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I deleted and re-submitted this episode because, the story starts in FIRST person then switches to third party. Hopefully I caught all the switches, my apologies in advance if a few were missed. Sorry for the error, I try hard to verify and I appreciate the feedback. This made a major difference to my story.


The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person, location or situation in particular. All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen. This submission is about the coming of age of a 19 almost 20-year old virgin.

The name Robin, was my first girlfriend. The story is a True Fantasy of the author, as it relates to a dear friend’s daughter, yes, she is still a virgin, at almost 20-years old and our relationship is true. Nothing has or will transpire, as it is only a fantasy. Oh, the boat size is real.

PS I was with my ‘Fantasy’ gal and her family after I finished redoing my story, I was getting hard thinking about this story that I just re-did.


Bill gets a Phone Call!

My name is Bill Walden, I am 42 years old, married for 13 years to my beautiful and sexy wife Debra. We decided to put our careers a head of kids, so we have no kids, but have a few ‘pseudo’ nieces and nephews to go with our family’s kids.

I am 6 foot, 180 lbs. with brown hair and work out almost every day, so I try to maintain my physical shape. My spouse Debra and I maintain an open marriage but that could be another story that I write about.

Debra I am an engineer with a major telecommunications firm, Sr. Vice President status and Debra is a Director of Sales for a major Pharmaceutical company. Our house has been paid off for many years, so we bought a 45-foot boat, roughly 6 years ago, for our enjoyment and that is where this story was developed from.

We keep our boat on one of the great lakes, near Syracuse, NY. Our marina is small, maybe 50 boats and we are a tight knit group of people. Almost every weekend, we all go out as a group, maybe 6 boats tying up together, maybe a few of us take a long weekend, as we all travel together with one boat leading while the others follow.

One couple with their 13-year-old daughter, the McNeil’s took a liking to Debra and I. They would join us with their daughter on our boat, raft up with us and enjoy some meals together either out or having a BBQ. Their daughter, Robin, would never leave her parents. She has limited friends and was always with Debra & I, along with her parents.

Robin is always saying, “I prefer mature people over kids my own age”.

Over time, as Robin grew up and matured, she would always flirt with me, making sure her bathing suit got tight in her ass crack. She would also pull her bikini bottoms tight to expose a cheek or show the top of her pussy area to me, as she would come aboard our boat or her parents’ boat. Always adjusting her bathing suit top, making sure to pull on her bikini top. Over time we developed an ‘uncle’ and ‘niece’ relationship. Robin would always call me Uncle Bill and as she grew up to her current 19 years old, she would always tell me she liked older men.

During the roughly 6 years that we knew Robin, she never had any boyfriends, the young boys at our marina became almost like a brother-sister relationship, as they grew up together. At High School, even though her body smoked, she was shy and the boys stayed away or she kept them away. Graduating high school, she became a freshman at Potsdam. Whenever we got together with her parents, on her school breaks, we would ask her about college, boys etc.

Robin would say, “Boys at college are too immature, they just want us for sex.”

Robin, has shoulder length brown hair with brown eyes at 5 ft 7 inches, even with her 36 C breasts, she was on her high school’s volleyball team and her team did very well. She maintains her shape working out at college and playing on volleyball team. Her grades have been excellent, making dean’s list her Freshman year and doing just as well in her sophomore year.

On a Thursday evening, in early November, I get a phone call from Robin.

“Uncle Bill, it is Robin.”

“Robin, is everything OK?”

“Yes, how is Aunt Debra?”

“She is doing great; she is at a sales conference until next Friday.”

“Uncle Bill, I need your help, but you can’t tell my parents.”

“Kiddo, as I have always told you, Uncle Bill is here for you, as long as it is NOT life threatening, I will always keep your secret.”

“Are you doing anything this weekend?”

“No Robin, just staying home, why?”

“I would like to drive down to see you Saturday to chat with you, but not over the phone?”

“Robin, I will be here for you, I won’t ask over the phone, but are you sure, you are OK?”

“Yes, Uncle Bill, I am fine, I’ll see you around noon on Saturday.”

“I’ll have lunch ready for you.”

“Sounds great and remember, please don’t tell my parents, I am driving down to see you.”

“I won’t, as I am thinking, I hope she isn’t pregnant.”

Saturday kartal genç escort rolls around, I ran out the day before to get some lunch meat and fresh bread to make sandwiches for Robin and I.

Robin arrives to my house right at 12 noon, wearing maroon leggings with a sports bra covered by her winter coat. When I greet Robin, she jumps into me, wrapping her legs around my body.

“Hello Uncle Bill.”

“Hello Robin, how are you doing kiddo?”

“I am fine, you going to carrying me into the house or make me walk?”

I carry her into the house, with her legs still wrapped around my waist, then putting her down once inside. I help her off with her winter coat and hang it up in the hall closet, as I admire her outfit.

“Come on in Robin, it is great seeing you and don’t worry, your parents don’t know you are here. As you know your timing is perfect, they are away for this weekend. However, why don’t you give me your keys to the Jeep, so I can pull it into the garage?”

Robin gives me the keys to her 2017 Jeep so I can pull it into my three-car garage.

I come out of the garage and tell Robin, “Let’s hit the kitchen and have lunch. If it is OK with you, we can talk over lunch?”

“Sounds great Uncle Bill.”

“So, Robin, how is College going this year?”

“This year is going great, so far it looks like Dean’s List again.”

“That is great news and how is your social life, this year any ‘boys’ or ‘men’ or ‘girls’ in your Sophomore year?”

“Well, Uncle Bill, that is why I am here. This is hard, but I know I can trust you. You also know I love you like an Uncle?”

“Yes, kiddo and I love you like a niece, so what is up?”

“A guy in one of my classes is pursuing me. We met last year, but I put him off. This year he upped it a couple of levels and we went out on a couple of dates. We kissed some, plus he felt my boobs over my sweater, but nothing else. Believe it or not, he even met mom and dad.”

“WOW, Robin serious boyfriend, good for you. I assume, mom and dad approved?”

“You know mom, she was head over heels. He is so cute and was so polite to them. I really like him but, you know?”

“No sweetie, I don’t know, what’s up?”

“Weelllll, I aaammm, oh this is so hard to spit out, I’ll just say it, a VIRGIN!”

“Robin, that is OK, you can tell, what is his name?”

“Chris, OH Uncle Bill he is so cute, athletic, smart like me and we share so much.”

“So, Robin, why don’t you sit him down, when you are ready and explain to him that you are still a virgin, that you waited for the right guy and he is that guy?”

“Because, he isn’t the right guy to take my virginity, how can I say it, YOU ARE?”

“Me, Robin are you crazy, I am older, we’ve known each other, your parents would kill me if they found out. Laughing, your dad may even shoot me if he found out. I would have to tell Debra. NO, NO, NO this wouldn’t work.”

“Crying, Uncle Bill sob, sob, it has always been you. I know you love me and I have watched you over the years checking out my growing shape. We have even flirted with each other. When I found the right guy to date, my fantasy was for you, an experienced guy to break my cherry and deflower me. I want you to please teach me about sex. I am not stupid; I do hear things and know Aunt Debra wouldn’t care. If she was around and I wish she was, she would most likely even contribute with the female details to support me.”

Robin continues, “No one needs to know, I can stay here over night. I am on birth control. I am sure you are clean, so no diseases to worry about or condoms required. I swear, I would never tell my parents. If it ever comes up in a subject, I can tell mom, Chris was the one. Please, pretty please, I want to have some experience when Chris and I do it for the first time.”

As I am wiping her tears from her face I say, “Robin, I respect your decision and I love you like a daughter. If you promise to keep this between me, Aunt Debra and yourself, we can start today. You can stay overnight. However, I will do this because this guy Chris seems like he is special to you and I don’t want you a: hurt if he dumps you after your first time having sex and he took your virginity b: because he seems like a keeper and I want you happy.”

“Thanks Uncle Bill, I really appreciate this a lot. How do you want to do this?”

“First, how are your kissing skills?”

“I guess I am OK, but need practice.”

“Have you had any sexual contact in any form?”

Robin tells her uncle, “Well Chris placed his hands on my breasts over my sweater before I broke it off.”

I say, “Then really no experience? Have you even seen a man’s penis before?”

“No real experience and no I haven’t seen a man’s penis before, not even sneaking a peak at dads.”

“OK, Robin, we will take it very slow. Let’s move to the living room couch for kissing lessons.”

We move to the couch so I can start to teach her how to kiss.

“Robin, before we proceed, are you sure you want to continue? We can stop at any bayan kartal escort time and I will check with you to make sure you are OK?”

“I am fine, let’s proceed, I have dreamed about this Uncle Bill.”

I start kissing Robin, very slowly at first, then I place my tongue to her mouth and start to push it in. Robin opens her mouth to accept my tongue, as I start to move my tongue into her mouth. Robin is like a limp doll, no movement just accepting my tongue, so I stop what I am doing.

“Robin, sweetie, when a boy or girl places their tongue in your mouth and you receive it, you should also move your tongue to connect with his or her tongue. It is called French Kissing. It is a ‘kiss with the tongue’ that is supposed to stimulate his/her partner’s lips, tongue and mouth, which are sensitive to the touch and induces sexual arousal. Let’s try it again and this time I will cup your head bringing it closer.”

I proceed to kiss Robin again, extending my tongue into her mouth. This time Robin sucks it into her mouth, then starts moving her tongue around my mouth, as she pushes her head more into me.

After 5 or 10 minutes of us swapping spit, I break the kiss.

“Much better Robin. Now what I want to do next is to give you a sensual massage upstairs in the master bedroom. To take this slowly, why don’t you run up and take a shower in the guest bathroom. You know where it is. I’ll place a towel and robe for you. You can wear your panties and sports bra under the robe, if you like. I will shower in the master bath shower and change into a pair of gym shorts. Come in when you are ready then relax on the bed.”

Robin then hugs me saying, “Thank you, really Uncle Bill, thanks. I cannot believe my fantasy lover will become a reality today.”

Robin then runs upstairs to the guest room with adjoining bathroom to shower, making sure to clean her pussy, ass crack and underarms, etc.

I also go upstairs, running into the guest bathroom, so I can place a large towel and bathrobe over a shelf for Robin to use. I then go into my own shower, thinking, “What have I gotten myself into? I know Debra wouldn’t mind, she may even be bummed out she missed an opportunity to show Robin a thing or two from the female perspective.”

I finish my shower, dry myself off, then decide to throw on a pair of running shorts. I go into the closet to get another very large thick bath towel with a smaller towel, massage lotion, Astroglide Liquid Lube and some tissues.

Robin comes into the room, wearing the bathrobe, seeing the large towel on the bed she asks Bill, “Uncle Bill, what do I do next?”

“Let me ask you again, are you sure you want to continue?”

“YES, I have been sure, since I turned 18-years-old. Now I am almost 20-years-old, may get the boyfriend of my dreams, but still I am a virgin.”

I then instruct her, “Remove the robe, lay on the large towel in the center of the bed, face down, head on the pillow. Use the smaller towel to place over your body. I’ll turn my head to give you some privacy.”

Robin removes the robe; she is NOT wearing her sports bra but she did put her red thong back on. She lays down on the big towel, places the smaller towel over her body, then puts her head on the pillow.

“I am ready Uncle Bill.”

I turn back to the bed, start to study Robin, as I admire her athletic form, I start to get hard. Talking to myself, I try to talk my penis down, “Not time yet, go down, it won’t be easy but we have to go slow. I want her to remember and enjoy her first time.”

“Robin, I am going to move the towel down to cover your ass, then start, is that OK?”

“Go ahead and move it off my body, after all I am wearing my thong. I know you have seen my ass cheeks, while we swam off the boats, over the years.”

I remove the small towel, admiring her ass cheeks that are steering at me as I take notice of her 36 C’s flattened, as she lays on the bed. I then take my hands to start gently rubbing them over Robin’s entire body. Going up to her head, rubbing her head a little, then going down to her neck, rubbing and massaging her neck, then slowly down her body, over her back. Noticing some goose bumps, I then proceed over her ass cheeks, starting to massage them for a little bit, then I go down her legs to her feet.

I then lightly, using my fingers, tap them over her body, adding some light scratching. After I do all this without lotion, I then place the Mango butter body lotion into my hands. Warming it up, I then start at Robin’s feet. Rubbing her soles, then the individual toes. As I continue rubbing and massaging the soles of her feet, I make sure to hit some of her pressure points.

Robin gives me a, “UM.”

From her feet, I slowly go up her legs, stopping at her ass cheeks, just grazing her pussy as I continue going down the inside thigh of each leg. I then go back up the inside of her thigh, rubbing her thighs really well. Moving my hands on the inside, crossing over, I again graze her pussy, as I go to the next leg. Robin getting turned on, adjusts her legs spreading escort kartal bayan them wider, allowing me better access.

After doing her legs, I then go to her ass cheeks. Adding more body lotion to my hands, warming them up, I start massaging her ass cheeks, sliding into her crack. Then I move back up over her cheeks, then back down her crack when I slip under her to graze her covered pussy. I finish this by moving back to her cheek.

Robin, giving me another, “UM, that feels so good Uncle Bill.”

“I am glad Robin; I assume the pressure is good? Remember to tell me to stop at any time.”

“Pressure is fine and we are good to continue.”

After hearing this from Robin, I try to slip under her, Robin feeling my hands trying to get under her body, lifts her pelvis a little to allow me some better access to her covered pussy. I notice she is lifting her pelvis, so I slide my hands under her allowing me the opportunity to rub her covered pussy for a little bit.

Then I move my hands back to her ass cheeks, since I have teased her quite a bit, I then move to her back. I add more lotion, warming it up in hands, then I start to spread the lotion on her back. Going up her spine, then back down her spine. Over each side as I slide over the sides of her breasts, then I move back to her back, as I continue rubbing in the lotion. From her back I then start to massage her neck, rubbing it really well, then back up to her head, for a head massage.

Smelling the sexual arousal coming from this young virgin beauty, I decide it is time to lower my head to Robin’s ear, “Sweetie, time to turn over, I’ll turn my head, then help you to turn over slowly on the bed. Please take the towel to cover your breasts.”

Robin, feeling so horny from the teasing and massage, decides to leave the towel off to the side as she slowly turns over.

“OK, Uncle Bill, you can now turn around.”

I turn my head around to notice that her 36 C’s with her nipples are pointed straight up, are exposed to me and there is a wet spot on the front of her thong.

Thinking, “What a fucking sweet body she has. I have always wanted and dreamed about being her first, once she turned 18, since the time I met her family. I have even teased Debra about us double teaming Robin when she turned 18-years old. Never in my life, did I ever believe that she would be here in my bed and I would actually be her first.”

My 6.5-inch third leg, starts getting erect, as I view this beautiful young girl in front of me, in nothing but a red thong.

I tell Robin, “Close your eyes and relax. I will now do your face with the lotion.”

I then proceeds massaging Robin’s face, making sure to rub her ears, inner parts with my fingers then outer part of her ears, seeing goose bumps again on her body. From her ears, I move over to her eyes, lightly massaging them, then her nose, lips, as Robin opens her mouth to kiss my fingers.

After I massage her face, I wipe off the lotion on the towel, then I lightly graze over Robin’s entire body, slowly going from her chest, breasts, stomach, getting a ‘giggle’ from her, I continue over her pantie covered pussy, via her inner thighs, down her legs to her feet. I can now smell the moisture from her pussy as I am starting to see more wet spots form on her thong. Knowing I have her, but making sure she is very horny and wet before I take her virginity.

Adding more lotion, to my hands, I massage back up her inner thighs, then again graze over her pantie covered pussy to her breasts. Robin’s eyes are still closed, as she is very relaxed, almost sleeping. I slowly start to rub her breasts, taking one pink covered nipple through my fingers, then with my other hand repeat it on her other breast. I start pulling on her nipples to then massage both her breasts at the same time.

Robin, starts saying, “Uncle Bill that feels soo, soo good, please don’t stop.”

I continue, getting a small baby orgasm from Robin. After I continue to rub her breasts, I decide to move the thong to the side, as I slide my finger through her virgin slit, up the slit to hit her clit, then I slide back down, as I press one finger into her very moist virgin pussy.

I check with her again, “Are you sure you want to continue?”

“Yes, I never knew I could be so horny in my life, please don’t stop.”

I continue rubbing her pussy, as I slowly slide down her thong, Robin lifts her pelvis helping me remove the thong. I use my other hand to remove my own running shorts, allowing my erect penis some freedom. Pre-cum, of course has formed. I notice that Robin maintains a small patch of brown hair, neatly trimmed around her pussy. Taking her labia lips, I start rubbing then spreading them, as I slowly enter her pussy again with a finger. I start to search for her G-Spot.

Thinking, “I want her to enjoy this & cum, at least once or twice before I start fucking this girl.”

I then decide to take her flexible legs, not enough to break her hymen, I move them up towards her chest. She is spread out enough so I can gain better access to her pussy and asshole. Curling my finger, I finally locate her G-Spot, while my other hand flips the cap off the Astroglide Liquid Lube, dumping some onto the large towel. I make sure to coat two fingers. With my two fingers coated, I start to rub the Astroglide Liquid Lube onto her brown hole. Robin’s eyes pop open as she lifts her body up a little.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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