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I have to thank (Hale) for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable.

In the first two chapters I told you about how Al’s wife and my wife had released their inhibitions which resulted in them participating in an orgy. In this chapter I will tell you about the discussions we had the next day, and how our actions the previous day affected us. Like all of my stories there is no real descriptive sex in it. So if you like a story where the sex is hot and fast then this is not the story for you. I like to leave some facts so the reader uses their imagination. I will start this part of the story where I left off in chapter two.

After lunch the day after our orgy/gangbang everyone left for their homes to recuperate. April and I got some more coffee and went out on the deck to talk over the proceedings of the previous day and night.

I just had to ask April, “What ever compelled you to turn in to an exhibitionist, and then to top that off you enthusiastically participated in unreserved free-spirited sex with three other guys. Don’t get me wrong I’m not upset, because I enjoyed yesterday immensely. It’s just you have had fantasies to spice up our sex life, but you have never really shown any tendencies of wanting to actually do multiple partners before.”

April thought for a bit then said, “I have to start from the start of the day and then progress from there to help keep my thoughts and feelings in some order.” She continued that thought with, “To explain this I have to tell it all at once so please don’t interrupt until I am finished.”

April started by saying, “When Amy and I were helping Al and you with the yard work, we had found that those “micro bikinis” just wouldn’t stay where they were supposed to. They just were not made to move as much as we were moving our bodies as we helped you two guys. As a result we had found ourselves a few times with uncovered boobs etc. After it happened a few times we both found that we were getting sexually excited flashing Al and you.”

She explained, “Amy and I have worn those “micro bikinis” around you guys a lot of times before, and whenever we wore them we found that you guys were always horny afterwards. Of course Amy and I discussed how the lovemaking on those nights seemed to be hotter than usual.” April said, “The reaction Al and you gave us yesterday when we flashed our boobs when those bikinis slipped was something else again. You guys made it very obvious that Amy’s and my flashing was getting the two of you horny. Amy was the biggest surprise though. I could see she was well on the way to losing her inhibitions and she really liked the feeling of showing off more than what was decent just as much as I was.”

April then said, “Amy and I had also discovered that it made us feel very wicked and immoral knowing that not only our husband was looking at us, but the other’s spouse was looking too. Seeing you both react like you did, also gave us a “rush” so we kept it up.”

“Amy and I were really getting into enjoying what we were doing when Ray and Joe arrived. We were disappointed with them suddenly showing up like that. We were so frustrated about our fun being interrupted that we decided to go in the house and change into our more “conservative bikinis”.

April continued, “I was pleasantly shocked when I had brought out that first drink for you, and I could see the rampant lust and hunger in all four of you guy’s eyes even with a tee shirt on that covered my body. You all made it plain that you all wanted my body.” She added, “Seeing that reaction in the four of you guys made me feel sexy and desirable, and got my pussy hotter than it had ever been before.”

She continued her explanation by saying, “I went back and told Amy about how sexually excited it had made me to have four guys get horny just by looking at my body. Amy thought that I was giving her a line of bullshit, so Amy just had to bring out the next drink for you guys to see if she could get the same feelings.”

April told me, “I was actually surprised that Amy had wanted to try to out do me, and actually wanted to flirt with four guys. Amy then paraded her stuff and put on her own bit of a show. When Amy came back to the deck she told me that she enjoyed the sensation of being openly lusted after, and had gotten the same stimulation that I got from the encounter with four horny guys.”

“We both were a bit perplexed to find we felt so aroused while flaunting our bodies. We had a hard time comprehending how just showing some skin gave us these thrilling and exciting feelings, and why we were so turned on.”

“Amy and I found the thought of being this immoral and shameless was both intoxicating and almost terrifying, but we both found that these new exhilarating feelings were very addicting. As we discussed this fact we decided that we liked these feelings and wanted to experience more of them.”

“I kaçak iddaa told Amy that if we wanted more thrills then we should see what kind of reaction we got by changing into the more revealing “micro bikinis. Amy surprised me again when she jumped at the idea. So we eagerly changed back into the “micro bikinis”.

April continued with, “That’s when I decided to up the stakes and put on a show like I had been doing when there was just Al and you to see me. I figured that with four guys the sexual feedback would be twice as dazzling. I decided I would sort of accidentally let my bikini top slip aside, and show off my boobs to you guys, and see how you would respond. I was ecstatic to find that all four of you were enthusiastically excited, and your reactions were more than I expected.”

April then said, “After I got over my first shock of how you four guys reacted to my near nakedness I found myself relishing this sexy new activity of teasing all you guys with my body. This was another new feeling for me, but the thought of you guys getting hot and bothered when I was virtually naked gave me an astonishing sensation in my pelvis that felt like nothing I have ever felt before. That feeling I got was intoxicating and addicting.”

“Anyway when you four gave me that initial kick of pleasure I told Amy that I had never felt so wanted and desirable in my entire life and what I just did was very stimulating. I also told her that I had noticed the four of you had noticeably bigger bulges in your shorts after I had “accidentally” flashed my breasts at you.

April told me, “Amy then had to find out for herself if I was telling her the truth about how turned on we were getting and the next time someone asked for a drink she wanted to be the one that brought it out. When Amy did take out the next drink for Joe she flashed her boobs like I had and gave you guys a show of her puppies. When Amy came back to where I was she actually acknowledged to me that she was genuinely having fun doing this exhibiting her body and admitted to me that it was like a strong aphrodisiac the way it was turning her on.”

April said, “For the next while the two of us continued to tantalize you guys by parading our bodies and we both basked in the new found thrills that we were getting while doing it.”

April then said, “Amy and I talked over this new experience and we realized that we were feeling so wicked because we were experiencing the thrill and the danger of doing something wrong. The excitement of letting go of the morals that we had been raised with made us want more of these new sensations.”

April and I then talked about what happened after supper and her antics in the hallway with Joe and Ray. “When you suggested to me that we have an orgy with all the guys, I was so horny that I was not about to pass up the opportunity.” She explained and then added, “I had been sexually excited all afternoon but when Joe and Ray groped my buns that excitement changed to an explosive thrill. Remember I have told you that one of my fantasies was to have multiple partners and at that suggestion my body went off on an immediate high and I was more than ready for it to happen.”

She then asked me, “How did you persuade the rest of the guys to agree to make my fantasy of multiple partners come about.”

I said, “After watching Amy and you flaunt your almost naked bodies all afternoon, when I told them there was the chance to get the two of you girls in bed there were no second thoughts from any of them about not taking the opportunity to fuck Amy or you.” I reminded her, “We are normal hot blooded guys, and not too many guys I know would pass up a chance of having uninhibited sex with a very sexy gal.”

April asked me, “How did Al feel about including Amy in the proceedings?”

I told her, “He was very enthusiastically all for it, and he had complained for a long time to me about wanting Amy to lose her hang-ups and to be more adventurous.” I also confessed to April, “Al has told me many times at work as we bullshitted back and forth, that he would jump your bones if he ever got the chance. I also told him more than once that I have thought of being with Amy too, and when I saw what she looked like in a bikini I had more than a few fantasies about her.”

I then told April, “All Al and I ever did up until yesterday was to fantasize about the two of you sharing yourselves with the others spouse. Al and I hadn’t thought about how to manage doing that, but the way that you and Amy had been acting yesterday we figured it was our chance to see those fantasies come to light.”

April then told me, “When you asked me to get a drink for you from the kitchen and while I was making that drink, you asked me to return topless, I came so hard right then I had to clean myself up. I was so excited about being topless in front of all of you that I was shaking so much from the excitement I had a kaçak bahis hard time pulling the strings on my bikini top to remove it.

When everyone started to encourage Amy to get topless too, I knew that I was the only one that could convince her to drop her final inhibitions to join in. I wanted Amy to experience the feelings that I was enjoying so that she could feel for herself how amazing letting go could make her feel so free, and that she could actually appear desirable to others in her own eyes. When I sat by Amy and held her hands as we talked, I could feel that Amy wanted to get involved, but she just had to be persuaded.”

April then teased me about the look I had on my face when Amy came back topless. “Your eyes almost came out of their sockets and your tongue was hanging out. Is she that much better looking than I am?”

I told April, “No. Remember that day you both stood in front of that mirror and we compared your body’s side by side. You both have the same body shape, but seeing a normally reserved Amy flashing four guys was a turn on and seeing her completely topless with just that small thong almost covering her pussy was just too wonderful. You and her both have great bodies; it’s just that I had never seen hers like that. “

I continued past that point and told April, “Your new shameless behaviour with your brazen nudity and the unabashed sex yesterday was the most astonishingly sexy sight I had ever imagined you doing. In my eyes you looked absolutely amazing the whole day. After Amy joined in, and the sex with everyone had started I experienced some of the most erotic sensations I have ever had. I thought you looked like the hottest sex goddess that there ever was as you willingly allowed your body to be used by the other guys.”

April smiled and said, “When we started dancing in the nude, I knew what we were doing wasn’t right.” She paused for a bit to organize her thoughts then added, “But … when I realized that I was making all you guys hard … I can’t describe how it made me feel. I liked the feeling …I wanted that feeling…and most of all I needed more of it. The uninhibited sex was something that I couldn’t stop; it had completely overwhelmed me, and had made me feel such a wild exciting exhilaration. I just had to keep experiencing it for as long as I could last night. I have never felt a high like that; I felt intoxicated; I felt as if I was the only one who existed. Just me and those feelings.”

She mischievously said, “Having sex with all those hot guys was very gratifying, and if it’s OK with you, doing more of that sort of thing is something I would like very much to do more of.”

I agreed that if conditions like that happened again I was all for it. April and I both figured that Amy had enjoyed herself because once she got started there wasn’t anything us guys wanted that she wasn’t willing to do.

So, seeing we both were on the same page about what had happened and that we wanted more events like this in the future, April told me that she would get together with Amy later in the week to find out if she was OK with what had happened. April thought that I should also get together with Al and find out in his own words what he thought about what Amy had done. If everything was Ok (like we thought it was) then we would plan future events.

Of course Al and I talked the next day at work and he told me that he and Amy had a long talk about everything when they got home yesterday. Amy had confessed to Al that at first she had been hesitant because she was unsure of those new sensations she had, which, by the way, she enjoyed. She also disclosed that those sensations had been so pleasurable and uncontrollable she just had to satisfy her newfound yearnings for them.

Al told me Amy was still trying to come to terms with this lifestyle change and the new sexual liberation of herself and what had happened to her. She knew that she shouldn’t do stuff like she had allowed that day, but she admitted to herself, and to Al, that her body had overruled her doubts. Amy acknowledged that those new exhilarating feelings she had were an awakening that had dictated how she acted. Her body had taken precedence over what her previous upbringing said she should do.

Amy told Al that she found it very stimulating having four guys staring at her body and lusting after her, and knowing that we wanted to fuck her senseless affected her like nothing she had ever experienced before. Like April she found that feeling very addicting.

Amy also admitted that she had been hesitant to show herself off when Joe and Ken had arrived but she found when April had told her how hot she got exhibiting her body for all of the guys when she brought out some refreshment for one of us, Amy just had to experience it too. Amy found that she liked the thrill of parading around almost naked and having a group of men admire her.

Amy also said, quote, illegal bahis “When things had escalated in the house after supper with April first going topless and then me, I was turned on. Then in a short while having all the guys fondling me and being naked in the middle of all those guys and having so many hands caressing me everywhere at the same time was absolutely the most incredible sensation I have ever had. Looking at all the naked men groping, squeezing, and touching every inch of my body, and those hard cocks poking me made me realize I wasn’t going to stop.”

Amy acknowledged that she found herself in a dream world. She was playing out a fantasy, living the role of someone that was more liberal than she usually was. She realized she was becoming a sensual being, one that had been dormant under the conservative persona that she’d always maintained.

Al told me that in her words, “The men were all over me, and before I knew it they were feeling me up in every way imaginable. It was getting me hotter by the second. I allowed them to squeeze and suck my tits as well as slide their fingers in and out of my pussy and ass. Horny guys were groping me; hands were coming from every direction as they were caressing my body. My pussy was tingling and I was in complete submission. I leaned back against some man with my eyes closed while he ground his cock against my ass and I felt more dick rubbing against my thighs. Looking down I saw three naked cocks pointed in my direction. Those guys soon had me worked up in a pretty good sweat as they pushed and shoved each other to get closer to me. I really enjoyed being the centre of attention!”

She had confessed to Al, quote. “Once I realized what was going to happen, there was no way my body was going to be satisfied with anything less than multiple orgasms. I was in a complete state of ecstasy and I loved it! I don’t remember much after that except that my body kept cumming and cumming. It was the most obsessive feeling I have ever had.”

She also admitted to Al, and especially to herself that whenever one of us guys had finished cumming in her body and pulled their cock out of her, that she had felt empty, and felt like she had lost something vital to her being. But as soon as someone else took that empty place, she once again felt fantastic. That hunger and craving to be full of cock almost became an obsession and she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to have more. In her words she said, “The orgasms I had that night nearly blew the top of my head off.”

Al and Amy discussed this fantastic new satisfaction that she experienced as she had her extensive orgasms. Amy said that this weekend and what had happened to her had given her a new facet to her character which was very satisfying, and she realized that she had been changed by it. This weekend also made her understand that she needed to explore her newfound sexual freedom a lot more in the future.

She admitted to Al that she wanted to get rid of even more of her old sexual inhibitions so she could be even more thrilled than she and been that day. She also wanted to see if she could get even more intense feelings if that was possible. She admitted to Al that a couple of weeks ago if someone had told her she would do what she did this last weekend that she would have thought that they were crazy.

Al told me that he had told her that she had made him very proud of her by the way she acted in letting herself go, and that watching her decadent behaviour with two guys at a time was the high point of his sexual life. He also told her that if she wanted to investigate more of this “immoral” sex with others in the future, he was all for it, as long as he could be there to watch and participate.

Al and I came to the conclusion that this last weekend had really changed our wives and we both liked that change. We agreed that the stars must have been aligned just right this last weekend so our wives would let themselves go like that.

We also agreed that this new lifestyle change had caught both of us by surprise. We both had been taken aback for a bit when the two of them had started flashing us. Later we’d realized that this day could be a lot of fun, and there was no way we were going to stop the two of them. After all, in the past both of us had wanted Amy and April to loosen up, and they definitely did that in spades. Al and I were incredibly happy that the girls had dropped their inhibitions and we both agreed that having, “fun wives,” was a real turn on.

Al and I met Joe and Ray over lunch and as the four of us talked they thought we were lucky to have two wives who were willing to be sexually experimental. We had to agree with their assessment and we agreed with them that we enjoyed our wives with their new found lifestyle change.

Joe and Ray also reminded us of what they had said the other day when they had departed for home. That if our wives wanted to do anything like that again to be sure to give them the first call.

I think there will be a call coming soon.

To be continued in chapter 4 where the group expands and the action really heats up.

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