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**Disclaimer** The events that unfold in this article have not occurred in my life. I don’t know if they ever will.

Am I bi-sexual? This is a question I have long wondered. I have had some serious fantasies and even more vivid dreams from time to time about having various forms of sex with other men. Sometimes the dreams occur after having read and self- pleasured myself some of the Gay Male stories in .com. But not always. This is a continuing tale of how I could eventually find myself in a situation to find out.

Feel free to let me know whether or not you like it or not. I would also welcome any constructive comments.**

After getting back from Minnesota where I had one of the wildest and most exciting experiences of my 40 year old life, I tried to settle back in. I couldn’t stop thinking about my first experience with another man. I decided that I liked it and wanted to do it again. I also decided that I still loved women and having sex with them. Well, one in particular anyway. My lovely wife. To others she may to seem very lovely or beautiful, but to me, to me she was as beautiful as any model tries to be. I love her body. Sure, like me she could stand to lose a few pounds, but for me, that didn’t take anything away from her. She would always be a beautiful woman to me.

That brings up another point. A very BIG point as a matter of fact. She and I have a total honesty policy between the two of us. We tell each other everything. So, I was in a dilemma here. Do I be honest about even this? Hmmm. After thinking about it for quite awhile, I decided I had to. If I couldn’t be honest with her about this, then what could I be honest with her about. Our relationship was an ALL-In kind of thing.

So, I told her. I won’t bore you with how it all went down. It didn’t go well at all though. I will tell you that much. She wanted to know if I felt that she couldn’t satisfy my needs sexually. Which, I guess she can’t fulfill this particular need very well at all can she. We have tried many forms of anal sex. Mostly her on me. She doesn’t care for receiving it too much. But she has given me rim jobs as well as used various sizes and styles of dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators in my ass. In hindsight, she and I both should have known I had this kind of streak in me. I had even suggested a few times that she get a strap-on and fuck me with it, but she never really seemed interested in that.

In the end we decided to separate for awhile to see how things go. I got my own place. One thing I have discovered before is that when you come out of a marriage your income doubles and sometimes triples. So, I began upgrading my computer systems. I got a better notebook. I also got a better entertainment center. I even went ahead and got me a Mac which I had been wanting. My final purchase was a new car. At this point I decided I had enough “stuff” and I concentrated on building my AV business up.

I bought some audio gear that I could hook up to my notebook that would enable me to get a better audio signal input to it. I also bought an input device so that I could acquire component video signals into my notebook. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a total gadget geek head.

Finally, I started saving up for various pieces of video and audio equipment so that I could offer those up for rental to various AV companies and therefore increase my clientele and pay rate. I won’t go thru that list, but it ended up being very, very expensive.

Now before all that happened, I got another call from the owner of that AV company I worked for about three weeks after the show I did with Lee. He said that heard good things about me and that the client was very, very pleased with how I handled things at the hotel. He also mentioned that he had another event that started the very next Friday and asked if I would be available to come work it. I took a look at my calendar and sure enough, I was free for the time period he was asking. So, I let him know I could do it and send me an email about it.

I got the email within an hour with all of the pertinent info. It also told me that I would be receiving a packet overnighted to me with the ticket, per diem, etc in it. I replied and informed him I was ready for it.

The next day I got the package bright and early. Too dang early if you ask me. I was awakened at 8:30am after having worked a late night event. Oh well, par for the course eh. I opened up the package and began looking thru what all was there. Plane ticket and schedule, per diem, various event information and a trip itinerary. I noticed right away that I had another room mate for this event. That really pissed me off. I like having my own room. After having calmed down and thought about it tho, I wondered if maybe Lee was going to be my roomie again. The very thought of it made my pants get a little tight. I looked again a little more closely, but it didn’t mention who it would be. Hmmm..

Well, I had a ton of things I had to do to get ready for this. Drycleaners, little sundry items bahis şirketleri to purchase, get bills in order, etc. I was going to be flying into sunny San Diego and I wanted to have the right clothing available.

On the day I left, everything was going great. I got thru security pretty fast (you frequent travelers know how good that can be), the flight went well and we landed in one piece which is always a big bonus to me. I took a shuttle from the airport to the hotel which was the Sheraton Suites San Diego hotel. Huge place. I hadn’t stayed here before and I was looking forward to it. It had lots of amenities (most of the good hotels nowadays do) including free wireless access. Yall know what that means. I didn’t have to miss a single day of new .com stories. Little did I know that once again I would be enjoying the opportunity to write my own story.

I got into the room first and after unpacking I decided to have my shower. I felt kinda grimy from the flight. So, I got my underwear, a t-shirt, and my blue gym shorts together. Putting my stuff on the counter, I brushed my teeth, took a close look at my hair to decide whether or not it too needed washing and got undressed. The shower was a pretty large shower that was enclosed by see-thru glass.

So, I did all the things that people do while in the shower and pretty much just like I have described before. I felt pretty horny, but I figured that I would be able to take care of that sometime later. At one point I felt cold air float across my naked wet body. By the time I was able to get the soap out of my eyes and look I still couldn’t see anything. Without my glasses on I couldn’t tell if the door were open or not (I know I had closed it though).

After getting done, I shut the water off and began toweling off. Once the water had finished its drip drip drip sounds, I heard noises from the room. I wrapped the towel around my waist (it was small and didn’t quite go around) and headed to the door where I stuck my head out to see. Once again, without my glasses all I could tell was that there was a guy in my room.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hi” he replied.

“Guess you are my roommate for the duration eh?” I asked.

“Yup, I’m it.” he replied.

Sensing that nothing more was forthcoming I said, “Ok”. Then I went back to drying off and getting dressed. When I finally came out and my glasses had a chance to de-fog, I realized that it was Sam, the owner of the AV company in my/our room. I was thinking, “Wow, how often is it that the owner deigns to sleep in the same presence as his techs.” I sat down at the workstation desk and began unlimbering my notebook and all it’s accessories and cables and whatnot. He sat down with me.

He said, “I’m glad that we have a chance to go over some of what I expect of you on this show. Last time I had you coordinating the breakout rooms at the hotel and you did an excellent job. This time I want to move you over to the convention center. We have 50 breakout rooms and plus several small ancillary meetings going on that you will be in charge of. One of the reasons that I had you come out 3 days earlier than anyone else is so that you and I can go do site surveys and have production meetings with the client.”

I replied, “Hmmm, ok. That sounds pretty straightforward. Would you happen to have the paperwork together so I can get a rough outline on each rooms requirements?”

He reached over to his briefcase, dug around in it and pulled out a folder. He said, “I already anticipated that you would want these”. He put his hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eye and said, “If you have questions at all, feel free to ask me anytime.”

Anxious to get started, I told him that I didn’t have any questions, but thanks for trusting me in such a crucial role. He just nodded and said that he was going to go have a shower too.

So, while he was in the shower I was going over the paperwork and making some notes and a list of questions to ask. Some of which got answered as I went deeper and deeper into the paperwork. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I never heard the shower stop or him walk out into the room. All of a sudden I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up and there he was, standing there watching me and it appeared that all he had on was his towel. I instantly felt a little flustered. He was in pretty dang good shape. I was fast realizing ever since the incidents with Lee that I needed to get into better shape if I wanted to continue in the bi-sexual lifestyle.

I’ll never forget what happened next. He walked over to the table and said, “Lee tells me that you’re a great cocksucker. Let’s see what you can do with this.” With that, he dropped his towel and plopped his cock up on the table.

It looked huge. I figured out later that when it was hard it was about 10 and a 1/2 inches. Unlike me, he was circumsised and had a nice trim patch of curly brown pubic hair but it looked like his balls were shaven. Right then and there, while soft, it looked bahis firmaları like it was about 7 inches long. I don’t know how long I sat there just looking at his cock before he said, “Well, aren’t you gonna suck it?”

I looked up him with confusion written all over me. I never expected this for some reason. I looked back down. It was a nice looking cock. Just like many I had pictured in my mind when I fantasized about this. Sometimes I like to go and look at the Men Seeking Men personals because some of them have pictures and let me tell you, they can be some delicious hunks of meat. His cock reminded me of some of those.

He came around the table, his cock just kind of bobbing along. He put it near my mouth and kind of thrust it towards me. In what I later realized was an automatic reaction, I opened my mouth and filled it with his cock. He tasted good and clean too. It felt good in my mouth. I began bobbing my head up and down on his cock slowly. Swirling my tongue all around. At first all I could get in was about 4 inches or so. Before he got fully hard I was able to get more in. Once he got too hard to go in, I could only get about 5 or 6 inches in.

After it had gotten to its full size, I took it out of my mouth and examined it. It was a HUGE shaft. His balls looked like low hanging juice filled fruit below. I just went cock crazy. I began rubbing his shaft all over my face and using my tongue on his balls. I alternated that with plunging it as deep into my mouth as I could get it. Evidently, going by his moans and groans, he really was enjoying my mouth and tongue. At this point I was still sitting in that chair and sucking his cock.

He pulled me up and had me lay on the bed with my head hanging off the edge. The he told me he was going to teach me about deep-throating him. He said, “When my cock hits the back of your throat, just try and relax your throat muscles. It won’t be comfortable at first, but once you get the hang of it you will be good to go.”

He began inserting his cock into my mouth slowly feeding it in until he met my throat resistance. Then he told me now was the time to relax. He kept going at it slowly until he made it past my gag reflexes. Pretty soon he was literally face fucking me. His big balls were hitting me in the forehead. AT rare moments of lucidness I just could not believe that here I was getting my face and throat fucked like I was a cockslut from one of the many Gay Male stories I read in .com. That had to be it. My cock was rock hard. My balls were tight. Dayum but this was fun.

I could feel his cock starting to get harder from his approaching orgasm when he pulled it out of my mouth. He pulled me up and began taking my shirt off. Then he put his lips to mine. He didn’t give me a chance to tell him I didn’t want to kiss. He just started doing it. And I found out that when you are in the heat of the moment, it really doesn’t matter who is kissing you, your body still reacts. He was also pulling my shorts and boxer briefs. I could feel his hard shaft rubbing against my belly and it felt like a warm wet log rubbing against me. I had tasted his copious amounts of pre-cum earlier when it was in my mouth and now I felt it getting all over me. My own cock and balls were at full mast. Next to his 10 and a 1/2 my 7 and 1/2 felt kinda small.

Once he had my clothes off he pushed me onto the bed. Wow, talk about a series of whirlwind events. And we were only getting started. He kept kissing me and rubbing his body onto mine. Then he began kissing his way down my neck, stopping for a while at my nipples with his lips and tongue. Jeezus I love getting my nipples messed with like that. Then he continued down until he got to my cock. He looked up at me briefly then looked back down and put it into his mouth.

I moaned deeply. He knew just what to do. He licked up one side and down the other. Then he got my balls all wet with some hot tongue action. He raised my legs up and went right down on my ass sticking it up as deeply as possible. I discovered right then and there that he had a very long tongue. He got me all wet and juicy with his saliva and spit.

Moving his head back up he engulfed my hard cock simultaneously sticking a finger up my asshole. My back arched like I was going to cum it felt soooo good. He maneuvered his body around so that his cock was right above my face. Oh my God, we were about to do a 69. I was sure that his cock wouldn’t fit well from that angle. All he had to do was move his knees a little bit and his shaft was right on my lips. I sucked him in and filled my mouth with it.

Thrusting in and out his cock got deeper and deeper. I could feel my own orgasm approaching rapidly. I guess he could to. All of a sudden, he began bucking and arching and his cock started letting loose his torrents of cum. I swallowed as much as I could. But, his balls were really full and it overflowed my mouth and drenched the bedcover beneath me. I had cum flowing down both cheeks and down my chin creating a pearl necklace kaçak bahis siteleri around my throat with a small pool of cum at the base of my chin.

His orgasm triggered mine. Between his fingers stroking my prostrate and his mouth sucking my cock in and out of his mouth and him filling me up with his cum, I just let loose. I had nowhere near the amount he had though. He just got a little bitty bit. Maybe a tablespoonful or so.

He froze on top of me and just kind of rested there for a bit. His cock was still in my mouth and his balls were sitting on my forehead. I could barely see his asshole and I knew that I would be able to get into it before the show was over. With my mouth full of his cock I was unable to get all of his cum swallowed so it felt like the inside of my mouth was coated with it. My belly actually felt like I had filled it up like with a huge delicious shake or something.

Finally he got up. My mouth was stiff with being filled up like that. It took a few minutes to be able to work it loose again. Meanwhile, he just sat and looked at me. All covered in his cum. I reached up and felt his cum on my cheeks, and slowly while looking at him, I started scooping it into my mouth. It didn’t taste quite the same as it did when his cock was in my mouth, but it was ok. I guess the open air had an affect on it or something. I just kept looking at him and noticed his cock getting hard again already.

He got up and went to his bag where he got out a bottle of something that turned out to be lube. KY Liquid. Good water soluble lube. Without saying a word he covered his cock with it, then he reached over and spread my legs and lubed up my ass. I wasn’t so sure about this. He had a really big shaft and let’s face it, I had only had one cock in my ass so far. Not counting all the times that I got my wife to fill it with a dildo or vibrator.

He got between my legs, looked me dead in the eye and said, “I’m gonna fuck you now. Are you ready?”

And before I could say yay, nay or HELL NO, he began to push in. I was in such immediate pain that I thought I was seeing stars. I thought I could feel every single vein on that cock of his. Everytime I thought, he surely can’t go any deeper, he managed to go deeper. Then he was all of the way in and he just stopped. I could feel him on my prostrate. It took a few minutes, but then he began to slowly saw in and out of me. I looked over and on the dresser was a big mirror and I could see him as he filled my asshole with his big cock. My eyes just kind of rolled back into the sockets.

My God what a turn-on. I just moaned, “Fill me up!! Fuck me!! Fuck my ass!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!” It became a mantra for me to beg him to fuck my ass like that over and over again. It felt like I had a log being stuck in me over and over again. A very hot thick log.

He leaned over and began kissing me again. I was lost. Lost to lust and I just couldn’t stop. His hands slid up my waist to my nipples and he began lightly tweaking them. Oh My God!! I love having my nipples played with like that.

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in as deep as he continued to fuck me. I ran my fingers thru his chest hair marveling at how soft it was and how sexy it seemed to be doing that. He began to get faster and faster. His pace was getting faster and faster and faster. I could tell he was like a jackhammer about to explode in my ass. Then, well then he lost it. His body began jerking around and started spewing his cum into me. His cum coated the insides of my anal tube. Once again, it seemed like he had lots of cum. It just kept coming out. I could feel it squeezing out around his cock when he loved and down my ass. It felt nice and warm.

When he slowly pulled out it felt like I was getting very empty and then it was gone. I know that my hole gaped open. I could feel the airflow in the room as it went in and by. I put my legs down and man did THAT feel good. I had been feeling sooo hot that I hadn’t realized how cramped they were up in the air like that. My cock began going down again. He just kind of sat back and said quietly that we should go get cleaned up. I just nodded and started trying to move very carefully. I was trying without much success to get up without spilling the cum out everywhere. I could feel it going down the insides and backs of both legs in little rivers of cum. We looked back on the bed and it was plain to see that it was soaked all over it in a more than a few places. Obviously neither of us would be sleeping there tonight.

We headed for the bathroom and got into the shower. It just big enough for both of us. We kept bumping into each other. And our cocks kept rubbing together. All that skin to skin friction began to have the usual effect. When I felt that monster of a cock stirring I just sank down on my knees right then and there and sucked it right in. I quickly found that lo and behold I could get it all in. Even past my throat muscles and gag reflex with no problems whatsoever. It just slid right in. I guess the face fucking I had received earlier probably acclimated me very quickly to the joys of deepthroating. His cock felt so good throbbing in my mouth. I could feel his heartbeat right on my tongue thru it. It felt powerful as it pulsated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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