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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 80). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 85 – Friends in High Places. Friends Needing Help


I admit to a moderate degree of over-confidence as Cindy and I strode into the large conference room, followed by my financial colleagues from Worthington Industries. We were identified as WI on the ‘Big Board,’ the trading exchange that only the best stocks appeared on.

I would be in control of this situation from the get-go. My goal was to have every financial analyst in the earnings report meeting walk away at the end of the day believing that Worthington Industries was one of the best investments anybody could ever make in a company because once again we had done a magnificent job and the future looked like Eden. We wanted to maintain our strong ‘Buy’ rating for the publicly traded stock.

Morgan Stanley hosted the meeting in a room that held about fifty people – all financial types from the big houses. The meeting was ‘invitation only’ and the attendees were the cream of the crop in terms of their ability to analyze, study, and rate WI. They were here for three or four hours to grill my minions and me about Worthington Industries. They would believe that little about the company remained secret after they chewed on our quarterly and end of fiscal year earnings reports, our strategic plans, and walked through performance and trends division by division. Fortunately, we were slightly ahead of expectations; a point that made them happy because we did what we’d promised and it turned out precisely to have the financial impact on the stock that Wall Street wanted and expected.

Every one of us at the meeting knew everything there was to know about Worthington Industries, except possibly Cindy. We were A+ students appearing for our oral exams before our faculty committee. We had this nailed.

We were milling around having some after lunch cookies and coffee before the meeting started when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and stared into the beautiful eyes of Wendy, the luscious woman I’d fucked several times the night before and early that morning at a swing club called Checkmate. Panic surged through my head for a second. What the fuck was she doing here?

She smiled, “Good morning, Mr. Worthington. I just wanted to thank you for speaking with us today … and for our brief time together last evening … or was that your twin brother?” She teased with a broad grin.

I read the impressive permanent nametag she wore. ‘Wendy Hayden, Senior VP, Investment Analytics Division, Bank of America.” Whoa! This was one very important woman … and I’d fucked her four times about twelve hours earlier. Not once, the night before, did we even come close to detailing our careers or other parts of our life, plus I thought I’d ducked the ‘Are you Mark Worthington the billionaire?’ question with a flip answer, but she knew even then but hadn’t said anything beyond that.

I grinned back at her, “Why Wendy, what a very pleasant surprise, and one that has just turned a potentially dull meeting into one full of excitement and promise.” I tried to reestablish the illusion of control over the meeting that had vanished at her sight.

Wendy smiled and said disarmingly, “Before we get immersed in business, I was hoping that you and Cynthia might join Ron and me again tonight at our condo in the East Village. We have a nice little restaurant nearby, and then we can have some after dinner drinks at our place. I suggest you come by at seven or seven thirty.” She thrust a business card into my hand; “The information you need is all on there.”

“Cindy and I would be delighted to join you.” By that time the worry had left, and I gave her a sincere reply. I also felt a little surge of sexuality in my groin. Wendy obviously had no intention of creating a scene or posing as an embarrassment.

Cindy found me a minute later. She smiled at me and said, “Small world full of large coincidences, right?” She smiled, nodded at Wendy and gave a little wave. Wendy had joined a conversation group next to us a few feet away. They both smiled broadly at each other, a good sign.

Somewhat disconcerting was that Wendy sat in the front row for the briefing and Q nothing outrageous, but just enough to be distracting to me. I know Cindy noticed. She was sitting next to me and whispered to me to call attention to the güvenilir bahis display – not that I hadn’t already noticed. The others at the dais couldn’t have missed the shapely gams either, but we were all polite and I only drooled a little thinking of what might happen later and what the early hours of the morning had brought.

Wendy had been a delight the evening before, and was it not for Cindy’s love and attention, the highlight of the trip. As I talked I wondered how many corporate CEOs remembered the details of a senior analyst’s nude breasts, pubic hair, labia, or vagina, or the exquisite taste of her womanhood, or the feel of her nipples on their tongue when aroused her while their cock sawed away in her pussy. Wendy had been enthralling and both fun and romantic to be with.

The meeting unfolded smooth as silk. I set the stage in slightly optimistic terms, trying to manage expectations about the coming quarters, and not just what we were there to report on. I introduced Fred Kreswick, our CFO, and he took everyone through two dozen slides that reported on our earnings, share price, trading volume, insider sells and buys, exercised options, and a whole raft of other statistics that various people thought meant something in the topsy-turvy financial world. Some of our colleagues were frequently called in to answer questions as we went along.

The Morgan Stanley executive playing host, emceed a Q&A session that went for about ninety minutes, and the questions were far reaching and detailed. Fortunately, not one thing popped up that was embarrassing or unexpected.

The meeting broke up just before five o’clock. Many people came up to thank us for speaking and being ‘frank’ about our operations and numbers.

Wendy hung back slightly and let those doing their pro forma handshakes do their thing. She finally came up and shook my hand, and Cindy’s as she joined me. She said, “Until seven or so.”

I winked at her, and we parted ways. The people who had come with us left the building by taxi for the airport. They were taking a commercial flight home. Cindy and I had a couple more meetings the next day, and since the invitation I especially wanted to stay overnight so we could see Wendy and her husband again.

Our limo later dropped us at the entrance to the high-rise building containing the Hayden’s condominium at seven-fifteen. Our security team stated that they’d be watching our whereabouts by tracking both Cindy and my cellphones. If we left the apartment, they would follow us. The doorman made sure we got to the right floor in the elevator.

As we strolled back to their apartment from the restaurant a few minutes after eating, Wendy asked, “So, are you two married, long-term partners, or just fuck buddies?”

I was surprised that the question hadn’t come up over dinner but there were other people around, and we’d kind of focused the discussion on our jobs, companies, career tracks, and then some of the current events.

I nudged Cindy to respond and gave her an encouraging smile to tell all. She said, “I think we’re all of the above, but we have a lot of company.”

Wendy laughed, “What’s that mean?”

Cindy continued, “We’re married to nine other women in our polyamorous family.” She held up her ring. “There’s my sister Elsa plus Melanie, Sheila, KC, Izzy, Alice, Stacy, Marcia, and Brita. We’re really close. Then there are six guys including Mark.”

Wendy stopped in her tracks and looked at Mark. “And you keep all these women satisfied?”

I snorted. “Well, they do love each other, but the guys help too. One woman lives in Europe so we don’t spend as much time with her as we want, plus she’s married and also in an open relationship. We have a number of close friends, and there are the male reinforcements.”

Cindy said, “My sister is planning to fuck some guy named Matt even as we speak. She texted me just as dinner ended. We’re cool with that. I guess it didn’t bother Matt that she’s about twenty months pregnant.”

Wendy grabbed Ron’s arm, “We have an open relationship too, only based on what I’m hearing, ours sounds like the door is just ajar slightly, whereas you’ve thrown the door wide open.”

Cindy and I both nodded. She said, “It is sort of that way, but understand that Mark is our real focus. We love him more than anything.”

Wendy teased, “Ah, the billionaire with multiple girlfriends.”

I shook my head. “It’s a sore point from time to time as to who pays for what. As you know, I’m extremely well off and I try to pay for everything about our family and I want to shower the girls and guys with presents – everything they buy I want to come from me. It doesn’t work out that way. They’re constantly finding ways to pay for stuff out of their own funds. They all work and have good incomes, but I just wish they’d save what they make for real contingencies. I am learning to ‘save face’ by not always insisting that I pay.”

Cindy made an obvious güvenilir bahis siteleri roll of her eyes. She said, “We each want to carry our own weight in our family. Mark makes it hard for us when he pays for everything. It’s not just chivalry; it’s annoying and robs us of being able to feel good about contributing. We live with Mark, so there are no housing costs for any of us. We try to pool funds to buy groceries or do special parties, but we have to edge around Mark.”

Cindy knocked her hip into mine, making me deviate from the straight line I was walking. The move was obviously designed to show some disapproval and keep their stake in the ground, but also to keep things on the lighter side.

Wendy observed, “I guess without that you’d all feel like gold diggers.” She then realized that comment might not be real PC so she shut-up suddenly.

Cindy said emphatically, “Exactly, and none of us are that way. We’d support Mark entirely if he let us. Of course, we’d have to move to a two-room walk-up apartment even on our combined paychecks.” She laughed.

Ron didn’t see any sensitivity. He said, “I take it you have a nice place to live.”

Cindy beat me to the answer, only I would have been considerably more modest, “Several of them, including a couple of vacation places. They are in keeping with his net worth.”

Our nice dinner had been at a place just down the street from their building, and then we returned for ‘dessert’ – a euphemism for a lovely couple swap. As we rode up in the elevator to their penthouse, Ron asked, “How long have you been swinging?”

I volunteered, “I guess about four years now. Cindy and her sister started all this, and then we gradually annexed more and more people into our circle of friends, with a few becoming real love interests and family members.” I held up my commitment ring.

Ten minutes after that I had my tongue trying to tickle Wendy’s tonsils as we dueled seductively in some of the hottest kisses on the planet. Our clothing slowly fell to the wayside, joining that from her husband and Cindy. We quickly reestablished how nice each other’s skin felt to smooth, fondle, and rub against.

Ten minutes after that I was again using my tongue to seek out every little fold of erotic flesh and my nose to inhale the intoxicating aroma of Wendy’s nether region. Wendy squirmed and writhed under my efforts, and kept telling me I knew all her secret places that men weren’t supposed to know about. I think her first orgasm arrived about five minutes later.

Ten minutes after that Wendy lay beneath me in a beautifully supine position with her legs pulled back so my cock could see-saw in and out of her snug vagina with long slow strokes where each one made me longer and harder than the last. We were very compatible. We had the whole night ahead of us.

Ten more minutes and many strokes I pulled out and started to pump a few fingers into Wendy, searching for her G-spot. Another and then another finger got added and then my thumb tucked into my palm and I wriggled my hand completely inside her. She gasped in pleasure at what I’d done. Her G-spot orgasm followed directly.

Her A-spot orgasm a.k.a. The Experience left her passed out on the bed we were in. Ron looked concerned but Cindy assuaged his concern. When Wendy awoke, she was passionate and loving. She whispered lots of words to me about love and wonder. We made love three more times before Cindy and I left for the night with promises to keep in touch.


The score for Thursday night among the girls was remarkably high. Several good friendships were established too. While Gary and Melanie fucked once and then switched partners, they ended the evening cuddled back together in the sex room at the Club Infinity. She wanted to invite him to our next party and made sure she had the requisite information from him.

Next to them, KC connected with Rob, an exceptionally well-endowed male that I got to sample in the second round with equal enthusiasm for a return engagement some time. Izzy and Bill connected too. While the other girls met some interesting guys, they didn’t feel there was long-term potential so hadn’t followed through with anything other than chat and romantic dancing. The guys wanted to do more, but they didn’t.

I scored Matt, and we had a hot time, getting started before the others joined us in the Club’s VIP sex room. We had quite a little orgy until the wee hours. In a weak moment, after having suffered through a fabulous airtight experience, I suggested to Matt that we repeat the experience ‘sometime soon.’

Our potential for a one-hundred percent success rate in attracting men at the Club proved my theorem that it’s easier for women to score in that setting than for guys.

I learned the next morning that only Mike and James had scored the night before at the Club Epic. Angie and Mary were friends who liked them, were apparently ready to fuck after suitable dancing iddaa siteleri and other foreplay, but didn’t want to swap and didn’t even want to be in the same room as anybody else, so the guys made do by each staying in their own bedroom bachelor pads on the twenty-ninth floor with their ‘date’ until the evening ended and they saw the two of them into a taxi. There had been no move to show the two girls the main part of the condo upstairs from their rooms. They talked about another hunting expedition some Friday evening at the same club. Despite not scoring, Deke called it a target-rich environment, which he explained was a quote from the movie Top Gun – one of his all-time favs.

Friday evening all of the girls except for Cindy met at my work and we took the limousine out to Club Infinity for dinner and to see a new comedian who was debuting that night. Mark and Cindy weren’t due home from Manhattan until around ten o’clock, and we figured we’d be home by then since we didn’t intend to do any hunting. Further, our five new brothers came with us, so we looked like a fairly well balanced set of couples.

Matt had called me during the day and asked whether we could meet. He had some serious questions to ask me, and wanted my advice. I told him our plans to dine at the club and invited him to join us.

Matt was already at the club when we arrived at eight o’clock, and joined us at our table for dinner. He’d been in three of the other pussies the night before, and I’d promised him the rest in the future, so there were some affectionate greetings.

In a side conversation with Matt I learned that Peg, his wife, wasn’t due back from her business trip until the following morning. He wanted to talk more seriously about converting her to a different lifestyle – the talking points, objections to be addressed, sales approach, and so on. He also wanted to get my view on alternatives to a completely open marriage.

We got sterling service and Lee, the Club’s manager, came over and chatted with us about the new entertainment that would appear about nine o’clock. Kat, our favorite stripper and one of our lovers, saw us and came over too, but she was in her ‘civvies’ and revealed little of her assets. She headed off backstage to work on her costumes and makeup for later in the evening.

KC, Alice, and I surrounded Matt at our end of the table. I encouraged Matt to be open with us about what he was trying to do with his wife Peg.

Matt started, “When we met we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We wanted to fuck all the time, and did. We hated to wear clothes because they got in the way of making love. Today is twenty years later, two great kids, and a boring marriage with little sex, and what sex we do have is pretty unsatisfying. Now, before you ask, I have tried to spice things up. I’ve established date nights a couple of times a week. I try to be creative about them too; they’re not just dinner and a movie. I bring her little gifts and do things promptly on her honey-do list. I leave her little ‘I love you’ notes in her purse or business papers, or I text or email her. I even effuse and occasionally write her a poem or a love letter. Lastly, I try to be physical with her, but while she begrudgingly accepts I’m left feeling like her compliance was an onerous chore that she barely tolerated.”

Alice asked, “So, if things continued as they are, what would you do?”

Matt paused and thought. He took a sip of his wine. “I haven’t allowed myself to think about that possibility with my full intellect engaged; I’ve always been hopeful things would change – the eternal optimist, but I guess at twenty years I kind of know little will happen the way I’d like it to. It’s hard to say, but I’d probably have more extramarital affairs. I do love Peg, but … I just can’t continue to live like an unloved monk. I’ve tried to explain it to her, but she doesn’t seem to get it … or she’s intentionally not getting it. I see sex as an integral part of a marriage; she doesn’t. She rarely expresses her love for me. I hate to say, but I think there are better relationships out there to be found, and just so you know I make a distinction between a marriage and a relationship.”

KC asked, “How often have you cheated on her?”

Matt winced at the offensive term. “You’re right, but I hate what I’m doing. I’ve only been with two other women until I fell in with this crowd last night. I guess I’m up to six now. All this has been in the past three years, before that I tried to resist but it got more difficult the more my emotional and sexual needs weren’t being met. The last of our kids left home for college, and that kind of threw us back together alone. I mean we’re headed in the wrong direction. She occasionally tells me she loves me, but then … nothing happens. Actions speak louder than words.”

KC followed up, “Is Peg faithful and committed to the marriage?”

Matt shrugged, “She seems to be. I asked myself that question a year ago, and I started to look for little signs that there might be someone else whom she was giving herself to. I concluded that either she’s a good actor or nothing was happening. I’ve seen no change in behavior for almost our entire marriage.’

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