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Public Sex

I had trained hard for this race, working out every day. I knew it was going to be grueling but I also knew I was in condition.

The first few kilometers were easy and I slowly pulled away from the pack. I wasn’t in first place but I figured if I paced myself I had a good chance of winning.

Coasting around a bend in the road I saw her up ahead. She had dirty blonde hair, beautiful legs, and the most sexiest ass I had ever seen. As I got closer I couldn’t take my eyes off her, and the pressure of the seat was sending signals to my pussy.

She was pushing herself to win but every so often she would cast a look over her shoulder to see who was close. I smiled at her but it appeared that she didn’t notice my smile.

Each time I pushed with my legs, I felt the pressure decrease on my pussy. The movements had been continuous for some time now. The control was all mine. The rhythm of the movements I was making were driving me crazy. I pumped faster, drove my body higher.

It was a perfect fit between my legs, allowing both my pussy and my clit to feel the effects of the movement. I was soaking wet and I almost lost control as I slid across it. I had known it would be good before it started to build. Even though I knew I couldn’t lose control, I still did it.

My body welcomed izmit escort it’s hardness. The seat’s narrow tip with the body that widened toward the base seemed to conform to my receptive pussy. I could feel every inch of it as my legs seemed to cradle it and guide it toward my cunt.

My legs were pumping faster now, taking me toward the climax I so desperately needed. I knew I was going to cum soon. Bending forward, I felt the change in my pussy, felt the hardness of the seat as it rubbed my clit.

My breathing was getting faster. With each push of my legs I felt the movement of it away from my pussy and then the ecstasy as it’s hardness crashed back into me, pushing between the lips of my cunt.

I sensed the finish coming near and worked harder to get there, to cum. As my body exploded in a crashing orgasm, I almost lost control of my bike. My legs stopped pumping as I coasted to a stop.

Recovering at the side of the road, I didn’t want to go back to the change room with my wet shorts, so I laid back and relaxed.

Most of the others had left as I returned, and I knew this was a race I wouldn’t soon forget, and the mysterious blonde.

As I was stripping off preparing for a shower she entered and said, “Hi.” As I looked at her in shock, she said, “Was it good for you?” izmit kendi evi olan escort A question left unanswered. “I pulled a calf muscle trying to win,” she said as we entered the communal shower.

With the steam rising, and the water cascading over our bodies, I said. “I could rub it if you like.” “That would be lovely,” she said.

So as I knelt behind her to rub her calf I couldn’t take my eyes off her ass. This was the object of my masturbation fantasy just inches from my face.

As I rubbed her leg she parted them and said, “You can do the other one too if you want.” My hands almost started to shake as I rubbed up her beautiful legs. Inching closer to her ass.

Should I take the chance and rub her ass, I wondered to myself. Throwing caution to the wind my hands reached her firm ass cheeks, and I rubbed. With labored breathing, she said, “Oh yes.”

Through her parted legs I could see her hand reach for her pussy, rubbing her clit. That was all I needed. I dragged my tongue along the crack of her lovely ass, before plunging it deep in her pussy.

I could feel her fingers moving faster, dancing over her clit as I tongue fucked her sweet pussy. My tongue probing her pussy walls. Plunging it deep

then almost withdrawing it completely before plunging it deep again. As she put her free hand on my head to draw me closer, she screamed, “Yes, tongue fuck me I’m going to cum.”

She filled my mouth with her sweet honey as she gushed, and I drank every drop of her luscious nectar.

Turning around she put her hands under my arms and raised me to my feet, pushing me to the wall as she kissed me and licked my face, tasting her hot cum.

Breaking our kiss, she said, ” I know you came from watching me on my bike,” and went for my breast with her mouth.

As I caressed and combed my fingers through her hair she sucked like a hungry baby on my nipple. Sucking, licking and dragging her teeth on my stiff nipple.

As I tried to move my free hand to my pussy she pushed it away saying, “no, that’s for me.” As she sank to her knees, she said, “I want your sweet honey .”

Parting my pussy lips with her thumbs she licked my inner lips and swirled her tongue over my hood and clit. Sucking hard to release my little button clit from it’s protective covering.

Slipping two fingers deep in my pussy, she wiggled them as she sucked my clit like a straw and finger fucked me.

Taking her free hand she plunged her middle finger up my little asshole and fingered me till I could almost not take it anymore, and it brought me over the edge.

“I’m cumming,” I screamed, as I gushed into her mouth. I came and came with her little mouth glued to my pussy.

That’s a bike race I will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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