping tightly around my waist. Her hips were coming up to meet me stroke for stroke and she said, “Fuck me Dave. Fuck me like you love me!”

I whispered in her ear. “I’ll never be able to fuck you any other way.” With that she exploded and flooded my cock which sent me over the edge and I filled her as she bathed me. We both fell limp back on the moss. We were laying there facing each other talking and petting when it suddenly got dark. I looked up and there were dark clouds over us. It started to sprinkle and we jumped up. We ran back to the cabin and it was pouring by the time we got there. Tom and Sharon came screaming in the door right behind us.

Tina got some towels and we dried each other. We were all laughing and playing as we dried each other. Sandy kicked on all the burners on the stove and Tom and I started a fire. We all cuddled in blankets until the cabin started to warm up. No one even considered getting dressed as a way to stay warm. It didn’t take long for the cabin to warm up and Tina and Sandy said they would fix dinner. Tom and I made sure we had enough wood for the night.

Soon we didn’t need the blankets and lay them on the floor. Dinner was ready and with all four of us there it was not as intimate as the night before but was very loving. Tina took the plates into the kitchen and as she was coming back Tom said, “With all the rain we should all just stay here tonight if that was ok with everyone.”

Tina came over and took my hand and reached for Tom’s. He came over beside her and her hands went to our cocks, she looked at Sandy and said, “It’s more than alright. Sandy and I were wondering how we could get both of you at the same time. Sandy and I both want it and the rain seems to be just the perfect reason for us all to spend the night fucking each other.”

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